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Sleeping with my Vice

So I get home from work and decide that I'm going to treat myself to an Aneros session before bed. After cleaning myself out I slip a latex condom on the vice because its more effective at lasting comfortably. I grease it up with a few drops of ID glide, insert it, and lie down in bed. After giving myself a few good mini Os I realise it was just what I needed to relax. I get the thought in my head that would try sleeping with my vice inside. After getting accustomed to steady rhythm of good feelings I fall asleep more quickly than I have in long while.

About five hours later, I wake up with one of the most colossal raging erections I have ever had. So I go to the bathroom and, despite being tired and half asleep, manage to masturbate and blow a load. I take out my vice, clean it, put it in its box and go back to bed. No soreness to speak of.

I realise now I could have tried assterbating instead and going back to sleep after few Os. I'm going to try that next time I sleep with my vice.

Reader Comments

Posted on 2011-07-04 13:05:16 by RipTheJacker

... euphorically issuing a massive load tend to raise endophins to a level that any "aoreness" is a non-issue
- rip