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Getting to Know Me, Getting to Know All About Me

Session number four has left me content to be where I'm at, and has shifted the direction of my intent. Previously, though I've been at work with the rewiring process, it still all occurred like trying to get somewhere that I currently was not. During this last session I made a shift in intention towards simply exploring and learning my body, regardless of the outcome. I must say that it's very refreshing to give up that "trying to get somewhere" mentality and simply be where you are.

I got my hands involved- first as a method of holding the P-tab in place over my perineum, but then I started noticing the different muscles contracting all in their own different ways. I find the position that offers me the most sensation is on my (left) side, so I had a finger under the P-tab (to the left of my center, but under in this position) to keep it up where it's supposed to be. I could feel my perineum contracting, which is sort of a suction feeling, then a pushing feeling coming from deeper, which I imagine is my prostate? Or did I hear something about a second, inner sphincter?

Anyhow, I remember B Mayfield talking about a push and a pull at the same time- definitely started noticing that- but not until I had my finger down there! I imagine that those sensations will become more and more detectable over time. For now, these new discoveries are wonderful and exciting!

On another note, I've heard about semen conservation to increase arousal... Yeah I tried it and got about four hours in- tomorrow I'll go for five! Hah... oh well. Although masturbating that way was interesting this time too. With my MGX in place, I was on my knees on the bed and went very slowly. Again, and this time without my hands down below, I noticed all those different muscles contracting back and forth. Boy, our bodies are amazing!


Reader Comments

Posted on 2011-07-31 08:00:05 by rook

Agan Joe -- nice sense of your bod.
Re: anal sphincters -- the outer one is voluntarily controlled, the inner one is, for most guys involuntary.