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Aneros Blogs > Gradus ad Aneros Parnassum (by BigGlansDC)

I'm a Progasm Slut! no. II: Sessions for November 30, December 2 & 3, 2012

Hi guys,

Legend: HS = Helix Syn; HC = Helix Classic; M = Maximus; PI = Progasm Ice; PC = Progasm Classic

Friday morning, November 30: Sequence of models used: PI-M-PC-HC-PI (duration: 2.75 hours)

I began my session at 6:15 a.m. with the Progasm Ice. I began with the Kegels, but somehow my session did not take off in the thirty minutes of work with Ice. It felt blah without sensation. Same thing happened with the Maximus in the successive 30 minutes. This disturbed me.

But it was only with the Progasm Classic that I did some really serious Kegeling which made my session take off for sure. That model demonstrated that the Kegels and the Progasm were made for each other with attendant autof**king which continued with my use of the Helix Classic and Progasm Ice in succession. I lost track of time as this session went along.

Early Sunday morning, December 2: Sequence of models: (PI)-M-PI-HC-PC (2.5 hours duration)

I had wanted so much to have my Saturday matinee with my Aneros buddies, but some things intervened which preempted it. Saturday night/early Sunday morning I slept fitfully and lightly. I woke up at 3 a.m. feeling blue about the holidays this year with the stalled Financial Cliff negotiations between President Obama and Congress. I laid in bed pondering the bleak prospects of the future and I sulked. So at 3:30 a.m. at an unlikely hour I sought refuge in an Aneros session. I approached the session with little preparation. Normally now I usually shave and bathe before having my sessions first thing in the morning. That is why my sessions in the last couple months have worked so well when I made the switch to morning sessions upon rising.

Sunday morning I began my session at 3:45 a.m. with the Progasm Ice. But I had trouble inserting the Ice. So I switched to the Maximus which inserted easily to the hilt. There was little sensation with Maximus after insertion, but I Kegeled some and just let the sensations build. It felt like a gradual sunrise into glorious daylight. I had a great session with Maximus, then Ice, then the Helix Classic which gave me a great autof**k, culminating with quality time with the Progasm Classic. The session ended at 6:15 p.m. after which I shaved, bathed, and dressed quickly for church. Then I left for church a few minutes before 7 a.m., marching up Mount St Alban via Wisconsin Avenue arriving for the early service at 8:15 a.m.. Duration of walk, 1.25 hours. So with early Sunday morning's session, I discovered the benefits of Anerosing in fighting the holiday blues! Also, I have noticed a good vigorous walk after an Aneros session reinforces the session which enhances the quality of my walking!

Monday morning, December 3: Sequence of models: HS-M-PI-HC-HC (2.5 hours duration)

Yestersday Monday morning, I marked the beginning of my sixth month with the Aneros! So I celebrated by beginning my session at 7:15 a.m. with the Helix Syn. The Helix Syn with its soft, sleek silicone overlay introduced me to Anerosing early Sunday evening, June 3 just past. So this morning, I worked gradually with the Helix Syn letting the sensations build gradually. I was amazed at how I was able to Aneros so expertly now with the Helix Syn! All this happened so wonderfully through my working with the other Aneros models in my toolbox. Thus I progressed along naturally with the other models in the sequence notated above. I had a great session with both the Maximus and Helix Classic especially yesterday because I worked intuitively with these two good buddies.

But now all I can say that I am a Prograsm slut! I just love to Kegel with both the Progasm Ice and Progasm Classic. With both these models, I began a set of ten Kegels lasting a minute a piece. When I do such Kegeling these big guys are locked into position as the pleasure builds. Autof**king then occurs naturally. Now yesterday as I was working with the Progasm Classic, I discovered something really powerful. I call it "Getting into the Zone" as I "get into the autof**k". I get a rockhard boner just thinking all this. In fact, my penis is just as excited as me right now. I may have to oblige him afterwards. One hears about "Getting into the Zone" in sports. I think that it has to do with self-hypnosis which I am sure happens to experienced Aneros users as they get into the Anerosing, perhaps in my case in the autof**king action as I kegel with various strengths and durations of a Kegel, although yesterday morning the autof**king worked very well with subtle Kegels or anal contractions. So for now on, I am going to get into Zone as a time or place from whence or where I may begin to experience Super-O's. This is certainly worth exploring in future session with both Progasm models but other Aneros models as well.

