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Progasm Enough Said

Hello all. Well I'm back. I think. Had a session this morning before the parents got back and I'm still feeling it. lol Ok well let me try to explain two days of just pure bliss. I mean this was by far the best sessions I have ever had. Also thanks to all my brothers here who had wished me happy birthday. Trust me I had a very happy one.

Ok so I was off work so I was with my mom and dad and sisters and nephew all enjoying my birthday like i had planned it. Laughs were being heard and a good time was being had. But on the inside I was twitching trying to compose myself of the anticipation of using my new prostate toy the big and delightful Progasm Ice. So we had desert, sang happy birthday and traveled back to the house. I opened up presents as fast as I could. I wanted them gone so I can open up my other really good present. My dad saw the eagerness on my face and just laughed. Said my thank yous and my sisters and nephew went home. Ok three gone two to go.

My dad was bringing the bags down stairs for there trip. He pulled me aside and told me how proud he was of me and that I was the man that he knew I turn out to be. We hugged and mom came slowly behind joining in on the hug. Mom went to the car and before dad left he reassured that I should be careful and not to have to much fun. He said he would call when landed to make sure I'm still breathing lol. We hugged again and as soon as I saw there car disappear in the distance I did my happy dance and ran in the house to really start my birthday.

I ran up stairs got completely naked and hopped in the tube. I wanted to really cleanses my butt and anus so there won't be any messes. I washed everything but gave my ass extra attention. I douched and was now on my way to pure blissfulness. I walked drip drying to my room. I had my light on and the air off. I wanted to burn calories on this hot session. I pulled out my bottle of lube and my unopened progasm ice. I had the sheets on stand by and the but was prepped and ready. I opened it up and it so pretty like a sculpture that was designed just for me.

Usually when I ride I just lay on my back and feel the waves. Not tonight. I had my hours of crashing ocean waves on my ipod playing and I had a pillow. I laid down. Got the pillow and lifted up my but and slid in under there to lift me. I want to try this session with my legs in the air and bent so I thought that this would be easier to do it this way. I was right. As I'm lifted off the bed I lubed up my hole really good and as well my beautiful Progasm. Now its time for insertion. whew. Here it goes. There's no going back now.

First let me just tell you that after trying to devirginize my hole I was really tight. Not riding for a while does that to the body. lol I slide the tip in and felt like i was being stretched. I just breathed and kept going. By motivating my self and keep happy thoughts it was becoming easier by the minute. The first hum was in whew. I took a break and just rested. Well My hole was hungry clearly. A big crash happened on my mpr and boom the other half just slipped ride in. My legs went up and Boom! Instant sensations that I wasn't ready for. I screamed so loud. But not a bad scream. It was a scream wrapped up in a moan that easily slipped out my mouth.

Since I'm rewired the desire to touch my dick in a session is none existing. But as I pulled my legs back up towards my chest the progasm was going deeper in. Just be recanting this just sent a wave up my spine just now. Whew!! I was holding my legs and with out my doing my body just began to rock. I was moving in a motion as if some one was fucking my nice tight hole. I guess this is that auto-pilot feeling that everyone was talking about. Well it felt good and it was feeling so good it was making me rise and throb. It kept building and building and building until the breathes got shallower and the movement started to really pick up. Oh god I feel it. Shaking and convulsions began to take over my body. I'm shaking so much I can barely keep my legs up. But I'm determine to ride this wave out. My ipod began to get louder and I began to get louder with my moans of pure xstacy and then I began to shoot out my sweet juices of pre-cum all over my belly and chest. A little of it got on my lip and I just licked it up. MMMMMM I'm so hard at this point but this wave is not letting go of me anytime soon. I can fill it's bigness inside me filling me to compacity. I love it and its got me louder then I have ever had. My legs are shaking, my body is shaking and I begin to see myself float away. Rising to see a young man in pure bliss enjoying his beautiful toy and having the time of his life and I was.

It finally descended and I came back down to my body and It took me a few minutes to regain my composure. I was tired and wet from all the pre cum and sweat. I lowered my legs down and my dick was still hard. I had 5 other sessions like that that night alone. I was so alive and not tired at all. It was now 2 am. I went without bathroom breaks and water breaks. I wanted to enjoy all of this. But I did finally pee. Walking with that thing in me was a challenge.

