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Aneros Blogs > Gradus ad Aneros Parnassum (by BigGlansDC)

Recent Aneros Milestones

Hi guys,

It has been a very long time since I have posted entries to my Aneros blog here. I believe the last entry I posted was sometime late last summer.

The blog entry will be just summary of milestones I have achieved since then:

The first milestone occurred early last summer when I acquired Progasm Junior, Eupho Syn, and DeVice as additions to my Aneros Team. DeVice is a silicone version of Progasm without the battery found in Aneros Vice. In a way, it is the thickest model in the Aneros line, but it is still comfortable to use. Now I use DeVice occasionally, but perhaps I'll use him more often now that I am having sessions at least six days a week.

The second milestone occurred about mid October. I live in Georgetown here in DC near the epicenter of politics. We experienced a shutdown of federal government agencies due to political wrangling in Congress which was perhaps the most ugly I have ever seen. I quickly fell into a deep funk. During these two weeks, I had no Aneros sessions. But shortly after the Columbus Day Weekend holiday, I decided to have a session. I was afraid that it would be a dud, it had been so long. I started this session with Eupho Syn. He worked on me like never before. I was off and running at a much greater level of sophistication and pleasure like never before!

The third milestone happened when I got both the Advanced Peridise Set and Tempo at a slight discount from Amazon. I began using both Peridise and Tempo in my sessions just after Thanksgiving. I experienced rhythmical autof**k action from Peridise and Tempo which enhanced many fold my sessions because I applied this rhythm to the other models on my Aneros Team. What is so wonderful about Peridise and Tempo is that this rhythm at times is like an insistent drumbeat! These models also produce all sorts of rhythm which at times is very subtle.

The fourth and most recent milestone occurred a week ago just after Christmas when I decided to have sessions at least six days a week, Monday through Saturday with Sunday as a day off. Daily sessions intensify the affect of my Aneros Team upon my physique and even upon me both emotionally and spiritually. Now I am learning to relax and enjoy all my Aneros models. From all these sessions, I feel robust health and tons of pleasure!

Take care!

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Eupho Syn: Sweet Delicate Autof**k Action

Hi guys,

Several weeks ago in the days leading up to the Fourth of July, my Eupho Syn arrived in the mail, but it sat unused until sometime last week. The Eupho Syn is a silicone variation of the older Eupho Classic. Both these Aneros models have a long slender stem with a smallish head. Their shape make for easy insertion.

I have gotten far enough in my Aneros sessions that I do not have to do the long Kegels that I used for so long since I began Anerosing in early June 2012. Just thinking about my Aneros team and an approaching session is enough for me to get sexually aroused. In fact, typing this blog entry makes me real horny :-(

So last Friday, I inserted my new Eupho Syn for the very first time. It took to my anal canal and musculature, and my prostate like a duck to water. My prostate was thrilled to meet this newest member of my Aneros team.

These days I use the following order of Aneros models:

Eupho Syn -- Progasm Junior -- Helix Syn -- Progasm Ice -- DeVice -- Progasm Classic -- Progasm Black Ice.

You will notice a sandwiching of models in terms of their texture, mostly in soft vs. hard action, and in sleek vs. robust action.

Eupho Syn, Progasm Junior, and Helix Syn are the smaller models. So these days I use Eupho Syn to open my sessions. He warms me up for Progasm Junior which really goes to town on me. Helix Syn continues with his soft, yet robust action.

Progasm Ice is a sleek, big boy who gets me ready for the girth of DeVice who really fills me up with his silicone body. Big bruiser Progasm Classic arrives to love my prostate and anal musculature up in grand fashion. Progasm Black Ice then closes out my sessions with his big, yet sleek autof**k action.

It is really wonderful now in all my sessions for me to only relax and let each model on my Aneros team work on me through autof**k action. I have discovered recently that the shallowest of breaths coupled with caressing of my erogenous zones really fuel the Aneros autof**k. I just let go and go with the autof**k. The result is tons of pleasure and fun, and an afterglow of satisfaction which sticks with me in the hours or day)s( leading up to my next session.

The above section was composed during the third week of July. But for the last several sessions recently, I have varied the above order of Aneros models in this wise:

Eupho Syn -- Progasm Junior -- Helix Syn -- Progasm Ice -- DeVice -- Maximus -- Progasm Black Ice -- Progasm Classic.

It seems that the Eupho Syn, Progasm Junior, and Helix Syn belong together and were made for each other. When I slip in Eupho Syn, he inserts so easily. Actually he is "sucked" into my anal canal )mancunt( and heads straight to my prostate. Now it seems that I have to do little or hardly nothing. He knows now exactly what to do when giving me pleasure! Sweet autof**k action ensues with the slightest stimulation of my nipples, manly hairy breasts and chest, abs, pubes, and thighs, all with the shallowest of breaths. It is all just very sweet!!!

