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I've found it!

My first session after months of inactivity. Long enough for a film of dust to form on the case. I decide one day to give it another try. I previously lost interest because I wasn't getting much beyond the one accidental Super-O that I had.

After a few minutes on my back, paying attention to my body, I noticed a little muscle that felt like it was located within the very back edge of the scrotum and slightly upward, inside the pelvis. I feel it contract involuntarily every time I have a traditional orgasm. I realised right then that I could contract it deliberately. So, I did, and left all the other muscles alone. It was an instant rush!

Everything instantly went automatic and I had a Super-O. My limbs were tingling, almost numb. I also experienced a kind of personal bliss. Too personal for me to describe on a public site (sorry to disappoint).

It looks I have finally found the key to deliberate Super-Os. Thought I would share that in the hope that others would have success.

Reader Comments

Posted on 2011-10-25 15:01:44 by spyke

The wikki page suggests that when the super O gets started that you should just "go with the flow" do you do that I find that when I try and go with it the feeling fades ...
Got any top tips?