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My Recent Complete Physical Exam

I jokingly asked in an aneros forum post [] (See Post No.4) whether the awakening of my anal and prostate pleasure receptors would pose the risk of an inadvertent boner during a DRE at the doctor's ... well it kinda sorta happened just last week and i wanted to document and share it. It's mostly true with a little tweak here and there to protect the guilty. I've added this post to my blog.

I rather enjoy walking around with a semi ... say a 20% hardon hanging heavy like meatloaf between my legs when i change and shower at the Y or the county pool, and when i ride my bike freballin' in loose-legged nylon soccer shorts offering the curious voyeur an occasional glimpse of my hairy gear ... and even at the docs i don't necessarily wanna sport the shrivel-dick.

Now being a guy I'm not enamored with going to the doctor's, and fortunately I enjoy excellent health so I rarely go in for acute illness ... if I have a minor laceration, abrasion or road rash I generally get one of the nurses at work to dress it - sure I see the doc if I need stitches, Well, my wife keeps a calendar in the kitchen and annually informs me that I better get a good night's sleep and "be sure and wear some underwear tomorrow morning" - this means a 7:30 appointment for my annual physical which for the past ten or fifteen years has included the DRE. She has the doc's nurse schedule me for fasting labwork a week or three or four before the physical.

So this all goes down last week. As Dr. W. is in South America for several weeks I had my appointment with his younger associate new to his group practice the past eighteen months. Paul and I know each other as he rounds regularly at the hospital where I work, and I knew his ex-wife who worked with me at the hospital for a few months last year before she ditched Paul, took the kids and ran off with an ER doc and moved to the bay area. I've seen Paul a few times at the Y where he works out sometimes while I swim and yeah we've showered concurrently a couple times, but no i don't think I've ever checked out his junk. Paul's in his late 30's mebbe 40, which makes him about ten years my junior, whereas Dr. W. is in his early sixties.

So I'm Paul's first patient of the morning and his nurse takes my vitals and leaves me in the room and the good doc comes in with my chart, sitting down to interview me. I tell him about my childhood tonsillectomy and my vasectomy fifteen years ago, and how everyone in my family lives into their nineties and he asks about headaches, dizziness, chest pain, heartburn, etc., and I allow as how I may get a rapid heart beat and mildly short of breath after an hour of cycling at 20-25 mph and swimming 2000 yards in twenty-five minutes, but assure him I could double the distances if I had the time and motivation and no i don't use tobacco please don't ask me about weed and he asks how much sleep I get and I tell him about six hours, and if I get up to pee and say nope does my urine come out in a strong stream and yeah it does but I can't piss across the hood of my Camaro like I could in my twenties can HE piss across the hood of his Boxter and he blushes and says probably not. Do I get a good hardon he said good firm erection and his voice is a little husky and he looks a little anxious and yeah I do and it's world class doc and how many sex partners have I had in the past two years and I say I've only screwed one woman since I married at eighteen and actually no other chicks since before I turned seventeen and have I ever had an STD and I say no and do I have any unsafe sex practices no again and do I wanna get tested for HIV and I tell him I have the hospital test me for HIV and Hepatitis C every year and I've been vaccinated against Hepatitis A and B and how often do I have sex and I tell him four to six times a week unless my schedule's easy then it's every day and about ten or twelve times a week on vacation, and he flushes a little and hesitates then asks if I jerk off he says masturbate and I tell him I rarely did from age eighteen to forty but for the past 10 years I again wank like I did from eleven to seventeen and he gets really wide-eyed and turns a deeper shade of red - I DON'T tell him I've been sticking a progasm up my ass regularly for the past nine months, nor do I tell him I let a couple dudes cruise me in the showerroom and give me some illicit head and I wouldn't mind getting some more 'cause my wife can't deep throat with her fragile gag reflex although I'd like tell him how to get cruised at the Y you just return the glances as I don't think he's been getting too much the past several months but maybe I'm wrong.