The same thing with Progasm Junior. He is sucked in as well! Progasm Junior really goes to town with me and really works over my anal musculature and prostate. With this guy, I enter the bliss of the Aneros autof**k!!!

It is absolutely amazing since early June during which I observed my first Aneros anniversary that I have rediscovered new the Helix Syn, but this time in all the subtlety of Anerosing. I revel in the silicone sleekness of the Helix Syn as he works over fully my prostate with such gentleness and sweetness.

Progasm Ice and DeVice I have found in recent sessions seem to belong together as a pair. I just adore the sturdy girth, yet sleek autof**k action of Progasm Ice followed by the silicone girth of DeVice. Wow!

You would think that Maximus following Progasm Ice and DeVice would be anticlimactic, but no! The "rugged" shape of Maximus adds his own spice to my Aneros autof**k. Boy, I am still f**ked by my Aneros Maximus! He still works me over in ways that amaze me. I keep coming back for more with Maximus! However it would be great if Aneros Co. could come out with Maximus Syn and a Maximus Ice models for variety! These proposed models would be so hot!

Finally these days I conclude my sessions with Progasm Black Ice and Progasm Classic. I look upon the sleekness of Progasm Black Ice as a breather, actually as a prelude to a majestic finale with Progasm Classic which does not cease to amaze me with his big bruiser, autof**k action. Progasm Classic really wants to take me all the way in what Anerosing is all about!

Take care!

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Getting into the Autof**k [Action]

Hi guys,

The path to the Super-O or MMO's can be quick and easy, or long and arduous. Many guys can achieve a Super-O in many cases after a few months with the Aneros and some in just a few weeks. For me, it seems that my journey to experiencing my very first Super-O has been long and slow, but I would not say arduous, because it seems most of my sessions since the beginning of this year have been just laden with pleasure! And most of them have been just plain fun! I enjoy it that way, and perhaps with my least knowing it and by surprise, I'll experience my very first Super-O that will transform my life.

I am glad that in September 2011 that I began a regimen of Kegel Exercises. In October 2011, I met a guy on BateWorld who told me about the Aneros for the very first time and that the Kegels were just fine for the Aneros. It was only when over a year later in October 2012 when I began working with the Progasm that I discovered that the Progasm and the Kegels work together so well synergetically. It seemed that the Progasm and the Kegels were made for each other. That discovery in itself began to transform my Aneros sessions on a much greater level.

But it took me weeks and months of experimenting with my various Aneros models to learn to relax and just enjoy! Alex_xxx's Method of Shallow Breathing along with the Aneros Tug-of-War Technique helped me along with relaxation which led me some weeks ago to long and slow Aneros Autof**k strokes which produce such sweet pleasure and satisfaction, just tons of pleasure!

Here is the following sequence of my Aneros men at bat in most of my sessions the last two or three weeks:

Helix Syn -- Maximus -- Progasm Junior -- DeVice -- Progasm Ice -- Progasm Classic -- Progasm Black Ice.

I used to begin working with each model with three to seven 60 second Kegels. That rigorous sort of "weight" training beginning last fall and continuing until last March or April was excellent for developing my anal musculature and sphincters. Then this past April I discovered that I need hardly any effort at all when working with each of my Aneros models. This was pointed out to me some weeks ago as the DO NOTHING CAMP by Aneros user Turnrow, in contradistinction to the TUG-OF-WAR CAMP. So some weeks ago, I began inserting each Aneros model on my team with hardly an anal contraction or a Kegel. But clearly something happened! And that is my discovery.

It all has to do with sexual arousal. Guys enjoy sex or masturbation because they are sexually aroused. Sexual arousal is the most natural thing in the world for most guys because most guys are hardwired for sex or playing with themselves through masturbation.

Thus I have come to appreciate each Aneros model I use in a new and wonderful way. So I insert Helix Syn and my aroused prostate takes over. Doing nothing or even doing very little leads me quickly to the sexual suspension found in the Aneros Tug-of-War Technique which now is so natural and easy. I find now that my shallow breaths power my Aneros f**k strokes which go in and out so slowly. Because of this, I have begun to appreciate in a new and lively what Maximus does to me in the autof**k. Progasm Junior is so special too! And then I am really getting into my Progasm models in such subtle ways now. My sessions now last on the average of three hours. I don't even want them to stop! But even in my "retirement," I have errands to run, chores to do, and just the business of life! It is better that way. I will tell you why.

