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Aneros Blogs > Gradus ad Aneros Parnassum (by BigGlansDC)

TRUE Aneros autof**king: Session for March 21, 2012

Hi guys,

I believe that I reached a milestone in my Anerosing this morning. I think it has to do with the true nature of Aneros autof**king. I'll tell you more why in a bit.

Sequence of models used: Helix Classic -- Progasm Black Ice -- Helix Syn -- Maximus -- Progasm Ice -- Progasm Classic.
Duration: 3.5+ hours.

This morning once again I began with the Helix Classic. He gave a direct, prostate massage and an awesome autof**k. Then I switched to Progasm Black Ice with his usual length and girth in motion!

But it was with Helix Syn this morning, I tried something different. I inserted my original buddy as usual on my side, but then sat at my PC with him inserted. The sensations I experienced while seated were new and unusual, although verging a little on the uncomfortable. Then I placed myself with Helix Syn still inserted in my usual position on my back with my butt on a folded pillow. I wasn't able to do much with Helix Syn in that position though. So I "necked" with him for a while. Very little ensued.

Then I continued with Maximus again seated at my PC. Again some new and unusual sensations, although more intense. I think it had to do with the P-tab in more direct contact with my perineum than usual. More discomfort was the result of sitting with my Maximus inserted. So I returned to my futon in the same position as before. Initially it seemed that the fire had gone out in my session. But then the erotic fire again began to reignite, this time around, building in intensity in my prostate. I was on to something new and exciting.

Here is how Aneros autof**king begins with me. With each of my Aneros models, I will use usually three or four extended Kegels, or anal contactions or clutches, lasting about sixty seconds a piece. While I do this, my prostate awakens, gets hard and erect, and begins to quiver and flutter with pleasure. In a way, my prostate is similar to an engine revving up. The pleasure builds as I do this and autof**king begins gently. Then I relax, perhaps at times doze off, and then the autof**king begins BIG TIME in jackrabbit strokes, about two to three a second. The smaller models of Helix Syn and Helix Classic massage my prostate in no-hands autof**k fashion. But Progasm Ice, Progasm Black Ice, and Progasm Classic pummel my ass as the bruisers they are! Wish my sessions were recorded for Xtube for all to see this happen. Gee, I should be in pictures!

I have never had vaginal intercourse with a lady, nor have I had anal intercourse with a guy. So I am very much out of the loop when it comes to traditional f**king with both females and males. But this morning, I experienced an absolute first with the Maximus. He autof**ked me with strokes lasting a good four, five, or six seconds long, perhaps as long and slow strokes found in actual intercourse! I believe that as I explore Anerosing with Maximus that he may lead me into realms unimaginable when it comes to Aneros possibilities. All this spilled over to both Progasm Ice and Progasm Classic afterwards in what their length and girth do to my anal musculature and prostate! Take care!

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Aneros Carnal Knowledge, Session for March 19, 2013

Hi guys,

I have suspended for the time being blogging about every Aneros session I have now. Generally now I Aneros first thing in the morning three to four times a week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, or Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. I find Saturday morning sessions the best day of the week for me. The rental office is closed Saturday mornings and there is hardly any staff roaming the corridors of our building then. Plus most of my fellow tenants sleep in late Saturday mornings. That means I can have long, leisurely sessions with hardly any distraction.

In many ways, my sessions in the last couple months have become routine. Generally I begin my sessions with a small Aneros model such as the Helix Classic or Helix Syn. Often I enjoy using the Maximus as an "opener" despite his length. Then I'll move on to either Progasm Ice or Progasm Black Ice before using a smaller model for the mid session. Finally I move on to the main course, consisting of first Progasm Ice or Black Ice introducing me to big, bruiser Progasm Classic. It is with this big bro twosome that I have some really serious Anerosing and autof**k action which makes me glad that I am a man! Sometimes I'll conclude a session with a smaller model as well. Also I work with each model on the average of 30 to 45 minutes, but I let each session dictate the action. All this is subsumed in the sensations which I feel from each model, but all this is different and changes constantly as I Aneros away. My Aneros buddies are so good to me. They have helped me to get in touch with my body in a mighty way in the nearly nine months I have worked with them. Of course, the epicenter of all this erotic feeling and energy is located in my now awakened prostate. In essence, I am working with my erotic male intuition emanating from my prostate, the center of my sexual apparatus. I come away from most of my Aneros sessions, profoundly affirmed, so glad I am a man!

Sequence of models used: Helix Classic -- Progasm Black Ice -- Maximus -- Progasm Ice -- Progasm Classic
Duration: 2.5+ hours
Lube used: Virgin olive oil

I chose "Aneros Carnal Knowledge" as the title of this blog entry. Some etymologists believe the word, FUCK, is an acronym for For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge. It was written in 18th or 19th century British court martial reports of English military sexual misbehavior. But other authorities believe that "to fuck" is derived from the Old English verb "ficken" with cognates in other Germanic languages. Carnal knowledge begins in intense physical courtship of lovers and ends up in elopement, unlawful sexual intercourse. In many societies, the only lawful carnal knowledge is found in the marriage of one man and one woman, although this is being changed with the legalization of same-sex marriage in quite a few countries in our day.

OK, sorry to go so far afield, but carnal knowledge is also found in Anerosing. The devoted Aneros user gradually discovers the connection that his body, even his consciousness has with his Aneros prostate stimulators. He begins to discover this connection as his prostate awakens and the process of Aneros rewiring. Aneros carnal knowledge leads guys on the path to Aneros realization found ultimately in Super-O's and other Aneros blessings. I am traveling upon such a path, however long and gradual it may be.

I began this morning's session at 7:25 a.m. with the Helix Classic. I have come to appreciate how the Helix Classic stimulates my prostate in a very direct way. This morning I just allowed the Helix Classic to "neck" with my prostate and just let the pleasure build. In the process, my prostate swelled and became rockhard, very much like an erect penis, yet pliable as I let it "work" my prostate. The pleasure was immeasurable.

