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Aneros Blogs > My Continuing Aneros Adventures (by Love_is)

Of bicycle saddles, pooping, nipples, and the journey.

So I received my new bicycle saddle a little over a week ago. And some interesting developments have occurred. The very first time I sat on it, I immediately got butt buzz for 10 or 15 seconds, then it went away. "Well that's interesting.", I thought to myself. As I've never had this occur at all from sitting on a bicycle saddle. Then yesterday, was I think my fourth time trying out the seat. I've been incrementally taking longer rides as my sit bones toughen up and feel up to it. A little over halfway in what turned out to be somewhere between a 14 to 16 mile ride, I started getting MAJOR butt buzz like I've never felt before, then it felt like I had to urinate. And then my penis became very sensitive, and I could feel every little rub of it against my underwear as I pedaled. Soon after I started to feel like I was going to ejaculate, I very briefly enjoyed the sensations until it felt like I really was going to "jizz in my pants". Then I immediately pulled my ass off of the saddle to stop anymore of this from happening. The last thing I wanted was to ejaculate and have to ride a number of miles home with a wet spot showing on my crotch! LOL

I find it quite interesting that this happened, and why. The only thing I can figure is that as I'm getting use to this saddle, it being the beginning of the season, and the discomfort of my sit bones getting broken in by the saddle, at times forces me to concentrate on relaxing my buttock and anal muscles. As I think the tendency is to clench them when I feel discomfort back there. Perhaps this brought on what might have been the beginnings of super-O? I would have loved to have let it continue. But I would have been just too embarrassed to ride home with a wet spot on my crotch.

So I've noticed lately that, in the words of John Steward of the Daily Show, "pooping feels good"! LOL I'm pretty sure he didn't mean it the way I do though. :D It seems that the more I progress on the Aneros journey, the more I've become aware of the sensitivity of my whole pelvic region. Now when I move a big healthy bowel, it literally does feel good and pleasurable from the movement against the prostrate and anus. Is that weird or what? Any one else experience that?

I remember reading a post in the forum about a guy saying that he got pleasurable sensations from running the shower head on the back of his scrotum. At the time, many months ago, I thought that was kind of weird. But now, I also feel that! Perhaps we need a couple new milestones in the Aneros WIKI! LOL

I've also just recently become quite fond of nipple play during sessions. I never ever thought I would say that. For as long as I can remember, my nipples have never been sensitive. But it appears that with persistent practice during Aneros session, this can be reversed. I'm quite amazed by what it does to me. It's like a turbo button, when you need it! :D

This whole journey has been so interesting. And the way it changes never ceases to amaze me. I become more and more of a believer of the possibility of super orgasms in general the more I observe these changes in me. Perhaps that is part of what the necessity of the journey is about before you can have a super-O. The need to learn the different and subtle energies and ways you can experience pleasure that doesn't involve your penis.

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Learning the Peridise and arousal

So I had another interesting session last night. I was only somewhat aroused. So it wasn't as intense as other sessions have been. What I found, is that I can't get anything out of the Peridise if I am not extremely aroused. I guess you can't really force the issue with these models, as you can to a certain extent with the prostrate massager models. So basically I had to go back and forth between the Progasm and Peridise models. As I got excited and pleasured enough with the Progasm, I'd then switch to the larger of the two Peridise, and get a few mini-O's out of it. Then switch back to the Progasm, when nothing more was happening with the Peridise.

I tried the smaller Peridise again first, but unknowingly at the time, I was not sufficiently aroused for much to happen. So I didn't revisit that model during this session. I'll have to try it again another time when I am really horny. :D

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Peridise bliss!

I had a spectacular session tonight! I started with the Progasm and had a few nice mini-O's. But after about 40 minutes I had to stop, as this was the second night in a row of Progasm use. So my prostate was a little sore at this point.

It didn't really want to stop. So I removed the Progasm and inserted the larger of the two Peridise from the advance set. I remembered one user telling me the he used the Peridise on off nights when his prostrate was a bit sensitive from the previous nights use of the Progasm.

Keep in mind this all happens in bed with me laying on my side. I found I didn't get much of any response from just relaxing and doing nothing. But shortly thereafter I learned that very hard voluntary anal contractions gave me the most exquisitely pleasurable feelings which turned into the most amazing mini and dry-O that I've had so far!!! And I was able to have them one after another. I can't count how many I had. I basically kept going until I couldn't make them happen anymore! *huge gigantic grin*

And I never once ejaculated! And it seemed the further I got into the session, the more I desired these new feelings. Rather than the release of ejaculating. Even though I would have to stop for a few minutes between every 2 or 3 orgasm to get my penis to go flaccid as it rubs against the mattress when laying on my side.