There are obvious consolations when each of my Aneros sessions end. First, there is my well Anerosed, vibrating, pulsating prostate which gives me a spurt of wellbeing and good health. There is reflected in my energetic, power walking. When I urinate now, my urine stream is strong and forceful. That is good. Also there is improvement in my bowel movements, also good.

But most of all, it is extremely gratifying to feel the Anerosless autof**k when I sit at my PC and do some light, subtle or strong Kegels, or when I stimulate and caress my nipples, hairy chest, abs, or feel the motion of not only my prostate, but also also my genitals and my muscular thighs. I feel so male, so alive! That is Aneros rewiring has done for me!

Take care!

P.S. Further thoughts on Aneros autof**k strokes. I am very much in the dark on fucking because I have never done it with either a woman or a man. Perhaps some input from guys who have done it may be useful because this is a sexual activity which is fairly universal, common, and even primal among humans. Coitus is central to reproduction of our species. I would be most interested in finding out if guys mostly use whole strokes or a mixture of whole and part fuck strokes in coitus. My experience with the Aneros autof**k is that both whole and part strokes happen in my sessions. But in recent weeks, I let myself go with whatever autof**k happens. It is much more fun and pleasurable that way!

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My Aneros Team[s]

Hi guys,

In the nearly two years that I have know about the Aneros, I have purchased just about every model of the Aneros there is, except for the Peridese, Muze, Tempo, and Vice models which tend to be on the expensive side. The Evi, which is still rather new, was made specifically for women.

I enjoy personifying and sexualizing my Aneros models. Doing that just fuels the sexual arousal I need for my Aneros sessions. Each model in my rather extensive collection does have a sexual charge. Personalizing each one of my Aneros models that way lets me know that they are members of my very special team for pleasure and fun, needed for successful Anerosing.

Here in the USA, our obsession for team sports began in earnest during Civil War. Baseball as we know it had its origin in a game played by both Federal and Confederate soldiers.

American football teams tend to divide their players into such teams as starters, reserves, and special teams. The best players may play on the starting team; more mediocre, inactive players will tend to sit on the bench during games as reserves; and then are players on special teams.

In Major League Baseball, perhaps also in the minors and Little League, all players have a chance to come to bat in rotation at each game, at least ideally.

So that is how I approach my Aneros models in my collection. They could either play baseball or football :-) They are damn sexy either way.

On my back bencher or inactive team are MGX, Helix Classic (mostly), and Eupho Classic. I have used them at least once and they work well. Perhaps these models will play with me some day soon when I Aneros at night. I believe they are prime candidates for that. Now that we are entering the summer season, I may try to sleep with these models, certainly those on my first team.

But my Aneros First Team are regulars at bat in most my sessions in the following order:

Helix Syn -- Progasm Junior -- Progasm Ice -- Progasm Classic -- Maximus -- Progasm Black Ice.

They work very well together in this order, and as a team, they are leading me forward in the Anerosing that just gets better and better, I guess, like good sex with a partner that you love.

Helix Syn introduced me to Anerosing early June 2012. He inserted so easily during my first session then. He was so reassuring with his gentle touch. His gentleness delivered me my very first P-waves just three weeks later and even my very first walkinggasm that day! But it was a couple months ago in late April this year that I began discovering for myself Alex_xxx's Shallow Breathing Method along with the Aneros Tug-of-War Technique which enabled me to enter into Helix Syn's gentle massage with awesome results. Helix Syn is now (at least presently) my preferred model for opening my sessions.

Helix Syn, I found out, works very well with Progasm Junior, my latest addition to my First Team. Progasm Junior, which is the smaller version of both Progasm Classic and Progasm Ice models, touches and massages my prostate directly. He is my newest star player! I may devote as much as 90 minutes with these two models together. They prepare me very well for my larger Aneros models.

Likewise, both Progasm Ice and Progasm Classic also work together well. At least since the beginning of this year, I have enjoyed these two buddies together. Progasm Ice delivers my prostate and anal canal a sleek massage, whereas Progasm Classic delivers a much more full-body, robust traction. I receive both tough and tender loving from these two esteemed buddies.

Maximus by his sheer length and girth even reaches around the full length of my prostate and thus gives my prostate a thorough massage. Maximus in a sense stands alone here, but he works so well with my two Progasm buddies, that they are my awesome threesome which just I love and adore!

I end my sessions these days with Progasm Black Ice. Yes, he replicates mostly the action that his brother, Progasm Ice, delivers. But Progasm Black Ice is such a beauty. I am seldom disappointed by this good buddy. He works in such a way that I can't wait to come back for more!

