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Aneros Blogs > Gradus ad Aneros Parnassum (by BigGlansDC)

I'm an Aneros lovin' it! Session for January 4, 2013

Hi guys,

I had one of my best Aneros sessions earlier this morning. No Super-O's, but just waves of unbridled pleasure, even an hour after finishing my session! It is a typical winter's morning here in DC in early January, just cold, but with blue skies and brilliant sunshine.

Sequence of models used: Maximus -- Progasm Classic -- Helix Syn -- Progasm Ice -- Progasm Classic.
Duration: ca 3.5 hours.

After hearing news headlines on the radio, I got up, bathed and shaved, and set up for the session. I do not know if I began the session at 5:30 or 5:45 a.m. I began with Maximus who now inserts easily to the hilt. I performed with a good seven or more 60 second Kegels on Maximus and just let the pleasure build. Oh, it felt so good what those extra long Kegels did to me as I started working with Maximus. This big guy, I've discovered recently, massages my prostate directly, but in a real big way. Isn't just wonderful when you have Aneros focus as you feel every back and forth stroke upon your prostate with such a big guy as Maximus?!?! I worked with Maximus a good 45 minutes.

For the remainder of the session, I worked with each successive model for a good 45 minutes. In this session, I have started a new technique. It was my old time buddy, Helix Syn, who showed this to me this morning. I Anerosed Helix Syn a good while this morning and then just stopped. I didn't withdraw him, but keep him inserted. I wanted to savor the continuing P-waves and other Aneros action emanating from my prostate. It seemed that my prostate was like an engine in idle. So I began to focus upon the sensations of my idling prostate. Without doing anything, it was like my engine which is my prostate became engaged again albeit subtly. Oh, it was just wonderful to feel the sweet, subtle textures of pleasure coming from my prostate. Then with the slightest Kegels or anal contractions, the pleasure began to crescendo into full-body Anerosing. I did this several times with Helix Syn, and then with both Progasm Classic and Progasm Ice.

I believe that from this discovery, I am developing a greater control and sophistication in Anerosing. Quite a few guys sleep with the Aneros inserted. I am thinking seriously about this too. However, it will be with the smaller models that I have in my collection, such as Helix Syn, Helix Classic, MGX, and perhaps even Maximus. Eupho which is just as long as Maximus but more slender in girth could be included. I could begin with the Helix Syn with its soft silicone overlay. At night in bed, I could focus just on the gentle action of all these models and see what happens.

This morning, I gave special attention to both Progasm Classic and Progasm Ice. My time with these huge guys was certainly heavy duty Aneros action. But even then, I let the action on both Progasm Classic and Ice dwindle to nothing several times. As with Helix Syn, it was absolutely wonderful to feel my prostate V8 engine idling, yet expectant of more periods of really heavy duty Anerosing and lots of Kegeling. Yeah, such Anerosing with these "fuckers" this morning was really awesome!!! Right now as I blog about all this both my mancunt and prostate are well massaged, well exercised.

)Continuation of blog entry, Saturday afternoon(. I was so satiated after my session Friday morning that my attention was focused on other things for the rest of the day. I even to bed earlier than usual and slept fairly soundly to just before 5 a.m. this morning. Then I got up afterwards, did some blogging on the Net and ran an errand around noontime before returning home about an hour ago to prepare myself for a "Saturday Matinee" with the Aneros to occur later this afternoon. Oh, I am really horny for it!

For the title of this blog entry, I have chosen "I'm an Aneros lovin' it!" It is a variation upon McDonald's slogan, "I'm a lovin' it!" I will not give a detailed story behind this slogan or the title of popular song it is based upon. It is too long. For me, however, "I'm a lovin' it!" is laden with sexual connotations. My horniness for Aneros today is fueled by my wearing the Nutty Buddy Cup package and the Kegels. In fact, this athletic cup enables me to do the Kegel Exercises in such a way that simulates my working with the Aneros which to me is a potent form of foreplay! Take care!

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A New Year! : Aneros Session for January 2, 2013

Hi guys,

We had a gloomy New Year's Day yesterday with gray, dark skies and cold weather. I stayed much of the day here at the apartment in deep reflection as to what 2013 will bring us. Living in Georgetown in Washington, DC, USA as I do, I see close up our federal government in action. I am glad that the U.S. Congress and President Obama has gotten its act together on the budget at least partially and avoided the Fiscal Cliff, at least for a couple months. But much, much more needs to be done for our country, yet I still have faith in our democratic political process.

After chatting with a few friends on the Net last evening, I went to bed shortly after 10 p.m. I rose this morning refreshed at 4:30 a.m., got a couple chocolate crescents and an extra-large cup of coffee from our neighborhood 7-Eleven. After my unusually early breakfast, I had a good BM, bathed and shaved, and set up for my Aneros session whic promptly at 6 a.m.

Sequence of models used: Maximus -- Progasm Ice -- Helix Syn -- Progasm Classic.
Duration: 2.5 hours.

I worked with Maximus this morning for a good 45 minutes. This morning I focused my attention on how he massaged my prostate. With this type of Aneros focus, I am reaping just tons of pleasure. This morning I really Got in the Zone of Pleasure with Maximus. It seems that as I do this more and more that someday soon right out of blue, I'll achieve my very first Super-O's. This I expect very soon in this New Year of 2013.

Next I went and worked with Progasm Ice for only 30 minutes. Somehow my working with this sleek, big guy was lackluster. In my next session which should occur early Friday morning, I hope give Progasm Ice the undivided attention he richly deserves. But one thing I savor so much about Progasm Ice is his sleek girth which massages the muscles of my anus and anal sphincters so fully in big man fashion!

I only spent a good twenty minutes with Helix Syn. But those twenty minutes were indeed productive. Once again I just loved the sleek, deft and direct massaging of Helix Syn's head upon my prostate thus producing paroxysms of pleasure! In recent sessions with Helix Syn, I revel in the crescendos of absolute pleasure my first buddy has given me. When this happens, I just let Helix Syn take me wherever he leads. I need to Get into the Pleasure Zone of those crescendos in future sessions with all my Aneros First Teammates from which I may experience all sorts of Aneros blessings such as P-waves, mini-O's, Super-O's, MMO's and other Aneros phenomena which are so affirming!