For more information on the Zone, see:

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Those Subtle Aneros Feelings and Delights! Sessions for November 23, 24, 26 & 28

Hi guys,

Here is the sequence of models used for yesterday morning's session: Progasm Classic-Helix Classic-Progasm Ice-Maximus-Progasm Ice-Helix Syn-Progasm Classic-Helix Classic. Duration: 3.5 hours.

I began yesterday morning's session at 6:15 a.m. with the Progasm Classic as dawn was beginning to break. Big bruiser Progasm Classic delivered a beautiful autof**k during which I savored exquisite feelings of my anal canal being massaged along with my prostate. In this session, I focused upon Kegels of varying lengths and strengths and was richly rewarded. I was absolutely amazed at how the Helix Classic and I were made for each other. He's truly there for me in the automatic massage action of my prostate. So also with both the Progasm Ice and Classic models. These big, girthy guys were made for serious Kegeling and help me along in working along with also with the Maximus and Helix Syn in new and wondrous ways. Yes, yesterday morning's session was still extremely long, but it did not cause the discomfort of last Saturday's afternoon session of an unprecedented 4.5 hours!

Because of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, I have been wearing my Nutty Buddy Cup combo almost nonstop from yesterday morning to bed last night and then earlier this morning for several errands here in Georgetown. Just love how I can luxuriate in exquisite Kegels while wearing the Nutty Buddy! In a few minutes, I am getting ready for Saturday afternoon's session!

Saturday afternoon session: M-PI-HC-PC )3 hours(

Session for Monday morning, November 26: M-PI-PC )2 hours(

Session for earlier today, Wednesday morning, November 28: PI-PC-HC )2 hours(

Last Saturday afternoon's session was great. Monday morning's session was good, but this morning's session )Wednesday( was excellent. Yes, I did some sets of Kegels during each of these sessions, but mostly I focused upon getting maximal sensations through light, subtle anal contractions which produced lots of pleasure. This morning's session was relatively brief. I felt well worked over and satisfied. However, after picking up from the session and cleaning up, I suffered a misfortune with my PC which took 90 minutes to resolve and threw my day out of kilter. This annoyance dampened greatly my Aneros afterglow. But early Wednesday evening, my Aneros afterglow returned in full force with my prostate all revved up along with feelings of lots of P-wave and mini-O tsunamis. Such afterglows are to be savored in the same way one would savor a snifter of exquisite brandy! Take care.

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I'm a Progasm Slut: Session for Wednesday November 21

Legend of models used: M = Maximus; Helix Syn = HS; Helix Classic = HC; PI = Progasm Ice; PC = Progasm

Sequence of models used yesterday: PI-HC-PC-M-PI-HS-PC-HC

I confess that in recent weeks I have become a Progasm slut. In the last several weeks, I have become completely adept at using both the Progasm Ice and Progasm Classic. Both models have a real thick girth and deliver a full-bodied massage to both my anal canal and sphincters and certainly to my prostate. The Progasm Ice has that sleek, sensuous feel. This good buddy introduced me to his older brother, big bruiser Progasm Classic. I use these big guys for all my serious Kegeling work which in turn has enhanced my Aneros sessions beyond measure.

I use the Progasm Ice to open me up in my sessions. Working with my big buddy naturally produces all sorts of pleasure, whether it be tsunamis of P-waves, mini-O's, or just that glow of energy of pleasure flooding my entire body. So yesterday morning, I began with Progasm Ice and reveled in his autof**k action for about 30 minutes. Then I switched over to the Helix Classic. This "smaller" guy gave my prostate a more direct autof**k which was absolutely wonderful. Then big bruiser, Progasm Classic, came along and loved me up for another 30 minutes.

In cycle two, I began with Maximus. He too gave me the Aneros loving I craved. Sandwiched between Ice and Progasm Classic, I spent 30 minutes with Helix Syn which caressed my prostate in deft, sleek strokes. However, I just cannot keep away with my two Progasm buddies which are always there to love me up where it counts! I finished up again with Helix Classic with a parting kiss. By then, my session had passed the three hour mark and I was becoming fatigued.