I do not anticipate expanding my collection of Aneros models much now. However, I have heard such good things about the newly arrived model, Eupho Syn, that I may purchase very soon, along with Progasm Classic in Red, which sells rather cheaply. Hence, I can have Progasm Classic in red, white, and blue, in time for Independence Day, July 4, 2013!

One final thing. Both techniques of Aneros shallow breathing and tug-of-war have enabled me to focus on the subtleties of textures of Aneros sensation in my sessions now. Hence, my Aneros autof**k strokes are long and slow. All this delivers me tons of pleasure now. All this may lead me to my first Super-O very soon!

Take care!

[Composed initially on June 20, 2013, with many subsequent revisions]

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Aneros DeVice, Oh fuck yeah!!!! A review!

Hi guys,

Several weeks ago, I got a rather new Aneros model, called the DeVice. It is actually a variation of the Aneros Vice, without the battery operated vibrator which is located in the stem of this model. The Aneros DeVice is also a silicone version of the Progasm. But because of the battery operated vibrator, it is rather expensive. offers it for $139.95, but you can get it on for $99, still very expensive!

I heard about the DeVice from a discussion of it on the Aneros Forum near the end of June. I was able to order it from Amazon from an adult store called The Fun Shop Stop, somewhere in Michigan. I used it for the very first time on June 29. Some days later, I discovered that some Aussie Aneros users could not order it directly from Amazon. I learned also that the Facebook page of Aneros does sell DeVice, while does not! Rather strange! I feel very badly that many of my good Aneros aficionados abroad are paying huge shipment costs for the Aneros from the USA!

The DeVice has to be the thickest Aneros model on the market. It is just as large as his Progasm Classic and Progasm Ice brothers. But the DeVice has a thicker stem and head. I get a boner just thinking about him!

Having used both the Progasm Classic and Ice since last September, I was well prepared for DeVice. My anus swallowed the thick, girthy DeVice to the hilt and his huge head [I like to think, his mushroom glans] aimed as a rocket straight towards my prostate. His fat head massaged my prostate in grand fashion and my anal musculature exulted in this model's sheer girth. He really sent me into orbit that day, and he still does! Generally I like to use DeVice as a bridge between my smaller models and my big models. DeVice for the last couple weeks follows immediately Progasm Junior who works on me with such robust, yet sleek action!

Also in time for the Fourth of July just past, I got a Progasm Classic in red, along with an Eupho Syn and an extra Helix Syn. So now, I have the Progasm Classic in patriotic red, white, and blue, which make proud to be an adult American male! Progasm Classic in red performed so admirably for the first time on July the Fourth nearly two weeks ago!

I may try Eupho Syn for the first time early Wednesday morning this week. But it would be nice if could manufacture a Maximus Syn to complement the Maximus Classic, which I so love and adore!

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The Awakened Prostate : A Celebration of National Masturbation Month

)I composed this blog entry a few days ago for BateWorld, a social website for guys into masturbation. It was at BateWorld that I met a few guys in September or October 2011 who use the Aneros and encouraged me to get my first Aneros models(

I am a red-blooded American male with a normal sex drive. Like most guys when I entered puberty at age 11, I began noticing subtle changes in my body. First, I noticed a spurt growth in my body. My genitals began to get large and I saw the sprouting of my first pubic hairs. While all this happened, my voice began to get lower and deeper and soon afterwards I had to learn to shave. But most of all, I began to get those irrepressible erections.

All this began happening more than fifty years ago in the early 1960's. In September 1963, I entered 7th grade. PE )Physical Education( was a core subject in those years. We had PE three times a week. I grew up in a small town in Northwestern Connection. In those years, both Junior High and Senior High occupied one campus. Our school gymnasium had modern, innovative architecture in those years. My deep consciousness gave me the impression that our gymnasium had the quality of religious shrine. In fact, it was a shrine to athletics. Our school system had one of the best programs in both academics and athletics in the State of Connecticut during my impressionable years.

However, what did it for me as a "little" tyke at age 11 was seeing my dad's jockstrap for the best time. His jock pouch was in fact HUGE, supporting his man-sized equipment. My dad wore a Johnson & Johnson Blue Ribbon men's large athletic supporter. I was a little baffled about this garment that my dad wore. But after some fumbling, I figured out that his over-sized jock pouch would contain my diminutive, yet burgeoning pubescent genitals. I was beginning to get turned on by my dad's supporter. I knew then it was quintessentially male. This discovery happened a year or so before I entered 7th grade.

