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Ok, so I found out tonight that I was able to repeat the multiple dry-O experience many times again! Yeah! :D Although I think because I did not wait a day in between sessions, the orgasms didn't seem quite as intense. But they were still enjoyable. So I didn't super-T this time. And no ejaculate came out at all, but a heck of a lot of pre-cum much like last time. I also noticed much like last time, that I got very hot and sweaty during the session as soon as I started orgasming. Again, there were some orgasms that definitely felt like I was edging and had to stop rubbing my penis otherwise I probably would have ejaculated. But other times were I could rub it right through the orgasm with no problems. I'm no longer sure about the correlation I made between being erect making me more likely to ejaculate while rubbing my penis. It didn't seem to be the case this time around.

In hindsight I probably should have used a smaller Aneros than the Progasm, as I was a little sore from the previous days session, and it seemed like when I got really aroused and during orgasm that my prostate swells so large as to interfere with the movement of the Progasm. But once again, perhaps that was more of a problem because I didn't give myself a days rest in between Aneros sessions. I'm not entirely sure about this. But I will experiment as I remember.

The really interesting part of this session was that I found that maybe three out of the many times I dry-O'd, through experimentation I was able to get the orgasmic response of the unconscious anal contractions taking off like crazy and my hips bucking without any penis stimulation at all. It was just fantasy sending me over the top. Now the thing about it, is these were not all that pleasurable compared to when adding penis rubbing to it, very much night and day. But what I find encouraging about this is that it shows that I can get over the top into orgasm without penis stimulation. And that perhaps over time these orgasms will increase in their intensity, and hopefully duration also if I can let go of needing to rub my penis to orgasm during an Aneros session.

I can feel my prostate aching somewhat in a sore way, as I type this. I have to be careful not to over due it with these sessions. But the pleasurable sensations that are occurring in my anus and prostate are difficult to ignore. LOL Plus I just had to see if I could reproduce the same results from the last session! :D

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Making progress!

So I think that I am making some progress towards achieving super-O's. And thought it would be prudent to post my experience and thoughts just after my Aneros session. I was inspired to have a session without looking at porn prior, and just knowing that my body was ready and/or accepting of an Aneros session by Cockadoodle's new thread.

Not that I personally think that porn is bad for you. But it was more of just learning to trust that I could be, and/or make myself aroused without it. So I went into this session not particularly aroused, somewhat tired, and at the tail end of recovering from a hangover headache. Certainly not the best circumstances to go into an Aneros session. So I was quite surprised with the results.

Now the funny thing is, is that what I did during this session goes completely against Cockadoodle's penis not philosophy. For some time now I've not been a strict follower of rules with Aneros play. As I've found that following my pleasure is more important. Although I have for the most part in the last few months adhered to the no penis touching during an Aneros session, and practicing ejaculation abstinence to increase arousal.

The reading I've done here in the forums has shown that other users have success achieving super-O's with different techniques. Woodsman's thread is a good example of that.

And I know I've read a few other posts with similar techniques.
I didn't have a whole lot of sensations going on in my Aneros session. So I thought that I would just gently rub the sensitive backside spot on my penis just below the head. Something I've learned recently is that there is either a muscle I can relax, or just learning to relax the pelvic tension associated with erections that keeps erections at a minimum and disrupts the potential of ejaculating while doing this. The rubbing was just placing my first two fingers on the area and gentling and minimally rubbing in an up and down or circular motion. And sometimes just touching the area without rubbing was enough also. Basically what I was able to achieve was what I believe to be multiple dry-O's. It was a short orgasmic sensation much like I experience while ejaculating. And I had them all within what I would guess to be a five or ten minute period of each other. (I wasn't watching the time) I stopped counting after the sixth one. But I'd guess that I had a little over ten of these dry-O's.

I know it wasn't just edging because for probably about half or more of them I was able to keep rubbing right through the orgasm with no ejaculate coming out. One of them I ejaculated a little, but stopped rubbing as soon as I felt like that was going to happen. The times when I had to stop rubbing for fear of ejaculating, I was surprised to continue to feel orgasmic sensations for a little bit after. At one point I did ejaculate a tiny amount but stopped before it went any further, and was able to keep having dry-O's after a short break. I did at the end super-T. I started ejaculating a little bit and figured what the hell, might as well go for it! LOL A very pleasurable super-T it was! But it made me wonder if I had not followed through with the super-T if I might have perhaps been able to keep going with the dry-O's even though I had ejaculated a little bit.

