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1st Session Ever

My first session was about a week ago. Very interesting, very frustrating, and very promising all in the same session.

I finanlly had the family out of the house for a few hours so it was time for the first test drive. I used Liquid Silk as a lubricant with a small amount of vaseline on the helix. The only note on lubricant is that I didn't have a method of putting any inside, so I could only lube up the entry and the helix and hope that would suffice. BTW, during the session I did squirt more lube on the entry.

I did some breathing to relax before insertion. When I did insert I was pleasantly surprised. Like the forum said, I pushed the helix in maybe a third of the way in and just held it there, trying to get my muscles to relax. Amazingly, after a minute or so they did relax and it pulled the helix right into place. Let me tell you, that was a very cool sensation.

I laid on my left side with my right leg raised toward my check and just breathed for a couple minutes to try and further relax and get comfortable with the helix.

When I started slow contractions it felt nice, not pleasurable. For example, when someone strokes my dick that feels pleasurable; there is no doubt that the nerve triggers produce a wholly sexual response. This was different. It was not unpleasant by any means. But, it felt more like a pressure, a pressing maybe I'd call it a buzzing more than anything else. As I said, it was nice.

The session went along with periods of me contracting my sphincter and buttocks, as well as lying still. I also rolled unto my back a couple of times, and near the end I got off the bed and tried kneeling next to the bed with my head and arms resting on the mattress.

The good was this: At times, contracting was very cool because my muscles were moving the helix (assumably against my prostate). This was physcially pleasing. It was also psychologically pleasing as I felt for the first time in my life that I was experiencing what a woman feels like during intercourse. What made this doubly nice is I gained an understanding and appreciation for how a woman can fuck a guy, i.e. how she can use her muscles to move a dick around in her however she prefers. I've noticed women contracting around my dick before, but always assumed that they were doing that solely for my pleasure. How wrong I was! Those contractions were very nice and at times seemed to build into a nice sensation, or at least a more pronounced buzzing. This was good and bad. Good because it felt good, bad because whenever this occurred I started thinking about "how to I get to an orgasm from here". That thought invariably would set me back because I would find myself trying to fuck myself so fast and hard (by contracting) that I couldn't space out my contractions; instead of 4 quick contraction it would become one hard contraction. My calculus was that I was doomed, because the long held contraction would feel nice but I knew would never bring about anything close to an orgasm. But, when I'd relax and then start the short, rhythmic contractions that would feel great, but would inevitably end up with me not being able to maintain the sphincter control to continue them for very long. So, good and frustrating at the same time.

Also, I spent some time just relaxing and this would produce a nice buzzing sensation. I would try to key on this sensationto let it grow, and it would build some but never seemed like the feeling could ever mount a run at growing into anything approaching an orgasm. So, as pleasant as it might have felt after five or ten minutes I would end up returing to the contractions.

Someone came home so I had to end the session more abruptly than I would have liked, but after and hour and a half I thought it was a decent first time around the track. The good: ended up with some nice, different sensations. Much different than how anything related to the cock feels. Frustrating: at no time did I feel like anything remotely related to an orgasm was anywhere in my neighborhood; I guess I was hoping for some beginners luck. Also, I was frustrated with how to manage the session. Contractions could feel good but were hard to control. So hard, in fact, that it would lead always to holding a strong contraction. I think I have to learn how to keep my muscle control up. Relaxing with the helix would feel very nice, soothing almost, but could never see that building into something on its own. Promise: these new sensations are there to be felt, there was a real high feeling my sphincter tighten around the helix causing it to move, and the pleasant buzz received while relaxing with it was enjoyable. So, since this was the maiden voyage I figure there is a long ways worth of improvement to make and am hoping I can build on the foundation laid.

Reader Comments

Posted on 2011-07-29 20:35:27 by jocco

Hi rck,

First off, your lube issue: I got myself some of those one time use marksman squeeze bottles. They have a long skinny applicator nose that slides way up there- it really make a world of difference when you've got a rectum full of the stuff.

I'm not much further along progress-wise than you, but I've started awakening sensations that I was never present to before (see the latest entry of my blog entitled, "Getting to Know Me, Getting to Know All about Me"). There is a whole network of muscles that all go their own direction and once you tap into what's really going on under your nose, it's like waking up from a dream. Those sensations that once were fleeting and vague become thunderous and immutable.


Posted on 2011-07-29 20:43:52 by rck

Thanks, Jocco. I ordered some marksmen today, lol. Had my second session today and just finished that blog entry.