During yesterday morning's session, I focused on two things. The first one is that now I endeavor to get to know better each Aneros model have in my toolbox, both separately and how each model interacts with the other models on my "team." Generally I like to do this through sandwiching the smaller models along with the larger models. Both the Progasm Classic and Ice are my mainstays. These big, loving f**kers are making me the Progasm slut that I am! The Maximus is also part of this "first team." The three big buddies have been my main men and teachers in Anerosing the last couple months. On my "second team" are the Helix Syn, Helix Classic, MGX, and Eupho. However, I have fallen truly in love with my Helix Classic. When I used this guy for the first time last Saturday afternoon, it was love at first sight. I have included the Helix Classic in my regular lineup because he gives my prostate a direct, yet loving massage. The Helix Syn which introduced me to Anerosing early last June is always there for me. He often joins in on the action. I need to get to know both the MGX and Eupho better though.

The second thing I focused upon yesterday was both various strengths and durations of my Kegels. I use a set of five strong Kegels, each of one minute in duration with the larger models. That positions each model correctly against my prostate, awakens the prostate, and "locks" each model in position against my perineum. Pleasurable autof**king occurs as a result during which I'll use a mixture of light and strong Kegels. Like I said in recent posts, the Progasm and Maximus were made for the Kegel Exercises. The Kegels enhance Anerosing and the Aneros enables a guy to do the Kegel Exercises even outside of Aneros sessions. Anyway I credit a good buddy that I recently befriended on BateWorld who is a newbie to Anerosing who is progressing surprising quickly in his sessions, I believe. As regards myself, I just love it when autof**king with my larger models and the Helix Classic occurs because that is when wild riding occurs and I take such a ride wherever it wills. Yesterday though with the Helix Classic, I began to experience an "unknown" pleasure and also the beginnings of an erection with copious precum. For now on, I need to experience fully such pleasures!

Things to do in the future:

1. Other positions with the Aneros: Normally I have my Aneros sessions on my back with my butt on a folded pillow. In coming sessions, I should experience the Aneros on my side, in the doggie style with my hands and knees in a frog position, in the standing position, etc. See what happens.

2. Shorter, more directed and focused sessions.

3. Sessions with just one or two Aneros models, particularly with the MGX and Eupho, and see what happens.

4. Sleeping with my Aneros inserted some nights.

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Both Progasm Ice and Progasm Classic Rock: Session for Monday November 19

Hi guys,

It is getting close to noon this late Monday morning on a rather cold November day. November 2012 has been colder than normal, it seems. I think it is because of Hurricane Sandy, who brought cold weather in behind her exit several weeks ago. Most of my Novembers here in Washington, DC over the years have been fairly mild. But this one has been rather chilly. This morning I am wearing an Under Armour cold gear steel blue long-sleeve shirt and blue jeans. Under Amour cold gear for athletes has a couple layers of fabric to keep out the cold. This fabric is sensuous lycra spandex. I can wear this shirt as a base fabric underneath a sport jacket. I just love to stimulate and caress my nipples through my UA shirt as I savor the afterglow of an immensely satisfying Aneros session earlier this morning.

Legend of models used this morning: PI = Progasm Ice; PC = Progasm Classic; HC = Helix Classic; M = Maximus

Sequence of models used earlier today: PI-HC-PC-M-PI-PC

Generally I like to do sets of extended Kegels )one minute each( for both the Progasm Ice, Progasm Classic, and Maximus.

The Progasm Ice with its sleek girth is the model I use now to open my sessions. Five extended Kegels with the Progasm Ice provide fuel for his massage action. Then I let the PI have his way with me through his autof**king. I just savored his massage action through my various breaths and brief Kegels thrown in. Next I enjoyed the "little" Helix Classic and the aggressive loving he gave me. Afterwards, big bruiser Progasm Classic received me lovingly. With these three models, I spent a good thirty minutes a piece.

Next I spent another thirty minutes with Maximus. I was amazed at how so naturally Maximus and I interact when we Aneros. He's there for me. It is absolutely wonderful. Then I spent another half hour with Progasm Ice. Just loved how he reacted so favorably to my sets of Kegels. Finally it appeared that I spent more than 30 minutes with his big bruiser, Progasm Classic. This time, I Kegeled a great deal with my big guy in several sets of five, perhaps five sets or more! These Kegel sets with my Progasm Classic made for an awesome session of free, unrestricted autof**king which has been set indelibly in my memory. I do believe that I am really on the verge of something awesome! Perhaps a Super-O soon for sure.

