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Quick time and interruption

Great session today that, as so many do, ended up creating even more questions in my mind.

I started on my left side and got some great pulses going and then switched on my back. Had a good 1/2 hour of sustained high level pleasure. Then something odd/new happened.

Usually, I get involuntaries that feel great and that feeling turns into what I'd describe as a warm, expanding, internal orb in my midsection. It feels like the helix actually doubles in size, though I imagine it's my prostate swelling/filling. Invariably I find myself conracting - even when I don't want to be - and the feeling lasts for awhile (30 seconds maybe?) and then dissipates. When it dissipates I'm able to relax, and the relaxation can restart the flutters.Then the process repeats itself.

Today, I started to be able to control the flexing ever so slightly, and I was able to concentrate on that warm orb feeling inside me. I would focus in on that feeling, and I was able to slighly relax my sphincter/PC. The added benefit was as I was concentrating on the feeling I noticed the flutters would start without me even being aware. But now, with me already concentrating on the feelings the new flutters would take me to extreme heights.

I really thought I might be on to a breakthrough today when lo and behold I thought I heard someone come home. So, I quickly dressed (with helix still in) and checked. Grrrr, nobody there; it was all in my head. I laid back down but realized it had spiked my addrenalin and that by the time I got back "into it" someone would be home. So, it left me wondering if I was on the verge of a new level or if that's as good as it was going to get.