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It was bound to happen...

Last night, I was determined to have the same success as I had the night before. That was my first mistake.

The second mistake that I made was not listening to my own body. I think that my prostate might have been a little swollen from the previous nights workout. Another clue was the sensitivity I was feeling while lounging on the couch. I started getting hit with P-waves while just sitting there! I paused and relaxed and had the tiniest of Os...just a wonderful spreading warmth through my groin and midsection. Wow. Add to that the 'buzz' in the prostate that I'd read about showed up.

So after getting into bed and with the intention of sleeping with it inside me, I started. I found that as much as I wanted to be into it, my head just wasn't in the game. I also felt the slightest discomfort as it contacted my prostate. After a few minutes, I added additional petroleum jelly and reinserted. That helped and I didn't feel any discomfort after that...but that thought was still in my head about that I probably shouldn't continue.

Now...don't think that the night was a total loss. The problem was that I could climb the fence, but I couldn't get over it. I would peak multiple times, but I couldn't push myself over. It felt great, but without a finish it left me disappointed. Then the frustration showed up and at that point I thought it wasn't gonna happen.

So now I just wanted to masturbate and send myself to sleep. I put on some erotic audio and that started to send me on my way. Then all of a sudden I started to feel a wave approaching. I quickly paid attention to my nipples as I knew that would help and hopefully push me over the edge. It worked and I had what I could call a mini-super-o. My cock got instantly hard, my body locked up...but it only lasted about 5-10 seconds. It felt great as well as giving me a feeling of accomplishment.

I started working on finishing myself off manually and found something else that I'd been reading about here. While I've noticed that my ejaculate has increased while using the Progasm, last night was different. This time it was 'whiter' than it has been and 'creamier' looking--and not as another benefit of the Aneros shows itself. Considering I haven't left my dick alone since I've received the Aneros, it still continues to amaze me with the amount I was able to produce. As I cleaned up after my finish I drifted off to sleep quickly.

I'm thinking that I just need to pace myself and listen to my body and not force it. The learning journey continues...I think I'll take tonight off and let everything rest. :)