So as I got back in bed I decided to take the pillow from up under me and just lye flat out. As I got comfortable the waves started to begin again. this time was cumming time. I lubed up my dick and began to jack. But I let go cause the shaking was so much. I mean my arms were flailing all over the place. I started to rub my big nipples and that auto fucking feeling was coming back. Like a strong man just walked right in my room and start to pound my hole. I was saying every nasty word I knew. I couldn't control myself. "Oh fuck me, harder, harder" Begging for the dick/progasm ice to do me even better then I was being done. I mean my hole was so open I was hearing a sloshy sound from the lube and wetness of my ass just combining to make a gorgouses sound I have ever heard. I ended up choking myself and slapping my own ass to show the person i can take pain and take it good. I begin to now jack my throbbing hard dick. It was shooing pre cum all day and night and now morning. I glanced at the clock and it was 5:30 am. I was jacking and moaning and slapping and BOOM! A week and a half wet orgasm escaped my penis all over the place. It hit my hair my cheeks, my stomach the wall and I'm pretty sure the ceiling too. I mean I was soaked. I could do nothing but just laugh at the good time I just had with myself. Well not with my self I do have to give my Progasm Ice a lot of the credit.

I laid there a good 30 minutes just to recant what just happened and to catch my breathe. I had to rest for my next day. I got cleaned up and was soon as my head hit the pillow I was knocked out. I was so tired I slept nude with no cover up. Thank god the parents weren't there. Woke up the next day at 11 am and did the same thing all over again. Came 5 times thursday with my progasm. I love that thing. I mean it had me crying and moaning and just made me a already believer. I love my Helix Syn but he will be on vacation for a while. Me and Mr. Ice has a lot of catching up to do. As one of my brothers said. I'm not a Progasm Slut and I don't mind being used.

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Just A Warning

Hey guys it's my birthday today and you know what that means. PROGASM DAY. I am so excited. I have not rode in a week and a half and have not had a wet orgasm in a week. I'm on the edge here but I can wait a couple more hours. But back to the reason of this post.

I will be riding two days straight with my beautiful big progasm. So I won't report back to blog about til my b'day vacation is over. But I might not even be back then. I may be in so much bliss that I might not be able to move or type. I will be in such a blissful utopia that it may take me a few days to come back down form my high. So be patient just know the content will be hot, erotic and full of nastyiness.

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I'm over here climbing up a wall. I need to ride, i want to ride. But i made a vowel to not do anything with my new beautiful progasm ice til my birthday. I have 4 days left. I have been so damn horny. I won't even edge or jack cause I'm afraid that I will explode everywhere. I have not rode anything for a good week now. I am so tight. I mean my anus is so tight i can't even stick my finger in me anymore. I can't wait for my progasm to knock those walls down. :( I have a-less sessions at night but even now they are beginning to become more advanced and very hard to calm back down. I got so close to having a hfwo last night i had to think of a dead dog and limp i went. I'm really trying to be strong but I want what I want and I want it now. I haven't even opened up the box cause I'm to afraid of what i might do. 4 more days just for more days of having a throbbing cock. 4 more days of getting unannounced p waves. I'm weak for it but I will stay strong I have no choice. I can't wait to feel the bumps and instant sensations when i stick hi in. oh lord I'm getting hard just thinking about it ok bye now have to take a long cold shower :)

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So Excited

Hey guys hope everyone is having a great Sunday. I come to you all today very excited and full of joy. My precious Progasm Ice will be arriving Tuesday. YAY I am so ready. I have been listening to my brothers here tips and advice and my body is really craving this new experience. But I am going to put my body, mind, prostate and erotic phoenix on hold for a while. I got my progasm as a birthday gift from my dad. Yes he bought it as a a thank you gift for his beautiful experience he has been having. So to prepare I will withhold all sessions til my birthday which is Sept. 11th. I know thats a long time.

No wet orgasms, no riding, no erotic reading. NOTHING! I know it will be hard an I will be extremely hard but I will just fight through it and take a lot of cold showers. I can't devirginize my ass for anal play so If I don't play for a while I will become tighter and newer again. My last ride and beautiful orgasm was last night. I enjoyed it and will have to cherish it to I am able to cum again.

