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Full body clench

Ok so last night I thought I would give the eupho a go as I have not been getting much out of it latly but that maybe because I have not used it first.
Inserted the eupho and was having a real nice session.
I got to a point where I was in the middle of a string of about 5 dry Os one after the other with anywhere from 5 seconds to half a minute inbetween peaks.
The last one I had the dry ejaculation feeling the about 4 seconds later my whole body tensed up. Not like if you try to tense your whole body at once, this was way way more intense and very pleasurable.
It was like a peak and relese and only lasted a few seconds. could not do it again.
I have not experienced this before.
It added a whole new peak to the session.
I don't think this was a super O I suspect not as although it was exquisitely enjoyable it was not mind blowing.

The trouble with all these new feeling is they all blow your mind but the bar is always being lifted to new heights. So how do you ever know when you have got there?
They say you will know so I will have to have faith.
Out of interest there was no major deep throat clamping like the previous session only a few hours before.
Tried helix and eupho for a while to with Llewellyn - Tantric Sexuality cd 55 min long with each. Very nice.

Oh and I have noticed that I am having muscle twitching going on all over the place intermittently.

The beginning of quaking I should think.

It is because of different models of aneros that I advance I am sure.

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Greedy deep throat different session.

Have you ever had sex with your partner where they only want it hard and deep?
My aneros session today was completely different to my average ones.
Normally I am relaxed and the more relaxed I get the better the feelings and more the aneros moves.
This one was different.
I inserted the helix and lay back on my side. My body normally does to bites)involuntary movements( at the aneros and pauses for a few seconds then starts rhythmic movement.
This happens almost every time!

Today It took one bite waited about ten seconds and then there was a jolt of electricity starting from my foot down my leg to my anus which made my anus suck in hard!
The aneros smacked in as far up as it could.
The rhythmic motion was there for about 10 seconds and then changed to a rhythmic micro movement.
It felt like it was polishing the surface of my prostate. after a minute or so the movement s got larger and the pleasure really started.

This sucking in action normally happens as I have a dry O but today it was the how the session was going to continue.
I relaxed and relaxed and managed to get the muscles to ease off to and relaxed state but after 30 seconds My body said NO and Sucked it in hard again.
I wold have to describe it as violent.
My body would suck it in and hold it in tight.
The orgasms were great and there was double the amount of precum leakage.
Towards the end of the session it was getting time for my wife to get home.
But I did not want to stop as the feeling were so good.
I felt like if someone had tried to pull the aneros out of me that my anus would fight back and growl and bite at them. A weird feeling but I just did not want to stop.
I did manage to force myself to remove it but tried a experiment. I inserted my eupho to see if the same thing happened but no it was almost dead. i took it out after 15 min.
All in all with the helix I tried to relax about 15 times but every time the aneros came slamming back in.
The clamping of my anus made my anus muscles sore and my perineum sore too from the p-tab.

I cant say it was not a bad session as I loved it but it was very different.

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Supple nipps and a morning session of bliss

Well yesterday I bought some baby pacifiers and cut them down to use as supple nipps.
The left nipple is holding well and gets engorged but the right does not hold as good but does work as long as you dont bump it.
I did not notice any extra stimulation from sensitivity directly except when very aroused I think I felt some electricity from each nipple down towards my penis.
However in saying this I have had the best morning session ever even though the supple nipps werent on.
Maybe it is because I whore them for 2 hours last night.
Last night was a two hour session but was average in feeling except for feeling the electricity from my nipples during a dry O. The few dry Os I had where nothing extraordinary.turned over and went to sleep riding the waves like always.

But this morning woke early to the pleasant feeling of being fucked steadily.
Well it just kept going and going and I was lost in orgasm after orgasm dry O after dry O and numerous erections, one a huge purple throbber.
2.5 hours latter my wife left for work and I was still riding the orgasms. 1 to two dry Os a minute.
I had to get up at 8am to let the animals out and feed them because it was going to be a hot day.
I took half a hour to actually bring myself to get out of bed as the feeling were so good. The intensity is getting very nice again now.

I removed miss helix reluctantly and sat on the toilet to pee as this is easier for me due to a foot injury.
I tried to pee and had trouble because it was like I had just ejaculated and it was stopped from flowing.
I looked down and I had a semi. I managed after a sort while to get some to flow but as it got going it stopped again and I formed a full erection again.

I stopped and took not of my feeling. I was buzzing my cock was hard my anus was twitching and I felt wide awake. I was trembling like a leaf.

