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What works for me

The Forum posed a question regarding what works.

Here's my answer:

-Only entering a session when I have 'desire.'
-Believing & affirming my orgasmic capacity (think mantra).
-Finding and using peripheral stim targets. **
-Wiring my nips to my prostate.
-Zazen breathing meditation to relax.
-Dividing my 'Anerosgasmic' sessions into three parts (warmup -- rest/recovery -- orgasmic)
-Limiting myself to just one or two models for dry orgasms. (Helix or Eupho for me)

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** "Peripheral stimulation targets" explained:

In addition to my central stimulation arousal points,
I've 'cultivated' sensitivity on surfaces of my extremities: sole of left foot, left wrist, left ear lobe, a surgical scar, hairs on my left tricep, hairs on right inner thigh etc. Some of these spots were used by prior g/fs and can trigger vivid memories. Other spots are new, and I developed them since I started with the Aneros.