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The Helix Syn )Re(-Joins My Lineup: Session for November 16, 2012

Hi guys,

On Wednesday and Friday this week I had two stupendous Aneros sessions.

Legend: M = Maximus; PI = Progasm Ice; PC = Progasm Classic; HS = Helix Syn

As preface to both my sessions, several images of my collection of Aneros models come to mind. All my Aneros models are contained in one fairly small box in my closet which could be compared to a toolbox, or a stable for horses, or a lineup of baseball players on a team. These three images have sexual undertones. Many guys refer to their penis as a sexual tool. A horse stable may contain first rate stallions. I am really turned on by a team of baseball players, most of whom are downright sexy. So also with the Aneros models I have. An Aneros model is a reflection of a guy's penis. It has a stem and a head analogous to a guy's cockshaft and glans. Downright sexy. Well that is what both my anal canal and prostate think!

On Wednesday (my volunteer day), I only had a two hour session. Sequence of models used in this session: PI-M-PC-M-PI-PC. I have become so comfortable now with the Progasm Ice in that the last couple sessions, he with his sleek design slips in easily to the hilt and opens me up for the session. My three big Aneros buddies work together as a team and compliment each other which is absolutely amazing!

Yesterday morning, Friday, I had more leisurely, yet intense session which lasted again 3 hours, 45 minutes. Progression of models used yesterday: PI-HS-M-PC-M-PI-M-PC-HS. In both of these sessions, I kegeled a great deal in sets lasting one minute, two minutes, even three minutes at a stretch. But I let each model take over and take me on rides full of pleasure. My three big Aneros buddies welcomed my old buddy, the Helix Syn to the action. Hence Anerosing with the Helix Syn yesterday went to an entirely new level.

Later on today, I hope to with both the MGX and Helix Classic models for the first time. Take care!

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Models MGX and Helix Classic Join My Team!: Session for Saturday Nov. 18

Hi guys,

Early Saturday afternoon I decided to go all the way and try the Aneros models MGX and Helix Classic for the first time. Both models have joined my team of Aneros models, Helix Syn, Maximus, Progasm Ice, Progasm Classic, and Eupho. I bought the MGX and Helix Classic along with the Progasm Classic late December. These two models sat unused for nearly eleven months until last Saturday! I was pleasantly surprised at how wonderfully they performed for me and gave me exquisite pleasure. Well, it was my working with the Helix Syn, Maximus, Progasm Ice, and Progasm Classic respectively that prepared me so well for what appears to the earliest models in the Aneros lineup.

Both the MGX and Helix Classic inserted easily to the hilt and performed in a grand fashion after several long Kegels as preparation. I was especially impressed by the Helix Classic! This guy gave my prostate an aggressive, yet extremely pleasurable massage. He autof**ked me so naturally, yet so aggressively. He works so well with the larger models. So does the MGX!

For Saturday afternoon's session, I used every model except the Eupho. I began my session at 1:15 p.m. and concluded at 5:45 p.m. I used the smaller models in combination with the larger models. I proceeded in an intuitive, yet leisurely manner. I came away with the impression that all these Aneros models complement each other. I reveled in the various textures of massage action and resulting sessions.

When I finally finished my unprecedented session of 4.5 hours at 5:45 p.m., I was thoroughly worked over. However, soon after my long session, my body began to rebel with sensations of rewiring all revved up! There were pricks and stabs of pain, it seemed, all over my body. It seemed that my body was on fire! This sensation continued all night long into early Sunday morning. These sensations nearly robbed me of my sleep. Yet Sunday morning, I forced myself to go to church )Yes, I go to church!(. Church attendance yesterday soothed my body. However, I learned a very important lesson. With the Aneros, "do nothing in excess," to quote the Ancient Greek proverb. The Aneros Wiki gives an important direction as to maximum duration of sessions of 90 minutes. That is a good guideline for beginning Aneros users. My sessions now vary between two and three hours in length. Of course, I am ever alert to the presence of pain in a session. When that happens, I end a session. But my Aneros sessions of late have been exquisitely pleasurable! I really want to spend good quality time with all my Aneros guys! Take care.

