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After my Sunday morning session I spent some more time reading the wiki and postings on the forum. I had 3 things I wanted to try differently. Firstly my position. Lying on my back I did not have any support to lift me off the bed and stop the handle touching the bed and stopping the Aneros moving freely. So I placed pillows under me at the base of my back to lift me. Secondly I did not think I used enough lube inside my rectum. So I coated the MGX very liberally with lube before inserting it. Thirdly I wanted to try and be much more gentle in the contractions I was trying.

So there I was, MGX inserted, lying on my back with nothing stopping movement of the Aneros. It did not take long to feel relaxed so I tried to gently contract my sphincter muscles. At times I have not been able to get the right muscles to contract and get muddled between the PC and sphincter muscles. But this time I thought I was on the right track. For the first time I could actually sense movement inside me. Slowly I managed to draw the MGX deeper inside and at the same time could feel the P-tab pressing against me and feeling good. I kept doing this for a while and then when it felt deep inside tried to gently hold the contraction. Within a short time my sphincter muscles started to flutter. This seemed to drive the Aneros deeper inside and then from nowhere I suddenly felt the tip start to tap against me. I had found my prostate!! It seemed to be in time with my heartbeat and the feeling was divine. My only complaint was it did not last forever. :-)

It was not easy to hold this state. I think I became too focussed on what I was doing, instead of enjoying what I was feeling. My you, it is a problem I am more than happy to try and work my way through!!

Reader Comments

Posted on 2011-08-06 11:19:37 by tj246

i am waiting for mine to come in the mail so new to this once i put it in an contract my muscles i owuld ssume being new i will not have any results the first time an it will take long time
i am lock in chastity so as far as erections go i dont think i wil lhave one
any help i would love

Posted on 2011-09-06 16:38:26 by highres1

This is very encouraging. I have had my first three sessions so far with basically the same results as you had for your first three. The muscle contractions seemed a bit of a problem for me too. I'm going to try some of your techniques next session I have. Good blog keep it up!