Then Paul stands up and asks me to undress totally including my shoes and socks and I wonder why he didn't notice I was wearing sandals and shorts but I ask if he wants my skivvies (which I only wear for these special occasions on orders from my wife) off as well and he tells me I can leave them on and he leaves the room for about a minute while I disrobe. Our little conversation and his anxiety and uncomfortable but appropriate inquisitiveness about things sexual has me a little chubbed up or as I say stretching out and thickening and I'm glad my boxers are dark colored 'cause I can feel a little pre oozing from my cumslit so I pull my 4skin forward over the knob to cover my dickhead which feels and looks like it's getting interested in these proceedings.

Doctor Paul returns and he fumbles with my blood pressure in the contralateral arm, then checks my ears and eyes and mouth and throat, fondles my neck and has me swallow and show him I've got full range of motion and I feel his junk against my knees as he moves in to examine my eye grounds and he has some spearmint on his breath and his dick does seem to have some fullness to it, then he moves to my right side placing the cold bell of his stethoscope against my back and has me breathe deeply as his right hand rests on my hairy left nipple jeezus is he teasing it - then the right feeling the rise and fall of my chest wall with respirations and I continue with a couple more deep breaths as he listens to the front of my chest. Next he asks me to breathe normally as he listens to my heart and i feel the slight moist clamminess of his hand and see the fine tremor that again reminds me he's a bit nervous and he has me lie back down continuing to auscultate my heart and then begins to "palpate" and mash on my abdomen initially over my stomach and my liver ("breathe deeply") and spleen ("nope can't feel it"), and he then moves to the lower abdomen at and just under the waistband of my boxers fingers entwined in my treasure trail and pubes and I look at his face and he averts his eyes and my dick twitches a little but it's still just a semi and I'm glad it's aiming a bit to the left and not sticking outta the fly of my boxers and during this part of the exam I feel his hot groin against my hands which are about mid-thigh level along the exam table pad and he definitely has a little bit of wood goin' for him.

Then he has me stand up he asks me to ditch the skivs and they drop and I step out of them as I stand on the little step at the foot of his exam table and he's sitting on a little stool so his eyes are right at junk level and he begins to approach my scrotum with his cool and finely trembling fingers and he gently and deftly weighs my nuts in the palm of his hand and then rolls them between his fingers and yeah it feels a lot better than it should and I can feel my meatstick pulse a little as it stretches out another inch or so and gains ten or fifteen additional degrees of erection and my fuckin' 4skin retreats just enough to show the pool of precum at the cumslit DAMN it's time to move on doc I ask if everything's OK and he nods his head but keeps gently massaging my tanks with enough pressure to be arousing. Oh jeezus now the bastard fondles my 'skin peeling it back fully and you KNOW how fuckin' good it feels as it stretches over the ridge of my somewhat swollen glans penis and the goddamm knob is shiny with fresh pre and the one-eyed serpent gains another half inch of length and girth and he kinda palpates down the shaft enjoying the heat and fullness as i'm fightin' the arousing pleasure and FINALLY he's ready to proceed but instead of asking me to turn around and bend over the table as he gloves his right hand he asks me to lie back down - supine buck-naked and semi-boned on his exam table and he pulls out the stirrups and I say you're not gonna do a pap smear on me are you doc and he seems to relax a little and chuckles "nope" and places my heels in the stirrups instructing me to slide my ass down the table relax my thighs and spread my knees and I ask if he wants me to hold my nuts up outta his way and he nods and I pull my scrotum up baring my hairy asshole and I feel relief at being able to cover my dick before it goes on full hard and I look between my legs at his face and I know he's as uncomfortable and nervous as a whore in church and also he's more than somewhat aroused as he circles my pucker with his cool lubed gloved finger parting the ass hairs and as his middle long finger enters beyond his second knuckle my ring again feels that stretching pleasure that's a new experience to me since getting my progasm and his own expression changes to one of a horny aroused and hungry male and he kinda catches his breath and he does a good lengthy feel and massage of my prostate left lobe right lobe yeah it was a bit stimulating but probably more of a turn on for the doctor I wouldn't be surprised if he jizzed his pants and I think I handled it OK and I ask if I passed the cancer test and he's sweatier than I've seen him at the Y and he says yeah I'm "a perfect specimen."

