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Some Sleep With A Teddy...

Last night was by far the most interesting and pleasurable session yet. I was pretty tired when I started, and sure enough, an hour into it I began to dose off. I jolted awake to an incredible series of involuntary contractions, got up to shut off lights and lock the front door, and returned to bed. I dosed off again, and this time I woke up to contractions significantly more pleasurable than the first ones. I noticed that with my legs straight down, my MGX hit the prostate much more effectively... perhaps that's an indication that I could use a larger model...? Thoughts?

ANYWAYS, I've never been closer to a hands free orgasm before! The session lasted half the night, as I kept falling asleep and waking up to intense P waves! Giant leaps forward in progress after a bit of a break from aneros due to frustration and lack of time. My desire and motivation have returned! Tomorrow night I've got a date and she's 4 inches tall...

Reader Comments

Posted on 2011-08-24 03:15:46 by Kev

Hi jocco,
Nice to hear you're getting good results with MGX! I have it too.. and I know its range of motion is pretty big.. I have gotten much better results with the Helix.. First I thought I was just wasting my money but it was totally worth it! Helix feels fuller and it doesn't rock so much.. Kev

Posted on 2011-08-25 02:57:01 by jocco

hmm, yeah I would think a fuller feeling down there would help heighten sensation. BTW since this last post, I've achieved hands free wet orgasms, and am on my way to turning wet to dry... help?

Posted on 2011-08-26 08:53:40 by artform

Interested in your comment about switching from MGX to Helix Kev, and fuller feelings generally jocco.

I agree Kev about the MGX range of motion and am very happy I started with that model. I have felt frustrated by my Helix in is lack of mobility in me. It only works by giving very gentle short-stroke massage with involuntaries when I roll up in the foetal position.

Jocco, you might want to add Maximus to your arsenal next!! IMHO, it is a great transitional and introductory model for the heavy artillery Progasm (ICE!!) and Vice sessions. :)