There appears to be a connection between the times when it seemed a was likely to ejaculate and being either fully or somewhat erect. The times when I was able to keep rubbing my penis right through the orgasm was when I was completely flaccid. So it almost seems like the goal is to completely relax to thus not allow myself to get erect if possible. Although, it seems to be a bit of a contradiction, as I'm also doing some PC muscle squeezes. I didn't have to do any anal muscle squeezes. They occurred on their own. Surprisingly quite forcefully during and just after the orgasm. I also noticed that many time my hips would start bucking uncontrollably up to the onset of the orgasm and through, but not always. I think I made a lot of uncontrollable moaning too. I hope I didn't bother my neighbors too much with that. LOL

The really fascinating part about this, was that each time I got close to orgasming, squeezing my PC muscle, hence pushing my prostate against the Progasm helped a lot. But it was always envisioning a really exciting sexual fantasy that sent me over the top! That blew my mind to recognize that! LOL I also noticed that as I become more experienced at it, that the last three to four orgasms lasted slightly longer than the first bunch of times. And the orgasms did not all feel the same. There were differences in the pleasurable sensations. Some were more intense than others. Some had more extreme unconscious anal contractions along with pleasurable anal sensations of the Progasm moving in and out. But I kept wanting it to keep going. Which is why I orgasmed so many times. :D I suspect this is only a step on the road to achieving super-O's. As I hope at some point it will not be necessary to rub my penis to dry-O and more. My experience in this long journey has been that very rarely does anything stay the same. There is always some new discoveries and changes at some point.

I don't know if this information will help anyone in their own Aneros journey. As I know that so many guys have documented their technique to achieving super-O's on this web site. And none of it particularly helped me besides the moral support and reading that it can be done. I'd guess there is a certain inner learning and knowing that has to occur through regular practice before we get there. But I felt it was worth while to document my experience.

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New discoveries

So last night as I started a no-Aneros session sitting in front of my computer while looking at porn, I noticed that I wasn't having much sensations. I also noticed that my conscious contractions had unknowingly shifted to PC muscles only. So just to experiment I tried contracting just my anal muscles, and was pleasantly surprised by very pleasurable sensations. So I worked with holding a quite firm anal contraction, and found that it kept the level of pleasurable sensations quite high. And that unconscious anal contractions would still occur within this firm hold that were very nice. I probably mixed in some PC muscle squeezes in there also.

This got me wondering if perhaps what I thought to be light squeezes were not hard enough. As I've often read posts in the forum about the muscles in the anus and PC group needing to acclimate and tone up. This also gave me the idea that there is more to the Peridise then I may have previously understood.

So I started an Aneros session with my Progasm. It was ok. I tried doing the firm anal contractions, which felt good. But I noticed that the Progasm stem is too large in diameter to get those wildly pleasurable sensations on hard anal squeezes that I was getting in my no-Aneros session. And it also seemed like the Progasm went too deep past my prostate on hard squeezes. I'm not sure how important that is. But switching out the Progasm for the largest of the advance Peridise confirmed my suspicions. I was able to get similar sensations with firm anal squeezes as I did in my no-Aneros session. On top of that, I got this wonderful sensation of the Peridise kind of squirming in my ass. That was a really nice sensation!!!

This approach I took really seems to go against the popular idea that you relax and do nothing in an Aneros session. But I'm following where the pleasure takes me. And I'm starting to find that experimentation is really important, because the same techniques and approach don't always give you the same or consistent results. So this will be an interesting path to follow. I don't know if I'll be able to repeat it. But it sure will be fun trying! :D

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no-Aneros double show!

So as of yesterday I seem to finally be back in peak arousal. It's probably been somewhere around one week since I last ejaculated. And it doesn't take much to get me aroused and for the pleasure sensations in my perineum, anus, and prostate to occur. :D

So yesterday my anus was a little sore from what I think was just too much Aneros action that I was doing daily. So I consciously made a decision to give myself a day off from it. But in the mean time that day, I once again had two amazing no-Aneros sessions in the morning and evening! These are by far, once again, my best sessions yet! Really pleasurable! And I remember at one point in the first session where I felt a sense of sexual satisfaction. That was a first for not ejaculating! I don't really understand why the sitting position with no-Aneros gives me better results than an Aneros session. But I guess I'm not really complaining at this point. Just curious. So I'm starting to wonder if I am perhaps experiencing some sort of mini or dry orgasm already without really knowing it. I feel like there is certainly further to go with this. But perhaps I am closer, or already there.

