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Time for a Change

Well as I go along in my journey to the Super O, I've been debating if whether my MGX is right for me. Don't get me wrong, I've had a lot of pleasurable sensations from it but not to the point where I think I should be by now. I know for sure that I haven't gotten all the way to Super O and no matter how much concentration or shall I say not concentrating, but just drifting in pleasure, I just can't get to that over the top feeling. I think in my almost year journey, I have came twice to a point that I think I was about to enter Super O land, but could never cross over. But as far as my progression with my MGX, it has improved a lot since the first time I used it. I had orgasms from it a few times, but most of the time its just waves of pleasure. I think it's helped rewire me a bit because I can feel these sensations throughout the day by just contracting the same way that I do with the Aneros. Almost to a point that I can give myself an orgasm without the Aneros, but I can never reach that point also. I wondering if I need to across into Super O land first before being able to do it Anerosless. Maybe at that point I will be able to learn to get there easier. Not really sure though.

Anyway, to get to the point, I'm thinking about getting a Helix next. After looking around the website for some time, it seems that most people get the best results from this Aneros. I also checked out the Eupho as I was also considering this one. I would buy the combo set of these two but frankly, money is an issue right now. So I have to stick to just buying one of them. So the Helix I favored too because it seems like the head of it would touch the prostate a lot easier than the MGX would and that's what I need as I feel as though the MGX is not reaching it like I had hoped that it would.

All and all, as the MGX was my first Aneros/first anal toy ever, I'm glad I did buy it because it opened up new doors of pleasure for me. And as a side note, it also benefited my wife's pleasure also as this little toy massages the prostate allowing blood flow to the lower region of my body to increase. I've never had problems with size or erections, but after trying this toy for other reasons, it's caused my erection to get even harder, easier to control my orgasms, and makes it easier for me to give my wife orgasms. It's worked so good that I've been able to achieve multiples having sex with her (Anerosless) which I find amazing because after I orgasm one time, I don't have a loss of erection. Maybe a little sensitive, but within seconds later, I'm going at it for another one. So nothing to complain about.