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Never Ending

It's been a warm and humid day here in Maine. My morning was full and busy --- without any time for reflection. Now, this afternoon however, I sit in my office chair and the afterglow of my night's mgx session and this morning's brief peridise session, seem to sweep outward and upward --- warmly buzzing and gently pulsating throughout my testicles, scrotum and penis. Breathing deeply, I coax the gentle waves into a breast orgasm and then a soon-to-follow, slowly building super O. The contraction is intense and sends energy throughout my frame --- and then it lingers --- building once again and again. My butt muscles lift me off my chair as the pulsating waves build again and move upward, outward. The pulsations leave no part of my testicles, shaft, glans and foreskin untouched. Each contraction grips my frame and being in such a way that I can only respond with a sincere and joyous "Praise the Lord!" This joy is no accident and it is real --- how should I be blessed in such a manner?!? These concrete reminders of God's love for me have now reached a point where they are more ongoing than not. As this journey continues, I find it hard to imagine a more intense and joyful display of my Father's never ending love for me!

Reader Comments

Posted on 2011-08-26 09:20:52 by artform

Hallelujahs all ways my friend, always!! Joys unbounded...

Posted on 2011-08-26 09:25:16 by artform

Thanks very much too for your testimony in Korkelz's Poll on Anus/Sphincters as hot spot!! Beautifully captured ecstatics!!