Finally I spent a good 45 minutes with big, bruiser Progasm Classic which I adore and love! He is one big fucker with whom I always make my aim to spend quality time in all my sessions of late. He doesn't insert as easily of his younger brother, Progasm Ice. This morning there was a tinge of pain and discomfort as I inserted him up my mancunt. It is his way of letting me know that he's the fucker that he is, that he is in charge and demands my undivided attention. Well, the slight pain and discomfort went away as I Kegeled him and just let him do his job. Now this morning as I worked with Progasm Classic, I noticed that he was "burrowing" into my ass aggressively like a butt plug! All I could say that I love him when he does that because it is an indication he and I have become really good buddies in Anerosing. As always now, he is also a master teacher to me, though still as a newbie in Anersosing. He really gives my anal musculature and prostate a really good workout every time I use him.

I could have spent 30 minutes with Helix Classic which I wanted, but I was beginning to become fatigued. So I ended my session at 8:30 a.m. in just 2.5 hours.

In retrospect, there is nothing like the delicious feeling of the muscles of my butthole and my prostate thoroughly worked over after a good Aneros session, especially when I have Kegeled heavy duty fashion with both Progasm Classic and Progasm Ice. Both my prostate and mancunt are quivering with delight and pleasure. I suppose Anerosing is analogous to a good workout an athlete has. I know this of a fact in earlier years when I worked out at the university field house in my neighborhood. I worked out religiously almost every day lifting weights, running, and swimming. Both my body and mind were flooded endorphins after such session. Endorphins flood the body and mind after athletic workouts, sex, and Anerosing!

It is interesting to note that an ambitious program of Kegel Exercises September a year ago brought me to the Aneros. At that time, I was emerging from a general funk brought on by losing my job in early January 2011. Another long hot summer with high humidity was ending. I began an ambitious regimen of walking several miles a day to get my body and mind back into shape. I began the Kegel Exercises to exercise my male sexual apparatus, primarily to give me firmer erections, etc.

It was only after began work with both Progasm models that I discovered the close interrelationship between Anerosing and the Kegels. I began working with both Progasm Classic and Ice last September. Like Maximus, both these huge guys were rather difficult to insert. Initially much discomfort and pain were involved. But the first time I inserted Progasm Ice, feelings of pleasure flooded my body, a harbinger of good times to come. In a couple weeks, I began to insert him to the hilt and "lock" him into place with the P-tab squarely upon my perineum and the K-tab squarely upon the cervix )tail bone(. When that happens, it feels like a "cage" has been placed upon my scrotum as well. However, this "cage" is comfortable-- It is a source of pure pleasure! Likewise soon after,I was able to use the same technique on his big bruiser brother, Progasm Classic. I believe that in October, I discovered that a Kegel causes the Progasm to insert himself BIG TIME into my butt and against my prostate. When that happens, it feels like a butt plug is burrowing up my ass! Likewise the girth of both Progasm models, I also discovered, is ideal for toning the anal musculature. In a sense, I am engaging in a type of weight training, actually strengthening the muscles of my anal canal and sphincters. The strengthening of these muscles is enabling me to develop control in my Aneros sessions.

Again I refer you to the Aneros web site section on Instructions on How to Use the Aneros. See especially the section on Contractions. With the Maximus and both Progasm models, I generally use about seven 60 second Kegels/Anal clutches and let the pleasure build. Those long set in motion the Anerosing with those models. I like to spend a good 45 minutes with both Progasm Classic and Progasm Ice during which I can do all sorts of Kegeling. The result of all this is unmitigated pleasure! The upshot of working with Maximus and both Progasm Classic and Ice is that these good big buddies have given me a new appreciation of the smaller models on my Aneros Team!

Hence my working with my two Progasm models to Kegel more effectively within my Aneros sessions and out of sessions Kegel so naturally as though it were second nature.

Finally a few days ago on the Aneros Forum, there was an avid discussion on the issue of Mind versus Body when working with the Aneros. In my case, Mind leads me to my Aneros sessions and causes me to work effectively with this amazing prostate massager. But once I get into Anerosing, my Body takes over. But this is what it appears on the surface. Feelings enter the picture. When a man is horny, he thinks of having sex. While hormones may fuel horniness, a mere thought or a sight or a scent, or even a yearning for his beloved may awaken desires for sex with his partner. Also a man who enjoys autoeroticism that is found in masturbation may see his penis stirring, feel a tightness in his groin, or even just think about his genitals. His horniness for masturbation is stirred. Likewise guys who are into Anerosing have feelings of anticipation for their Aneros sessions because many guys sexualize their Aneros tools. They very early get to the point that they eagerly look forward, anticipate an Aneros session because they have come to enjoy what their Aneros tools do for them. All this is cumulative in the Aneros experience of many men. It just gets better and better. That has been my Aneros experience at least since early fall as I developed facility in working with my various Aneros models.

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Year End Sessions for December 27, 29 & 31, 2012

Hi guys,

I didn't have my regularly scheduled session for yesterday, Wednesday December 26, because I had to clean and straighten up my apartment for the exterminator who came by later in the afternoon. It took him only five minutes to make his applications in my kitchen and bathroom. I was relieved when he left speedily afterwards.

So it was with great anticipation that I got up early this morning for my session. I began my session at 6:35 and concluded it at 8:35, only two hours.

I used the following sequence of models: Progasm Ice )45 min.( -- Helix Classic )30 min.( -- Progasm Classic )45 min.(.

I cannot say how much love and adore both Progasm Ice and Progasm Classic. It has gotten to the point that I savor both large dimensions of these two big guys for two reasons: )1( The thick stem of these two models give my anal canal and sphincters are good workout. )2( Their huge heads massage my prostate in a big way. All I can say is that I revel in full, big sensations they deliver. Most sessions I work with both Progasm Ice and Progasm Classic by devoting large blocks of time to them.

Sandwiched today between with my Progasm buddies was dependable Helix Classic which again massaged my prostate in direct fashion.

Unfortunately I was not able to include both Maximus and Helix Syn on in the action this morning. But the morning was slipping away and I had errands to run.

Saturday morning session:

Maximus -- Progasm Ice -- Helix Classic -- Progasm Classic -- Helix Syn -- Progasm Ice -- Maximus -- Progasm Classic

Duration: ca. 3.75 hours.