I know with having a awakened prostate this task will be very difficult to achieve but I have the strength and the capability to not touch or think anything to get me going. PRay for me guys. I will need all the help I can get but do not send me any waves or pleasure I might just combust. lol

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Pro's & Con's

I'm different. I can feel and people are now starting to notice. The smile has gotten wider. I have a extra spring in my step. I am just filled with extra joy. I have a ora around me that is shining bright and is blinding everyone I come in contact with. My phoenix has spread his wings and emerged into everyday life and is here to stay. My old life is calling back to me but I'm so far gone that I can't go back even if I tried. My phoenix has me on a track to pure blissfulness and I can't disobey.

A lot of guys in the chat and forums always ask me how I got this way and I don't have a answer for them. I don't even know how I got here. It's like my body was made for this. Like my body been urning for this feeling and I finally have mastered it. I'm so different. I don't even recognize my self anymore. It's good but also has it's down falls.

I'm so happy
I have lost weight
I'm more energetic
I can handle stressful situations better
I have stronger orgasms
I have a heavy flow of cum in my orgasms
I'm not shy anymore
I'm a lot more talkative
Get work done in a timely fashion
Have a closer relationship with my dad
I pre-cum a lot more
Have longer orgasms

I'm always horny
I'm always hard
My penis pulsates at the wrong time
My orgasms be too intense
I now have the urge to cum when ever
I have had to wash sheets more times then needed
I j/o entirely to much
I can't stop masturbating
Get p waves and dry o's at the wrong damn time
I have cum in my eyes to many times
My awaken prostate does not let me sleep
My prostate always wants to play even when I'm tired
I have fallen off the bed from sessions
I have been caught in my sessions cause of loud moaning
My moaning has got extremely louder

I'm not complaining but just for all those newbies out there just know what your getting your self into. Once you open up that door there is no returning back. Anal play is very enjoyable but prostate play is only for the serious men out there that like a challenge in there sex life. Once awakening the phoenix he will not go back down to his cage. He is free to run havoc on your life but in a good way. Have fun but be safe. He's a tricky little guy. That little device that you now have is a treat. Cherish it but it will take time to get him fully awoken. With a clear mind it will happen very quickly but the stubborn who are afraid will have trouble. So just be patient. He will fly like a eagle soon enough.

But I'm now at the point to where I want to take a break. I love my helix but I'm becoming to dependent on it. So I will not be riding for a while. I will clearly still have a-less sessions but no riding. I need this break. My anus needs this break. This will make my journey so much better to get this time to myself. But when I insert again the fireworks will happen and will be again the orgasming fool.

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still dry

So its day two and I am still dry. Well I'm pre cumming right now from the a-less session I'm having but I have not had a wet orgasm in two days. But last night was so hard. I mean really I was so damn hard. I started my session at 10 p.m.. and was sleeping with my helix syn. Now when I build up to the orgasm im soft but then when I'm at the top I begin to pulsate and rise like a bean stalk. My dick was just moving by its self. It was flinging back and forth slinging pre cum all over my legs and stomach. I also had a cock ring on too. Bad mistake when your trying not to cum. But I really wanted to push my self to see if I had self control to not cum.

I was backing away from those orgasms very slowly. Any false move or a extra thrust and It would have been a major spill. But I was keeping calm and just kept riding. Mind you I wasn't even touching my penis at that time. Then I began to jack and edge my penis while I rode my beautiful Helix Syn with a cock ring listening to aneros mp3's. I was so boned up flopping and jacking and moaning. I had to cover my mouth cause I was beginning to become loud. I was soaking my sheets with sweat and pre cum but none of the good stuff yet. But I want to cum so bad. I wouldn't let my dick go. I found out that if you trust up with the device in it will really hit it hard and good.

So I'm thrusting and shaking and jacking and really wanting to cum but I back off again. I see time is flying by. Its not 1:43 a.m. I decided to stop jacking and finally go to sleep. So I take the cock ring off and put on a mp3 I have of 12 hours of ocean crashing waves. I feel like it really helps me calm down the sessions and really gives me a nice peaceful feeling. So I'm laying down still with the helix in. Had orgasms for the rest of the morning til I officially woke up.

So from 2 a.m. til 9:30 a.m. I was a orgasming fool. But no wetness so I am very happy.

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Breathing is key

Hey guys. Have been gone for a minute but I only like to report new things that happen to me in my journey. So here we go. So I have been having some great sessions. Some long and some short but last night was clearly by far the best to date. So I cleaned out and lubed up. I noticed that I am started to instantly get waves from instant insert. I'm laying on my stomach as I'm reading blogs on the Aneros site and boom huge waves begin to swirl inside my body. My feet, my legs and my butt. My hole is already puckering and only after 4 minutes of having device inside.