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Hurricane Sandy & Falling in love with my Progasm Classic

Hi guys,

The last time I blogged on my Aneros sessions was Tuesday October 23. I did have sessions for Wednesday October 24 and Friday October 26 which went very well with my big guys, Maximus, Prograsm Ice, and Progasm Classic. Generally these days, I like to have my sessions first with the Maximus, and then proceed to the Progasm Ice, and finally the Progasm Classic. The Maximus opens my anal tract up which warms me up for the girth of the Progasm Ice which in turn prepares me for my big bruiser Progasm Classic. I had intended to blog on these two sessions in detail last week end. Unfortunately I had an upsetting distraction Saturday afternoon which preempted a much anticipated Aneros session late that day.

Then along came Hurricane Sandy which provided another major distraction. Fortunately we here in Washington, DC were spared the brunt of this Superstorm which wreaked major destruction in New Jersey, the New York metropolitan area, and other areas of the Northeast. Also like many other Americans, my attention and concerns are focused these days upon the national election next Tuesday. I was not able to get back to Anerosing until early yesterday morning Friday. Yet despite my a week away from the Aneros, I had that constant, delicious buzz "down" there during my hiatus.

Legend: Maximus = M; Progasm Classic = PC; Progasm Ice = PI or I

Yesterday morning's session (Friday Nov. 2) began promptly at 7:30 a.m. with the Maximus which delivered as always a great massage to my prostate and anal canal. Recently I discovered that a few sets of extended Kegels (60 seconds) fuel my Anerosing which produce P-waves galore and lots of pleasure. I just love how the Maximus these days acts a great introduction to my sessions. As always, my sessions with my Progasm Ice delivers an uninhibited massage to my vital parts "down there." These last few weeks, I am focusing on the various nuances of massage action and the various textures of pleasure which arise both in my massaged prostate and anal muscles. When I finally got to my big bruiser and fucker, Progasm Classic, I focused upon my sets of extended Kegels which yesterday I did a good fifteen. A good five sets of extended Kegels do set in motion an effortless massage action which is beyond compare and the sustained pleasure the massage produces. Once again yesterday, I had two sets of M-PI-PC.

In my second set, yesterday morning , I worked leisurely with my three main men, but focused for sure upon my big bro Progasm Classic. He like his younger brother, Progasm Ice, inserted easily to the hilt with both the P and K tabs locked in place. I did a few Kegels on my side and then placed my butt on a folded pillow. For a good five or ten minutes, I felt very little sensation, fortunately no discomfort. Then I did a set of least a ten or fifteen those LONG 60-second Kegels and felt the P-waves and sweet pleasure gradually build. It seemed that my Progasm Classic and I were making love in the awesomely effortless massage action that ensued. I did this several times. It was absolutely awesome! I felt that I had fallen in love with my good fucker, Progasm Classic!

I followed up with an additional session on Saturday afternoon November 3 with two sets of M-PI-PC. In this session besides Kegels lasting 60 seconds, I threw in some Kegels lasting 3 minutes. It was amazing to see the pleasure gradually build as I held these very long clutches. Friday and Saturday's session durations respectively: 2.5 and 2.25 hours.

Unfortunately early in the morning on Sunday November 4, I came down with a serious bout of diarrhea. I do not know if this was caused by something I had eating the day previously or my Aneros sessions. All this past week I have suffered bouts of gastric distress along with diarrhea. However all this has gone away. During this week of convalescence, actually a forced suspension from interacting with my Aneros buddies, my awakened prostate reassured me with its somnolent buzz. You see, he too is a real good buddy although out of view, out of sight in contrast to my ever present penis and his two bros, my testicles. The Aneros was created to promote good health of the essential prostate gland, which in many ways is a Grand Central Station to the flow of a guy's urine and semen! Rewiring continued also apace with slight shooting twitches or stabs of pain and pleasure throughout my body. Another noticeable process of rewiring occurred with quivering P-waves in the soles of my feet. Later on today, I hope to devote a blog entry to spin offs I have experienced from my Aneros sessions. Take care.

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A Tightness at my Aneros Sweet Spot, Session for Monday November 12

Hi guys,

Today being a federal holiday, I began my Aneros session later than usual around 7:45 a.m. and concluded it finally at 11:30 a.m. in a record time of 3 hours 45 minutes.

Legend: E = Eupho; M = Maximus; PC = Progasm Classic; PI = Progasm Ice.

Today's total sequence of Aneros models: Two sub sequences: )1( PI-E-M-PC )2( M-PI-PC.