Saturday morning, December 29, I had to outdo myself in having a long, leisurely session with my Aneros first team with the sequence of models stated above. The session started off on a good note with Maximus. He slipped in easily to the hilt as always now. Then I performed a good seven 60 second Kegels upon him and just let the pleasure build. When that happens, Maximus, Progasm Ice, and Progasm Classic are pressing upon my perineum and even drilling into my anal canal. At the same time, these big guys are situating their broad heads directly upon my prostate. When all this happens, I can be guaranteed of a great ride from these guys. I spent a good 75 minutes with Maximus Saturday morning.

Afterwards I spent twenty or thirty minutes with the other succession of models. I exulted in the sleek, smooth autof**king of Progasm Ice, especially when I directed my attention to the his thick stem sliding back and forth through my anal canal and sphincter. The result was unmitigated pleasure as he hit and massaged my prostate over and over again. Helix Classic as always delivered a direct, aggressive massage of my prostate. In many ways, Progasm Classic is the heaviest of my Aneros models in my collection. His absolute weight and girth act as an anchor upon which I can do serious Kegeling and experience what Aneros autof**king is all about. I exult in the realization that Progasm Classic has accepted me as one of his devoted students in the school of Anerosing. He has taught me the close, intimate interrelationship between Kegeling and Anerosing. The Kegels and the Aneros exist for each other. They are in fact symbiotic. The Kegel Exercises through the help of some bate buddies on the Net brought me to the Aneros. So when I began my session with the Helix Syn early last June, I was well prepared by my regimen of Kegel Exercises.
However both Progasm Classic and his younger brother, Progasm Ice, by their girth, size, and P and K tabs demonstrated this close, intimate relationship of Kegeling and Anerosing. Both these big guys have taught me to Kegel both within sessions with them and outside sessions. They have taught me to do all sorts of Kegels of various strengths and durations which in themselves have introduced to all sorts of nuances of Anerosing. The end result of all this is unbounded, absolute pleasure!

Now when I worked with Helix Syn, yesterday morning that was when my session took off. Helix Syn with his soft silicone overlay gave me quite a ride with his soft, deft massage action. I experienced all sorts of crescendos of pleasure. Yesterday morning, I tried to enter the Zone of Pleasure and was beginning to succeed when I tried something new. I switched positions from my accustomed back pose to lying on my right side and then doggie pose. This switching of positions dampened what I was beginning to experience on my back. In fact, it caused the remainder of my session to go down hill. At the very end, I tried to work with Progasm Classic. By then I was beginning to experience discomfort and fatigue which caused me to end my session.

Regarding duration of sessions, the Aneros Wiki advises a limit of 90 minutes. For many weeks, I have been Anerosing between two and three hours, sometimes 3.5 hours. The unbounded pleasure I have been experiencing in the last couple months has caused me to have long session. But perhaps for now on, I should focus on using one, two, or even three models in shorter sessions and see what happens.

Monday morning session, New Year's Eve.

Sequence of models used: Progasm Ice -- Helix Syn -- Maximus -- Progasm Classic -- Helix Classic.
Duration: ca. 3 hours.

Yesterday morning, New Year's Eve, I finally got up later than usual at 7 a.m. and began my Aneros session at 7:30 a.m. I worked with each of the models on my Aneros First Team at least 30 minutes if not longer. But I was so engrossed in my Anerosing that I was absolutely lost in the pleasure each guy was delivering to my prostate and anal canal. I just lost close track of time. As always, I exulted in the full body action of my Progasm big guys: Yeah, I cannot get enough of the sleek, smooth Progasm Ice and heavy duty, big bruiser Progasm Classic who in the last month or so have become my main man and teacher in Anerosing.

The Aneros was invented originally as a medical device to enable men to massage their prostates in the privacy of their homes. Thus they were spared the expense and time of visiting doctors for a digital prostate massage. All Aneros models have a P-tab abutment which massages a guy's perineum which covers the bulb of his penis. Likewise the stem of each model massages the musculature of his anal canal and sphincters. So when I use the Maximus, Progasm Ice and Progasm Classic, I exult in how my anal canal is broadly massaged by them. But most of all, when I work with each model on my Aneros First Team, I am struck at how my prostate, when massaged, swells, erects, and become hard, very much like my penis when I masturbate him. Yes, I picture in my mind as all this is happening and enter into the various textures of sensation in my Anerosing. The result of all this is unbridled pleasure!

Around three hours around 10:30 a.m., it is hard to tell, I finally brought yesterday's session to an end. It was really hard to part with my Aneros buddies. I am so fond of them now. But I had to get to the day's other activities. Now it is New Day's morning. 2013 is a year of uncertainty for many of us in the USA. But my Aneros sessions three/four times week give structure to my life. They are also confidence building exercises in the revitalization of my essential male sexuality and function. They give me much hope. My journey with the Aneros began early last June and has been one of absolute pleasure and delight. I focus upon the pleasure and delight of Anerosing from which greater Aneros blessings may soon happen! Wishing all who read this blog entry a happy and prosperous 2013!

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A Vital Connection: Christmas Eve a.m. Session, 2012

Hi guys,

I am composing this blog entry Christmas morning just after sunrise. I woke up this morning just after 3 a.m. and listened to the radio for about an hour. Then slept for an hour and listened to news headlines before getting up to hop on the Net. Finally I shaved and bathed at around 7 a.m. Now fully dressed, I am going out to take a short walk around my neighborhood. But before that, I would like to say that this morning when I awoke, I had a quivering prostate and a delicious boner. This is one of the fundamental spinoffs of my Anerosing. But more about this later.

Also I am admiring darwin's photos of male penis in his blog, Cocks for Male Pussy. Darwin is a long-time regular on Aneros Forum. This morning I am wearing my Nutty Buddy Cup package underneath my jeans and am Kegeling away. It feels so damn good!

8:30 a.m. Just got in from my Christmas morning constitutional about my neighborhood. So wonderful to see Georgetown so quiet on a morning as this. Washington, DC, being a company town of federal workers, generally clears out for the holidays most years.

