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An interesting discovery.

I had already had a 2 hour session about an hour prior to this, and I got it in my head to try sleeping with my Vice inserted. One problem, I was down to only a few drops of ID Glide. Then I got the idea to try using a lubricated condom on the Vice, thinking the smoothness of the latex would compensate. So I put the condom (a TROJAN-ENZ if you're wondering) on my Vice and added what few drops of ID Glide I had left and proceeded to insert it. Not only did it slip in relatively easy, I was able to have it comfortably inside me for over 3 hours. I eventually removed it because I needed relief from the constant rock hard erection it was giving me. I had no soreness and now I know a new use for condoms.

I thought I would share this little discovery for any who mite find it useful.

Reader Comments

Posted on 2011-06-23 16:52:07 by rook

For others who might be interested, here's the applicable Wiki reference: -- --. Since many condoms are lubed with Silicone, which may react with the surface of the Vice do a test first and "just in case" clean up the surface the the Vice when you're finished. -- -- (see post #35 by Dave and those that preceded it.