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Here Universe, I'm Passing Over the Puppet Strings

I've been learning that, though I am close, the process of "letting go" is in itself the greatest challenge I've faced in the journey to the super o. HFWOs came quickly (pun intended) because although it was new in that I'm not using any penile stim, ejaculation is an experience I am familiar with. Dry orgasms are something completely new and require "unlearning" what I've learned.

In my latest sessions, I get to a point where my prostate balloons up and it feels like a build up to an orgasm, but then the build up hits a wall and I'm left with this engorged prostate. I can see that this is where I need to allow my body to take over. Everything up to this point has happened under my own jurisdiction, which leaves me faced with the leap of faith. Faith that the energies that make up everything will naturally guide my body through this new experience. What there is to give up is that I'm the one holding the puppet strings... very difficult! I'm taking on letting the universe play puppet with me...