Sequence of models used yesterday morning: Progasm Ice (30 minutes) -- Progasm Classic (45 minutes) -- Helix Syn (30 minutes) -- Maximus (45 minutes) -- Progasm Ice (30 minutes). Duration: ca. 3 hours

It is hard to believe that nearly a year ago my first Aneros models arrived. They were the Helix Classic, MGX, and Progasm Classic models. They were of hard, white plastic and looked real intimidating. Then in early April, I ordered the Helix Syn and Maximus, and finally last July I got the Progasm Ice. I didn't know that I could slip them up my anus and so these hot guys sat for weeks unused until I used the Helix Syn for the first time last June 3. Previously I had not engaged in any sort of anal play. So using Helix Syn for the first time last June was a pleasant surprise. But it took me quite a few weeks before my Anerosing became absolutely pleasurable, actually a good two months.

The Progasm Ice by both his girth and sleekness is a good buddy to begin an Aneros session. He opens me up in a mighty way like he did yesterday. Often I use him to introduce me to his older brother, big, bruiser Progasm Classic with whom now I can work with in BIG MAN fashion often 75 minutes, sometimes a full hour at a stretch. The P and K tabs and the girth of both Progasm models are ideal for Kegeling. A good five to seven 60 second Kegels with models cause the pleasure to build as both models situate themselves against my prostate, thus setting in motion autof**k action. These two big guys are a source of abundant, absolute pleasure for me. They have been mainstays for most of my sessions since early November at least. Also I just love to Get in the Aneros Zone with these two good buddies. Also in recent sessions, I have developed Aneros focus as to how each model massages both my anal musculature and prostate. The Maximus recently has done this for me. Because of this, I have developed also Aneros focus for both Helix Syn and Helix Classic. It is so easy for me to fall into almost a masturbatory trance as I Aneros away reveling in the various strokes, Kegels of various strengths and lengths, and how everything is so interconnected. Again the result of all this is absolute pleasure. Also my Aneros session have enabled me to discover my various erogenous zones, such as my nipples, pecs, abs, navel, and thighs. When I caress these areas of my body, such caressing fuels my Anerosing. I have never known such erotic pleasure ever before in my life, although there were glimpses of such pleasure when I discovered my burgeoning penis and masturbation in the glory years of my pubescence and adolescence!

Most boys during the glory years of their pubescence and adolescence discover penis focus.They discover that their mantool is the source of sexual pleasure which is tied their developing bodies. Most boys who play sports discover this also in other boys, certainly in locker rooms and showers. Many boys may also focus upon the developing bodies of girls they date. Some boys may focus their attention upon other males. They all discover that we are sexual period.

Many guys as they become adults may enjoy looking at other guys in the nude with their genitals in full display. Quite a few guys will revel in the various manifestations of the male penis, circumcised and intact, erect and flaccid, along with the male scrotum. A man's penis therefore is an object of great beauty. Some years ago as I reflected on this beauty and what my penis and auxiliary genitals could do for me, I developed my Theory of the Axis of Male Sexual Pleasure.

Picture in your mind the axis of the male penis. The axis is the shaft of the penis. At the end of this is the glans penis which is visible and at the other end is the prostate which is hidden or invisible. The glans was designed both pleasure and, in its beauty, for sexual signaling. Many guys enjoy stimulating their glans. I certainly do! Many guys through such stimulation will help along their erections. Such stimulation, touching or teasing your glans, may cause you to be so aroused that your glans meatus may begin to ooze your first drops of viscous precum. When that happens, I begin to masturbate in a more determined fashion. So when a guy masturbates, pleasure will originate in his glans, travels down his cockshaft, and ends up in his prostate, from which the pleasure will return to the glans. Thus this sexual pleasure travels in a sense in a circuit, very similar as one finds in an electric circuit. Such pleasure just gets better and better as you jack off. A wonderful spin off in Anerosing is an awakened prostate which is quivering, fluttering, and purring like a revved up V8 engine. I have noticed that my Anerosed, awakened prostate just loves to get into the action while I masturbate my penis. Now I am experiencing perhaps what I may have experienced during my first wet orgasms and my glorious ejaculations of semen!

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Aneros Focus: Sessions for December 19, 21 & 22

Hi guys,

I have been having a terrible time with Internet connectivity with my ISP ever since last Thursday. I haven't had this problem since August a year ago at least. Tech support at RCN, my provider, was able to resolve the problem of difficulties dialing up to RCN and sudden connection drops. Today was especially troublesome. So at the suggestion of RCN tech support, I contacted Verizon, my phone provider this afternoon. A capable lady representative at Verizon hopes one of their linemen will come to my apartment building Saturday afternoon to check out my telephone connection.

Also next Wednesday on December 26, the exterminator will be coming for a routine visit, coupled with an "inspection." I hope that too goes well.

Yesterday morning, Wednesday, I worked with the following sequence of Aneros models: Maximus -- Progasm Classic -- Helix Classic -- Progasm Ice. I began my session at 6:45 a.m. and concluded it at 8:15 a.m. Duration was 2.5 hours.

I am getting really adept at using all my Aneros models in my collection. Now I can focus and concentrate upon how each model feels. These days I take great delight in focusing upon how each models massages my prostate. I worked with Maximus for a good 75 minutes. Now I am focusing upon how this good buddy massages my prostate. It feels like Maximus is massaging the full length of my prostate. It is just wonderful to a good six 60 second Kegels with Maximus and just let the pleasure build. That in itself starts my time with Maximus. I have gotten to the point that a light, subtle Kegel directs the massage action in ways across my prostate that make me swoon with pleasure.

Next I proceeded directly to big, bruiser Progasm Classic during which we had a good 75 minutes together. As always he loves me up in BIG Man fashion, but yesterday morning I had to woo him in his loving autof**k. Right now I am caressing a boner in my sweats just thinking about him.

Afterward I spent 30 minutes with Helix Classic who massages my prostate in direct, yet sweet, deft fashion. And finally I spent 45 minutes with Progasm Ice who loves me in a mighty, sleek fashion. Yesterday morning, Progasm Ice and I went at it in a great autof**k which I didn't want to end when 8:15 rolled around. But I had to get ready for my departure to my volunteer work at 9 a.m. Alas, I missed my Aneros buddies, especially Helix Syn with whom we didn't spend any time yesterday morning.

I am sitting here at my PC Kegeling my awakened prostate and longing eagerly for my next Aneros session which should occur early tomorrow morning, Friday.

