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Aneros Blogs > My Journey (by BigOluver)

I'm pissed

I'm mad. I have no self will when it comes to a beautiful orgasm. I suppose to be off from having wet orgasms and jerking off and riding but crazy me with no self will couldn't handle the throbbing from my young hard dick.

After work I was so tired. I took me a nice shower and got on line. It was still early so I decided to see if anyone was in the chat. Some of my old and new buddies were there so were al shooting the breeze and I had to leave to prepare dinner. Later that night I got a instant boner. Since I was on another break of jerking and have a wet orgasm I decided to just read some good erotic stories.

Well the erotic stories transfered into me getting fully naked with a oiled up hard dick in my hand watching my favorite porn. Since Aneros I have become a great edger. I can edge for hours. But the down fall of that is i erupt by accident because of to much pressure and pleasure. So I'm flicking through porn vids and contracting my hole with nothing in and it jacking very hard and long. As soon as I was about to stop my dick just erupted with sticky creamy juices all over my stomach and bed. It felt amazing but I was on a now wet orgasm break and I already had three days under my belt.

I felt so good though. Curse this drive to jerk off and cum lol. So those three days were waisted so now I have to start all over a gain. So to not even tempt myself I will not touh myself. I will still not ride my Helix or Progasm. I will not read or watch porn. I will only frequent the site to check up on my riding buddies. I will see how I can last this time. But I really think that with my prostate being awakened all this extra sexual build up is finally coming out and I'm still trying to grasp it all.

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I'm So Thankful

Hey guys. Hope everyone had a great holiday. I hope you got really full of food and of your aneros toys lol. So I was blessed with getting some alone time after all my family left and my parents went to go visit college buddies in another county. So I stayed back and cleaned up the house and the decided to have some fun.

I took my a nice shower, cleaned out and lubed up like always. I actually recorded this session that I am recalling now and will be up shortly. I put a pillow under me to lift me up cause it makes me feel like I'm being pounded when my progasm goes deeper. I had the best session to date. I cried, I screamed and I came all over the place.

YES I HAD A HFWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok sorry for screaming but i did and it felt amazing. I was rock hard and throbbing and pre cum was shooting everywhere. Then I held a contraction and BOOM my beautiful love juice came erupting out of my hard penis and onto my balls, pillow and belly. I cut the audio off after 20 minutes cause I thought I was going to pass out but my prostate wanted more and more is what I gave.

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Eyes rolling in the back of my head and staying with it

Hey guys. I had a great session last night and well off into this morning. So I decided to sleep with my Progasm last night. I can get a few hours in with him when im in my room or when the parents are gone but he has been extra needy lately and wanted some extra alone time. Yes we have that bond lol. So I took me a shower and cleaned out and made it back to my room with a squeaky clean butt ready for fun.

I had a jock strap cause I'm on another strike fro wet orgasms. It has been 5 days already and I wanted to stay strong. So I'm laying in bed with my jock strap on and I lube up my ass and the toy and I slide him in. I just laid there with the covers draped over and my ocean waves mp3 soothing me as I drift off to a sleeping slumber. As soon as I was about to doze off I got hit with a stream of waves through my spine making me arch in the bed. I began to stir and slight moans were escaping my mouth. I don't know If I was dreaming something up or was the ocean waves just sending me over but it felt great.

I stayed with it. It was just a mini o but it was still powerful. A few more of those came alone and I just stirred in bed and just rode the waves that were being presented to me. Then minutes went bye. Calm seas are putting me back in my sleepy slumber. I turn on my side and WHAM. I begin to shake and gyrate all over the bed. The covers are moving and my body is moving all over the place. I'm trying not to let my moans burst out but it is feeling so good. So what I did was just calm my breathing down but that only just heightened it. I mean from the panting to the moaning and now my dick is leaking pre cum out of my jock strap onto y leg.