Since I am getting more and more adept at using both the Progasm Classic and Ice, I began this morning's session with my Progasm Ice. He slipped in easily to the hilt as always. I spent perhaps a good twenty minutes with him doing several sets of Kegels. Then I switched over the Eupho. I let the Eupho work its delicate magic upon my prostate with a few Kegels, but nothing heavy duty, for about fifteen minutes. Afterwards I switched to the Maximus with several sets of Kegels lasting about a minute clutch each. As always, he gave my prostate and anal canal a good massage. Finally I switched over the Progasm Classic. With this my big bruiser, I did several sets of heavy duty Kegels. Some sets had clutches lasting a minute each and many sets lasted about two minutes each in anal contraction. Thus in this first sub sequence, I was laying the firewood for a super, grand Aneros session.

It was during the second sub sequence that my Aneros session really took off. With the Maximus, Progasm Ice, and Progasm Classic each in turn, my anal contractions or clutches varied between a few sets lasting a minute, many lasted a good two minutes, and quite a few lasted at most three minutes. Outside of the Kegel sets themselves, I let each model autofuck me at will. Each model gave me a wild ride as a result. I was so absorbed in the massage action and the anal contractions of varying strength that I lost track of time.

It was around noontime when I finished picking up, putting all the paraphernalia away and cleaned myself up. I had to sit at my PC just to come down from the heights of today's session. What I noticed was or rather is even now a tightness at or in my Aneros sweet spot located at my perineum behind my scrotum. The tightness itself is sweet and radiates waves of pleasure throughout my sexual apparatus, even throughout my entire body and consciousness. The pleasure is awesome. It just feels good. I will savor all of it until my next session early Wednesday morning. Take care.

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Aneros spin offs to date, November 2012

Hi guys,

The Aneros prostate massager was invented initially as a medical device to enable men to massage their prostate without having to go to their doctors to do it for them. The Aneros was developed to control and shrink BPH )Benign Prostatic Hypoplasia(, an enlarged prostate condition in men which may be a precursor to prostate cancer.

But men who use the Aneros, it has definite positive spin offs who promote general good health, even sexually to men. This blog entry is devoted to what I have experienced from the Aneros both within and outside my sessions.

I began my Aneros sessions early Sunday evening last June 3 with the newest Aneros model, the Helix Syn. The Helix Syn is ideal to Aneros beginners because it has an overlay of soft silicone. I was amazed at how easily the Helix Syn slipped into my anus that evening. Previously, I had an aversion to anal play. The Helix Syn was a pleasant surprise.

I experienced my first episode of P-waves with the Aneros three weeks later early Sunday morning June 24. Later that morning during my walking from breakfast out, I experienced my first walkinggasm. It happened spontaneously out of the blue. I had to take great care in walking during those few minutes to maintain my balance!

In the weeks that followed during the long hot summer of 2012, I had to learn to relax during my sessions. Relaxation enabled me to go with the flow in each session. Series of P-waves continued to flow during those session which enabled to build my confidence with all my Aneros models. Insertion of the larger models of the Maximus, Progasm Ice, and Progasm Classic was a great issue initially because I had to control peristalsis, involuntary slipping out of those models.

As I worked with each model of the Aneros, I began to sexualize them. Each model was there for me to give me abundant, exquisite pleasure. I began to welcome each session and so did my prostate. He began to awaken and became that engine of sexual pleasure for me. Like many guys, I began to feel that "buzz" down there localized in my prostate. As I began to work confidently with the larger models, my prostate became a revved up V8 engine!

It was then that I began to use sets of the Kegel Exercises with the larger models. The Kegels enabled me to lock each model into position, first upon perineum with the P-tab abutment, and then along with the entire length of my prostate. The Kegels also strengthened the muscles in my anal canal and sphincters as I worked with the Maximus, Progasm Ice, and Progasm Classic. Thus I eliminated forever the risk of peristalsis. It was very gratifying also to feel the massage action of each Aneros model upon those muscles as well as my prostate.

A few weeks ago I began sets of Kegels lasting at least of minute or more per clutch or anal contraction. It felt so good to feel the pleasure build as I held each clutch or contraction. After each set of Kegels, free, easy automatic massage of my anal canal and prostate would occur. I call this "autofucking."