Friday morning session: Sequence models used: Maximus )30 min.( -- Progasm Ice )75 min.( -- Helix Classic )15 min.( -- Progasm Classic )75 min.( -- Helix Syn )30 minutes(. Duration ca. 2.5 hours.

Saturday mid morning December 22. Yesterday was the winter solstice, the first day of winter. Winter weather arrived in full brunt around midday. It became blustery and bitterly cold. That took away whatever Aneros afterglow I had following yesterday morning's session. I arrived home after lunch out chilled to the bone. It felt like I was coming down with a sore throat. We are under a high wind warning for much of today with bitterly cold weather. But right now I am blogging Kegeling in my sweats and Nutty Buddy Cup combo. It feels real good as I both blog and Kegel away.

Recently I have been developing what one could call Aneros focus. All Aneros prostate massagers could be imaged as a reflection of the human penis. Of course, most Aneros models at their base have what are called
a Perineum tab [P-tab] and a handle. The P-tab both secures the Aneros and massages a guy's perineum, the area between his scrotum and his anus. Then all Aneros models have a stem analogous a guy's cockshaft and a head which massages his prostate. The head of the Aneros is analogous to a guy's glans penis, his cockhead. So when I am Anerosing, I picture each model massaging my prostate. Both the Maximus and both Helix Classic and Syn deliver direct stroking to my prostate. I have gotten to the point that I can contact my anal muscles in all sorts of strengths so deliver all sorts of prostate massage action which is laden with sheer pleasure. Yesterday both the Maximus and Helix Syn stood out in giving me a good ride. However, both my big bruiser buddies, Progasm Ice and Progasm Classic yesterday morning loved me up in BIG GUY fashion as always.

Right now it is nearly 10 a.m. and I am horny right now for an impromptu Aneros session!

Saturday morning session: Sequence of models used: Progasm Ice )30 min.( -- Helix Classic )30 min.( -- Progasm Classic )1 hour(. Duration: 2 hours.

)Written Sunday afternoon( Progasm Ice gave me a "loose" massage. I suppose this was because my anal sphincters were "loose" from having a session just one day after last Friday morning's session. However Helix Classic gave me an aggressive, direct massage. It was very hard to pull away from him. But, boy, I let the Progasm Classic has his way with me yesterday for a good hour. I delivered various types of Kegels on him and he did the rest. Just loved the rugged autof**k action this big, bruiser guy gave me.

This morning I woke up with my well-massaged prostate feeling a little sore. But I look forward with great eagerness toward my next session early tomorrow morning, Monday, Christmas Eve. Take care!

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The Progasm is Absolute Pleasure!!! Sessions for Thursday December 13

Hi guys,

I am composing this blog entry early Thursday afternoon to tell you that I had one of the best sessions I have had so far with the Maximus, Progasm Ice, and Progasm Classic. Normally I write about my Aneros experiences a day or so after a session, perhaps several days following. Blogging immediately after a session gives the impression of vividness and freshness otherwise denied if I delay my recording my impressions a day or several days after.

Today was supposed to my a day devoted to my volunteer work at a large church library here in DC. But the director that library couldn't come to work today, so we delayed my volunteering to next week sometime. Right now I am savoring the afterglow of what occurred this morning. I have been Kegeling off and on and right I am stimulating my nipples and hairy pecs through my Under Armour T-shirt and caressing my penis through my Munsingwear Kangaroo Pouch briefs. Ah, it feels so good!

I began my session this morning at 6:30 a.m. with the Maximus. I worked with my good buddy for a good thirty minutes focusing in my mind how the Maximus massaged my prostate and anal canal. I am getting to the point that I can focus upon the subtle nuances of Anerosing with my guys. This morning, I replicated the good time I had with Maximus just two days ago on Tuesday morning. Working with Maximus in this fashion prepared me well with the Progasm Ice with which or whom I worked for a good hour. I just couldn't get enough of Progasm Ice. Then I continued with his big bruiser brother, Progasm Classic, for another hour of Anerosing. Working with these three BIG main men is sheer pleasure. But working with big bruiser, Progasm Classic, is absolute pleasure. This morning I focused upon Getting into the Zone with my big guys. By this, I mean, contracting my anal muscles subtly as I let each model massage my prostate deftly and sweetly thus delivering the sweetest pleasure I can imagine.

Anyway I wanted to continue my session even longer, perhaps 3 or even 3.5 hours and thereby incorporate by the Helix Syn and Helix Classic on the action. But I had to bring my session this morning to an end at 8:30 a.m. so that I could leave on time for my volunteer work at the church library. However, when I was getting ready to dress in my business attire, I received an e-mail from the library director telling me to put off my volunteer session next week. Hence, I stayed home enjoying my Aneros afterglow!

However, at 2 p.m. right now, my Aneros buddies are beckoning me to some more Aneros action. I am so horny now that I may oblige with pleasure!

So at 2:15 p.m., I began my unprecedented afternoon session with the Progasm Ice. He slipped in easily but there was none of the passion I had with him or the other guys I had earlier this morning. I worked with Progasm Ice for a good thirty minutes. Somehow, even though I was performing both strong and gentle Kegels upon him, the massage action was there, but it was light and gentle, so I focused on those sensations. Then I switched over the Helix Syn for another half-hour. The Helix Syn gave my prostate a more vigorous, yet direct massage. Again an absence of passion. So I brought this mini-session to an end after an hour. I think I made the right decision not to overdo myself. Henceforth, I shall restrict myself to Aneros sessions, once every other day and allow my body and psyche to lie fallow on the off days as suggested by directions at the Aneros Wiki. Take care!

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Getting into the Zone of Pleasure: Aneros Sessions for December 15 & 17

I woke up at 5:30 a.m. Saturday yesterday morning in excitement with a delicious, vibrant boner, much like a stallion at the gate at a horse race. I looked forward to a long, leisurely Aneros session. Saturday mornings are ideal for such because it is a day when there is very little going on. Most fellow tenants at my apartment building are fast asleep early Saturday mornings. Hardly any staff around at that hour. I can focus on having stupendous sessions, leisurely savoring all the sensations of my Anerosing.