I'm loving the build up. I'm keeping calm cause I've noticed if you stay calm and keep the breathes very slow and steady it will lengthen the orgasm and the intensity of the orgasm. So trying to keep calm in this not burning up room that was once just cool from the night breeze. Sweat if pouring and so is my pre-cum. But i feel this pull to my body. Like two great hands were turning me over and that is actually what was happening.

I gradually begin to turn on my side and my one leg begins to come up and my other leg begins to straighten out. This was the position that I use to do when I first got my Helix 5 months ago. I'm still building but now on my side getting more crazy feelings getting shot through my whole body. I mean I feel so good. I'm moan loud and beginning to have flaying arms. I cant keep still but still trying to keep the breathing together. I feel it. I feel it. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

YES YES YES I'm CUMMMMMMMMMMM. I'm feel like I'm on top of the world. Thank god parents were gone cause I would not have been able to keep that one quiet at all. But then it kept cumming. Oh lord! I forgot I'm still keeping my breathing soft and steady so my body is still exploding. Oh god. OH GOD MMMMMMMMMM. I'm shaking uncontrollably and I feellike my Phoenix is going to erupt from inside at any minute. Oh I feel so good. I begin to rub my already hard nipples. I'm not touching my dick but I don't even have to. He;s having fun all on his own. He's pre-cumming like crazy and this orgasm is still going strong.

My head now begins to feel light like its about to detach at any minute. YES YES YES is all I can say. No words needs to be mention. I am not in control any more. I don't even care. If my phoenix can keep me this satisfied then I don't care what he does to me. I'm still cumming, I'm still shaking and I'm just asking to keep it going. I Really beginning to feel this orgasm in my head. This is a first. I begin to now cry out and blubber cause of this beautiful hot intense feeling.

Oh Oh Oh after a few more thrust the feeling begins to descend. Oh the after glow and after feelings of a long great orgasm always puts me under a trance. I am now back down from that beautiful blissful place that I have been frequently been visiting. Oh I love super O's. I mean I love to orgasm all together hence the name. But a super o just sends me into that zone of no return and it just makes me feel so much better. So guys breathing is the key. Stay calm and let it happen trust me you could have intense orgasms as well.

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So this post will be so different. It won't be erotic. It won't be filled with lust. This post is about pure bliss and achieving that bliss and continuing to explore more. So as I stated my dad has been interested about the Aneros line and journey. He has caught me and we have talked about it. We sat down as two grown men and really talked about it. He felt like it was something that he wanted to embark on. II was a little nervous talking to my father about his sexual needs and his prostate. But after talking to my brothers here I found that he just needs the guides that I needed when I first started.

I wrote in my post yesterday that since we were going to be alone for the whole weekend I would finally bring it back up. I already found out that he bought a Aneros toy which was the progasm. So I just had to figure out how to get him to open up in so many words. lol Boom I had it, the perfect plan to get my dad to open up about something so excited but still very personable. So after my dad took my mom to the air port. I was in my room on the site. When I heard that he was back I began to fake as If i was in a heat session with my Helix Syn. He came in no knocking or anything and just saw me siting there on my bed.

He was confused. He know he knew what he heard. So I asked him, "hey pops what's up?". He responded "so you having fun again I see?". I'm like huh. I'm really trying to pull it out of him. He needs to know that I know so I can help him with this. He said, "your toy are you riding it?". I said yeah. He had a smile creep on his face. Then I turned on him. I said, "how about you go get yours and we can ride together". He quickly said ok not knowing he just told on his self. He quickly tried to back track but the secret was out. The sad part is he kind of slumped down his head as if he was a shame to open up about this.

I asked him to sit down. I told him that I found out weeks ago and that it is fine. There is nothing wrong with reaching a orgasm this way. There is also nothing wrong with anal play as a heterosexual man. I can see he's listening and it;'s kind of making me tear up a little cause I can see the battle he is having in his head. I sat next to him and just recanted how cool he was with me saying I was gay so why would I get all disrespectful and rude by knowing that he wants to try anal play. He looked up at me and said that he has been having these feelings for a while. I didn't want to bring up the "BI" thing cause I already knew he was having a problem with just admitting this.