Buster clued me into this idea during last weekends chat session. His thoughts were that the circling the drain feeling is where you need to be. That is the super-O feelings, or what becomes them as you become more conscious and observant of the sensations. Any thoughts?

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How long I've been at this.

So today, during some back forth e-mails with Aneros Support. I found out that they have on record the date of my first Aneros purchase, the Helix. Turns out my prior estimates of usage were short by about 3/4 of a year. I purchased my Helix 12/04/06. So it's been close to 2 and 3/4 years I've been using Aneros prostate massager's. And still I'm grinding away towards super-O achievement. :D

If I had known in advance it was going to take this amount of time, I'm not sure I would have started the journey. Thankfully I'm in a good state of mind and can just chuckle about it. And it's been fun and down right fascinating to observe the changes and sensations in the mean time!

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Curious sensations

So yesterday, after two or three days of ejaculation abstinence, I was having a no-Aneros session in my computer chair while looking at some porn on the internet. I was having some pretty strong prostate buzzing sensations prior to this, which prompted me to have this session. And boy was I glad I did. Lately for some reason, the involuntaries have been close to non-existent in my no-Aneros sessions which is unusual. And I had no idea why. So I figured since I wasn't getting much response in that department anyway, I'd experiment with just relaxing my anal and PC muscles. And WHAM! The pleasure and energy sensations in my prostate jumped up a notch in a new way than I had experienced before and were oh so delightful! In addition to the involuntaries returning and adding very significantly to the pleasure and build up. I never got past this plateau. But it is a new record for me. And without an Aneros! The only thing I can figure is that maybe the PC and/or anal muscles need to tone up initially with the voluntary contractions. But perhaps once you get to the point where they are in shape and strong. You need to change your strategy to relaxing them instead. Just a hypothesis.

So later that day, I had an Aneros session with my Progasm. And I'm finding that lately these session don't compare much to my no-Aneros sessions. The pleasure is just not as intense, I don't feel the energy sensations, and because of this in frustration I often end up having a super-T. At least this time it was a good super-T! LOL

So I'm not sure if I'm going to continue having Aneros sessions, when my no-Aneros sessions seem to be progressing further and are better. One thing I have noticed, is that when my prostate swells in arousal. It leaves very little room for the Progasm to move around. It kind of holds it in place. It makes me wonder if this is why some guys like the smaller models. Perhaps it is time for me to re-visit the usage of my MGX, Helix, or Peridise to see if this makes a difference. I'm open to input from you guys that can super-O and prefer the smaller sized models. Thanks for reading :)

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Prostate cries for orgasm

Well... So much for abstaining from ejaculation. Let me explain. Yesterday I had another morning Aneros session. It was fantastic! But no further breakthrough into finding super-O's. And then through out the day my prostate kept crying for orgasm/pleasure. It's pleasant torture, but it's still torture. So later in the day I did an no-Aneros session while looking at porn on the computer. And got much further to going over the top. I think one of the big differences between an Aneros session, and a no-Aneros session, is that I find I can squeeze voluntary contractions much harder without the Aneros inserted and get amazingly pleasurable results. Where as with an Aneros inserted, I find that harder contractions often have diminishing results. It's the lighter contractions that seem to work better with an Aneros.

So anyway, I got so close in my no-Aneros session that it frustrated the hell out of me. So I went to have another Progasm session to see if I could go further, but no luck. Actually less results than without the Aneros. So I caved in and had a super-T. Unfortunately, it felt more like I was just ejaculating, and not really orgasming. So it was a real let down in the pleasure department. But man, I sure did cum a whole bunch! LOL And at least the cries of my prostate have died down to a more tolerable level since then. I'm gonna try and give myself today off. And then back into the Aneros sessions tomorrow.

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Nice results again!