Sequence of models used: Progasm Ice -- Helix Syn -- Maximus -- Progasm Classic -- Helix Classic (ca. 3.75 hours)

I began my session promptly at 6:30 a.m. with Progasm Ice spending a good 75 minutes with him, then 30 minutes with the Helix Syn, then 75 minutes with Maximus, a good hour with big bruiser Progasm Classic, and finally 75 minutes with Helix Classic. Yesterday morning, I focused my attention on each model's massaging my prostate. What impressed my yesterday is how far I have come in relaxation as I Aneros and also in how I have become adept in using each model.

Other reflections:

(1) On the Aneros Forum for the last week or so, there has been an extensive thread on whether using the Aneros could be similar to masturbation. Likewise many serious masturbators enjoy edging or riding the edge of ejaculatory inevitability, much like surfing at the beach. Zoning is when the masturbator falls into a trance during which he is thoroughly his cock and pleasuring himself. Similarly getting into the zone during an Aneros session is focusing yourself on maximizing the pleasure while Anerosing. So on last Saturday and earlier today Monday, I focused my attention in how each Aneros model massaged both my prostate and anal canal. This sort of attention produced loads, even crescendos of pleasure!

(2) In both music and physics, one hears the terms, harmonics and resonance. Harmonics and resonance brings out both brilliance and beauty in musical instruments. Likewise, in harmonics and resonance in physics brings out special characteristics, perhaps enhancement in materials, chemical elements, and atoms and molecules. It seems that when I get really into an Aneros session, the pleasure engendered by P-waves galore and mini-O's in my anal muscles and prostate, I am headed for something really important. So Getting into the Zone with the Aneros is to enter the Pleasure Zone which may be a gateway or conduit to supreme Aneros blessings such as Super-O's or MMO's.

Through masturbation, both males and females explore the beauties of their bodies and psyches. Through masturbation, they achieve carnal knowledge. Likewise the Aneros delivers for men this same kind of carnal knowledge. Such knowledge enables both sexes to become better lovers of themselves and their sexual partners. To "know" somebody in the Hebrew Old Testament is to know that person sexually, hence carnal knowledge.

For me, the journey toward my own carnal knowledge began when I discovered my dad's men's large jockstrap at age eleven. I was entering adolescence then when I experienced my first growth spurts in my genitals as well as in my whole body. I began to experience my first truly pleasurable erections. My dad's jockstrap was hanging above the bathtub at home after laundering. I tried my dad's jock on and knew instinctively that it was a quintessentially a male garment. Of course, some months later when I entered 7th grade and had to buy a jockstrap as part of my gym uniform for PE. Our coach told us we had to get one for sports. This was in September 1963 when men and boys wore jockstraps for sports as a matter for course. Slipping on a jock for the first time was a sexual awakening for me.

So in the weeks and months that followed, I tried to replicate those feelings through touching my penis, especially my glans. Those touches just got better and better. Very soon I discovered the masturbatory grip during my explorations. Finally one Saturday night in April 1964 before bedtime, I was masturbating leisurely, stroking my penis. That evening my masturbation just felt much better than ever before and my stroking become more insistent. Suddenly my body took over, the pleasure from my masturbation began reaching heights unimaginable, very much like climbing a mountain, and when right out of the blue, pleasure swept over me like a tidal wave and I experienced my very first orgasm and ejaculation of semen! Such pleasure unimaginable was so beautiful, and it felt so right. For me, I was beginning to discover my male essence. And so I waited with anticipation when next time I could jack off!

However, I lived in a family with parents who had Victorian mores toward sex. Discussing sexual matters was taboo, forbidden. I still lived at a time when even discussion of sexual matters were not part of polite society. Of course, this all began to change when my sister got married in July 1965. But it was only when I went off to college in September 1968, that I had achieved true liberation for my sexual explorations and development as a man. Also it was not easy having a doctor in my teenage years unwilling to answer my questions on sex. I had to find out for myself. However the minister of my boyhood church did invite a more enlightened doctor to speak to our youth group on the facts of life, especially on the matters of teenage pregnancy and STD's. This doctor said that masturbation was natural and fine if done in private.

Like many American men, I continued my sexual journey quietly through the years. American society through the social upheavals of the sixties and early seventies began jettisoning Victorian strictures towards sex. This benefited me very much. Thus I have been open to "various" sexual practices, provided that they be healthful to me and beneficial to my quiet lifestyle. This is where the Aneros enters in.

Monday morning session: Models used: Maximus -- Progasm Ice -- Helix Syn -- Progasm Classic (2.5+ hours)

This morning I worked with Maximus and Progasm Ice each for 45 minutes. I must say that I am interacting with good buddy, Maximus, as never before in recent sessions. I am focusing more and more how he massages exclusively my prostate. It is just absolutely wonderful how now I can use subtle, yet strong Kegels to operate the massage action that is so direct, so pleasurable. So wonderful, to let the pleasure build over and over again in crescendos with Maximus. My sweet buddy introduced me this morning to his big, yet sleek buddy, Progasm Ice. Both models of the Progasm by their girth were made for the Kegel Exercises. But now I am discovering that Kegels both subtle and strong activate the marvels of the Progasm for Anerosing beyond measure. It is absolutely wonderful when both the P and K abutment tabs of the Progasm seem to cradle my scrotum as my anal muscles do the Kegel clutching as I receive the sweetest massaging of my prostate! But then there is the autof**king which occurs so naturally as I Get into the Zone with my Aneros buddies. They really love me up!

It is amazing also how both Maximus and Progasm complement and enhance my use of the Helix Syn, the model which initiating me into Anerosing early last June. My sessions with Helix Syn and Helix during the first three months were so tentative then. Now I can Aneros with all the models in my collection with great confidence and adroitness. The Helix Syn delivers subtle yet direct massage action to my prostate these days like never before. I am now amazed at how I can subtly Kegel with this model and produce loads of pleasure! Unfortunately I didn't have any time with his older brother, Helix Classic. This guy does deliver aggressive and direct, yet pleasurable massage action to my prostate.

Finally this morning, I spent a good hour with big, bruiser Progasm Classic. This morning I began with five, strong 60-second Kegel on my big guy, and he did the rest. He has become my very best buddy on my Aneros first team, and I must say I have fallen in love with him. He reciprocates in his affection upon me by loving me up in BIG MAN fashion. He and I worked in very much the same way as Maximus, Progasm Ice, and Helix Syn did earlier.