At our initial PE class session, Coach Knox, an athletic in-shape man in his early sixties, told us that we had to get a gym uniform. The school would sell us T-shirts and athletic shorts. But we had to purchase sneakers and an athletic supporter. So after school, I went to our town drugstore and through the help of a capable druggist purchased a Johnson & Johnson Coach athletic supporter in boys size. On the box of this jockstrap was pictured an athletic guy in nothing but a jockstrap. I immediately popped a lubing boner in my chinos. I "knew" that something immense was going to happen to me. In fact, I was getting more and more sexually aroused, something that never really happened to me ever before.

I rushed home, went immediately to my bedroom, stripped naked, and tried on my jockstrap for the very first time. The athletic supporter demonstrated for me its essential purpose, namely to "support" my genitals. I had to wear my erect penis in the twelve o'clock position. My taut scrotum was "supported" by my jock mesh-pouch as well as my erect cockshaft. But what really did it for me was how the poro-knit mesh jock pouch "caressed" my flared glans oozing out a steady stream of precum. Oh, it felt so good, the delicious sexual sensations arising in my "alive" glans, traveling down my penile shaft and ending up in my testicles.

In those years, I was a spasmatic when it came to sports, but I certainly enjoyed my jockstrap. In succeeding years at LHS, I bought several more jockstraps. I even bought jocks with athletic cups. Such equipment made me feel so "male." As regards athletic cups, I am fond of athletic cups manufactured by BIKE, All-Star, and especially the Battle Sports Nutty Buddy!

Anyway slipping on my first jockstrap was my initiation into manhood. In succeeding weeks and months, I replicated those delicious sensations in my penis, especially my glans, through touch. The touches became erotic as I began touching my glans through deft touches, but even more as I kneaded my glans. Such touches easily "lit my fire." Soon, I instinctively settled upon the masturbatory grip, which led me to very first orgasm and ejaculation of semen by "surprise" a good six months later in April 1964.

Most guys from their early years when they masturbate focus upon their genitals. They take great delight in seeing their penis in proud erection. Most guys are spurred on erotic pride when they exult in their flared glans. Many guys have an angry purplish flared glans oozing precum when they are sexually hot. I know. When I am sexually hot and my flared glans is oozing precum, there is such erotic sweetness centered in my glans. This erotic sweetness travels as an electric current down my cockshaft and ends up at the "root" of my penis, even in my testicles. What is this root at the base of a guy's penis? Some urologists think it may be the "bulb" of the penis, but many others think it is the prostate.

Some years ago as I was reflecting upon my circumcised penis and what it could do for me, I postulated my theory of the Male Axis of Sexual Pleasure. Well, the Male Axis is, of course, a guy's penis, his cockshaft. But this axis has two poles. One pole has a guy's glans, his cockhead. The other pole is his prostate. Erotic pleasure then arises in his glans, travels down his cockshaft, and ends up in his prostate which then travels back to the glans. When a guy masturbates his cock or has sex with his partner, this circular motion of erotic pleasure is similar to an electric current. This erotic pleasure just gets better and better until he has a climax of sexual pleasure which most times is an orgasm and an ejaculation.

The penis with its glans or cock knob is visible for all to behold, especially when a guy is turned on, not only to himself but also for his partner. The prostate is hidden and little noticed. But a guy notices his prostate for sure when it pulsates in orgasm. In many ways, it is the seat of a guy's manhood because it serves a dual purpose: )1( It is a Grand Central Station for urination in a guy, and )2( the prostate gland contributes much to the seminal fluid and alkalines to neutralize traces of urine so as to not injure spermatozoa from his "boys", his testicles as they shoot from his "cannon" or "gun" through orgasm and ejaculation.

Many guys however do enjoy stimulating their prostate digitally through anal play or eroticism. But prostate massagers such as the Aneros do such stimulation safely.

However, as a guy ages his prostate enlarges. His prostate may become cancerous. The conditions of BPH, prostatitis, and prostate cancer have been of concern to men and their physicians in recent years, so much so that since the late 1980's, September has been designated as National Prostate Health Month.

But May in recent years has been designed at National Masturbation Month. Some years ago, several Australian discovered that frequent masturbation promotes good prostate health. Both frequent masturbation and sexual intercourse do exercise the prostate. Frequent ejaculation, these researchers say, does evacuate the build up of cancerous agents in the prostate.But prostate massagers such as the Aneros do the same thing. I am gratified that BateWorld does carry some models of the Aneros such as the Vice, Progasm, MGX, and Helix Syn. When you order these models such as the Progasm, you are linked to the Aneros website which is an amazing community for guys into promoting good prostate health. Finally, I am eternally grateful for meeting a some guys on BateWorld two years ago who use the Aneros and encouraged me to get my first models.

