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First play with the Helix


Helix ordered Tuesday night. Arrived yesterday and had it's first outing tonight. For 2 hours! I'm overwhelmed and a little exhausted!

I started out tonight's sessions by taking some advice from the forum and Wiki, by setting the scene:

* Towel - check
* Tissues - check
* Lube - check
* Good porn - check
* Enema - check
* Pre-lubrication - check

After pre-lubing my ass, I lubed up the Helix - using Durex Play. Laid on my side and inched it in. Before I could even start to enjoy the feeling of a new toy against my ass, it pulled itself in.

I'm not sure if the P-tab was aligned as best it could be. I tried finding my sweet spot beforehand, but couldn't work it where it was (hiding no doubt!).

So...laying on my side, I contracted my anus - did many contractions, and while it felt good, it wasn't quite cutting the biscuit.

I then swapped to the back flat, knees bent position and placed a cushion in my lower back...this was good for a while. It was at this point I came very close to what I was hoping to be my first Aneros Dry-O. Unfortunately though, this didn't happen. The sensation built and built, my body tensed up for literally seconds, and then it was gone! ;-(

I swapped back to my side and played some more - again I came close to a Dry-O a further 3 times!

One last try, rolling over to my opposite side, I, again, came close to Dry-O 2 times!

At this point, I thought I'd best call it a day as it was approaching 2AM and my playtime had reached 2 hours, so I did what I normally do, and yanked away at my dick - OMG - it was - explosive! Truly amazing. Had a fantastic orgasm and so much cum! Seriously!

I'm now absolutely shattered and a little giddy from all the excitement. Can't wait to try again. Have fallen in love with the little Helix, he even looks cute!


Reader Comments

Posted on 2011-07-24 09:19:21 by HelixNewbie

almost identical experience for me too. looking forward to trying again soon.

Posted on 2011-08-09 13:13:38 by mcgphil

yes right ;-))