As the good doc turns to leave advising me to get dressed I try to see if his pants were cum spotted but unfortunately his lab coat was buttoned. I wiped the pre off my still mildly swollen 'shroom, and got dressed.

Don't know if I'm dreading next year's exam - or anxiously anticipating it!

- rip

P.S. that night i was so fuckin' aroused i had marathon solo and partnered sex and a progasm session that had me up for hours!

Reader Comments

Posted on 2011-07-02 08:37:17 by artform

Great story, very well told Rip! Had a similar experience about ten years ago with a new young male urologist who was both much more gentle and actually caressed, rather than the usual forceful windshield wipe, my lifetime aroused prostate, lingering for three or four times longer than had any doc before him. This with me standing and him sitting, just as your case, his face within inches of my expanding erection, even as I tried to mentally restrain and collapse the expansion.

Then he comes to my sack and balls, and just as you describe, is gently rolling them around for what seemed like forever by this point. I have my hand down there now, forearm shielding the almost full erection cantilevered off to my right hip, just short of demanding to stand at full attention. He asks to look at my glans, and I said: "Oh it's fine thanks!", and bend over quickly raising my briefs and pants. He gets up and leaves the room. I finish dressing and leave, wondering if I just passed up an extended extramedical intimate examination of my cock... :)

I have had lots of exams, and docs pressing my prostate to milk it when treating my periodic bouts of prostatitis, and never had this boning up experience before. (The prostatitis bouts have usually occurred after longer periods when I have not been doing any prostate massage.)

I have already brought in my MGX and manually shown my current young urologist what and how an Aneros works and he may now be suggesting it for some of his other patients. So, "have courage", as the Aneros T-shirt urges, and tell Paul about your progasm next chance you get!

I doubt you will have to wait until next year.

Do tell what happens when you two happen to be showering at the same time again at the Y...

Thanks again for great reportage!

Posted on 2011-07-02 12:36:40 by artform

Actually I was wrong, it has happened once before eons ago at university health service in the 1960s. The doc was fiddling with all my junk at length and it naturally lengthened, almost instantly fully once it got started! Nothing i could do about it that moment... He pulled away and snapped: "Get that thing down!!" as it was at full attention standing just out from my abs! That rapidly ended that checking of my youthful prostate, balls and cock.

all the best prostate exploration effects all


Posted on 2011-07-04 13:08:51 by RipTheJacker

art thanks for the response to my latest blog post ... i found it hot - in fact reading it gave me a boner kinda being a voyeur at yer personal and somewhat intimate examination ...

i know that feeling of both embarrassment and arousal that cums when ya realize you've lost control of a potentially erotic situation

... had i not intentionally gone into my physical exam proudly sporting a semi - i doubt i would have had any trouble enduring anything he dished out during the exam - butt i was already on the edge a bit which as you know can make it both a little scary ... and a bit exciting

your use of the word "caress" is the key to your story packing an erotic wallop (my dick is still hard LOL)

- rip

Posted on 2011-07-06 11:35:23 by artform

Re: fondling and caressing appropriately during the physical examination of genitalia

Glad you enjoyed mine as much as I enjoyed yours!!

Posted on 2011-09-06 13:41:52 by madmick

Hi rip.
Was'nt sure how this tale was gonna finish.
Thought you was gonna say whilst getting the digital exam,
you noticed his two hands on your shoulders. :)
I'm sure if this was happening to me ,
I'd shrivel up like a maggot.
I know if I got boner,
the next time I went to the docs,
I'd make sure I'd have a couple of wanks before I went.