On Monday June 3, 2013, I celebrate my first anniversary of the beginning of my Aneros journey when I used the Helix Syn for the first time. The Helix Syn has a silicone coating which makes this model ideal for beginners in Anerosing. Just three weeks later, my prostate begin to awaken with series of P-waves. Then several weeks later I began using the Maximus, a larger model. And finally last September and October, I began using both the Progasm Classic and Progasm Ice models. By then I was well on the way in my Aneros journey, although it took many weeks and months for me to become proficient with the Aneros. I have not yet experienced a Super-O, the summum bonum of Anerosing, during which you experience one or a series of Super-O's in which your body along with your genitals experience may a full-body orgasm or several. That is a worthy goal, but right now I focus on having just as much fun and pleasure in my Aneros sessions as possible. I am seldom disappointed :-(

The awakened prostate! I can speak from Aneros sessions three-four times a week, each session lasting at least three hours. I come away from most of my sessions with a well-massaged, well-exercised prostate exuding sexual pleasure which permeates my manhood, my cock, balls, glans )cockhead(! My Kegels are so natural, so free after a session that I even ooze precum from the meatus )cumslit( of my glans!

But there is nothing like having an alive, quivering prostate "down there" as you masturbate. Your eager prostate wants to get in on the action as you jack your meat to climax! When that happens, I feel like a randy adolescent who has discovered jacking off!

Take care!

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First anniversary with the Aneros, 6/3/13 (A work in progress)

Hi guys,

Monday yesterday morning I observed my first anniversary of working with the Aneros. But before that event, in September or October 2011 some guys on BateWorld, a social website for guys into masturbation, introduced me to the Aneros. They were devoted Aneros users and saw how it enhanced both their prostate health and their sexual wellbeing. They encouraged me to buy my first models. So in late December, after seeing some hot Aneros videos on Xtube, I purchased the MGX, Helix Classic, and Progasm Classic models. However they looked so formidable, even menacing. How could I insert them, especially the HUGE Progasm, into my anus?!?! Thus they sat unused for many months.

Then in late March 2012, began marketing the Helix Syn model which has a soft silicone overlay. I was one of the very first customers to order one in early April, a few weeks later. But still it laid unopened and unused in its box for about three months.

Finally, I summoned enough courage to use the Helix Syn for the first time a year ago, early Sunday evening, June 3, 2012. I was amazed at how easily it inserted. Three weeks later I began experiencing my first P-waves and involuntaries. A few weeks later last July, I began experiencing my first walkinggasms, chairgasms, and bedgasms as my prostate began to waken up. During these weeks as I began to participate in the discussions on the Aneros Forum, I purchased the Maximus and Progasm Ice models, some weeks later the Eupho Classic.

In August 2012, I began using the Maximus. The Maximus helped me along in my Aneros journey. He enhanced my use of the Helix Syn. It took me some weeks to get used to Maximus. But Maximus began to strengthen and tighten up my Aneros musculature as well as the muscles of my inner thighs. That development really began to enhance my walks about the city. Although I have been a great walker here in the Georgetown for many years, my walks truly became power walks. Likewise my Aneros sessions put spring in my walks, not seen in many years. I certainly enjoyed and exulted in how my awakened prostate would join in my walking. Often I would experience walkinggasms. But most of all, my walks would cause my awaken my prostate to purr and vibrate out of joy. Often it seemed that the muscles in my thighs and groin would move back and forth as I walked along as though I was having an Aneros session!

Last September and October, I began using both Progasm Ice and Progasm Classic. It took me several weeks to begin to accommodate with these two models. During this time, I had to go slowly and carefully with these big bruisers, especially Progasm Classic. However in October, I made a great discovery. Both Progasm models were made especially for the Kegel Exercises. The Kegels enabled me to use both of these models with greater confidence and dexterity. Now both Progasm Classic and Progasm Ice are at bat at each Aneros session, along with Maximus. I love these big guys dearly!

Then in January 2013, I got my first Progasm Black Ice who works just as well as his brother, Progasm Ice. He too is at bat at each session.

In the last couple months, I have focused upon Alex_xxx's shallow breathing method and the Aneros Tug-of-War Technique as brought out in the Aneros Forum thread, A Quick and Dirty Path to the Super-O. These two techniques along with the stimulation of my erogenous zones, such as my hairy chest and nipples, really fuel my Aneros sessions now. I now Aneros at a much higher level and experience tons of pleasure! Also such Anerosing has enabled me to experience Helix Syn in ways never before, subtle ways of absolute pleasure.

