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Hi guys

I decided to start blogging my progress here so I won't give up. I won't post too often because 1 - I don't have too much time available for that and mainly 2 - I'm from Brazil and writting good english is pretty hard for me!

Maybe I just need some more tips to start feeling something: I have an SGX that a friend brought me from the US a lot of months ago (7 months, I think). I've read the wiki a few times and never got any expressive results (except when combining regular masturbation with the aneros). No discomfort inserting or having it inside me. Sometimes I can feel a slight good feeling like a very weak tickle around my pelvis. Usually it comes when I fill my lungs and keep my sphincter contracted. But it's not a durable feeling and is not even close to any kind of orgasm. Sometimes I also have a little spasm all over my body, which is common when I am excited but not estimulating my penis (became common since I got the aneros: I think it's part of being aware of prostate pleasure).

Sometimes I wonder if I got the wrong model for me: a few days ago I tried to finger my anus to make sure of where my prostate is and found out it could be more sensitive in the part closer to my sphincter and I think my SGX is not really good at getting there.

Despite a little frustrated with so little progrees in such a long time, I decided not to give up. I can see a few benefits already: as I told here before, I am more aware of feelings that come from my prostate and I think it improved other sexual activities and interests. Last week, for example, I gave my girlfirend a vibrator as a gift and we played together. At one point she started jerking me and I put her vibrator between my legs, making pressure against my perinium (so I could estimulate my prostate without putting the vibrator inside my anus). I didn't have the best orgasm ever, but I had a very pleasurable way until I had it.

In my next post I'll write about a session. I was reading some of the blogs and I found out about someone who practiced edging with aneros inside. Maybe it would help me (because sometimes I wonder if the problem is that I can't get aroused enough during my sessions with no penile estimulation). Maybe I'll try it. I will also try to stay away from any sexual activities or porn for a few days before I try it...