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Awesome orgasm like I never had before (w/ penile stimulation)

Hi guys!

ok, I told you all I would try to keep away from sex, porn and masturbation for a few days before trying edging masturbation. That's not what happened today. Actually I had sex with my girlfriend yesterday and today, early in the morning, I had a regular masturbation session, which ended in a very weak orgasm.

I'm used to masturbate many times a day when I'm not working but, since it wasn't so good in the morning, everything was pointing to be not the perfect day for good feelings. But I was wrong!

Before lunch I felt like masturbating again. I decided to go with a Tenga Flip Hole and also, even not intending to practice edging, I thought it would be a good idea to put the aneros inside. It would all be done with some of my favourite porn.

The session started very well: the mere insertion of Aneros can already cause me a slight good feeling. As I masturbated myself I tried to keep contracting my sphincter and it really brought me nice sensations in the prostate (some tickling and some slight good waves of pleasure). Masturbating with a Flip Hole can be done kinda slowly and it's good to level up arousal without reaching ejaculation too fast, which I think is great if you want to have the time to pay atention to new feelings.

At a certain point of the session all the good feelings (both in my penis and prostate) were gone. I really thought I lost it and that I was going to another mediocre orgasm like I had early in the morning. It was also clear to me that I wouldn't end the session if I didn't speed up my penis stroking (which I was doing very slowly).

I speeded it up and so I reached orgasm. And WWOOOOWWW!

I can't remember in 32 years of life of having such a strong orgasm. It was like the area where I'm used to feel my orgasms was expanded to a larger area. It was also very intense, like I could not think or do anything else but feel what was happening. I'm not saying I reached a Super O, since Super O's are supposed to be followed by no ejaculation or refractory period (and can last much longer because of that, etc). I'm just saying that I got to a new (and better) level of orgasm.

A few minutes later I did it all again, but only with my hands, no Flip Hole. Orgasm was not as good as the first one, but it was also awesome and way better than the ones I'm used to.

Now I'll actually have a few days off of sexual activities. I will come back to tell you guys if I tried edging and what it felt like!