My dick is rock hard and I feel myself orgasming so hard. But it wasn't a wet one. I ended up taking the jock strap off cause my dick needed to breathe and release those juices. Again & again & more juices and more orgasms. I mean I rode that that progasm til the wheels fell off. I finally got done at 4:30 this morning. I had to be up fro work at 8 am. But the funny thing is I wasn't even tired. I could have gone on for more but I had to rest. I mean I thought I had lost myself cause my back was arching and I was getting auto fucked hard and rough by some hard beefy guy in my mind and he was doing a good job. He had my toes curing and my eyes rolling around in my head. But still no cum. So yeah this morning was really fun. I like being rewired it adds to so much other stuff that can happen and that you can do.

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My learnings of using Aneros

I have been on this journey for 8 months. I have loved every minute of it. There has been ups and downs but I have trailed through it all and can't wait for more to come. Scratch that don't want to detour feature pleasures so I will take on what ever Aneros has to offer. But as I have been with aneros my techniques has really advanced. I have coached a few people via the chat or email. I now know how to achieve my orgasms to there highest potential and these are my ways. Now they might not work for you so take it with a grain of salt.

Pleasure Positions:
*Laying on back with legs extended, hands palms facing flat on bed not touching anything just contracting with kegels
*Laying on my back with bottom half elevated with pillow under me so I am able to lift legs up to have device go in deeper and smoother sending cray waves through my body
*laying on my left side with left leg extended and right leg on top pushed up. The device really tickles my prostate this way and will send instant mini o's

Now at first when I first started my journey I would try to ejaculate during a sessions and would be upset when I did not get any feeling. So to start my rewiring process I would not touch my self. Which made my body more sensitive. Weird I know but with the waves moving around in my body it made me get hot spots I never knew I had. Like my nipples, my sides and my belly and my perineum. There is a technique I was thought by a wonder guy name ChuckJO2000 which includes no touching. It is a non touching technique that moves waves through the body and gives you very great pleasure.

The M:
Slay flat on your back and become very comfortable. Put your two hands back to back with fingers aligned. Do it to form the "M" letter. So your fingers are in the middle and your wrist and arms are facing outward. Place your fingers that are back to back forming the v part of the M over your belly button. Hold that position and just breathe deeply and watch and feel the pleasure build up in your body. I will send in voluntaries to the belly and groin which will cause mini o's to happen.

There's others I do as well. I saw a tantrik video of moving energies through the body. All I do is during a session I bring all the energy from my prostate and make it rise to my dick, stomach, chest and head. I make it stop once its in my chest cause one time it was all in my face and I almost passed out. But all I do is as I'm riding I rub my body toward the way I want the energy to go. As the session gets stronger my hands go faster and I become in a trance and the feelings is all over me which usually causes me to have a HFWO. But yeah this was just the learnings I have come up with.

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Distance makes the prostate grow founder

This will be quick I'm still trying to catch my breathe. I just got one with a beautiful session. Back story I have not rode anything for two weeks and have not had a wet orgasm for 5 days. The pipes needed to be cleaned and my prostate needed to be scratched. Parents with out to dinner and I got in the shower cleaned out and ran back to my bedroom with glee in my heart.

I lubed up my ass and progasm and stuck a pillow under me to give me a lift. Also I decided to put on a cock ring. Not more then 5 seconds of it being inside of me I began to moan like a werewolf and there was no full moon tonight. My dick instantly got rock hard and the air began to leave my body just like now as I recant what happen in my head. My nipples wanted attention so I began to pull and grab them. I was in a trance and nothing could break me out of it.

My legs are dangling in the air cause I feel it fucking my ass so deep and hard. With just little contracting in and out my body began to spasm. I rubbed my belly ad just moaned i pure xstacy. I was not in control. Mr. Progasm was taking me for a ride weather I liked it or not. But I didn't like it I loved it. My dick still robbing and flopping pre cum all over my stomach and thighs and all over the pillow that was under me. I began to taste my juices which turned me on even more.