The really interesting thing is that some of my more intense orgasms from this Peridise where after I waited for my penis to go flaccid, so it wasn't terribly sensitive and couldn't really rub against the mattress much. And on a few orgasm I found there was a certain way of holding the anal and PC muscles that I was only able to reproduce a few times that sent the levels of pleasure even higher! Yes!

This is a really interesting new toy. I dare say it's on par with my Progasm at this point. I almost think the lack of direct prostrate massaging helps with not allowing me to be as susceptible to ejaculating as with the Progasm. There is some slight prostrate touching that is nice. But it is certainly not the focus of this toy. The thing that I really like is being able to clench my anal muscles hard with no resulting pain. Quite the opposite actually!!! The Progasm feels good to do that to a point, but to hard and ouch! I do miss the wonderful fullness feeling of the girth of the Progasm. But I certainly can't fault the results of the Peridise at this point.

Bravo Aneros on this anal toy design! And unisex too! Can't wait to try it with my next girlfriend! ;)

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Wonderful session!

So last night was my first time using the advance set Peridise. I started with the smallest one and sat in my computer chair looking at some porn online. I was very much surprised that it was comfortable to sit with it inserted. As that is not the case for either my MGX and Helix which both have their handles removed. I got some nice feelings from it here and there. I guess it will take some practice to discover the subtleties of this model Aneros. I few times my anus involuntarily flexed hard on it and that felt really good. After a while I laid down in my bed with it, and didn't get much response. Switched to the larger model, and not much happened either.

Then I switched to my Progasm, and ohhhhhhhhh boy! I swear this model Aneros never fails to make me feel pleasure. Then I started to have a great session! Lot's of mini-O's and such. It was very satisfying. And I did not feel the need to ejaculate, even though I got close a few times. This was with allowing my penis to gently rub against the bed as I laid on my side. Very enjoyable!

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I'm very excited!
I've got an advanced set of Peridise Aneros arriving today!
So tonight I will be able to try them.

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Recent updates

It's been a while since I've logged in here. Had to take some time away to deal with personal issues and life in general.

I continue to practice Aneros sessions. More frequently now than in the last few months. The Progasm is still my Aneros of choice. Every once in while, I'll be curious, and try the MGX or Helix. And they just don't do much for me anymore. I hope it's only temporary. As I do like variety. But the Progasm never fails to make me feel pleasure.

I've started to have more consistent small to medium non-ejaculatory orgasms during sessions. I wouldn't call them super. But I think I'm making progress. I'm always amazed at how the experience changes during the journey.

One thing I've noticed so far, is that the relax and do nothing approach only takes me so far, which is not very far in my mind. Through experimentation, I've discovered that small amounts of penile stimulation helps to get really revved up. But at some point you have to stop doing that or otherwise ejaculate. I've also found that some amount of flexing the PC and anal muscles is very helpful for me. And that I've gotten to points where I'd be clenching both, and have such pleasurable feelings from it that it was almost unbearable, then suddenly both would involuntarily completely relax. And I would then start have some really different yet pleasurable feelings. Kind of orgasmic like, but not really. Makes me wonder if these are the starting point of super-O's.

I've also found that ejaculating on a semi-regular to regular basis can be helpful. As some of my best sessions lately have been when I was either in refraction or not particularly horny. The reason I say this is because the part I said earlier about small amounts of penile stimulation being helpful. It's much easier for the stimulation of my penis during a session to help bring me to orgasm, but not to ejaculate. I'm always amazed when this happens as I get very similar sensations and the my anus muscles do that familiar pulsing that occurs during traditional ejaculatory orgasm.

Mind you, this is all subject to change I'm sure. As I've noticed it has throughout my Aneros journey. But it sure is interesting to make note of what is going on and what is working for right now. But more especially to receive the pleasurable benefits during the course of it. :D

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So my current approach during sessions is to relax and do mostly nothing. Sort of meditative and focus on deep breathing. But I do a twist on it. I get bored quickly doing nothing. So what I do is concentrate on relaxing all of the muscles in my anus. This gives my mind something to do. And really helps to bring on the pleasure with little to no exertion.

This method really makes it clear to me how consciously taking control of the action generally reduces pleasure. Plus I like the idea and practice of not working, or exerting so hard to feel pleasure. It feels nice to just relax and allow the pleasure to come to you.

I haven't reproduced the super-O yet. But hope this approach will bring me closer.

Love is Peace

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First time with Progasm

So my black Progasm arrived today.
I gave it a try earlier tonight. It's definitely bigger, and was slightly more challenging to insert. Only because I'm not familiar yet with how to tilt it on insertion like I do with my MGX and Helix. The thicker stem certainly makes for a fuller feeling in the anus. And seems to require less effort with conscious anal contractions. It feels nice. And I got a lot of mini-O's from it.