I told him that I love him and that admitting to like anal play does mean that your a homosexual. I also told him that there is plenty of men on the aneros website that are Straight, Bi & Homosexual. Aneros is not a orientation bender toy its for everyone. After getting that little tidbit. He was back to smiling. He knew nothing was wrong with him but he's the type of man that has to be in control. I saw how this fear of admitting had a whole on him. To see him fall weak to a urge is bad. So I suggested again that we ride together. He said ok. He went and got i the shower and came back ready for a good time.

I first want to tell everyone that is reading this that nothing sexual or erotical happen between us. Now separately we both were having crazy orgasms. Dry and wet one's. I put in some up to dated straight porn. All his stuff is from the 90's boring. I know he likes big butts and even though I'm gay straight porn still turns me on. So he got comfortable on his bed and I was in the love seat. I saw him lube up and insert very nicely. He saw the confused look on my face. I asked him how long he been riding. He said almost a month now. I was happy but a little upset he didn't come for me. But once I saw him ride I knew he had read the wiki and had really done some research.

I was having orgasms but I was really just basically watching him to see how he reacted to the progasm in him. He was moaning and really letting go. Once I saw that I forgot he was there & went to my blissful place and started to ride my waves. He was rubbing his nipples and was just really enjoying his self. Even after the porn ended we were still on a high. I was having hfwo and he was asking how I did that. I just informed him that with relaxing and letting go he would achieve it. I saw he was having short mini o's but he was also jacking off and I know for some people masturbating reroutes the sensations. It also stunts the growth of a orgasm cause all the sensations that should be coming from your prostate is coming from your dick.

So I told him that I had a idea. I went to my room got my computer and play some of my aneros mp3's. They were the gay men kind but he grasped to them and was feeling good. I began to teach him. I told him to not touch anything. He laid there and just listen to the men moan. I saw how his body reacted to it and it was doing a number on him. He was having trouble breathing so I just told him to calm down. That intense feeling is your prostate embrace it. he wanted to jack so bad but he didn't. I saw his legs begin to tingle. I told him to slow his breathing down. His breathes were becoming very shallow very quick. he started to stir in the bed. I know what is happening. He's building up a real orgasm. I can tell he has never felt this before. His face is looking flushed but still happy.

I'm saying in my head stay with it, stay with it. His back is arching and he's becoming loud. I mean LOUD. Like the lion roaring on the opening of a movie. I can just see his body tense up. But before I could say anything he calmed it back down. YAY. He's learning. It's like he's not my dad anymore he's a dear friend who I am really trying to help get over this hump. I can see he's at the top. The room is getting hot. I'm trying to disregard my mini's thats happening to me cause I'm trying to help him out. He's shaking, like hard body flopping. he screams out. He's having a full body orgasm, he's crying, his body is shaking and it's pre cum all over his legs.

A silent calm covers the room. It's like I came along for his blissful ride and now were both in the bahama's feeling good. As another mp3 begins I begin to sit back in the chair to finish my ride. I building up and my eyes are closed. I then hear him scream out this noise. As I look to the left he's covered in cum. I hope up cause he's not moving. I'm like whoa. He blinks his eyes to alert that he's alright and then he just burst out crying. Like sobbing. I ask him what's wrong and he says nothing. I had to know. So I said did you jerk that nut out and he shook his head no. WOW!!!!!!! My dad had his first HFWO on the first try. That needs to go down in the Aneros book. After that he was done. He needed a nap and I was hunger so I went to go out to eat with my friends. As of right now I feel at piece and I didn't even really have the experience. But to see him enjoy his self was priceless. So Finally my dad is a Aneros user. Hopefully he buys me one for my birthday. That would be cool. But this will be the last only time I ride with him. He's still my dad and even though he's my new buddy he's still my dad.

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This is going to just be speaking tonight. I had a good session last night. All my sessions are good. I have been teaching and helping a few guys out and I am really progressing on my journey. But I can't get my dad's situation out of head.

Two days ago while we were watching tv with mom he kind of was hinting that he had to tell me something. I'm like ok with a calm face. But on the inside I'm kind of excited cause he's going to tell me he bought a Aneros and that he needs my help. But no. As my mom went for a bathroom break he leaned down from the couch (i was on the floor) and said I heard you last night while you were riding. Why is is so interested in my rides when I know he's having some of his self.