Then I switched to Black Progasm Ice which delivered a full-bodied massage to my prostate. Yet again I wanted the Progasm Black Ice to just neck with my prostate. It felt real good.

As always Maximus stimulated the full length of my prostate and at the same time "hooked" around my prostate. I focused upon what it was doing to my prostate. Again it felt really good. I believe it was when I worked with Maximus that I let go and let the autof**king begin. The result was unbridled pleasure.

Finally I concluded with Progasm Ice and his older, big bruiser brother, Progasm Classic. It was absolutely beautiful what these big guys could do as I let go and let them autof**k me. I believe that there are two to three autof**k strokes per second when it happens. I just love feeling the autof**k action as my anal canal and sphincters are stroked and my prostate is pummeled by my three Progasm models. And I certainly enjoy how the Maximus strokes my prostate when it autof**ks me.

Now after my Aneros session today, I had one of the most memorable Aneros afterglows that I have had in a long time. I kegeled off and on most of the day. I also received a couple messages from guys who enjoy reading my blog. With all the terrible news going on in the world these days, it is reassuring to know that the Aneros is there to lift us up as men and give us good physical, mental, and sexual health, and even spiritual wellbeing. Take care!

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Can't get enough of Aneros lovin', Sessions for February 11-14

Monday morning session, February 11: Necking with my Aneros buddies.

Sequence of models used: Progasm Black Ice -- Progasm Classic -- Helix -- Progasm Ice -- Maximus
Duration: ca. 2.75 hours.

This morning I "necked" with each of my Aneros buddies during much of the session just letting the pleasure build. It felt so nice when the "boiling" centered in my prostate reached critical point when the autof**k action began. It really felt good!!!

Thursday morning session, February 14: Quality time with my big Aneros buddies.

Duration of models used: Progasm Ice -- Progasm Classic -- Maximus -- Progasm Black Ice
Duration: ca. 2.75 hours.

This morning I spent a good 75 minutes with each of my Aneros big buddies which I just love and adore. I used long and firm Kegels with each of these guys and was richly rewarded with good, hot autof**k action! I just cannot get enough of these good Aneros buddies!!!

Saturday morning session, February 16: A full court press!

Sequence of models used: Helix Syn -- Maximus -- Progasm Ice -- Helix Classic -- Progasm Classic -- Maximus -- Progasm Black Ice.
Duration: A good 4 hours!

Wow! What a session I had this morning! In the last few months, certainly when I began to gain confidence in using the Maximus and Progasm models, I have had quite a few amazing sessions that have left me speechless. This morning my session was a full court press, man-to-man action of my Aneros buddies on a basketball court, actually a sequence of smaller models sandwiched between larger models.

I began the session at around 6:35 a.m. after a couple hours of foreplay before physical and mental. Oh, I really wanted this session. I was really horny for my Aneros buddies. Actually my horniness began early last evening when I attempted a masturbation session. I really wanted some self-loving. Unfortunately a fire alarm in my apartment building which preempted my date with my penis, scrotum, and prostate. Yes, prostate! )But more about that later(. So my horniness had to simmer until early this morning. So this morning, I began with Helix Syn, my good buddy who initiated me into Anerosing early June 2012. I spent a good hour with Helix Syn, necking with him, letting him lie upon my prostate, letting the pleasure build, and then letting him massage my prostate in long full strokes, rapid quick strokes in jack rabbit fashion, over and over again.

Then I switched to Maximus which I began using in August 2012. I spent perhaps 30 minutes necking with him mostly, just savoring his long, direct touch along with the full-length of my prostate.

But it was only with Progasm Ice that my session this morning really began to take off. I am amazing always by the full-bodied massage action of my Progasm buddies. I just love how their girth massages anal musculature as well as my prostate. I savor the sleek in and out action Progasm Ice and Black Ice as they autof**k me. So this morning I just let Progasm Ice do his job in manly fashion as I spent 75 minutes minutes with him. Wow!

Likewise I gave some quality time with Helix Classic, just love his direct touch upon my prostate. Then I switched to big, bruiser Progasm Classic which I consider the epitome of Anerosing, my very best buddy. It is said that the Progasm Classic is a real challenge to use. That is true. This model is not recommended to beginners in Anerosing, especially those who have not had any experience in anal play. Yet, Progasm Classic was among the very first models which I ordered in December 2012. When I saw him for the very first time, held him in my hand and felt his heft, he looked and felt absolutely intimidating. This is a model most guys have to work up to gradually. Progasm Ice introduced me to big, bruiser "f**ker" Progasm Classic, but it took me a good two months before I was able to Aneros with my Progasm buddies with confidence. What I like most about Progasm Classic is that he provides traction which is ideal for developing my anal musculature and sphincters which comes through the Kegeling and Anerosing! This morning I spent a good 75 minutes of quality time with my best buddy as he loved me up! Thank you Progasm Classic for being always there for me as my main man in teaching me what Anerosing is all about!

Then I returned to Maximus again for another 75 minutes. This time I let his full-bodied length massage the entire length of my prostate in various ways just as Helix Syn did earlier. But this morning I focused some in suspending the autof**k action of the Maximus in just letting the pleasure build until autof**king bursts forth like a pile driver! I did this over and over again and reaped tons of pleasure! Finally I ended this morning's session with Progasm Black Ice who replicated some of the action of his brother, Progasm Ice. But I worked with Progasm Black Ice for only 20 minutes as fatigue was setting in. In total, I spent a good four hours with my Aneros Team who left me satiated and satisfied with pleasure!