Then I thought I would remove it and try my Helix. I chuckled after inserting it as it felt like I had inserted a toothpick compared to the Progasm. It seemed that once I was stretched open by the Progasm it was difficult for pleasurable feelings to occur with the Helix. So I reinserted the Progasm and had some more mini-O's.

Then I thought the session was over and started removing the Progasm. And found that the sensation of pulling it out was quite pleasurable. So I slowly and gently moved it in and out of my ass for a while using my hand. Then when I was done doing that I sunk it back in and almost immediately my body went into some sort of orgasm overdrive! Almost like manually fucking my ass with the Progasm had increased my arousal level. My prostrate was so sensitive. I think I may have had a super-O, but am not entirely sure. It was stronger than anything else I have had to date yet. Unfortunately shortly after it happened, while I was still convulsing in pleasure my torso had shifted so I was humping the bed, and that little bit of friction on my flaccid penis made me have a super-T. But I didn't care. LOL
A very interesting and pleasurable session.

Some observations about the Progasm. I really, really like both the P-tab and the K-tab. Particularly the K-tab. The area where the K-tab touches is really sensitive, so it adds to the sensations. Interestingly enough, the K-tab presses harder against me than the P-tab does. But the feeling of both tabs pressing against me at the same time is a really sensual feeling and adds a lot to the experience. The new ball design on the tabs is a winner! Good placement and more comfortable.

I've decided that I will give my black Progasm an acronym: BBA (Big Black Aneros). LOL
Kind of a play on BBC (Big Black Cock).

So far I like what I have experienced and will continue to practice with the Progasm.

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News, and Thoughts


I just ordered a black Progasm! hee, hee
I can't wait to try it. I should have it by tomorrow.
I ordered it in the black color because I find that my white MGX and Helix have gotten stains on them that will not completely remove with normal washing. To me it's the same logic that goes with wearing white underwear. Why bother when you can just use a more appropriate color.



I've been noticing some of the changes in me since I've started getting pleasurable results from my Aneros sessions back in October. What strikes me as the most interesting, is that I no longer have this need or desire to masturbate frequently like I used to. And looking at porn on the Internet does not interest me as much as it used to. And I'm ok with all of this. A very different change in me. It's like I've been lifted above the "baseness" of those habits and/or desires.

Even with the imagined fantasies I use during Aneros sessions. I tend to prefer thinking up more stuff that displays affection and closeness with a loved one, rather than more nasty raw images/ideas.

I also find that a really good session noticeably makes me feel better depression wise. I've been taking a vegan DHA supplement for the last few weeks to try and help with depression and increase my arousal, and have not noticed any changes in me for the better. Yet last night, I had a really pleasurable Aneros session. And I find that it has a noticeable effect on my feelings of well being. Which ok by me. The Aneros I can use over and over after paying for it once. Where as I have to keep paying for supplements. Works for me! :D

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Wow! Back to loving the Helix!

Hey People,

I had another session tonight. I decided I would try the Helix only tonight, as lately I've been into trying to relax, focus on breathing, and just breathing in general through whatever happens. Sort of the do nothing/meditative style of session. At least initially. That seems to be just the beginning part, and then from there it gets really hot and heavy! LOL

But I'm definitely liking the Helix all over again. I feel like I can get a better prostrate massage with less effort than the MGX. Although I do miss the ribbed stem on the MGX for the wonderful anal stimulation it provides.

Within a few minutes of insertion I started to have involuntary contractions. Being so used to the slimmer MGX lately. The Helix made me feel really full and snug back there. I had a whole bunch of really nice feeling mini-O's! Yay! I think I'm starting to understand what other users here have said about feeling like they are circling the drain towards super-O's. But haven't quite made it down the center yet.

I've been trying this new technique of what I originally thought was just flexing the PC muscles in a different manner. As the result is that it feels like my prostrate is slightly pushed closer to the Aneros, but lower down closer towards the anus, rather than up towards the tip of the Aneros. This particular technique is much more stimulating and pleasurable than just flexing the PC muscles in the typical way that I have been doing before. But here's what I've figured out about this technique. It turns out what I'm actually doing is flexing and holding both the PC and anus muscles equally at the same time in relatively slight amounts. I guess it must be sort of like getting the best of both worlds. Prostrate stimulation, plus anal contractions that fire up the mini-O's to start happening. It's pretty neat! I hope this leads to more intense dry orgasms.

Another thing I've been noticing lately. Is that until my prostrate and anus become really sensitive, and the focus is just on them during the session. My penis is just getting in the way, by being highly sensitive, prone to erections, and distracting the focus away from the more important anal and prostrate sensations. But once the focus and pleasure is really happening, the sensations in my penis thankfully die down and erections don't happen anymore. Except for slight partial erections sometimes. But at least the high sensitivity is no longer there. Pretty interesting discovery. But quite frustrating until you can get past it.
That's all.

Love is Peace

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