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Aneros Blogs > Gradus ad Aneros Parnassum (by BigGlansDC)

Coming up on my 2nd Aneros anniversary: Lessons learned

Hi guys,

Next month on June 3, I observe my second anniversary of my very first Aneros session. I began with Helix Syn. He slipped inside so easily at early Sunday evening in June 2012. I was pleasantly surprised.

My first six to eight months with Aneros, I had to learn how to use my models comfortably and easily. During those months, I spent many sessions using my models with the Kegel Exercises. The Kegels toned and strengthened my anal musculature. It was at times hard and taxing work. I found that the Kegels worked well with both Progasm Classic, Progasm ICE, and Maximus.

Things got easier when I began using both Progasm Junior and Eupho Syn in the spring and early summer of 2013.

However when I began using the Peridise and especially Tempo just after Thanksgiving 2013, that is when my sessions really began to take off. The Tempo taught me the Aneros autof**k and Aneros rhythm which power continuous Anerosless or Aless "consciousness" which occurs now 24/7, albeit most of the time in the background.

Lessons learned since then:

[1] Relaxation though the Do-Nothing-Technique. I let my Aneros models work on me, not me on them. It is very much akin to the cyclist riding no-hands fashion or the bucking bronc rider in a rodeo.

[2] I seldom use Kegels in my sessions. Yet, the shallowest of my breaths power my models. It is awesome.

[3] All this sets the stage for the automatic Aless which is powered by the subtle autof**k action, no Aneros present though.:} However I can tap into such a subtle, barely noticed Aless by just thinking about my particular Aneros models, what they do for me, and even memories of Aneros sessions. Active Aless sessions now serve as foreplay for the real thing that is the Aneros!

[4] All this sets the stage for a promising third year working with Aneros!

Take care!

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Rainy Friday morning Aneros session, May 16, 2014

Hi guys,

It has been over two months that I have blogged on individual sessions. Despite the unusually cold and long winter, I have kept up with my Aneros sessions sometimes more, sometimes less each week. Oh yes, I may take several days off or a week, but my body's hunger for the Aneros beckons me back to engage in the powerful work that only the Aneros can give a man.

Since the beginning of this year, I have come to appreciate the Aneros Classics. Oh yes, both the Helix Syn and Eupho Syn deliver a soft massage, yet powerful massage. Both the Helix Classic and Eupho Classic with their hard plastic deliver a more direct, yet robust massage which is just absolutely awesome!

So a couple weeks ago, I brought Eupho Classic out of inactive status and was pleasantly surprised what he can do for me. He's just as long as Maximus, but more slender than Maximus is rather thick. This morning, it seemed that Eupho Classic reached around my prostate in such as a way that he was massaging the entire length of my organ. He opens my sessions in place of Helix Classic. Both these models are absolutely sublime.

Just describing all this has sent me into Aless bliss. Helix Syn then came to bat. His soothing action only accentuated the pleasure emanating from my throbbing prostate.

Progasm Junior then made me feel like a bronco rider because this rather small model was actually riding me, almost like in a rodeo! And likewise Maximus. I hope to have a fairly leisurely session tomorrow Saturday when my apartment building is vacant of industrious staff.

Take care!

P.S. I forgot to mention that we had torrential rains late last night until mid morning. These rains and gloomy skies enabled me to focus on my session. :]

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From the Glans Penis to the Prostate

Hi guys,

I believe that most guys from their earliest years until they arrive into the adult years are very much focused upon their penises. I think that most guys experience in their earliest years the tactile pleasure the penis has for them. I know that was my own experience.

For me, it was discovering the sensitivity of my glans penis for sure at age five when I began to have vivid memories of the sheer textures of pleasure that I could produce in touching, caressing, and even kneading my glans. Of course, when I entered puberty all this accelerated when I began experiencing irrepressible erections. It seemed that my throbbing, erect penis had a life of its own which produced electric pleasure when I touched him, stroked him. Of course, I honed my stroking and quickly arrived at serious masturbation.

Of course, all this kind of pubescent exploration entered a new phase of excitement when I discovered my dad's jockstrap for the first time of eleven and even tried it on even though it was much too much for me. I realized instinctively that it was a quintessentially a male garment. About a year later, when I entered seventh grade PE, our gym coach told us boys that we had to purchase a jockstrap as part of our gym uniform.

