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Praise Be for the Man I Am!

It is raining gently here in Maine; and, I can feel the cool air blow lightly through my window. As things wind down for another workday, I am partially reclining in my chair --- thoroughly enjoying the residual effects of my early morning mgx session. I have warm, slowly pulsating waves moving upward and outward from the base of my penis. My whole body is alive with energy; and, I am relishing every moment of it! Breathing slowly and deeply, I recall this morning's session.

Lubing my anus well and sliding my mgx through my anal rings up against my prostate --- as I take a deep breath and breathe out. Once in place, my mgx started its work. Slowly and progressively the pressure against my prostate built AND then the waves built stronger and tighter ending in a super-O --- over and over again. This past week has brought the most amazing mgx sessions - with waves and O's beyond the usual series of joy. I usually don't use my mgx, relying on my trusted eupho, butt I felt led to give the mgx another whirl AND I'm so glad I did! It seemed like every ring on the mgx's stem was alive and working hard to thrill my anal rings with each contraction. After 45 minutes, I reluctantly withdrew my tool; and, for a few moments, slid my ring finger into my thoroughly relaxed anus --- joying in the many subtle sensations to follow.

Throughout the morning's session, I intently focused upon my Lord's love for me and the times of oneness with my beloved wife. I AM a rich MAN indeed! A surge of fullness and warmth builds again, tightens, breast contracts. I breathe deeply, another breast contraction --- forcing a spurt of precum and a super-O unfolds --- again and again! I praise God for the life He has given me AND for making me a man! All glory is His as I rejoice in these fleeting moments of vanity!