I conclude with a brief comment on masturbation. There is truly a vital connection between a guy's prostate and his entire sexual apparatus, especially his testicles and his penis. When I masturbate now, I am thrilled that my awakened Anerosed prostate loves to get in on the action. But more about this in a later blog entry. Take care!

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Recovery from a brief illness : Sessions for the week of February 2-9

Hi guys,

Last Saturday morning, January 26, I had one of my best Aneros sessions ever. However, I took a chill from my frigid apartment on a winter's morning. We have had several weeks of real winter weather recently in comparison to the balmy January a year ago when daffodils were blooming in my part of DC. However this past Wednesday we had temperatures near 70 degrees before the arrival of a strong cold front which arrived Wednesday evening. So we are back to the winter stuff.

The chill I received last Saturday developed into sore throat that evening. Yet I went to services at church last Sunday at a church complex without heat. Before the day was out, I had a full-fledged cold along with chills with a slight fever. I may have suffered a mild form of the flu. I had to let the illness take its course. That meant suspension of my Aneros sessions and my customary long walks. Yet Aneros rewiring went on unabated during my illness with my awakened prostate, much like the purring of a V8 engine in idle. I found that very reassuring during my frustration of being kept away from my Aneros buddies. Now that engine is ready for some action this morning!

)Session just below composed late Sunday afternoon, February 3(

Saturday morning session, Febrary 2.
Sequence of models used: Helix Syn -- Progasm Black Ice -- Maximus -- Progasm Classic.
Duration: 2.5 hours plus.
Lubricant: Extra virgin olive oil.

I began the session at an unusually late hour around 7:45 a.m. with the Helix Syn. I began gradually with this buddy who introduced me to Anerosing early June 2012. He gave me a good, aggressive ride and thus was a great preparation for Progasm Black Ice which as usual gave me an enjoyable, smooth ride. I just love the smooth as glass action and the girth of both Ice and Black Ice and they prepare me for their older brother, big bruiser Progasm Classic, my master teacher in Anerosing. Maximus as always works in his very special way in "hooking" around the full length of my prostate. And last and night least Progasm Classic was there to love me up in big man fashion. I wanted so much to continue on with Helix Syn and end with Progasm Ice, but I was beginning to suffer exposure from my cold apartment, and so brought my session to an end just over 2.5 hours. So despite being knocked out of action with the Aneros for nearly a week, little progress was lost.

Monday morning session, February 4: Back to full-fledged Aneros action!

Sequence of models used: Progasm Black Ice -- Progasm Classic -- Helix Syn -- Maximus -- Progasm Ice.
Duration: ca. 3.5 hours.
Lubricant: Extra virgin olive oil )EVOO(.

I hardly remember this session, but I am sure it certainly felt really good! My return to regular Aneros sessions has aided me in my swift recovery from a mild flu.

)Composed Tuesday February 5(:

Wednesday morning session, February 6: I love my Progasm big buddies!

Sequence of models used: Progasm Black Ice -- Progasm Classic.
Duration: 1.5 hours only.
Lubricant: EVOO.

Yeah, I do! I spent only 75 minutes each with Progasm Black Ice and Progasm Classic Wednesday morning finishing up around 8 a.m. I just love the full-bodied autof**k action of the Progasm models but couldn't spend more time with my buddies because I had to get ready and leave on time for my Wednesday volunteering.

Wednesday evening I went to meeting at Catholic University across town which left me drained. I had to take Thursday off to process what was discussed at the meeting. I even took a two hour nap in the midday just to regain my equilibrium.

Friday morning session, February 8: Those sweet, delicious Aneros feelings!

Sequence of models used: Progasm Black Ice -- Progasm Classic -- Helix Syn -- Maximus.
Duration: ca. 3 hours.
Lubricant: EVOO.

Friday's session was a consolation prize for my "short" Wednesday morning session. As always I spent a long, leisure time with Progasm Black Ice and Progasm Classic. Just love the feeling of these two big girthy guys as they go in and out of my mancunt and also just let them autof**k me as they wont to do, in no-hands fashion! I also "necked" with both Helix Syn and Maximus and just let those sweet, delicious Aneros feelings build! It is often hard to bring a session to an end. My body craves more Aneros action! But fatigue and the threshold of pain )overdoing it( tells me to stop. When Anerosing, it is always good to listen to your body.

Saturday morning session, February 9: "Full court press!"

Sequence of models used: Helix Syn -- Maximus -- Progasm Ice -- Helix Classic -- Progasm Classic -- Progasm Black Ice.
Duration: 3.25 hours.
Lubricant EVOO.

I am using the basketball term, "Full court press," for man-to-man action on the basketball court as the title for this morning's session. I wanted to "neck" with Helix Syn, just savor him lying upon my prostate. But the pleasure grew with Helix Syn as my prostate became erect, engorged with the excitement of being so subtly and deftly caressed. Then I switched over to Maximus and I loved once again how he caresses directly the full-length of my prostate.

Progasm Ice performed well as even a full-bodied, yet sleek massage. Just loved also the feeling of his girth massaging my anal musculature in in-and-out action! I do not work though with Helix Classic enough, but this morning I spent just fifteen minutes with him and enjoyed his direct touch. I think I'll use Helix Classic to begin Monday morning's session next week. I concluded today's session with working with both Progasm Classic and Progasm Black Ice thirty minutes each. Gee, I cannot get enough of my Progasm buddies! I just love and adore their big man fashion of Anerosing! Take care!

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My now "Three" Progasm Buddies which I love and adore! Sessions for January 23-26

Hi guys,

Since last September 2012, I have been working with first, Progasm Ice, and then Progasm Classic. They along with the Maximus have joined my regular lineup of models on my Aneros Team. Both models of the Progasm have been mainstays in just about every session. You may remember that I had gotten Progasm Classic along with MGX and Helix Classic in December 2011. But they sat unused in my closet because they, especially the Progasm, seemed so intimidating. Like how could I insert such models up my anus?!?! But it was Helix Syn with his deft, soft silicone overlay that led the way when I started Anerosing early June 2012.

