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3rd Time the Charm?

Had a morning session today cause the house was empty. Today I laid on my right side for the first hour, and then rolled to my left side. For previous sessions I was on my left side so I thought I'd see if it made a difference.

Some pleasant buzz and pressure, though very, very light, while relaxing. I have found with the sessions its a constant mental battle to keep your conscious only focused on the sensations and your subconscious within the realm of the session. The more leeway you give your subconscious the more crazy stuff you end up getting distracted by. But, you have to give it some rope to get to that surreal state. At least, that's my impression as a newb after three sessions.

Anyway, some good light buzz while relaxing. This time I made a much more concerted effort when I started the contractions not to start slamming away if they felt good. I tried to keep them spaced, moderate, and at regular intervals. I got some penis fluttereing again in response to the contractions, and this time it seemed a bit more widespread. My ass wasn't fluttering, but it just seemed to include a bit more of me; maybe my balls and penis? Strange, but nice sensation. I remembered from the forum to enjoy the flutters, so I'd occassionally stop all contractions when a flutter occurred and just let it be. That was nice. Also, some of my best times in this session were the ensuing 3 minutes or so after I'd stop contractions and just go back to relaxation. I could feel a buzz and it would start to build a bit in my mind, but it never approached anything where I'd say "this could be the start of an O". Nevertheless, very peaceful and pleasant.

Towards the end of the session I thought I made some progress with contractions. I would do a couple moderate to firm contractions and then hold. The pressure/buzz I'd feel was very nice and was at times strong. While the feeling is completely different from penile stimulation, it felt nice to the point where I could see from doing this that it might someday turn into an orgasm - but it would have to be an orgasm with a feeling unlike anything I've had because the underlying sensation is so different. So....I'm hopeful. The one issue is fatigue. It seems like any possible orgasm is farther away than my ability to continually contract my anus muscles, albeit even only at 50-60%. But, I'll work on that. All I know for certain is that it felt nice, it was an 1 1/2 of relaxation, and I think I can see where this can lead, even if the hurdle is still very high, and very far away.

Maybe we'll try again tomorrow if the opportunity presents itself.

Thanks for reading, comments always welcome.

Reader Comments

Posted on 2011-07-31 17:13:47 by sensitiveguy22

Nice to see there's quite a few others like me just starting out!

Posted on 2011-07-31 21:48:34 by jocco

Sounds like your mind is in the right place. Just be with whatever comes at you, and take it for what it is. Before I had begun this journey, I thought I'd break the mold and get it right off the bat. No the case. What I've learned to appreciate is the process itself. The simple notion that I am discovering and learning my body and how the neural impulses from my brain are connected to it is in itself extraordinary. Super O or not, I'm getting nothing but wonder and enjoyment! Sounds like you're right there with me.