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Fish Oil Diet

So I've been reading around and Zane Blue always has good points to what she says. She's really good at compare the female orgasms to male orgasms and in a way, I've been comparing too. My wife has already reached heights of her pleasure, being able to have clitoral, vaginal, squirting, full body, and multiple orgasms. In the beginning of our relationship, she wasn't able to reach these heights at all, being able to only have clitoral orgasms with the occasional vaginal ones. But over time, and me helping by putting her mind at ease and telling her to let go and whatever happens, I'm cool with it, that's where it all began. I've never had a female in my life that could get to the point to where she is. Anyway, I've lately been comparing my orgasms to hers and in a sense it's been helping me to get closer and closer to my super O. I can't wait, but also at the same time, I must be patient and enjoy what's coming to me. When I refer to comparing orgasms, I'm not really speaking in the sense of the difference between me and her, but more on the lines of what she's doing to get to her place of ecstasy. When we make "love", I pay very close attention to what she's doing. From contractions, to touching, to how she's responding and touching me (which is like a real life fantasy). And every time we make love, she always orgasms. Notice I said make love. This is the major difference between (excuse my language) fucking and loving. It's deep!!

Ok to the point. I saw Zane Blue's posts on fish oil diet increasing chances of achieving super O. So why not give it a go. Yesterday, I picked up some fish oil from Walgreen's. It's the double strength kind, 2400mg, 720 EPA, 480 DHA (that's 1.5 ratio.....math for those who want to know how to figure it out 720 EPA divided by 480 DHA = 1.5) . Anyway, I'm taking them 2x a day for starters. Next step is to buy Zane Blue's book and read it. I think I saw it on iTunes, so I think I'll buy it from there to put on my iTouch.

After reading her posts, it makes me wonder if that's why my wife is as orgasmic as she is. My wife is filipino and they are known for eating a lot of fish. I'm wondering if this is what made her the way she is???

Well I'll post my progress in about a couple of weeks to keep everyone updated.

Take care!

Reader Comments

Posted on 2011-08-15 14:08:43 by 5SpD

Good luck. I've been on Omega 3 supplements and also Salmon Oil for a couple years now and sex aside, I feel great.

Posted on 2011-08-15 15:38:11 by wisdom

well from what was written, any type of fish oil that calls out the specific type of fish is normally considered the lower grade fish's best to stick with fish oil that has the generic name "Fish Oil"