Last September during a session on a Friday morning on a lark, I inserted Progasm Ice for the first time. While he didn't slip entirely to the hilt, I did certainly feel a rush a pleasure that I never felt before when I attempted to insert him. That rush of pleasure through my body was a harbinger, or a promise of good times coming. But it took me several weeks of patience and persistence to insert Progasm Ice easily to the hilt without pain. More so with his big bruiser bro, Progasm Classic. But it was during a session in October that I discovered that these two models were made for the Kegel Exercises and visa versa. In fact, both the Progasm and Kegels were made for each other. My blog entries describe in detail how the Kegels improved my Anerosing in recent months. Likewise, now it is always delightful how Aneros sessions naturally lead me to doing the Kegels outside of sessions.

So Monday a week ago, Progasm Black Ice joined the lineup on my Aneros Team. He inserted so easily and pleasurably the very first time because now I am so well Anerosed. It was so wonderful!

Wednesday morning session, January 23:
Sequence of models used: Progasm Black Ice -- Progasm Classic -- Progasm Ice.
Duration: 2 hours.

Wednesday was a volunteer day, so I did not have the luxury of a long, leisurely session. I worked only with my now "three" Progasm buddies. They all gave my prostate and anal musculature a full, thorough workout. I came away thoroughly satisfied and fulfilled, ready to tackle what seemed my most intense volunteer session ever.

Thursday morning session, January 24:
Sequence of models used: Maximus -- Progasm Black Ice -- Helix Classic -- Progasm Classic.
Duration: 2 hours.

Thursday I had an "ordinary" Aneros session with small and big models. On the whole, it was a good session.

Saturday morning session, January 26.
Sequence of models used: Maximus -- Progasm Black Ice -- Progasm Classic -- Helix Syn -- Maximus -- Progasm Ice.
Duration: 4 hours.

This morning a good long session with my now three Progasm models, twice with Maximus, and only thirty minutes with Helix Syn. All these models gave me a great workout. I certainly enjoy how Maximus interacts so well with me these days that I tried him twice today. He performed so admirably in delivering my prostate a full and direct massage. I spent a good long time with Progasm Ice today first by letting him "necking" with me and then delivering my prostate and anal musculature a full-bodied massage over and over again. This "extra long" session early this morning was a great way to end the week. Tomorrow, being Sunday, I will give my entire Aneros time and myself a good rest as demanded by the Lord's sabbath. Each Aneros session which I have now has a delayed affect. Certainly the mammoth session I had this morning is one that has to be both savored and "digested" by both my psyche and body. Take care! )Blog entry completed Saturday night(.

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Aneros Autopilot, Long Autof**k Strokes, and Focus: Sessions for January 19 & 21

Hi guys,

This morning )Saturday January 19( I arose at 5:15 a.m. after hearing the hourly news on the radio. Then I had a leisurely breakfast with some cups of coffee during which I did my laundry. Afterwards around 7 a.m., I had a BM, shaved and bathed, and set up for the session this morning which began later than normal at 7:30 and concluded 10:45 a.m.

Sequence models used: Helix Classic -- Progasm Black Ice -- Maximus -- Helix Syn -- Progasm Classic:
Lube used: Extra virgin olive oil.
Duration: ca 3.15 hours.

My session this morning helped me settle upon extra virgin olive oil as my lube of choice, although I will continue to switch off with Astroglide. I can use little amounts of extra virgin olive oil for lubing my butthole and my Aneros tools. Insertion and withdrawal of my Aneros buddies along with massage action is so smooth and easy with olive oil.

I began with Helix Classic. He slipped easily to the hilt. I performed a few 60 second Kegels upon him as I felt the pleasure build in my prostate. Once again my prostate was a V8 engine revving up easily with the slightest motion. This morning I decided to just "sit quietly" with this good buddy as two lovers would. Then I would let Aneros autopilot take over as I laid both my hands at my side on the towel. I began to focus on the autof**k strokes of my Helix Classic upon my prostate. It was beginning to feel really good, but the best was coming for sure!

Next I switched to Progasm Black Ice, the newest member of my Aneros Team. He performed admirably as did Maximus who followed my new black big bruiser. Afterward, I just sit with Helix Syn for a while even though on the surface little happened. I concluded this morning's session with big, bruiser Progasm Classic who performed just as well as Progasm Black Ice, perhaps even better.

I now summarize this session with some definitions of a several terms and some observations:

1. Aneros Autopilot is when you suspend as much of your active Anerosing as possible. You let your body take over and just let your Aneros tools have control over in your sessions. You may even fall into a trance when you do this. You just let smaller Aneros models such as Helix Classic and Helix Syn deliver the best type of prostate massage as they can.

2. Aneros autof**k strokes can be short and long. They can be rapid, jackrabbit strokes, or slow yet deep strokes. Imagine in your mind how a man fucks and you get the picture. The best lover is one who goes with the flow, so too the experienced Aneroser.

3. Aneros focus is when the Aneroser pays close attention to what his Aneros good buddies are doing to him. He is lost in wonder in the absolute pleasure that the members on his Aneros Team are rendering to him.

So Saturday morning, I endeavored to get into the Aneros Zone of Pleasure with each of my Aneros tools. I started with Helix Classic. Helix Classic delivers direct stimulation to my prostate. So what I did was position the head of Helix Classic on my prostate. Helix Classic laid on my prostate for a minute or so as I felt my prostate harden, become erect, and pulsate or "boil" with pleasure, much as a steam locomotive does before it starts pulling the train forward. My pulsating prostate with increasing pleasure sets in motion the autof**k stroking. This happened several times with Helix Classic.