I wanted to front him out right there but mom was coming back from the bathroom. I was waiting for the movie to end so I could have a one on one conversation with him but he rapidly went to sleep after. I needed to speak with him. Since I know he goes to work super early I thought I'll catch him then. I woke up at 5 while he was in the shower and made coffee. As I waited for him I was trying to figure out what to say. As I'm so rapped up in my thought my dad comes rushing down the stairs. HE's startled to see me. He says his good morning and gets him a cup of joe.

I stand there dry mouth nervous to start the conversation. So I just spit it out. "Why are you always listening to my sessions?". He just stares at me. He tries to make a joke saying well you be so loud I thought it was a murder in progress. I didn't laugh. I know I shouldn't pressure him but its starting to aggravate me. I know and he don't know I know. So I ask him do you listen to my full sessions and he didn't give me a answer. he tried to brush the question off by saying he was running late for work.

No way. He was going to tell me. But I saw the desperation in his eyes to say something but the pride and weirdness kept him quiet once again. So I just hugged him. I gave him a hug to reassure that nothing is wrong with him. I didn't say a word. I just gave him a hug a hug to say I know and it's fine and when ever you need me I'm here. He looked at me said thank you and left. Hopefully that helped. I will know this weekend. My mom is going out of town to visit my aunt her sister so it will be just the boys.

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3 times the charm

I have really been blogging a lot. But so much has been happening to me. To give a little update my dad has still not yet come to me for any advice about his aneros. I still hope he does cause I wouldn't want him to hurt his self. He's old prostate damage might be dangerous. So I have had dry o's, SUPER O'S and full body orgasms as well. But last night I did something that not only shocked me but my body as well. I had three YES THREE HFWO's. It shocked the hell out of me and I didn't even have my Helix in.

It was a rest day so I really wasn't even going to ride. But after talking in the chat with a newbie I decided to going ahead and get my ride on. I was listening to my mp3's again. I really enjoy enhanced bliss. As I'm laying there naked feeling the waves I begin to rise and shake. I love full body orgasms. If you haven't experienced one yet just know you might want to hang on.

I'm riding and riding reaching the top of my peek. I'm only 6 minutes into the mp3. I feel it. The pre cum is dripping on my leg. I'm not touching my penis and I wasn't even stimulating my nipples. I get quiet to muffle my sounds and to calm my breathing then BOOM. I got hit with a boost of energy and my body lifted up and cum came shooting out of my dick. It was hard orgasm. I felt every little drop escape the head of my penis. I calm down. The breathing is back to normal. But I still feel something.

Usually when I have a HFWO i had to jack off to get the rest out but no. I wanted to see what else I can do. But my dick was tingling and I didn't know if it was pee or more cum. But I was prepared. I feel it rising again. My shoulders are now moving and my arms an hands are flaring all over the place. I'm even slapping my self on my legs and stomach cause I'm clearly not in control anymore. More pre cum and then my body lifts again. I'm calming down my breathing once again. It's a slow rise this time. My sexual demon is teasing me again. God just release I say. Ohh ohhh OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH my body feels like its spinning around like a spin top. My dick is rock hard then BOOM. Another explosion of cum comes rocking out of the head of my already wet with cum dick head.

Wow the nuts in one day. I'm so lucky. They were both big and very emotional. I had tears in my eyes because of the great feeling I was having. But I wasn't done. My dick still felt like it had more to give me and I was already wet with cum but I wanted it out and so did my sexual demon. So this time I'm gonna jack this one out of me. I use the other two beautiful sperm samples as lube. I begin to think about this beautiful night and what I did. I begin to get back hard. I'm contracting my hole as if I had my helix in which is fooling my prostate but still giving me sensations.

I'm jacking faster now. I begin to rub the top of me penis head which is so sensitive and makes me cum harder. I'm rubbing and jacking and moaning and feel amazing and then it got so hard. So hard that it started to get a little painful. But I like that. Pain in sex is so needed some times. I'm just a freaky guy. It's pulsating and I can see the pre cum just slide down my shaft. I get it all the way to the top and rub my dick head again with the cum as lube and ropes os cum comes shooting out of my dick like a bottle rocket on the fourth of july. I shot that cum everywhere. My hair, my stomach, all over my sheets, the floor. It was amazing. I haven't had a three night nut fest in a couple of years. I loved it. But I'm finding out that my aneros-less session sare becoming just as explosive and fun as if I had my aneros in me.

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