Rewiring is a very important spin off of the Aneros! First I began with walkinggasms, then chairgasms, and finally bedgasms. all of the blue, at least initially. But I discovered that just thinking about my good Aneros buddies and what they do to me was enough to induce these orgasms. I suppose they are mini-O's.

Rewiring in September began to manifest itself in little shocks, pricks, or stabs of pain and pleasure in various parts of my body outside of my Aneros sessions, even within sessions. Such shocks, pricks, or stabs of pain and pleasure occur in my feet, hands, and back. But also gratifying is that my revved up prostate and this rewiring have occurred during blocks of days away from the Aneros. But my good buddies, Maximus, Progasm Classic, Ice, and now Eupho are there for me and beckon me to engage with them regularly which I am eager to do!

Rewiring in the discovery of my erogenous zones is a special spin off with the Aneros! First I discovered that my massaging my thighs fueled my sessions. It was in August that stimulating my nipples also fueled my sessions in a mighty way. I discovered that my nipples are hardwired to my prostate, but since then this has began to include my penis and its bulbous glans, my testicles, and other parts of my male sexual apparatus. So now I can arouse myself sexually outside my Aneros sessions. Another definite spin off has occurred in that my prostate is connected vitally in a real way to my penis, glans, and testicles. Masturbation has become pleasurable for me once again. I am rediscovering the absolute pleasure of masturbating myself to orgasm and ejaculation that I remembered so vividly at age 13 for the very first time.Also slipping on and wearing my jocks, athletic cups, and suspensories are again laden with exquisite pleasure. Wearing those quintessential male items fuel both my Kegels and my Anerosing.

Finally, there are definite toning benefits of Aneros. First they occur in a strong, healthful massage of the prostate, and then in the strengthening and toning of the anal canal and sphincters. In the last month or so, I have notice that the larger models have toned the muscles in the thighs and calves of my legs, and even in my abs and pecs. When I get up and start walking, there is that delicious quivering of strength in my body!

Ideally when you have sex with yourself or with a good buddy, it is good to engage in some foreplay. You romance yourself and your buddy. That is what I do early in the morning for an hour or so seated at my PC and having my morning coffee. I'll stimulate my nipples and Kegel away. It all feels so good doing all this, just waiting for my Aneros buddies. If I have time after a session, I may engage in a time of postplay or afterplay as a way of reflecting upon and communing on my buddies and what they have down for my sexual apparatus, nay even for my whole body and pysche! Also in my days off from Anerosing, it is good to engage in such play.

This morning I feel I am on the verge of something important, something major. But I'll go with the flow. Who knows a Super-O may occur, but I just do not know when. All I know I'll have lots of fun and pleasure with my Aneros buddies. But they are beckoning to me right now! Take care.

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Now my Eupho with his Big Bros, Session for Saturday November 10

Hi guys,

Last week I suffered a severe bout of diarrhea and minor gastric distress which caused me to stay away from the Aneros. In my convalence, my somnolent prostate reassured me his buzz and rewiring continued apace. However, early Saturday morning, I felt well enough to resume my Aneros sessions.

Legend: E = Eupho; M = Maximus; PI or I = Progasm Ice; PC = Progasm Classic

Saturday morning I had essentially two sets of the above models: )1( M-E-PI-PC. )2( M-PI-PC-E. I began my session at 6:45 a.m. and ended it at 9:15 a.m. for an unprecedented duration of 3.5 hours! It was a long, leisurely session during which I spent on the average of 20 minutes with each model in the above mentioned sets. I just love how the Maximus warms me up for the session. He introduces me to the Progasm Ice who receives me warmly who in turn introduces me to his big bro, my big bruiser and fucker, the Progasm Classic. I just love how I experience different sensations with these three big guys as I do sets of Kegels with them and let each model autofuck both my prostate and anal canal. What I experience are various nuances, gradations, and textures of pleasure in series or tsunamis of P-waves, perhaps even mini-O's in my Aneros sessions in recent weeks, certainly this past Saturday.

However, on Saturday, I had my maiden voyage with the Eupho. The Eupho is rather slender compared my three BIG main men, but this newcomer is perhaps even longer in length than these guys. He slipped in easily to the hilt as my Maximus. Also both my Progasm Classic and Ice also slip in fairly easily to the hilt, but must be "locked" into place with both the P and K tabs properly placed.

The Eupho gave a very good, yet delicate massage. However, I must allow myself to get to know him as well. Take care!

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