So on weekday afternoon after school that first week in September 1963, I went to the town drugstore to get my first jock. The pharmacist sized me up and got me a boy's jockstrap. When I tried it on at home shortly after, I got a huge throbbing boner in my jock pouch and a wet spot appeared on the pouch showing precum!

Wow, my glans was flared and throbbing in that jock pouch and my cock ooze was showing. Plus my cock nd balls were full. I felt sexual energy emanating from my glans, moving down my cockshaft and ending up at the base of the root of my penis. That area certainly felt real good!

That day it seemed that new and exciting worlds were opening for me in terms of sexual pleasure, although I didn't know at the time. So in the days and weeks following, I tried to recreate those feelings of pleasure! It seemed that as I progressed from mere caresses of my cock and glans, I progressed from more earnest stroking, to more determined masturbation. And it seemed that I was on the edge of something really exciting! Actually it was edging that I was practicing unknowingly.

Finally it was one Saturday night in April when the dam burst for me. I happened at bedtime. I was playing with myself. It seemed that as I stroked and masturbated that it just got better and better. It seemed that I was getting into more unknown, yet thrilling territory of sexual experience. Finally a tidal wave of sexual pleasure swept over me, and I achieved my very first orgasm and ejaculation of semen out of the blue!

Unfortunately my parents were Victorian in sexual matters. So I went to the town library and found a book on the facts of life for teenagers. That book gave me the basics of sexual anatomy of males and females, and how people make babies! In that book, I saw the anatomical term, prostate, and how that gland is essential for proper urinary and sexual function in males.

Twenty to thirty years later when I entered middle age, like most guys, I had assembled a wealth of sexual knowledge, especially how my male equipment works. So it was all this experience and knowledge that I devised a theory called the Male Axis of Sexual Pleasure. When a guy masturbates or has sex, pleasure arises in his glans, travels down his cockshaft, and ends up in his prostate, even his testicles. So when he jacks off or f**ks, the flow of pleasure becomes a back and forth, even circular motion, similar to an electric circuit! Finally when he climaxes, his entire male sexual apparatus gets in the act. And certainly the prostate has a central role in his climax, his orgasm and ejaculation of semen!

But I entitled this blog entry, From the Glans Penis to the Prostate. I still have penis consciousness, but in recent years much of it has shifted to my prostate. All I can say that I have done this and that this pathway of discovery has lead me to the Aneros!

Take care.

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Aneros Foreplay

Hi guys,

All guys who use the Aneros realize from the outset that sexual arousal is necessary for the Aneros model to work. However, even sexual arousal or horniness has minimal effect on the Aneros in the beginning of a guy's Aneros journey. His prostate has to awaken first before sexual arousal can fuel his sessions. This is true for most guys of which I am one. Some guys however who are experienced in anal play and/or have an understanding and loving sexual partner take to Aneros like a duck to water.

After nineteen months of Aneros sessions with my prostate fully awakened, Aneros foreplay for me is an exciting and delicious foreplay to the main course of Anerosing with my Aneros buddies. Plus there is this persistent Aneros autof**k going on 24/7 going on within me. Most mornings now, I wake up and think of my Aneros models. I get horny for me. I call this state of mind and body Anerosy = Aneros horniness.

When I have plenty of time on my hands, I like to sit meditatively and focus my attention up my prostate, penis, gonads, and auxiliary sexual organs. This meditative focus is rooted with breathing deeply and subtle as I feel the buzz or sexual electricity centered in this area of my body, but which pervades my entire body and consciousness.

All of you who read my blog know of my intense jock and cup fetish which I have had since puberty. So many mornings when I have leisure of time. I like to wear my favorite jock and cup as I engage in Aneros foreplay. The athletic cup in the jock pouch will caress my perineum and my scrotum thus fueling my Anerosy = Aneros horniness. Also a few Kegels will intensive these erotic feelings, as well as what stimulating my nipples lightly. Wow, I am getting ready for my Aneros buddies which are waiting for me right now!

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Presidents Day Morning, Savoring Aneros Electric Eroticism!