With Maximus, it was even more so with long autof**k strokes time and time again. With Progasm )Black( Ice and Progasm Classic this was especially so with such pummeling at my "backdoor!" that I have only experienced in the last couple weeks at least.

So in conclusion to this discussion on Aneros Autopilot, Aneros Autof**king of various types, and Aneros focus, especially when Getting into the Aneros Zone, somehow the image of Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone National Park comes to mind. This famous geyser has an underground network of chambers containing water fed by springs, all heated by super-hot volcanic rock. These underground chambers of water are first set a-boiling and then the steam comes charging suddenly out of the geyser in a series of spectacular jets sky high once an hour. Or when a guy is masturbating his penis and his testicles, seminal vesicles, ampullae, prostate, and ancillary organs are set a-boiling with semen being mixed and churned like milk to cream. He experiences mounting sexual pleasure in the process which leads ultimately to orgasm and ejaculation of his semen much like Old Faithful Geyser. There is nothing like a man who shoots cum and in the process feels pleasure emanating from his groin suffusing his whole body, even his whole consciousness. This is certainly true also in the heat of coitus when he makes love to his beloved.

But an experienced Aneroser experiences this over and over in his sessions. He ultimately will experience a Super-O, or even several, or even many series of MMO's. This what I yearn for both within my Aneros sessions and outside them.

Monday morning session, January 21:
Sequence of models used: Helix Syn -- Maximus -- Progasm Black Ice -- Helix Classic -- Progasm Classic.
Lube used: Extra virgin olive oil.
Duration: ca. 3 hours.

This morning I experienced pretty much what I experienced this past Saturday. The most wonderful thing about Aneros autopilot is that I can focus upon and observe how each of my Aneros tools massage my prostate. )Written on Tuesday afternoon, the day following(. While yesterday morning's session went well enough, my mind were other places, such as President Obama's second inauguration and yesterday's Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. Yet my prostate and anal canal were well Anerosed. Even when my mind is focused other places or activities, there is that revved boil in my idle V8 engine which is my prostate!

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Those \"long\" Aneros autof**k strokes: Sessions for January 10-18

Hi guys,

When I had my first successful masturbation to orgasm and ejaculation of semen that memorable Satuday night in April 1964, I felt empowered. Despite the disapproval of my parents and my newly retired U.S. Navy physician, this empowerment became a closely guarded secret. This empowerment was the activation of my developing manhood. So also with my Aneros sessions. Quite a few people on the Net know about this secret, but I have only one friend here in DC who knows and applauds, I am sure.

Session for Thursday morning, January 10:

Sequence of models used: Helix Syn -- Maximus -- Progasm Ice -- Helix Classic -- Progasm Classic.
Duration: ca. 3 hours.

For Thursday's session, I followed a sequence of Aneros models in the order that I first used them pretty much. I began first with Helix Syn who introduced me to Anerosing early last June. Now he inserts easily and I am ready for business! I performed perhaps a good five or six 60 second Kegels on him. Yesterday morning, I was amazed that my prostate revved up almost immediately like the V8 engine he is! We spent a good 55 minutes together in an amazing autof**k of great ease. The same thing happened with Maximus. I noticed yesterday very clearly the long autof**k strokes Maximus is capable of. This type of action continued with Progasm Ice and Progasm Classic, although the autof**king action was definitely fuller. Once again Helix Classic performed wonderfully through his utmost directness.

It is absolutely wonderful to work with each model with initial Kegeling and Anerosing, but then my body takes over in an autof**k that goes anywhere with lots of surprises, chock full of pleasure!

Saturday morning session, January 12:

Sequence of models used: Helix Syn -- Progasm Ice -- Maximus -- Progasm Classic -- Helix Syn.
Duration: ca. 3.5 hours.

Wow, Extra virgin olive oil as lube! Saturday morning I used extra virgin olive oil for the very first time and was amazed at how easily was the insertion and withdrawal of each of my Aneros buddies! I also discovered that very little olive oil is necessary, similar to the old 1950-60's Brill-creem jingle, "a little dab will do ya!"

Monday morning session, January 14:

Sequence of models used: Maximus -- Progasm Classic -- Helix Syn -- Progasm Ice -- Helix Classic -- Progasm Classic.
Lube used: Astroglide.
Duration: 3 hours.

My session Monday morning went well enough but it was not one of my best sessions. The cold, damp, and dreary weather we had since Sunday has worn me out and contributed to a generally luck luster session. Nevertheless I am developing greater control and subtlety in my Kegels and autof**k action. Towards the end of the session, I spent quite a bit of time with Helix Classic lying upon my prostate and just savoring that motionless sensation. However, I was fatigued when I attempted to use Progasm Classic for a second time and thus brought the session to to end.

Wednesday morning session, January 16:

Sequence of models used: Maximus -- Progasm Black Ice -- Helix Syn -- Progasm Classic.
Lube used: Astroglide.
Duration: 2.75 hours.

A Progasm Black Ice debut.
A Progasm Classic breakthrough: Autopilot. Long autof**k strokes. Pure absolute pleasure! Time spent with my big, bruiser buddy: 45 minutes.

Friday morning session, January 18:

Sequence models used: Maximus -- Progasm Black Ice -- Helix Syn -- Progasm Classic.
Lube used: Astroglide.
Duration: ca 2.25 hours.

Felt cold in my apartment this morning. The cold weather and the lack of a bowel movement before my session prevented me from having a really good session. I will not say that it was a dud though. I just wanted some serious Anerosing time with my Aneros buddies, much like a group of guys who enjoy each others' company and together will play ball no matter what.

In closing, I apologize for such brief comments on my last five sessions. First, my PC has been acting strangely since a Google Chrome update which occurred Saturday morning a week ago. Then we had a good five days of dreary, rainy, and cold weather. But today Saturday, January 19, has been clear with blue skies and brilliant sunshine, although still on the cold side. Take care!

