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We met for the first time

It arrived in the mail yesterday. Smooth, black, and sexy. Wanted so bad to play with it last night but the wife was home. This morning she left to the store as soon as she left I had ripped off my clothes, pulled out a bottle of lube, and grabbed my Progasm all wrapped up nice in it's red box. I proceeded to finger myself for a few minutes, letting myself relax and get enough lube inside me so that I can take in the progasm.

After about five minutes i figure it's time, I gently try to push the stimulator in. Took a few tries to find that perfect "scooping" action that people talk about, once I found it, just like that, I had the head inside of me. I just relaxed and left it alone for a minute or two. I gently removed it, re-lubed, and proceeded to put it back inside me. This time much easier, first the head, then the second bit of girth slowly got sucked in by my ass.

Didn't feel too much, i had a raging hard on and some precum slowly starting to drip. I flexed a little to see if I could get the unit to move, it certainly did. I wanted so bad to stroke my cock and get myself off, but no, I must wait for when i have more time to myself. Which is tonight!

What a tease. At least I know my tight little virgin ass can take the Progasm, and with great ease I might add, almost like it was designed to go in there :) So that's it for now. I will let you know how a longer session goes. Tonight I plan on just laying there relaxing, getting used to these new sensations.....