Since the latter part of April, my sequence of Aneros models in my sessions has been as follows:

Helix Syn -- Progasm Ice -- Progasm Classic -- Maximus -- Progasm Black Ice.

Generally the duration of my sessions have lasted between 2.5 and 3 hours. Normally I have my sessions three times a week first thing in the morning after an early breakfast, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, with a Saturday session thrown in. I come away from each session satisfied and my prostate and anal musculature well exercised.

However last Memorial Day I ordered Progasm Junior at discount from Pleasure Tease in Philadelphia, PA. He arrived via USPS priority mail in the afternoon on Saturday. Progasm Junior is a little larger than the Helix models, not as large as Maximus and certainly not the Progasm models. Yes, he is on the small size in the Aneros line. But he has some amazing curvature on his head for sure.

Yesterday morning began with rainy weather. It was gloomy and dreary. Plus I had some depressing things on my mind. However, I began my session with Helix Syn. Helix Syn lifted my heavy spirits somewhat.

But I was totally unprepared for Progasm Junior which I tried next. Progasm Junior inserted so easily, but it seemed that he "went" directly for my prostate. And it seemed that my prostate went out of his way to greet my new member of my Aneros Team! The result was tantamount to love at first sight, a paroxysm of sheer pleasure! It was like Progasm Junior was telling me, "Hey, want to join your Aneros Team, and I can demonstrate by being a big team player!" And sure he did so in a real big way! It seemed that the Progasm Junior and my prostate gave each other a big bear hug, again producing ecstatic pleasure! Now, I just sat back and let Progasm Junior do his own thing. He worked in his own way and rather automatically! I was so lost in pleasure that I lost track of the time. I think my first meeting with Progasm Junior lasted at least 75 minutes. It seemed that he hit several home runs. Now yesterday I was experiencing such pleasure that I had a delicious erection too!

Then I continued in sequence with my other Aneros models as listed above. It seemed that yesterday's session must have lasted at least four hours. My prostate and anal musculature yesterday was certainly well-exercised, almost to the point of soreness. But it was a delicious soreness. My Aneros guys (which I love) as always performed admirably, each in his own way yesterday.

Well, my Aneros journey is a work in progress, I must say. No Super-O's yet. But with Progasm Junior now on my team and the absolute pleasure he's produced for me so far, experiencing my very first Super-O is well worth waiting for. I am sure my Aneros journey will continue along in some amazing and exciting ways with Aneros blessings galore along the way! Take care!

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Apartment renovation finally completed, May 9

Hi guys,

I have lived at my apartment here in Georgetown since early June 1986, nearly thirty years. My apartment was overdue for a major renovation, mainly because old lead-based paint had to be stripped from the walls and ceiling. There were also serious cracks in the plaster of my apartment which occurred from the 5.9 richter earthquake of late August 2011 here. The whole process of renovation took about a week. I had to move my whole library and other movable possessions to a vacant apartment nearby and then back again. I moved back in completely Thursday night, May 9, 2013.

During this period, I had to suspend my Aneros sessions. Aneros rewiring continued unabated. I became hornier and hornier for my Aneros buddies. Finally in the early morning of my move back in, I had an Aneros session. It felt so good! Since then, it has been so good to back to my Aneros routine again!

Take care!

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That Delicious Tightness in my Perineum

Hi guys,

In the last couple months or so, I have experienced a delicious tightness in my perineum as a result of the Kegel Exercises and my Anerosing, especially with the Progasm and Maximus models. Just now this evening I discovered once again that the Kegel Exercises in men are designed to strengthen both their pubococcygeal or PC muscles and the cremaster muscles. These two sets of muscles have a direct link to a man's scrotum and his anal sphincter muscles. But what is more beautiful and profound is that the Kegels have a close connection with the Aneros model, especially the Progasm.

I began noticing that when I began using both the Maximus and Progasm late last summer that these two models toned and firmed up all these sets of muscles. Hence the Kegel Exercises began to have a facility that I never experienced ever before. Not only do the Kegels work well with my Aneros models, especially with both the Progasm and Maximus models, but I come away from my sessions with the realization that my Kegels seem so natural, so easy to do!

But now in recent weeks there is that delicious tightness in my perineum which produces exquisite sweetness when I Kegel both within and outside my Aneros sessions. This sweetness is so sexual and pervades my entire genitals, a sweetness that approaches orgasm and ejaculation! What is even more wonderful now, such as tonight when I am composing this blog entry, mere stimulation of my nipples and hairy chest activates this sexual sweetness "down there!"