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My Aneros Team: A Show and Tell

Hi guys,

A good buddy who lives near me and I had a telephone chat early this morning mostly to exchange belated New Year's greetings and just catch up on our lives. He has used the Aneros some years ago and still has a couple of the prostate massagers in his possession. He has expressed an intense interest in my Aneros sessions.

As a promise to him and as a benefit to all who read my blog, but especially to those who haven't gotten into Anerosing yet, tonight I will have a show and tell of my good buddies on my Aneros Team. I have become so fond of all my Aneros buddies that I have both personified and sexualized them. In a way, they are like a hunky baseball or football team. Thinking about my Aneros tools in this fashion helps me anticipate my working with them when I have my Aneros sessions every other day. In fact, I get horny just thinking about them!

In this blog entry, I will hyperlink to each Aneros model I introduce. Hence, you will see and study each model for yourself, perhaps even purchase one or several Aneros for yourself.

A year ago, I purchased my first Aneros models from Amazon at discount. They were the MGX, Helix Classic, and Progasm Classic models. They looked so formidable that they sat unused in my closet until this fall.

In March 2012, began marketing the Helix Syn model at slight discount. I was one of first to purchase it along with the Maximus. But again they sat unused until early last June.

Some good buddies on BateWorld egged me on Sunday June 3 which was my fortieth anniversary from graduating from college. So early that evening, I tried Helix Syn for the first time. You will notice that it has a soft silicone overlay. Well, Helix Syn slipped in fairly easily that evening. He took away my fears because I had very little experience with anal play. Helix Syn became my mainstay for two months. On early Sunday, June 24, I experienced my first episode of P-waves. Later that morning after coming home from breakfast out, I experienced my very first dry orgasm out of the blue while walking. Aneros users call those "walkinggasms." Then one morning in early July, out of the blue, I experienced my first dry orgasm while seated at my PC. Aneros aficionados call those "chairgasms." I am glad that I cut my Aneros teeth on the Helix Syn.

After two months of gaining Aneros experience with Helix Syn, in early August I graduated to Maximus. Maximus is one of the larger models on my Aneros team. He slipped fairly easily the first time. But in subsequent sessions with him, he kept slipping out through peristalsis, involuntary waves of my anal muscles. Some seasoned Aneros users on Aneros Forum told me that the Maximus is not well balanced. But I was undaunted in my perseverance in learning to use Maximus. Also initially, I suffered some discomfort from Maximus. But throughout August, even during the persistent summer heat, I noticed that Maximus and Helix Syn were beginning to tone not only my anal musculature and prostate, but even more so the muscles of my pelvis and thighs which enhanced my walks around the city in new ways!

Now, in September, my Aneros sessions began to make a quantum leap when I began using both the Progasm Ice and Progasm Classic for the first time. This two BIG guys, which I absolutely adore and love, are the largest Aneros models in both girth and length. One Friday morning, I felt ready to use Progasm Ice for the first time. Progasm Ice stands out in my Aneros Team because of sleek design. I was amazed that he inserted so easily and in the process began to flood my anal canal with pleasure. This was a harbinger of good times coming! His older brother, big bruiser, Progasm Classic, was more daunting because inserting him was more difficult and caused some pain. Some weeks later in October, I discovered a major secret with working with both Progasm Classic and Progasm Ice-- Just insert both these BIG guys to the hilt. Both these Progasm models are different from the other Aneros models. Progasm has a P-tab which positions itself upon your perineum and a K-tab which is placed upon your coccyx )tail bone(. When both these big guys are inserted to the hilt. When that happens, both tabs are correctly positioned and you feel that you are locked in place.

The other major secret that I discovered about these two Progasm bros is that they were constructed ideally for the Kegel Exercises. When I begin working with each of these two models, I perform a good seven 60 second Kegels on them. While doing this, the pleasure begins to build. Then I am ready to let the massage action of these guys begin working both my anal canal and prostate. It is a full body workout with my prostate being well massaged and my anal musculature becoming toned and strengthened. The result of such exercise is absolute pleasure.

Once I began working with my Progasm bros with confidence and delight, all this enabled me to work well with Maximus and Helix Syn. Both these models, I discovered, began to massage my prostate directly.

In early November, I began working with Eupho, for perhaps two sessions. This is a long, slender model which many guys enjoy using. Quite a few guys enjoy sleeping with the Eupho inserted at night too.
About the same time on a Saturday afternoon in November, I tried both the MGX and Helix Classic models for the first time. Both these models were perhaps the earliest models to be marketed by Island Health. Many guys begin with MGX and move on quickly to Helix Classic. I have decided to lay MGX aside for the time being. But he along with Eupho are good candidates for nighttime Aneros sessions asleep in bed. However, with Helix Classic, it was love at first sight. He is a mainstay on my Aneros First Team along his younger brother, Helix Syn, and my adorable Progasm bros and Maximus!

Like I said, I am very fond of all my Aneros buddies and how they love me up! They complement each other in delivering Anerosing which is just getting better and better with each session. There is a session that is seldom a dud. What I like to do is alternate big and small guys in session, although I just love working with Progasm Ice and Progasm Classic as a pair together. I just love how these two big guys work on me in BIG TIME fashion. Their loving is so sexual and manly!

Finally, just study all the various Aneros models from and just let them come into your life. Oh yes, tonight, Progasm Ice has an even younger brother, Progasm Black Ice! The Aneros web site pictures this bruiser as a stylish sports car. Well, I have a different impression of this model, but I'll keep it to myself :(. I think in a day or so, I'll try to purchase this model. Take care!

P.S. A brief summary of each Aneros model in order of my acquaintanceship which may be a useful selection guide:

1. Helix Syn: This is the newest Aneros model. It has a soft silicone overlay which makes it a suitable model for a beginner who has no experience with anal play. Its massage action on the prostate is direct, but not as aggressive as its older brother, Helix Classic.

