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Another fun session...

Well here we are again! Last night's session, while I was not able to achieve a super-o, did produce a handful of dry-o's and all kinds of wonderfulness in between.

Maybe it was the prep before insertion: some meditation music to calm things down...reading some hot, erotic fiction...but I was able to feel aroused and 'surfing the waves' within about 5-10 minutes after insertion. I had different types of orgasms...milder at times than the super-o, but the same type of buildup. Instead of grabbing me and rocking me hard, these would build up and then plateau and actually continue for about a minute! I hadn't had anything go as long as these before and it was wonderful. Also experienced some visual eyes would be closed during a dry-o and it would feel like a light had been turned on in the room...very strange feeling, so much so that I opened my eyes to see what was happening and it was still dark! I think I had a half dozen or so dry-o's that lasted longer than usual, but that one that kept going for about a minute was a gem...just an amazing feeling that I can't quite describe.

An observation...I think I can see where some guys might have a super-o and then nothing for awhile. I can feel it myself because once you have a super-o and realize what you feel and the build up to it, you become a bit obsessed with feeling that again. I could be as relaxed as ever, but when those waves start cresting it's like, "ok, here it comes, brace yourself!" By that time, I've lost that state that was building or contracted when I didn't want to, etc.--all things that take me away from the super-o. Again it's part of learning your body while driving an Aneros, but I hope to find that switch that keeps myself calm when I know a super-o is approaching.

Another thing...I can see now that as much as I'd like to use the Aneros every day, I just don't think that's possible at this point because of the intensity of the sessions that I have and the prostate 'hangover' I have the next day. However as I write this, I really don't feel the prostate swelling that made me take a break the last time.

Lastly...there was another milestone reached in the fact that I was able to actually sleep with it inserted. Usually I would want to cum so badly towards the end of a session that I would masturbate and the remove the Progasm to let me sleep. This time the experience was not as intense and actually a bit relaxing to the point that I didn't feel the need to masturbate and I was able to fall asleep. When I woke up, that was a completely different situation. ;)

Reader Comments

Posted on 2011-09-02 14:59:44 by imhungguy

I am a newcomer, and have not used aneros at all, but am working up to it. All the descriptions I have read are HOT! Does anyone have any vids they'd like to share? Thanks, guys

Posted on 2011-09-03 02:28:26 by Deckard

Actually I would love to record myself having a super-o...not only for archival purposes, but because I'd love to watch myself spaz out in the midst of a super-o. Unfortunately sharing with others may be the issue here. Another problem might be timing out the recording to actually capture a super-o, since I'm still waiting for a reprise of that first wonderful session.