Orgasm after orgasm I just didn't know if it would end. I was so loud but who cares. More pounding, more thrusting in me. I can hear a slouchy sound coming from my ass. It was so wet. I know your not suppose to do this but I couldn't hold back any more. I began to jack y hard throbbing dick off and that just heighten the pleasure that was coming fro my prostate ad not rushing from within side my dick.

I couldn't hold it any more. My legs was in the air and my body was floating away. A few more contractions and jerks and BOOOOOOOM! THE ERUPTION!!!! All over my body, my hair, my pubs. I just licked it all up. then BOOM! after shocks. One after the other. Even now I'm getting little mini shocks from retelling what happened just a few hours ago. Just a few days away from Mr. Progasm and came back stronger then ever.

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My Body Craves it

Hi guys. As I type this waves is running through my body with out a device inside me. I have not had a progasm or helix syn ride in 2 weeks. I have been getting p waves constantly through out the day. At work, home just relaxing even on the toilet.

I took this break cause my last ride with my prgasm ice hurt my rectum and made it sore. I rode for 7 hours and was sitting on it. I was horned up and was very foolish and my ass took the blame. So I have never really took a extensive break before so here was my chance to not ride for a while or until I healed. So I was just masturbating which was nice and having great loads but afterwards my body would go into overdrive and p waves will just shoot through my body like I got electrocuted by 100 volts. Then after shocks came right after. I wasn't eve hard anymore but the sensation was still there in my body. They eventually died down and I was able to go to sleep.

So I decided to hold off on the masturbation too. I would take 3 & 4 days off and boom it would happen again. So the first week of not riding was non existence cause it felt like I was with the a-less rides I was having after my hold offs from masturbating. So this week I have not touched or even looked at my dick or ass lol. All weekend just explosive shock waves ran through me. Nipples stayed hard. Now in the mid west the weather has drastically changed and it has gotten cold but this started from my heart that ran to my groin, arms, legs, fingers and ass.

It took ever strength not to just whip him out and skeet and pour my love juices all over the floor. I stayed off porn and kept the dirty thoughts to a minimal. I am off of work on Mondays so I just stayed in my bed all day trying to hide the boners from mom. But today was a trying day. I work at a daycare. I know! there's this one dad who drops his son off every morning. He is so sexy I mean head to toe and I see his bulge from the jogging pants he wears. (he's a morning runner yes we converse cause i love to hear him speak he has been the image of a few of my sessions) As soon as he said my name I almost fell to the ground cause a sharp shock of pleasure ran from my heart to my balls. and I quivered a little. I just coughed to play it off.

That whole day and now I just have been wanted to ride something. I mean right now I got involuntaries running rapid in my belly. There intense too. I listened to @brine recorded session and almost lost it. But the wait will make me a stronger rider and these a-less sessions are keeping me rewired and I am still a learning newbie so I will see what else this body will do to me.

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So I had a session last night and I have come to the conclusion that I now have strong kegel muscles. I have been doing them through out the days and the ending results makes me tighter and firmer down there. So when I grip my progasm ice my prostate is really happy.

I slide my guy in and just let it set for a few minutes then started to use my kegels. I was then pushed with powerful punches of pleasure to my prostate. I mean i shook and hollered into the pillow for a good 10 minutes. It felt so good. then it's like they started to go it on them own then I knew I was in auto fuck mode.

As soon as I let go my body took me for a ride that I have never have gone on. It was amazing. I also noticed that my dick does not get hard any more when I ride. I mean even last week when I had my hfwo I was semi hard when I oozed out my juices. I has been three days since I have had a wet orgasm. I don't even have the desire to touch my penis. I will cum eventually cause the pipes will need to be cleaned.

Its so crazy all of this is happening with only 8 months under my belt. I also have been into tantra breathing and movements. Moving the energy from my belly into my chest and into my nipples making it move to my head and out my ears. Great stuff. aslo update on dad.. He is loving his progasm as well but the vibrating vice is his favorite. He says the buzzing gives his prostate that extra nitch to reaching his pleasure point.

