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So close...

What I find so appealing about this journey is that in every session, I take a few steps forward. The wisdom I continually find myself coming back to is: stop trying to have orgasms. Tonight I was as close to a super O as I've ever been.

In the three + months since I've started the journey, I've managed to achieve hands free wet orgasms, with or without my MGX in place. Very recently, I've wired my prostate and penis such that I can "switch" either on or off (actually learned how to do that at will tonight). All very good news, but still no super O.

So tonight I was at it on my bed with my penis switched off, so it was usually soft. I started getting really aroused and the pleasure was building when I noticed my prostate getting bigger than it had ever gotten before! I was about to have a super O! Here's where I faltered (or at least how it occurred): my prostate was so engorged that I felt like it couldn't contract anymore, which was what was going to take me over the edge. Historically, my orgasms have a build up, or growing of the prostate and penis, and then wild involuntary contractions that bring me into orgasm. This time, it was like there was no capability of the involuntaries, because my prostate was so big that it just couldn't move an inch.

Although a bit disappointed, it was nevertheless a rockin good time! Advice, please?