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Fish Oil Diet (Update)

This is an update from my fish oil diet.

So I purchased Zane Blue's book and read it. Very interesting literature, not only for what I wanted to get out of it, but also somethings to think about as far as my wife's health. Well I was already taking fish oil before I purchased the book and after reading the book, I took my dosage up a notch. So now, I'm taking 6 fish oil pills a day. That's about 2,160mg EPA and 1,440 mg DHA (Bottle listed 2 servings 720 EPA and 480 DHA) . I'm around 150lbs so I think I got the calculations close enough to where I need to be. As far as the rest of the diet, I don't really need to follow it because I'm already on a diet with just about the same percentage as what she wrote about. I workout 6 days a week doing Insanity and only supplements I take with that workout are metabolism pills that basically serve as my multivitamin supplement as she calls for and I drink a recovery drink after my workouts to help out with me from being so sore the next day. I already eat a balanced diet throughout the day (i eat 6 times a day) and consume about 2,400-2,700 calories a day.

So far, I haven't tried using the Aneros in the mix yet, but I can say that I can already feel the affects of the fish oil kicking in. How so? Well first off I seem a lot happier and ready to do just about anything. Secondly, even though I haven't used the Aneros yet, I can feel my prostate waking up as I relax on my couch and do small contractions while watching TV. Outside of the main purpose for taking fish oil to help me get to super O, I have had sex with my wife. Let me say that it was out of this world GREAT!! Not only were the feels enhanced during intercourse and me having an orgasm, but I was much more in touch and a lot more willing to give my wife whatever she wanted/needed. And I can say that by me reading the book, it also gave me some pointers about the foreplay aspect of our lovemaking. For example, setting the mood with music, vanilla scented candles, and starting the night out first with a full body massage and progress from there. It drove her crazy!!!

So I can't wait to see what it's going to be like when I use my Aneros!! I'm debating right now when to use it and how long to use it. One point I read in the book was about how long of exercising with a PC muscle exerciser (it was geared towards women using a device to insert vaginally, but we men can now relate as we have embraced the Aneros). The PC muscles are being worked the same way for both men and women. So I think I'm going to approach using my Aneros in a different aspect. Here are my thoughts as follows:

#1) I think I'm going to limit my use for an Aneros session to 30mins to 1 hr (even though her sessions with the Gyneflex is 20mins), gradually building, that's if I don't lose my sense of time in the process. Until I get to the point of Super O'ville and then I'll take it as it goes. I sometimes think that I overdo my sessions.

#2) I'm going to change my technique of exercising the muscles and go off of what Zane Blue recommends with contracting muscles and then releasing and relaxing and repeating.

The only thing that differs from PC muscle exercise with the Gyneflex and Aneros would be the resistance. Gyneflex has different resistance devices that a woman can build on whereas the Aneros has no resistance. So contractions should probably start out light for the first few sessions and gradually increase over a period of time. Or increase throughout the session.

Maybe I can indulge today?? We'll see ;)

Reader Comments

Posted on 2011-08-15 17:46:39 by wisdom

man, i'm telling you....i'm at work, reading posts....i've already taken 4 fish oil pills today and have 2 more to take tonight.......all i can say is that my prostate is really singing right now as i contract.......i've never experienced such pleasure without the Aneros.......

Posted on 2011-09-06 12:45:14 by madmick

Hi wisdom.
A slight warning.
A while ago, was watching a BBC programme about a doctor on a complete fish diet.
This dr went to either Canada or Siberia,
either way, near the north pole.
He was eating fish, whale, seals etc...
all high in omega 3 & 6.
So after about a few weeks on indeed months he measured his blood clotting mechanism
compared to what it was like before.
It took about an hour before the pin prick of blood stopped bleeding
compared to a minute or two before.
In other words don't get in a serious accident whilst feasting on fish.
Also says the nation of South Africa
have a low intake of fish and it as a high depression rate.
Also the bigger the fish the more mercury it'll
probably have.

Posted on 2011-09-15 12:28:52 by wisdom

thanks for the word of advice Mick...well I need to update this again.....I actually stop taking fish oil for awhile.....not because I thought that I was overdoing it, but because I've been working out alot and with the supplements I am taking, I thought it would be best to lay off of them for awhile......besides the fact, exercise really helps my Aneros sessions