2. Maximus: This long model is good for a more experienced Aneros user. However, an absolute beginner with Maximus has to overcome the tendency to slip out. A regimen of Kegel Exercises can correct this fault.

3. Progasm Ice: A more experienced user can graduate this this model known for its huge length and girth. Its sleek feel aids in insertion in the anal canal. This model was invented for the Kegel Exercises and hence will enable the man using it to strengthen his anal musculature.

4. Progasm Classic: Same thing is true with this older brother of Progasm Ice. Insertion may be a little painful in the beginning. Experienced users will love its traction. They will love to perform Kegels on this bruiser. Many will esteem this model as their mainstay in Anerosing.

5. Eupho: This Aneros model has a long, yet slender design. Because of this design, many guys prefer this model and may sleep with it inserted.

6. MGX: This is one of the earlier models marketed by Aneros/High Island Health. Its lower stem has a ribbed texture ideal for exercising and massaging the anal muscles. It too is used by many guys for sleeping in bed.

7. Helix Classic: Likewise this is one of the first Aneros models to be marketed. It gives the prostate a direct and vigorous, yet pleasurable massage. Quite a few guys enjoy sleeping with it at night.

8. Progasm Black Ice: Last and night least is this model which I want to purchase very soon. This is the black version of Progasm Ice and has its sleekness. It reminds me of a black stallion!

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Aneros Autof**k Stroke Focus: Sessions for January 5, 7, & 9

Hi guys,

Late this afternoon I had an Aneros Saturday matinee during which I achieved a breakthrough. I believe I achieved genuine Aneros autof**king with each of the models on my Aneros First Team.

Saturday Matinee, January 5:

Sequence of models used: Helix Classic -- Progasm Ice -- Helix Syn -- Maximus -- Progasm Classic
Duration: ca. 4 hours.

My session began finally at 4:30 p.m. with the intention to go slowly, gradually, and gently in my Anerosing. So I began with Helix Classic upon which I performed three or four 60 second Kegels. Then I laid there quietly with the head of Helix Classic lying directly upon my prostate. I used the softest and gentlest massage strokes as possible from which pleasure developed ever so slowly. And then, BANG! The autof**king began from Helix Classic! I let the autof**K action have its way which continued for a good hour! I was amazed in that I did so very little, hardly any Kegels, and the slightest of breaths. The Helix Classic very nearly did everything! I let the autof**king lead me wherever it would go. All I did was observe and was alert to such f**king action! I was regaled with crescendos of autof**ks galore! Very gentle Kegels and/or breaths would cause a crescendo of great pleasure! I also discovered that I could let the autof**king diminish toward nothing, and then restart the process again and again! It appears that I am developing control over my Anerosing, even when it is automatic. I worked with Helix Syn for a good hour in this fashion late this afternoon.

With both Progasm Ice and Progasm Classic, I had to do aggressive Kegeling to begin the f**k action, but very soon after this action became just as automatic, very much like the Energizer Bunny! This action just would not just stop. It kept going. Both Progasm models felt like butt plugs pummeling my ass. It felt so good. Of course, I would Kegel gently occasionally to keep the action going. It felt like these two big guys were really taking me on an amazing ride.

Same thing with both Helix Syn and Maximus. I was getting a little fatigued when I started with Maximus. But once I began Anerosing with Maximus, my body took over in an amazing autof**k!

It is like I was riding with no hands! Very much like bicyclists do sometimes, or lap swimmers swimming their laps for an hour or so with the greatest of ease. Such was my experience earlier tonight. When I sat down at my PC finally at 8:30 p.m., my butthole felt so worked over! It is close to midnight here. This feeling continues even now and may accompany me to bed!

Early Sunday morning I arose and took my nearly four mile walk to church. I have to walk up the steep Mount St Alban on Wisconsin Avenue beyond Washington National Cathedral to a church in Tenleytown where I worship. I cannot say how much my Aneros sessions have enhanced such long walks many fold. A major Aneros spin off for me is its toning and conditioning benefits to my entire musculature in addition to promoting primarily good prostate health. The result of all this is good robust health!

After church, I took a lady friend out to lunch. She shared some matters which upset me and ruined our lunch. Fortunately a good sleep Sunday night/early Monday morning restored my equilibrium and serenity. I look upon my Aneros sessions as good mental and emotional therapy. Countless men, I am sure, can attest to an Anerosing regimen which builds confidence and self-esteem. That is why this morning when I rose anticipating this morning's session.

Monday morning session, January 6:

Sequence models used: Maximus -- Helix Syn -- Progasm Ice -- Helix Classic -- Progasm Classic
Duration: 3.5 hours

I began my session 6:45 and ended it at 10:15 p.m. This session replicated somewhat what I experienced during my Saturday matinee just past. Only it was just better! I worked with Maximus for a good hour. Last month I discovered pleasantly who Maximus positions himself directly upon the full length of my prostate. This month however it felt like he was "hooking" my prostate as he massaged it. The result of all this was paroxysms of pleasure! As always, I had a great time with Helix Syn with his soft, velvet contact with my prostate. The two Progasm big guys gave me a full-bodied treatment as always. But it was Helix Classic this morning who really shined. He too "hooked" my prostate big time fashion.

Now this morning I began focusing on long autof**k strokes which all my guys on my Aneros First Team deliver to my prostate. I pictured in my mind this morning the coital action in sexual intercourse. All this fueled all my autof**ks that the five main men in my Aneros team delivered me. With Helix Classic, this happened so directly and naturally. Right now I am at a loss of words how to describe accurately this morning. But I'll try in saying that Aneros long autof**k strokes are analogous to a guy's long f**k strokes in sexual intercourse or a guy using long strokes when masturbating his penis. A man discovers through masturbation the control for unhurried sexual intercourse with this partner. It is absolutely wonderful to use long, unhurried strokes and let the pleasure build, but at the same time ride the edge of ejaculatory inevitability time and time again. Sooner or later you are going have a shattering climax.