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After Shocks

Hey guys. Here to tell about another one of my crazy nights/morning. So I really like taking breaks from my aneros toys cause that makes my body and prostate crave them more. So I took two days off and last night was my reintroduction of prostate play. As I'm coming up on 8 months of aneros usage I have learned so much like knowing when to take breaks or when not to ride. So I cleaned out and lubed up. I usually start on my back and just flop around the bed til I cum. Not this time. I got on my hands and knees in the doggy style position. I have tried it before but the sensations were very weak.

Last night they took me to a whole new place. Within 3 minutes my body began to have convulsions. I mean everything on me wash shaking from my belly to my legs and my dick was just flopping all over the place pouring out pre cum by the gallons.

So as I am building up these orgasms my penis is growing and throbbing and just feeling amazing. I never contract while I ride but while I was in auto fucking mode my anus just started to tighten up. But it felt different. I would contract longer and hold them while breathing very deeply. I did this a few times and as soon as I would release I would see ropes of cum shoot out. I have had a HFWO before. But I think I just milked myself. It may sound the same but it felt so different.

Like when I have a HFWO I really feel it rising with the milking it just streamed out like if I was peeing. Which is what followed after the stream of cum. I would leak out drops of cum from my penis then a stream of piss will follow. I know i should not have drunk that juice before my session but I didn't care.

I stayed on my hands and knees for the whole session. I was very wobbly but it felt so good. I was on auto pilot the whole time and it was just some extra that I have now experience on this great journey. So I did that for a full hour of just building and cumming and slight pissing and doing all this while trying not to wake the parents is very hard. So after time started to fly by me I decided to call it a night. So i pulled him out and cleaned up the mess and put on new sheets and called it a night with a smile on my face. Then it started up again.

I began to shake like crazy. Now in the mid west it gets really cold around this time. I mean the seasons are changing rapidly and it was 40 degree's out side. But it wasn't the weather it was my prostate I know it was. I was laying on my side not know with one leg out and the other one bent. The waves just shot through my whole body like if I got electrocuted. It felt good but the shaking was keeping me up more and even though I had the day off today I value my sleep. But I remember a good friend of mine and mentor of aneros said that if the body wants more give it to it. Surrender the sensations to the toy and just let go. So I did just that.

I had after shocks for about a whole another hour. The like every other hour would just wake up to a super O with the device being in. All I could d was rub my nipples and slightly moan into the pillow cause the feeling was so good. Like they eventually stopped at 5 am this morning. I am a little sleepy now but I still feel amazing. I am still surprised at all the stuff my body can do and all that it can take. Ok well I have to put the cum and piss stain sheets in the dryer.

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love juice

So i just ended my 12 day hold off from cumming expedition. Wheew I am beat. I have never seen so much cum before in my life. I am still getting tingles shooting through my body. I was a HFWO with my legs up in the sky shaking like crazy. I can't believe I went 12 days with out cumming. I still feel like I can cum again but im tired as hell. I may have to shoot a load off before work in another 8 hours. Hopefully I can get some sleep with this hard on that is now fastly rising.

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I Have Been Reborn

I can't believe that in 7 almost 8 months I have changed so much as a person from using my aneros devices. I remember Rumel talking about the phoneix rising from within you but he wasn't lying. It's like I have been reborn into this orgasmic care free utopia world that I don't want to leave. The air is beautiful and the scenery just makes you feel so peaceful. I can't believe that I didn't know about this great place and feeling. I was clearly missing out but feel so grateful that I know about it all now.

I mean so much has changed for me. My weight has gone down from the energy boost from the long sessions I have. I mean its like I don't need to go to the gym anymore from the positions I put my self in and all the sweat i produce. My stomach is getting smaller from the ab workout im getting from lifting my legs up when my progasm is in me ad when it auto fucks me its like I'm doing crunches. I am a lot calmer. I don't stress over everything like I use too. I don't even masturbate everyday any more. Like my prostate is my only focus.

I just love these new feelings and I can't wait to see my self in a year and report back to this post to see how much I really changed.

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