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Found the Track, Doing Laps

It's become common practice for me to keep a hand down over my perineum for pretty much the whole session. My new fav position is on my back, to one side a bit- both legs bent, one on the bed, the other knee pointed towards the ceiling. (I think the handle of my MGX is coming off before next session, as it touches the bed).

Being positioned that way, I have perfect access to everything (as opposed to on my side). I started to notice that loop or circuit of contractions B Mayfield talks about, although they were not involuntary at all. As the contractions would start up involuntarily, I would work up an amazing hard on and start to relax. I am learning to consciously "do laps" around the circuit, but I think it got to a point where I was trying consciously to keep the loop going, and the sensations died.

Does the term loop translate? The contractions would go (I think) from perineum to outer sphincter to inner sphincter to prostate, then back to perineum. I got two laps around the circuit before my erection was raging, and although I'm usually rather quiet during a session, I let out a few involuntary moans- it surprised me, because they just escaped on their own! Felt amazing and so relaxing! I'm on the brink of something mind blowing, me thinks.

Still no conservation of semen. After all that, with no dry o, I can't see how it's possible!


Reader Comments

Posted on 2011-07-31 14:15:18 by jocco

By the way, sitting here in my chair- with no Aneros or anything- I'm practicing the loops, and WOW! I'm getting that neural impulses alone make the difference in experiencing sensations! Still learning how to consistently do that at will.

Posted on 2011-07-31 16:42:49 by sensitiveguy22

I think the only position that really works for me is on my's the only one in which the toy seems to be able to move on it's own and where involuntary body shakes are induced. As for the handle, I've considered that but then this last session made me think that the handle in contact is actually somehow helping to facilitate the automatic movement since in any other position where it's not in contact with anything the toy won't move on it's own. I dunno, it seems counter-intuitive but I'm not going to snip the handle in the event that's the case...

Oh, and sounds like you're the same as me; I've finished off with a traditional penile orgasm each time so far. I think when you aren't acheiving dry-o's and your cock is raging it's hard to resist and you feel like some sort of orgasm is necessary to end the session with a sense of satisfaction...

Posted on 2011-07-31 20:29:59 by jocco

Precisely. Until I start dry oing, I'll def be finishing myself off.