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Sleeping with my Vice (again)

Tried sleeping my vice inserted a second time and had repeat of the first. This time it got to the point where the slightest movement of the vice made my ass tingle, but I was simply too tired to want to go orgasmic. It became clear that there would be no sleeping with my vice. My choice was either take it out or put up with my body's constant cry for more. I wanted, needed sleep, but my body wanted sex. So I went to the bathroom, jacked off, removed the vice, and went back to bed. As if that wasn't enough, I was haunted afterward by the urge put the vice back (in my ass). This urge persisted until I finally drifted back to sleep.

On one hand it feels a little weird that my body is able to get so horny without my mind in the equation. On the other hand I kinda like it. It's like I have my own personal lover built into my body who's there whenever the need arises. I know it may sound strange but that's what it feels like.