So, I have to remind myself to type up these blogs right after an Aneros session. As I seem to lose a fair amount of the enthusiasm the next day. LOL

Yesterday I had two sessions. The first one was fantastic! The second a lot more milder. I seem to be back on track to not having a super-T at the end of the session. So I'm abstaining from ejaculating. Yesterdays first session was amazing, and I knew prior to starting. I was sitting at my computer, and my whole body felt electric, my nipples were constantly hard and sensitive. It felt like my whole body was charged energetically. I hardly needed any looking at porn to get me ready.

I've found recently that arching my back while laying on my back really helps with feeling pleasure. It's like the P-tab, and the head on the Progasm really hit the right spot in that position. I was able to attain a swollen, very aroused, and very sensitive prostate several times throughout the session. Also the sensitive part on the front side of the anus was really sensitive and pleasurable. Several times I could feel it move upwards towards the prostate. Wow! Boy when you can find a fantasy that really gets you going, it also really makes the world of difference.

As I type this I feel my body getting excited again. I guess I'll be having another session soon. :D LOL

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Back in the saddle again! :D

It appears my Aneros lull has ended. I had an amazing session last night! I had the most amount of pre-cum on me that I've ever seen. And I could feel my prostate swell with arousal several different times within the session. I also felt some tingly pleasure in my prostate a few times also. Rather than just around my anus and perineum. That was really nice. I think I experienced some new highs in pleasure during this session.

As to why this lull happened? Depression and personal growth are the two main things. But also I noticed that when I was last having pleasurable sensations from Aneros sensations, I think close to a month ago. I was concentrating on the completely relax approach. And what I've found out recently is that I completely stopped doing any conscious anal and PC contractions both within and outside of an Aneros session. So I recently started doing them again. And just within a few days... Boom! Pleasure again! So for me, it seems that doing the conscious contractions are important.

There was much for me to learn during my Aneros lull though. Masturbation was rare. And when I did, I had to tell myself that it is ok to have pleasure, and that I deserve it. And I had to really practice on focusing on the sensations and any erotic fantasies to allow me to be excited to ejaculate. Sound familiar? LOL Eventually as I did this more and started doing the anal and PC contractions... Sensitivity, pleasure, and desire for it returned.

As of this last session a new thing has started happening. My upper torso and shoulders have started trembling at certain points. But also for no reason I can understand. My involuntary anal contractions have become much stronger and frequent. A few days back I had a no-Aneros session sitting in front of my computer reading erotica mostly, but also looking at some porn. When I have these type of sessions, I do my half PC, half anal contraction. But I'm able to do it much harder in a different way than when my Progasm is inserted. I assume it feels different just because there is nothing inserted in my anus. Anyways, this was the first time I experienced those stronger more frequent involuntary anal contractions. And it blew my mind! LOL It reminded me of the user here who posted about his involuntary anal contractions going "num, num, num, num". LOL It was just like that! It was wild and I loved it!

I ended up having a super-T during last night's Aneros session. And actually, in the last two or three I did the same thing now that I think about it. Part of allowing me to have pleasure if I so desire it with no guilt involved. ;) I know we are not supposed to touch our penis during an Aneros session. But the thing is, that approach when followed strictly, it puts this level of guilt on me when I do have a hands on super-T. No more! If I want to touch my penis and ejaculate during an Aneros session, I will! All of this is part of my journey. I accept that I deserve pleasure in whatever way it manifests in my life. As long as it hurts no one in the process.

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So last night I had another session. It was ok, nothing spectacular. I didn't have much luck with getting my prostate aroused prior to the session from looking at porn. I'm starting to wonder if hard exercise can lower arousal levels. As I started exercising regularly outside again since the weather has become nice, and I'm not in peak shape yet. So I'm usually fatigued and sore. Any thoughts?

What was of interest, is that since it has been eight days since I last ejaculated. I allowed myself to have a super-T at the end of my Aneros session. But the joke was on me, as I was not able to ejaculate, and eventually couldn't even stay erect. I ended the session shortly thereafter. Makes wonder about the exhaustion thing from exercise again. Although I did get some really nice involuntaries from stroking my penis.

Later that night I was able to ejaculate without an Aneros inserted. I was surprised at the large amount of ejaculate that came out. I guess eight days really builds it up! LOL

Guess I'm still writin'...

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