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going places

Well, let's see, where to start? I've experimented with my Progasm several more times since I last blogged. Nothing to much going on, usually I'm in a hurry so while it feels nice for that hour that I've got the Anero in me, it's not enough for me to cum, so I get myself off the old fashioned way and get on with my day.

Today was different, I had the whole afternoon to myself. So I decided to pop the Progasm inside me and see what happens. I relax, let my body accept this massive piece of plastic. i put the pillow over my face to act as a blindfold but also to muffle my moans. I'd feel that tickle, contract all the way in, and my legs just started shaking and kicking, like some crazy voodoo curse. It felt so good but no "O". I do this several more times, I learned it helped to do some deep breaths and totally relax for things to work their magic. Finally I just had to cum, so rubbed my balls and just at the base of my penis and came! Not like a normal squirt, just poured right out. i still didn't feel like I totally came and began to stroke again, this time had a normal orgasm! I came twice and should have tried to keep going for a third time. I got distracted by being so shocked at what just happened that I lost my concentration. Oh well, next time I will cum with out my hands. Now I know the sensation that I'm looking for and I also know what to expect. I am pleasantly surprised! Still learning, but oh so much fun!!

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Posted on 2011-10-06 21:23:32 by jocco

midwest boy,

isn't it great? I'm a couple steps ahead of you, and each one really is a blast! Thanks for sharing and keep on enjoying!