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Beginner's Luck?

I'm beginning to wonder if the promising results of my first few sessions were a fluke or the popular adage "beginner's luck". I just can't seem to get any involuntary movement out of the toy or my body now. I'm also once again considering if I should take advantage of the money back guarantee and try a different model such as the Helix or Vice or whatever...

Well, I'm getting a bit discouraged but I'll keep trying. To be fair I'm not sure I've been able to feel fully relaxed since my sessions the first weekend when I knew I totally alone and wouldn't be interrupted.

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Posted on 2011-08-25 19:15:16 by sensitiveguy22

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Posted on 2011-08-26 03:18:20 by jocco

Hey pal,

Keep at it- I've found that it all has to do with arousal level. I pretty much always start with porn on and end up closing my eyes and letting it flow. I've also found that how I managed to start having involuntaries was by lying on my stomach with my legs straight out. This triggered some big twitches deep inside, and the penile stim from being on me stomach helped them on. This led to a hands free wet o, and since then I've managed them on my back with no penile stim at all. It all comes back to arousal. Get yourself fucking turned on! Then get relaxed and maintain that relaxed arousal and just experience the sensations. Once the involuntaries start, just let them do the work.