I was highly aroused so there was nothing for it! Straight back to the bed.
I prelubed again with 2 ml of silicone and 3ml of water base and the recoated the helix with valeline and the waterbase as I suspect I will be going all day.
I then put on some very loose shorts a top and my slippers got up fed the cat and then went out and feed the animals out side.
It was great walking around with the helix inside me bouncing around pumping me all the time and bending over to pick things up. The arousal kept going and I was still shaking like a leaf.
I came back inside stripped off again and went to lie on bed and saw a 5cm round wet patch from all the precum from earlier in the morning.
Had a smile and lay down. I then had a dry O.
I rolled over and put my supple nipps back on this was 8:30am.
I started this blog and have been being pumped all the while by miss helix. I usually lie on my side but typing is best done on my back and I am getting good feeling even though I normally dont on my back.
My penis is constantly leaking precum slowly and it is now 9:30am Every now and then I can feel my nipples aching from the supple nipps.
I feel that the supple nipps are really begining to help with my arousal.
I am building sensations so I must stop this blog.
The trembling is getting stronger too.
I is going to be a great day to stay in bed al day! :(

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explosive ending and strange spasmming session

I had a even better session last night.
My butt was craving all day after my last post so I saddled up again.
Got to dry O zone again and rode that for a hour or so.
I think it was about 2 hours in and I started to get in a frenzy and I could feel a massive build up of energy starting.
It got greater and greater until I was almost about to explode some how but I dont know how.
Alas the expectations or something got in the way and it subsided :)
I did not giveup but instead of the build up I couped something different.
I have never read about it before either.

I had a start of a build up like before but only slight and then the aneros dug itself in hard and clicked into place like what I call a dry O and then like the ejaculation felling of the dry O or a kegal thrust I went into some sort of spasm.
My body started spasming like a kegal at around 2 thrusts a second. Just the PC muscle.
It kept going like this constantly for I estimate 3 or so minutes!
Every now and then I might miss a thrust but it just kept going?
There was pleasure but a lot of energy was beeing put into it at the same time. There was a feeling of it building my arousal but not to anything huge.
After the 3 minutes or so it stopped and just went back to anal twitching.
I was buggered and went to sleep. Woke a few times through the night with miss helix teasing me a bit.
In the morning I removed it for a pee and then reinserted but with the eupho instead and had a few dry Os and then decided to call it quits.
I was so horny still I decided to have a super T.
It was a massive build up and as I came I squeezed so hard The eupho shot out half a meter away from my arse onto the bed! :(
It was a bigger load of cum than usual.

I dont know what was happening with the spamming.
Has anyone else experienced it?

Overall it was my best session ever that I can remember.

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Dry O zone! Back in the saddle!

Ok thats more like it!
I had a good session last night.
Instead of using the helix first I decided to use the eupho.
Oh miss eupho is great!
I still have to hold a slight contraction to get the action to happen but I had a really good session although I dont think I had any dry Os but upon reflection I think I had many mini Os.
After a two hour session with the eupho I switched to the helix.
I inserted it and nothing for 10 seconds then my anal muscles twitched twice slowly and my prostate sort of said oh yer that it! And then the auto fucking action started and instant p-waves.
I could just lie there and it was all automatic. The waves of pleasure were great but not intense so I did a few kegals and held slight contractions and of course stimulated my nipples and it got a lot better.
After a while while the aneros was twitching it suddenly was pulled in hard all the way and locked in and the it was like I was ejaculating.
So I guess this is what a dry O feels like. It did not stop there every ten to 20 seconds the aneros would return to twitching and get pulled up hard and locked in and the dry Os would start again.
The dry Os would last five to ten seconds then subside then repeat again.
It felt great but Not intense. It was about the same as a super T in intensity.
However the dry Os would come one after the other after the other.
I lost count of the amount of them. They came in waves of about twentyish at a time and then a rest fora minute or so and then they would start again.
These lasted for about 1.5 hours I guess this is what they call the O zone.
I ended up going to sleep at about 2:30am with the helix in.
I awoke a few times through the night with the helix twitching away causing nice p-waves in my slumber.
Early morning I awoke to a purple throbbing hard on and the aneros doing its thing. I think I had a few more dry os but it is a little hazy and I dropped of to sleep again.
8am I awoke and lay there for a hour while he helix just kept on auto fucking.
I decided to remove it reluctantly as it was time for a pee.
I went back to bed until 11:30am and had a anerosless session the hole time.
It 3:30pm andI am watching a movie and the aneross ghosting has not stopped.
With any luck it looks like I am back in the saddle thank the aneros gods!
Intensity is lacking but hopefully this will improve.

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Its all gone Dead. Not happy!

In my last post I said that the aneros action never stops, even while I was very sick!
Well while I was getting better I started getting horny again. I masturbated a number of times over a few days and then tried to have a aneros session a day later.
It was still very dull.
I left it another day and tried another session but then I found that the session was dead! Pretty much nothing at all.
I had another couple of sessions over a few days but all were dead.
All anerosless twitching during the day stopped as well for around a week.
Then all of a sudden the sessions started to improve then a bad one then better again.
I have found that I can not just lie there and let it happen any more, I have to do kegals and hold contractions to get any where now.
I also find that there is no use sleeping with the aneros anymore as the action stops if I am not holding contractions so whats the point?
Anyway I am just keeping on keeping on.