I came away from my session earlier today thoroughly satisfied with an afterglow that has grown throughout the day till now. This afternoon on a gray, overcast and misty late autumn day, I am sitting at my PC wearing blue jeans and a long-sleeve Under Armour loose fitting shirt. I have been Kegeling leisurely, savoring my afternoon, and caressing my semi-tumescent cockshaft and oozing glans through my jeans. All it all feels so good.

While my Aneros sessions recently have been extremely pleasurable as I have them, they have a definite delayed reaction which comes out in my walks about the city. For example, yesterday morning, I had to get to church on time. However going to church is a good four mile walk. It is a good walk, although I have a climb a fairly steep hill and walk a good mile beyond the summit to the church proper. Yesterday, as I worked in determined fashion up this steep hill, I felt muscled up and that was when my prostate kicked in "walkinggasms" which in themselves powered my walk. Actually I wanted to get to my Sunday school class on time which I did. As the class began, I sat in my chair, feeling pleasure from my revved up prostate and Kegeling during the class as I engaged in the lesson with both the teacher and my classmates. All of us are in our thirties to seventies! All I can say that it all felt so good, so sweet, although it was hidden from everybody! In fact, what I experienced was so pleasurable that I came close to having a wet orgasm there in class!

I suspect that my very first Super-O may happen right out the blue, perhaps in the very same I experienced my very first bona fide orgasm and ejaculation of semen out of the blue nearly fifty years ago. My zoning with Aneros some day may cause my body to take over with Aneros to do just this! In the meantime, I will continue faithfully my Aneros sessions.

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A Really Good Time With the Maximus: Session for Tuesday December 11

Hi guys,

I decided after last Saturday afternoon's session to take a break of two days. Last Sunday there was church and a holiday luncheon which I attended afterward. I also had several conversations on Sunday which caused me to do much thinking. As some of you know, I also live in Washington, DC, USA, our national capital. Like many Americans, and as one recently "retired," my attention these days has been fixed worryingly upon the budget negotiations between our newly reelected President Obama and Congress. Washington, DC and environs is also a company town consisting of many federal workers. If an agreement is not reached by the end of this year, come January 1, 2013, we will fall off the "Fiscal Cliff." Some federal workers and quite a few contractors may lose their jobs. This may produce a recession in our local economy.

Needless to say, all day Monday my mind was other places. Plus we have had several days of gloomy overcast, foggy weather. Thus I was not up for an Aneros session yesterday morning.

Early this morning, I woke up at the usual time near 5 o'clock from a curious dream. I dreamed that I was being stung by a bumble bee or similar insect. In my dream, I pulled the insect's stinger out before I could be injured. However, I woke up with a delicious erection. I promptly went to the toilet to urinate. I admired my deflating, engorged boner. I told my good buddy, "Perhaps later. We have some serious Anerosing to do!" He and two bros readily agreed. While taking my leak, I stimulated my tits and hairy pecs. My body was thrilled as a result of my approaching session with my first team of Aneros good buddies.

I then laid down on futon to listen to the news headlines on my tiny radio. Afterwards I quickly shaved and bathed, and set up for the session. I began at 5:35 a.m. with the Maximus which slipped in easily to the hilt. This morning, I let the Maximus have his way with me. I have to say that I had a most amazing time with the Maximus, perhaps the finest ever. I didn't Kegel him as aggressively as I do the Progasm. I just let my time with him unfold naturally and just let the pleasure build gradually over and over again. I focused upon how he Anerosed both my anal canal and prostate along with various nuances of light and heavy Kegels. Maximus and I spent a good hour together. Then I proceeded in sequence with Progasm Ice, then Helix Classic, and ended with Progasm Classic in the same manner. As always this morning, I Kegeled aggressively with both models of the Progasm and was rewarded richly. The Helix Classic came along to love me up in the session. He has become a good buddy of mine. But once again, I just have to say that I adore big bruiser Progasm Classic in how has come to love me BIG time in my Aneros journey. But then I am eternally thankful for his younger brother, Progasm Ice for introducing me to Progasm Classic.

I began my session purposely early at 5:35 and ended it at 8:40 because I wanted to clean up myself and my Aneros team, put them to bed, and finally dress for the day. I had an important telephone call to make at 9 a.m. to a lady friend about a common friend of ours who is in the hospital. Alas, her phone was busy.

In retrospect, it is good sometimes to take a break from the Aneros and just let your body and psyche re-energize themselves. Such a break, however short or long, gives a new freshness to Anerosing. Such was my session this morning. It is also good to have periodic reality checks along the journey as well. The web page, entitled Milestones from the Aneros Wiki is also helpful in gauging your progress with the Aneros. I "sense that the Aneros is satisfying a special prostate "itch."" That was my experience this morning as I felt the Maximus massaging intimately my prostate. This milestone is next to "very significant pleasure during sessions." In fact, I am experiencing other Aneros milestones in the same neighborhood as well. All I can say is just savor each Aneros session as unique, to be savored along this wild ride of pleasure with the Aneros! The Super-O and other Aneros blessings will take place at their proper time. Take care!

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Going All the Way with the Progasm: Sessions for December 5, 7, & 8

Hi guys,

I had two Aneros sessions, one this past Wednesday morning December 5 and one yesterday morning Friday morning, December 7. Plus I threw in a Saturday matinee for December 8.

Legend of models used: HS = Helix Syn; HC = Helix Classic; M = Maximus; PI = Progasm Ice; PC = Progasm Classic.

Wednesday morning's session only lasted two hours. It seemed mediocre compared to most of my sessions. I had much on my mind then with a volunteer session starting in ten o'clock that morning. I didn't fix in my mind the sequence of models I used. I do remember that I started off with the Progasm Ice. I should have Kegeled with that model in a more concerted manner. Since I didn't, there were a general lack of sensation or even massage action with the Progasm Ice. I may have worked with both the Maximus and Helix Classic. The Helix Classic worked well with me and produced lots of pleasure. I know I ended my session with the Progasm Classic, perhaps even the Ice and Progasm Classic in combination. That was then when the old passion came back.

I didn't have much of a chance to savor an Aneros afterglow. I was involved in volunteer library activities much of Wednesday, followed by a dinner and an evening Advent service following. I returned home exhausted and promptly went to bed just after 10 p.m.

