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Disassociating the Male Orgasm With Our Penises

I finally went ahead and snipped the handle off my MGX. WOW. There's so much more mobility now! I especially like how I can lie on my back and there's no interference with my bed. All in all, it's just a more free experience and much easier to get relaxed. Also, today was the first time I've ever given myself an enema! WOW again. It just feels nice to be clean down there!

Two great sessions today (God I love Sunday). Progress is slow and sure, if not a little frustrating. Don't get me wrong, the whole experience is a blast, but I think there is some sort of attachment to my penis that is too hard to ignore. I always end up with a hand down there and a wet orgasm (usually after about 2 hours). Sensations are definitely awakening more and more in the anal region, but my penis does not like being ignored! Is this perhaps the most crucial aspect of the "rewiring" process? The disassociating of the male orgasm with our penises? I've read lots about this, but if anyone has some advice about it, please share!

Also, I use the MGX- any of you advanced users recommend any particular models?