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I am sick but my butt never stops!

I have been not using my aneroses for two weeks now and have not ejaculated either as my wife got sick and I had no time and now I am sick too.
I am that sick that I have had a high temp and shivering and all that. I just feel I would be better of dead! I had surgery planed but they canceled it because I was sick.
Apart from when I was shaking uncontrollably with fever so much that I could not tell, my but is always going it never stops.It is always moving as if the aneros is in me.
Sometimes it is more noticeable than other times but it is always going!
Is this normal after a lot of use or is it just because I have slept with the aneros so often in the past?
It is mostly not annoying thank god.
When I sit in my arm chair or when I lie on my side it is the most intense.
I keep getting little twitches in my inner upper left thigh and a bubbly boiling type feeling in my prostate over and over in waves while I am awake anyway.
It feels ok does not hurt.
I have felt it before but much more intensly while having aneros sessions so I know it is related.
I am in a constant anerosless session although not intense it is happening.
I though it would disapear after a week or so but it just keeps going. Is this what happens with every one else?
Does not matter if my bowl is full or empty the action never stops.... I have been so sick that I can barely get the energy to walk but the action keeps going even though I am too sick to even want to insert the aneros.
Brain is always saying put it in but body is too sick to respond.
I have concentrated on the feelings a couple of times and have had some small anerosless sessions with leaking while sick, but the hunger never stops.

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Where I am at roughly on the Milestone list

I have completed or experianced these milestones:

First insertion
No P-tab discomfort when relaxed
No internal discomfort when relaxed
No P-tab discomfort when contracted
No internal discomfort when contracted
Generally comfortable when inserted and relaxed
Observation of slight good feelings
Slight sense of leaking
Slight sense of needing to urinate )contact with prostate(
Identifiable contact with prostate
Doing a set of contractions comfortably
Holding light sphincter contractions
Integrating deep breathing
Definite leaking produced by contracting
Definite pleasure produced by contracting
Definite feeling of contact on prostate
Identification of "sweet spot"
Pleasure at "sweet spot"
No longer believing that "...this model doesn't fit me..."
Arousal amplification by vocalization, breathing, manual stim of secondary erogenous zones or held contractions.
Observation of slight involuntary contractions
General pleasure throughout session
Successive P-waves
Rock hard erection
Continuous internal pleasure
Sense of pleasure caused by blood pulse internally
Real excitement at thought of next session
Sustained pleasure during sessions
Pleasurable tingling in pelvic regions outside of sessions
Ability to grow pleasure outside of sessions
Ability to leak outside of sessions
Sense that the Aneros is satisfying a special prostate "itch"
Very significant pleasure during sessions
Moaning during sessions
Sense of arousal moving toward something
Involuntary clamping, without sense of climax
Involuntary clamping with hint of climax
Aneros moving distinctly on its own, creating unexpected pleasure
Definite sense of ongoing subtle involuntary contraction

Still to come:
Pleasure at voluntary pelvic thrusting
Integrating pelvic thrusting and contracting
Large muscle quaking )no pleasure(
Significant large muscle quaking with pleasure
Surprise attack of very serious pleasure
nvoluntary clamping with definite feeling of light orgasm )Mini-O(
Ability to maneuver the Aneros to control placement of pleasure internally
Intensely pleasurable involuntary clamping that is clearly a Dry-O
Chain reaction Dry-Os )O-zone(
Disbelief that this can actually be for real
Very deep orgasm distinctly centered in rectum: anal orgasm
Extremely intense prostate orgasm
Dry orgasm without Aneros )chair orgasm(
Aneros moving distinctly on its own, creating unexpected pleasure
Aneros moving in long strokes )auto-f***(, creating intense pleasure
Unexpected extremely strong orgasm that knocks the reality out of you: Super-O
Continuous Super-Os directed at different parts of the body
Full body Super-O
Multiple, sequential full body Super-Os
Ability to have Super-Os on demand

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All good intentions now relised

Well I had all good intentions of backdating and a filling in the missing parts of my journey but I can now see it is never going to happen :)
So I will just have to start from where I am now.
So far I have a Helix which I have modified to have no tail & a eupho which I have modified to have 75% of its tail.
The eupho is definatly my favorite at the moment but still crave the helix as well.
I love to sleep with the eupho especially because it just keeps moving all night long and I more often than not have dreams where the aneros is in me while I am naked in public in my dreams.
I have experienced a Aneros orgie as I call it where my body just craved it so much I could not be without it inserted for more than roughly 5 hours. This lasted for about one and a half weeks from memory. )just type in orgie in the search on the forum to read about it(.
I had to stop it in the end because of soreness and sleep deprivation.
Often you just dont get good sleep. But as time goes on I am getting better sleep while packing it.
Now I am toying with the idea of getting a progasm and or perdise set.

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Crazy shit happening Anero orgie happening

Sorry please see the sisscussion on the forum for details.

I was slack at starting my blog after the first entry.

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