When I woke up refreshed Thursday morning, I awoke to my prostate awakened and revved up, quivering and fluttering with pleasure. Thursday was cold and sunny, but I just wore a tweed jacket over an Under Armour long-sleeve cold gear shirt and a pair of jeans. I sat at my PC in this outfit for a good two hours before I went out late morning to run some errands. I decided to indulge my awakened and purring prostate in some concerted Kegels lasting a minute a piece in duration. It felt just wonderful to feel the pleasure build in such Kegels in very much same way as I do concerted Kegels with both the Progasm Ice and Progasm Classic. The wonderful thing about the Kegel Exercises is that you can do them almost everywhere without being noticed. I had a long errand to do later Thursday which entailed a metrobus journey. Just love doing the Kegels on both buses and subways here in DC.

Yesterday morning Friday I really went all the way with the Progasm. Sequence of models used: PI-PC-HC-PI-PC. My session began at 6:45 a.m. and ended at 10 a.m. Sustained Kegels with both the Ice and Progasm Classic fueled perhaps one of the best Aneros sessions I have had so far. All I can say is that I just love the sleek action of the Progasm Ice and the more heavy duty autof**king of the Progasm Classic. All I know is that these two big guys are my main men in Anerosing. If I were pressed to choose between the two, I would say that the Progasm Classic is on top with the Progasm Ice close behind. Likewise, I also find it difficult to choose between the Helix Syn, Helix Classic, and Maximus models as well. Each one strokes me in a special way, although I must say that I just love the aggressive autof**k action of the Helix Classic, how he loves me up in the same way as both Progasm Ice and Classic.

Finally all my good Aneros buddies on my team are teaching me to Aneros these days in ways unimaginable when I began my sessions last June. I just love having the pleasure build in various ways over and over again in a session. Yesterday I was taken on some wild rides by my three buddies. Just thinking about all this makes me horny and randy, especially as I Kegel away in the composition of this post.

In a little while, I'll go out to breakfast perhaps at my favorite coffeehouse and do some grocery shopping. But later today I hope to have my Aneros Saturday matinee with these guys who make me so hot! Take care.

P.S. I am composing this addendum early Tuesday afternoon to say that I had a three hour Saturday matinee with my Helix Classic, Maximus and both Progasm models. I Kegeled aggressively with both the Progasm and Ice but somehow I could not get the traction with both models. I suppose that my anal canal was really loosened up from the exceptionally good time I had with these big guys the day before Friday morning. During my Saturday matinee, my Maximus worked well with me. But it seems that the Helix Classic gave me the best performance in the few weeks I have worked with him. Now about an hour later about 6:30 p.m. a delayed reaction of P-waves occurred along my back. This has happened several times recently. I guess you would call this a "backgasm." My backgasm tired me out. I laid down on my futon and fell into a deep sleep about two hours. Perhaps this is just another manifestation of rewiring. What do you think? Take care!

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The Awakened, Anerosed Prostate and the Kegel Exercises

Hi guys,

This past Monday, December 3, I began my sixth month of my Aneros sessions. It has been an amazing journey. Not only have I progressed from the Aneros Syn, through the Maximus and Progasm Ice, and arrived at using the Progasm Classic, but in recent weeks, these hot guys have introduced me as well to the Eupho, MGX, and Aneros Classic models as well. They are a great team to work with and I just love how these hot guys complement each other in my Aneros sessions of late. On my first team are the Helix Syn, Helix Classic, Maximus, Progasm Ice, and Progasm Classic models. I hope to get to know better the MGX and Eupho models later on.

Perhaps the most powerful spin off of my Anerosing is how early on my prostate awakened. The arrival of P-waves in just three weeks of the inception of my Aneros sessions. It happened on early Sunday morning June 24. My session ended about 6:30 a.m. that morning. After a nap of three hours, I got up and went to a sandwich shop in my neighborhood for a mid-morning breakfast. On my way back home during my quick walk, I experienced an orgasm out of the blue, my first walkinggasm. One morning a couple weeks later in early July while seated at my PC, I experienced my first chairgasm. My walkinggasms became more intense when I started working with the Maximus in August.

The Aneros web site gives succinct, helpful directions for doing the Kegel Exercises with the Aneros. But it seems that both the Progasm Ice and Progasm Classic models were developed for and work best with the Kegel Exercises. There is a feeling of intense pleasure when you do a Kegel or anal contraction as the Progasm's P and K tabs press firmly upon your perineum and coccyx )tail bone( respectively. As I hold a Kegel tightly for sixty minutes or more, the pleasure builds gradually. A good seven of such Kegels position those tabs in such a way that the Progasm is locked into place. When that happens, autof**king or automatic massage action of the anal canal and the prostate happens naturally. The result is exquisite pleasure.

My regime of Anerosing and the Kegels have produced an awakened prostate. My prostate feels like a revved up V8 engine outside of my sessions. It quivers, flutters and purrs with delight and pleasure. So far, I haven't experienced a Super-O, but rather rejuvenating, vigorous health, which I haven't enjoyed in years.

In closing, I would like to add several other benefits of the Aneros and the Kegels upon my awakened prostate. First, while my Aneros sessions in themselves are chockful of pleasure, immediately after a session I feel that my both my anal muscles and prostate have been well massaged, I guess, well-fucked! But, there is a delay that occurs a little afterwards, sometimes hours later, of my quivering, fluttering, and purring prostate which emits waves of sexual warmth through my body. Second, each succeeding Aneros session reinforces these feelings of pleasure, first centered in and around my prostate and then also my whole body. Such vibrant feelings engender in me vibrant health. Third, my awakened prostate helps me do the Kegels outside of my sessions. There is nothing like doing the Kegels off and on as foreplay for Anerosing. And there is nothing like Kegeling as part of an Aneros afterglow or postplay. It appears that my Kegels prepare me for my Aneros buddies, and my team thereby enables me to savor what the Kegels are all about. It appears that the Kegels and the Aneros were made for each other. I get a boner just thinking about all this. And finally, fourth, my awakened prostate has a vital connection with my testicles, penis, nay even my entire sexual apparatus. So when I masturbate, my awakened prostate eggs on my penis which gets harder and larger as I jack my manmeat. The result is sheer pleasure which I experience from this connection as I masturbate towards orgasm and ejaculation, something I haven't experienced in many years, perhaps even from the glory years of my adolescence. Take care!

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