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The Impact of Aneros on Me

It is almost three years ago that I joined this group. I bought my first Aneros several months before that. My first success occurred 6 months after I joined the Forum. But to really appreciate the success I have had one needs to consider it in the context of my life.

I should start by saying that I am a 60 year old guy who has been on a bit of a sexual discovery journey since I was 40. It started with a course I took in female sexuality, a few Zen retreats to learn to read and relax my body, a lot of reading on male orgasm and a lot of erotic writing. I have also talked at length ( in great personal detail) to several female friends on line learning the intracies of their sexuality.

I am monogamous although I did frequent massage parlors on a few occasions during trips for work. Two of those were mutual masturbation sessions which I can discuss in another entry. They were eye opening and wonderful and I am grateful to that professional lady that guided me.

So here I sit after three years. I can honestly say that the last three years changed me sexually in a very dramatic way. I am much more erotically sensitized now, my nipples and cock are hypersensitive. I can launch super o’s without any preparation and without an Aneros if I am aroused enough. I MMO 3 times a week with nothing and I use my Eupho and Peridises once every two weeks. I am a more sensual guy and I am a much more intense and “her focused” lover.

I have the ability to read my body’s response to arousal and erotic stimulation; I have developed the ability to guide that response and extract sweet rapture from my 60 year old body. I am a happy orgasming camper who is more sexually tuned up than I was 40 years ago.

I am totally into female orgasm and my own prostate orgasms have helped me understand her sexual response more. My perspective on male sexuality has also changed. As a result of my raging hormones and my changed perspective I have come to find the beauty and erotic appeal of an erect penis and male sexual expression. I am not gay or bi, but I am much more sensitized to male sexual response and sexuality.

The Aneros did this to me by rewiring me and changing my sexual experience …. More so than anything else I have done.

Reader Comments

Posted on 2011-08-16 18:39:24 by maskedfox

That is a very lovely story. :) Wonderful even. I find it that because it is heartwarming.

Another point of note is the comparison between 'what could be deemed acceptable/the norm' as far as male sexual practice goes, and the perspective shift you mentioned. (if I am reading/feeling this out right.) It actually affirms some sideline ideas I have had regarding 'masculinity' misconceptions.

At any rate, all my meandering aside; I am happy for you. Congratulations and best wishes. :)