Hi guys,

This morning my session is going to be fairly long with intermissions giving by a blow-by-blow description of this session. I have found that having intermissions in a session is so good for savoring the electric eroticism that comes from an Aneros autof**k!

This is so true with Eupho Syn, the model which opened my session this morning. Eupho Syn is a long slender model that delivers such a sweet, subtle ride to my anal musculature and prostate. Right now I am savoring the sweet Aless autof**k as though Eupho Syn were in me right now f**king me crazy!

Next in my Aneros lineup this morning is Maximus. Ever since, I discovered the lying on my right side in the fetal position [my preferred sleeping pose], I have rediscovered Maximus like never before! For nearly seventeen months, since I began working with Maximus, he has delivered a rugged Aneros/anal massage, at times bordering on the painful. But now I have fallen in love again with Maximus because he delivers now such a sweet, yet robust autof**k which is still rather manly, but actually sublime. Maximus has a rather unique design. His stem is rather narrow, but expands to a rather thick mid-shaft which again narrows slightly before arriving at a rather bulbous head. Also on the underside of Maximus at mid length is a ridge which delivers a good Anerosing. As I write this during this brief Aless intermission, I feel so Anerosy thinking about Maximus. I wish I could marry him right now!

I have taken the term, Aless from @HopefullMMOer who is a ready Aneros student and frequent correspondent of mine! Aless actually means Anerosless :-]

Also I have noticed that when I have a good Aneros session and am experiencing electric Aneros eroticism that my lower belly and pelvic area has begun to quiver. That in itself is so hot! :-]

A few minutes ago I had good quality time with Helix Syn. However, I have returned to my PC, and at this writing with Tempo inserted is autof**king away so sweetly and persistently.

As regards Helix Syn, this good buddy introduced me to Anerosing in early June 2012 in his kind, gentle way. For guys not experienced at all with anal play, here is an Aneros model for you! Since then, Helix Syn has been featured in most of my sessions. However after some initial good times with Helix Syn in the early months of my Aneros journey, he continued to work well with me, but not in ways that were exciting. It was only when both Peridise and especially Tempo entered my life a few months ago that I am rediscovering Helix Syn in more subtle, yet erotic ways that are propelling me forward towards Aneros realization!

He performed again very well this morning. Helix Syn has is a full body model with a soft silicone overlay also with a narrow stym. He has a large head with a ridge on the underside which facilitates sweet stimulation of the prostate. This sweet stimulation works hand-in-hand with the persistent Aneros autof**k which is so subtle and so sweet. What can I say, when this f**k is ongoing with Helix Syn as though hidden in the background! I have fallen with love with this model too!

Also, I forgot to mention that Helix Syn works very well in the doggie position. I kneel almost prone with my head buried in my pillows. I try to develop a subtle rhythm with my Helix Syn inserted. Yeah, the rhythm gets going for sure every time and sweet, erotic sensations always arise!

Yeah, right now I am riding Tempo inserted while seated at my PC composing this blog entry. With Tempo, the Aneros autof**k rhythm is persistent with all sorts of strokes, at times like a sexy drumbeat!
But now I pause in my writing to sit back to enjoy Tempo with undivided devotion!

I believe just now I spent another twenty minutes or so with Tempo, first in the fetal position on my right side, then on my back with my legs both splayed or together up to my chest, and finally in the doggie position. In all these positions, Tempo's relentless autof**k action was like the Energizer Bunny. He just doesn't quit. Now when he's inserted while I'm in doggie position, I just do literally nothing. He f**ks me all the same with all sorts of strokes and rhythm. He's one hot fucker. That's all I can say!

I finished this morning session with Progasm ICE. I am beginning to fall in love also with this sweet big bruiser. He works so well in new and amazing ways in all the poses I used this morning. So perhaps for now on, I should alternate sessions with his big brother, Progasm Classic and Progasm ICE and just savor the difference. I could have spent "hours" with Progasm ICE, but alas, I had to part with him. When I did that this morning, I was left with vibrant and delicious sexual energy!

A couple observations:

1. This morning after I withdrew each Aneros model from my anus, I noticed that each model had clear, anal gland secretions on it. This is an indication that very soon I may achieve my very first Super-O.

