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Couldn't wait another day

So I was supposed to take a few days off, but I just couldn't wait. I decided to try edging using the aneros.

For a long time I just did a light stimulation on my penis, just rubbing it gently with no real stroking. A few good waves of pleasure but nothing really consistent. Then I started real masturbation and kept going for a while. It took me a long time to get to a near orgasmic level probably because I wasn't excited enough.

When I got close to the orgasm, I stopped with my hands and kept clenching/relaxing my sphincter. Nothing happened, so I started with my hands again. Everything repeated itself. On my third trial I got something without actually releasing my penis: I just kept moving aneros inside me and kept holding my penis doing slight moves everytime I felt the orgasmic feeling was about to go, but never letting it come to an end.

I must have stayed like this for 20 or 30 seconds when I actually had an orgasm (just moving aneros). The bad news is that along with sphincter contractions I was combining intestinal contractions and, because of that, the aneros fell out of me during the orgasm.

It was a regular ejaculatory orgasm. Not what I'm looking for, of course. And it wasn't really strong, although it lasted a little bit longer than my usual orgasms, which was pretty cool. It is clear to me that I shouldn't have tried it again so soon, also.

(I feel that sometimes I have to find a very unique position to make anything work with the aneros, which also make me feel I should be using a different model - even though someone in the forum once told me that the model shouldn't be my problem)