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The Beautiful Harmony of the Body and Mind

Our bodies and minds working in harmony are the most astoundingly beautiful thing I could possibly imagine. I am learning that the aneros journey revolves around one's relationship to one's self. I am learning discipline of my mind and transferring that discipline into control of the reactions my body has to physical sensations and mental arousal.

I am on the brink of the super o. Today, I had a session that lasted an hour and a half with no orgasm; I stopped because I had things to do. I usually either have a HFWO (hands free wet orgasm) or finish myself off the old fashioned way. This time, I elected to build up a bit of sexual energy and not have an orgasm. I managed what I needed to manage and then hit up the chat room and jumped back into bed after some good conversation.

My arousal level was through the roof and after a while I started getting a shuddery sort of shake as pleasure built up to a roar. I would have had a super o (I think) because my whole body was shaking uncontrollably and the pleasure was almost too much to bare, but my heart was beating so fast that it scared me a bit. That took my thoughts out of the whirling cloud of sensation and feeling and back onto solid ground. I repeated this cycle a number of times until I was so exhausted that I decided to switch on my penis and have a HFWO.

I am taking leaps in progress every session! I am further awakening sensations all the time (even during day to day activities) and there is truly something very big waiting for me and it's very close! Can't wait for tomorrow night!

Reader Comments

Posted on 2011-09-12 14:16:30 by artform

jocco my friend, you had a series of powerful active-body Super-Os from you clear description!!! You have broken through and are on that plateau. Many further adventures ahead!!!

Posted on 2011-09-12 20:51:47 by jocco

I have since had this same thing happen... it builds and builds until I feel as though I'm having a panic attack (well minus the lack of control because I could just stop if I wanted to) and the pleasure goes away because I get wrapped up in my heart beating so fast. The only thing is there's no release. Last night I kept at it and actually went over the edge, but when I was truly expecting a dry o, it was wet. I'm staying optimistic, however and just enjoying the ride.