2. Saying sweet nothings, like "oh, yeah f**k yeah!" or Do you know you are hot, [Aneros model name] fuels my Aneros sessions and make me every so more Anerosy!

Right now I close by saying that I am experiencing an amazing Aless session with an ongoing autof**k!

Take care.

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My Aneros Autof**k is now liquid f**k motion!

Hi guys,

I want to say that my Aneros sessions recently do not use as many models as I used in sessions for a real long time. So now, I may use just four models: Helix Syn, Maximus, Tempo, and Progasm. These four models have become in many ways my mainstays in most of my sessions in the last month or so. Yes, Tempo is a very recent model to my Aneros lineup, but he deserves to be put in the forefront with the other three models. All these four models have won their keep in this forefront.

The Tempo, along with the Peridise, have taught so much about Aneros rhythm. They have taught me about the Aneros autof**k like nothing before. In the last couple months, my sessions have taken a quantum leap.

The other catalyst and ingredient for this transformation is my discovery of the lying on my right side in the fetal position. This Aneros position, like no other is really good for the do-nothing technique in Anerosing because this position is so passive. Hence what I discovered this morning for sure in an utmost way is the Aneros autof**k just for what it is. My Aneros autof**k now is so automatic and is absolute free motion. I call my Aneros autof**k, liquid f**k motion. It is amazing to lie on my right now and just feel this stroking going on inside me over and over again without hindrance, or prompting, just in and out liquid motion so effortlessly. Absolutely awesome!

I do not know when I will experience my first Super-O. I really do not care now. I go into all my sessions with the intention of having fun and pleasure! The Super-O's, dry O's, and MMO's will come in their proper time. Take care.


Aneros autof**k liquid pleasure!

Here is the version which I posted on Aneros Forum just now:

Hi guys,

This is a digest, perhaps an expansion of my Aneros blog which I posted several hours ago today.

Those of you who know me, have noticed that I achieved a quantum leap in my Aneros sessions when I began using both Peridise and Tempo in my sessions just after last Thanksgiving. Both these models have taught me Aneros rhythm. Both these models have showed me what Aneros autof**king is all about.

About a month ago, I finally discovered the Aneros position of lying on my right side in the fetal position. But it was @ineverknew who suggested that I lie in that position with my right leg straight down and my left leg hooked. That in itself is a further, definite improvement.

Now this position and its variation is a position suggested in the Aneros instructions. It is a passive position, ideal for the do-nothing approach in Anerosing. Wow! What feelings of sweetness was produced without the rough ride from my Aneros models that I had experienced for such a long time. This position works very well with all my Aneros models, especially Maximus and Progasm Classic. And boy, I have fallen love again with these big bruiser f**kers!

However this morning, I experienced something even newer and more exciting. My Aneros tools produce an autof**k so automatic, so smooth, so sweet, and with such liquid Aneros pleasure! No, I didn't ejaculate semen, didn't have a wet orgasm, but something much better, a sexual sweetness that right now as I write this that is causing my groin, scrotum, perineum, anal musculature, and prostate to quiver with excitement and pleasure!

When I think of the Aneros autof**k tonight, I am a horndog for the Aneros! What better St Valentine's Day gift for a guy like me!


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Aneros Springiness and Mushiness

Hi guys,

We had several days earlier this week with frigid weather. I had to end several sessions then prematurely because it was so cold in my apartment.

I do not know if it was Thursday or yesterday Friday. But either of those days, I was working with Helix Syn in a really wonderful way. Towards the end of my session with Helix Syn, I used the doggie style and just let this model massage my hole with subtle anal contractions which produced a very delicious and sweet sensation. When I withdrew Helix Syn and stood up to go back to my bathroom, I felt that my standing was springy and mushy, almost like I was floating on air. It was uncanny!

Take care.

P.S. I add that I didn't feel any weakness when all this happened. After I witndrew the Helix Syn from within me, I stood up with my accustomed strength, but felt that I was standing or "floating" upon a cushion of sweet, sexual energy.

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Savoring Aneros Foreplay and Afterplay and Aneros Downtime

Hi guys,

One major reason why I started working with my Aneros tools six days a week is that I find I enjoy so much the anticipation of having a session during Aneros foreplay. The areas directly affected by my Aneros tools are of course my prostate, anus, perineum, anal canal, anal musculature, and anal sphincters. My penis, testicles, and auxiliary sexual organs also this attention too, though indirectly.