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Aneros Resonance and Harmonics, Session for April 11, 2013

Hi guys,

Earlier this week I had to get my act together and meet with my tax preparer to submit my taxes before the April 15 tax deadline next Monday. As a new "retiree," unfortunately this year I was hit with a sizable tax bill. Fortunately I was able to fill out a IRS form for an extension. So the deadline has been postponed to October 1, 2013, time enough for me to make arrangements to pay my tax bill.

Hence, my mind was far away from Anerosing for a good five days. There is a time-honored saying about absent lovers, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." That same could apply to guys into Anerosing. A guy like me who has an awakened prostate and enjoys a regular schedule of Aneros sessions craves the Aneros when circumstances takes him away from his "love" object. So when yesterday morning rolled around, after an absence of a good five days, I was really horny for the guys on my Aneros Team.

I have gotten to the point that I prefer my larger Maximus and Progasm models to my smaller Helix models. When I began Anerosing early last June, it took just three weeks for my prostate to awake. This happened during the beginning of another infamously hot and humid summer here in Washington, DC. It happened on an early Sunday morning with P-waves emanating from my prostate and spasms of involuntaries.

It got better as I began to use the Maximus last August and then both Progasm Ice and Progasm Classic a month later. Oh yes, I had get over the discomfort of these larger models. Things got much better last October when I discovered that both Progasm model were created especially for the Kegel Exercises. The Kegels in conjunction with the Progasm both toned and firmed up my anal musculature. In the process, I learned to do Kegels of varying duration and strength, and even of greater sophistication and subtlety. A major spinoff is tons of pleasure.

A month or so ago I discovered the technique of just letting go, riding the Progasm in no-hands fashion as a guy would ride of bicycle, and fall into the sheer joy of Aneros autof**king. When that happens, my anal musculature and sphincters, and certainly my prostate, are thoroughly massaged and worked over. I get horny just thinking about all this!

But yesterday morning, something amazing happened. It seemed that my Male Axis of Sexual Pleasure was vibrating out of sheer pleasure, almost like electricity. Relatively few men have experienced their male G-spot. But quite a few men have discovered that their prostate is their G-spot through the stimulating of their prostate whether through their prostate being massaged by a medical professional or by stimulating their own prostates through a prostate stimulator such as the Aneros! Quite a few men discover that their prostate is the seat of their manhood and that their penis, testicles and ancillary sex organs are subsidiary to this seat.

But mostly all guys look upon their penis as their "sexual organ of contact" whether for masturbation or various forms of sexual intercourse, e.g. vaginal, anal, or oral intercourse with a partner. Mostly all guys discover very early in life that their penis is capped by a glans and at the base of their manhood is their scrotum containing their testicles or "family jewels." Many guys enjoy stimulating or teasing their glans. They discover that pleasure arises in their glans, travels down their penile shaft and ends at the base of their penis and their testicles. Through masturbation they discover that this current of pleasure is circular, very much like an electrical circuit.

However some years ago, I devised a theory called the Male Axis of Sexual Pleasure. Of course, this male axis is his penis. This male axis also has poles at each end. At one end is his glans and at the other end is his prostate along with his testicles and ancillary sexual organs. The upshot of my Aneros sessions is that, while I still enjoy stimulating my glans, my Anerosed and awakened prostate, just loves to get into the act as I masturbate now. I am rediscovering what I experienced during the glory days of my early adolescence when masturbation along with orgasm and ejaculation was so near and yet so exciting!

Now to a description what happened Thursday morning:

Sequence of models used: Progasm Ice -- Progasm Classic -- Maximus -- Progasm Black Ice -- Progasm Classic in Blue.
Duration: ca. 3 hours.

I began my session with Progasm Ice. It has gotten to the point that whenever I insert Progasm Ice my prostate immediately revves up as an engine in excitement! Now all is required is just three 60 second Kegels and I am in business! Also it takes just a few minutes before the pleasure builds up and then Aneros autof**king happens. It is amazing now to just let myself fall into Aneros autopilot and let my Aneros buddies take over. Some amazing things happen when I do that, such as focusing my attention on the sensation of long Aneros fuck strokes. However, yesterday morning it seemed that a current of sexual pleasure was traveling from my prostate through the shaft of my penis to my glans. I call this phenomenon Aneros Resonance and Harmonics. This phenomenon continued with even more intensity with the Progasm Classic with his rugged, masculine traction. Oh boy! The sensations engendered by my big bruiser were leading me to something grand, something absolutely exciting! Finally Maximus with his length massaging the entire length of my prostate brought forth intense sensations of a different sort. I must strive to enter all this in a much fuller way in future sessions.

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