Another thing I have noticed recently in my sessions is that I am able "to maneuver the Aneros to control placement of pleasure internally." This is a very important Aneros milestone which enables me to notice attentively Aneros long autof**k strokes in both my smaller models such as both Helix Classic and Helix Syn and my larger models, Maximus and both Progasm models. Tied to all this are crescendos and paroxysms of pleasure from such Anerosing.

Session for Wednesday morning, January 9:

Sequence of models used: Progasm Ice -- Progasm Classic
Duration: ca. 1.75 hours

This morning I arose at 6:15 a.m. a little later than I wanted a volunteer day. So I did not have the luxury of a long, unhurried Aneros session. I began the session around 6:50 with Progasm Ice. Once again seven or so 60 second Kegels primed me for Progasm Ice. Determined Kegeling set in motion my Anerosing with my sleek big guy and before I knew it, I was able to enter Aneros Autof**k Stroke Focus and let Progasm Ice be drive me along with him in the driver seat. I spent 55 minutes with him, before I switched over to his older, big bruiser brother, Progasm Classic. It just got even better with Progasm Classic this morning. With my two Progasm bros, it seemed that they pummeled my prostate in all sorts of strokes, very much like a jack hammer, although I could make out in my mind the various types of strokes. Unfortunately I had to end my session at 8:30 after working a good 45 minutes with big bruiser Progasm Classic. These two big guys are my mainstays in Anerosing and teach me so much! It is absolutely amazing that I have gotten so proficient in these two guys which I absolute and love in a mere three months! I hope to get to bed earlier than last night and have a much longer session Thursday morning. Take care!

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An Amazing Athletic Cup for the Kegel Exercises and Anerosing

Hi guys,

This blog entry may be peripheral to the Kegel Exercises and the Aneros and Anerosing. But it is central to my sexual development as a male from my pubescent and adolescent years. In one of my recent blog entries, I had spoken in detail of an important event at age eleven when I discovered my dad's jockstrap. I will say once again although briefly that men and boys wore athletic supporters as a matter of course in the 1950's and 60's for sports and even for leisure wear. A year or so later in September 1963, I had to buy a boy's jockstrap for 7th grade PE. It was a required part of our gym uniform. Slipping on my jockstrap for the very first time was a sexual awakening for me. It led me six months later in April 1964 to my first successful "wet" orgasm which I discovered accidentally through masturbation. During that time, I acquired an intense jock/cup fetish when I masturbated looking at Sears and Montgomery-Ward catalogs selling jockstraps and athletic cups. Men and boys during those years wore jock and cup combos for contact sports. )I got my first two such combos in tenth grade. I felt so male wearing a jock and cup. I still do!(. While many males do not wear athletic supporters much anymore, there is a loyal following of men, such as myself, who derive erotic pleasure from wearing a jockstrap. Jockstraps have developed in style and sophistication in the last couple decades. There are still fathers who introduce their sons to athletic supporters for sports. The jockstrap will not die.

Likewise athletic cups have developed in sophistication over the years mainly for protection and comfort. Many contact sports such as baseball, hockey, and boxing still require a cup as part of their official rules. Originally athletic cups were the flat, traditional variety. They were very uncomfortable to wear, and athletes ignored wearing them to their physical peril in terms of serious testicle injuries. But since the 1980's, major sporting goods manufacturers, such as the BIKE Athletic Company, developed contoured, "banana" cups which offered greater genital comfort and protection. Finally in 2006, former MLB great, Mark Littell, began marketing his Nutty Buddy Cup. After retiring from Baseball in the early 1980's, he started coaching for various MLB teams and was amazed to see that many of his players were not wearing a cup. So in the early years of this millennium, he developed this amazing athletic cup that offers awesome comfort and protection, and can be worn for hours! It is designed to be worn in a pouch of an ordinary jockstrap over a boxer brief or compression short. Thus this combination is called the Nutty Buddy Cup combo. For this combo, I like to wear a Nutty Buddy "Mongo" XL Cup in the pouch of a men's Duke jockstrap over a pair of a Munsingwear Kangaroo Pouch boxer briefs. I can wear this combo for hours, something which I have done since 5:30 a.m. this morning! The Nutty Buddy "floats" in this combo. It feels so good when I wear the Nutty Buddy and walk about my neighborhood running errands and even when I sleep with it in bed at night which I do rather often!

Often when I sleep in my Nutty Buddy Cup combo at night in bed and gently Kegel in it, I say to myself there must be guys somewhere in the world who are wearing the Nutty Buddy for contact sports! But I am sure there also is an unnoticed loyal following of Nutty Buddy wearers such as men in law enforcement, EMS, prison guards, and military who may wear this cup. Indeed, the Nutty Buddy web site advertises it for these unsung heroes! But then there also are hidden guys like me who like to wear the Nutty Buddy just because it feels so good as it protects the shrine of our manhood!

I discovered last summer when I began my Aneros sessions that I can do the Kegel Exercises in my Nutty Buddy Cup combo. So for me, while there is a very close interrelationship with the Kegels and the Aneros, the Nutty Buddy enters mightily into my erotic foreplay which prepares me for my Aneros sessions! I do not do this often enough, but today I have been Kegeling in my Nutty Buddy off and on and reveling in all sorts of delicious sensations very similar to when I Aneros! Damn, I am getting really horny for my good Aneros buddies! Take care!

P.S. I composed this blog entry early Saturday afternoon January 5. Wearing my Nutty Buddy Cup combo revved me up so erotically in foreplay that I had one of my best Aneros sessions ever later in the afternoon!

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