Also directly involved are my erogenous zones, most particularly my nipples, my hairy pecs, abs, my pubic bush, scrotum )which I shave just about every day, and my hairy thighs. My erogenous zones and even the just of having a session fuel my sexual arousal. All this is the essence of my foreplay.

When I engage Aneros foreplay, I am guaranteed in most instances a successful session, one that leaves me fulfilled and wanting more!

Then there comes Aneros afterplay which comes as I come down from the heights and pleasures of direct Anerosing. My Aneros afterplay or afterglows often last for hours after a session. Quite often an Aneros afterplay or afterglow is even more powerful than, even a delayed reaction to sessions themselves.

I didn't have any session over this past weekend. I had some things come up which preempted my Saturday session. Saturday sessions are often my best sessions of the week when there is little distraction and I have the leisure to go slowly with my Aneros team. Sundays are days off from Anerosing. Sundays are good for resting from the rigors of the Aneros.

Yet Sunday afternoon and night yesterday, I found myself lusting after my Aneros guys. My craving for a session increased a great deal until I went to bed last night. In a few minutes, I begin my Monday morning session during which my Aneros horniness will be satisfied!

Take care!

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Lying on my Right Side, with a Variation

Hi guys,

I am so glad that I have discovered as one of my now preferred Aneros positions, Lying on my Right Side in the Fetal Position. It is a position that is preferred by many Anerosers. For me, it is my preferred position for sleeping. Hence I will use this position in a month or so when the weather here warms up for wearing my Aneros models to bed. Quite a few Aneros guys have reported that they have experienced their first Super-O's in this position at night.

Lying on your right )or left( side in the fetal position is certainly a passive position in contrast to the other positions that I described in my previous blog entry. In this position, you can do almost nothing except breathe lightly and shallowly and let the Aneros sensations develop naturally. I have been absolutely amazed what I have experienced so far in this position. Mostly exquisite sweet, autof**k action from all my Aneros tools, most particularly Maximus and Progasm Classic which previously have delivered a really rugged, at times an uncomfortable ride. Now both Maximus and Progasm Classic are sweet, tender lovers of my anal musculature and prostate. I have never experienced this kind of loving in the eighteen months I have Anerosed, until now!

Also this morning, I used exclusively this position. Eupho Syn, Progasm ICE, and Tempo also performed admirably. But I believe that Tempo works the best sitting with him inserted, even standing, or walking which I hope to try very soon for a brief stroll in my immediate neighborhood.

When I am lying on my right side in the fetal position, both my legs are hooked together in the image of me sitting in a chair. But yesterday afternoon in the Forum, Aneros member ineverknew suggested that I lie on my right side with my right leg straight down and my left leg hooked. This variation produces an even more direct penetration from my Aneros tools. Wow, what new, sweet, and exquisite pleasure this produced!

Right now I am composed this blog entry while experiencing an awesome Aneros afterglow. For me, savoring my Aneros afterglows helps me to integrate Anerosing at a real deep level and whets my appetite for more Aneros sessions!

Take care.

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First possible Anerosless Super-O last night!

Hi guys,

I may have had my first Anerosless Super-O last night. I believe that this Aneros blessing is a consolation for the excessively cold weather we've had here in recent weeks.

Yesterday morning my apartment was very cold due to temps in the teens, even though my radiators were running full blast. The icy conditions caused me to bring my session to a sudden end before I could have some quality time with Progasm Classic in the fetal position on my futon.

Fortunately early last evening, there was abundance heat which made my apartment comfortable. I went to bed shortly after ten last night and fell into a restorative deep sleep.

About three or so this morning I awoke to what felt like an Anerosless Super-O! Warm sexual energy was coming from my groin, but the center for all this was my buzzing prostate. This warm sexual energy came from that area in waves which suffused my body.
The amazing thing was that in my semi-dormant state was able to control my sphincters and musculature surrounding my prostate and ancillary organs!

This may happen more and more in the future outside of sessions! But oh, would that Super-O's and MMO's happen in my sessions for sure soon!!!

[Blog entry composed with Tempo inserted and autof**king away!!!]

Take care!

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