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I think I may have broken something...

I guess I'll start recording my experiences here for awhile. My very first forum post documented my first three tries with my new Progasm ( This post will document the fourth.

After spending awhile in chat with a few of the more experienced crew (rook, ten_us_nut, etc.) talking about my experience to date and getting tips and tricks, etc. I realized that it was getting way late and it was time to turn in. I hadn't planned to have a session, but at the last minute I decided that I would attempt to sleep through the night with it in. After insertion, I settled down with my laptop on the bed...not really looking for anything mind you, maybe just read a few stories and doze off to sleep.

Now during the chat, we discussed aural aides--like either watching porn, or I had suggested a sex sounds CD that I had years back called Cyborgasm. Through the magic of the Internet, I was able to download it to refresh my memory of what I liked about it. It used stereo tricks to enhance the arousal state...and listening to my favorite tracks of sexy women and couples reminded me of how aroused it did make me. As I listened, I felt a few (of what I'm guessing are) P-waves. It felt nice, but it wasn't sustaining or going further.

After listening to a few more tracks and reading a few stories, I wasn't feeling too much more and decided to try to get some sleep...this must have been about 2:30--3:00am. I kept trying to find the right position...kinda tossing and turning...left side, right side, on my back. Now just so you know, I have sleep apnea and I've been using what's called a CPAP mask (it keeps your airway from closing) at night to help me sleep correctly. After minutes of trying to get comfortable and nothing really happening, I donned the mask. It actually helps me sleep because of the sound of the air coming in and my own breathing--kind of hypnotic actually.

After starting to nod off a bit, it hit me out of nowhere. I felt this surge of warmth in my groin and like an earthquake worked its way up my body to my chest then filling my head. My body locked up, back arching, arms in the air hands spread wide--it caught me by surprise so much that I made this sound like I'd just choked on a drink. It was amazing and it lasted about 10-15 seconds. I think it could have lasted longer, but I ripped off my mask and turned the unit off...trying to figure out what just happened to me.

I started to calm myself and figure out how to make it happen again. I started to relax everything and just slightly pushing on the progasm and then another one. This one was more intense. I had just a sheet over me and as I arched my back again, my cock went from 0-60 in one second. I was seriously flaccid and the next moment I was rock hard and all of these sensations were shooting through me and I thought I was going to ejaculate, but I didn't. This one seem to last about as long...I was really getting into it. I made every effort to not touch my cock as I wanted this to continue.

Now I don't know if what I had was a anal orgasm, etc. etc....all I know is that it felt fantastic and I wanted more. I wouldn't be disappointed.

A few minutes passed and I was just breathing and lightly caressing my stomach and my pubic patch...the latter seemed to help things with a tingle deep inside. Again, I started with just the slightest push out and then here comes that freight train again. Seizing up and feeling wonderful cock doing all kinds of acrobatics not able to make up its mind on hard or soft with a cool dribble of precum working its way down the shaft.

I started getting better at summoning this train to my station. There was a time that it started playing hard to get. I'd be able to start it up and right before it would take me over, it would throttle back. Well I found the antidote for one might start to fade, I quickly wet the tips of my middle fingers with my saliva and touched them to my nipples. BAM! That did it...locking me up again convulsing and smiling through tightly shut eyes.

This went on for quite awhile...sometimes able to bring them on with an action while other times as I might drift off to sleep, they would sneak up on me. I started to understand what's been said in the wiki and in the forums about NOT trying to orgasm. As I knew they were coming, I would control the urge to clamp down hard while convulsing and I was able to sustain some of them up around 20-30 seconds at times.

I started getting a little full of myself and thought I would try another sleep position on my right side with my left leg up. I wanted to try the 'sleep' position mainly because I started to see dawn breaking outside my window! Jeez how long had I been at this?

As I lie there with my semi-hard cock touching the sheet, some precum still finding its way out of me, I again started to drift thinking that finally I'd get some sleep. Wrong. BAM! Again rocking me, I couldn't handle it anymore and grabbed my cock and started jerking through the orgasm. I couldn't help myself and while it did feel good, didn't have the response that I wanted which was to prolong the orgasm and allow me to ejaculate. At this point it wasn't going to stop me...I got back into the mode and a short time after another hit and I started jacking closer this time. While I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't make the two techniques work together, that wasn't stopping me. I kept going...bearing down on the Aneros hoping to use the shape to get me worked. As I started cumming, I came in multiple shots--kind of amazing since I thought I was pretty dried up from the weekend sessions--while at the same time the progasm started to emerge. I got my hand down there in time to catch it just as my orgasm was subsiding.

I looked at the clock and it was 7:30am! OMG! Funny thing is that I don't even feel tired! I can't really even put a number on the orgasms, but a guess would put the amount in the double digits. As I said, I don't know if these would be considered as a super-o (maybe someone could explain the difference), but they were sure super to me. If there's something higher than this, I can't wait to experience it.

Reader Comments

Posted on 2011-08-29 16:21:05 by Deckard

After reading on of ten_s_nut's posts about his first time, I realized that I left out an important indicator. My quads on the top of my legs would do a rather violent jolt...that's when I knew something wicked this way comes. ;)

Posted on 2011-08-29 19:32:46 by jocco

Nice one Deck! You caught up, past me and lapped me! Atta boy!

Posted on 2011-08-29 22:03:03 by Deckard

You wanna hear something else crazy...just now I was able to create some pretty sizable P-waves while watching TV. I've created a monstahhhhhh! lol