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Oh My!

So yesterday I had quite an Aneros session. And what's worth talking about here without repeating myself, is that as I practiced the imaginary prostate rubbing that I mentioned in my previous blog entry. What I found is that just by noticing the sensations, they would increase in strength. I think it was one of Darwin's posts from a while back that talked about this. Well by golly it worked! Wow I had some pretty intense and pleasurable sensations. Although it didn't feel orgasmic in the sense of going over the top, it was really nice pleasure. And I could feel my prostate involuntarily thumping against my Helix. In addition, with this method, there was mentally no room for thinking about arousing thoughts. Doing that just got in the way of noticing the prostate sensations and ended up decreasing the pleasure. It made me chuckle to think that I could be aroused and feel pleasure without thinking of something horny! LOL

As the pleasure lessened and became more difficult to initiate, I switched over to the smaller of the two advanced Peridise. This was nice, but not anywhere near as nice as the previous days session with the larger Peridise. I found that my anus seemed to have a difficult time gripping it. Which implies to me that I need to continue to practice with the larger Peridise until my anal muscles are stronger. Now the interesting thing is that after the session ended, I noticed a definite change in my sense of well being. I felt lighter, happier, and more relaxed. I remember thinking how this Aneros practice of noticing subtle sensations could be applied to many thing in life and alter our experience for the better. What a nice side benefit! :D

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The next step?

So my most recent progress in my Aneros journey happened today. This morning I woke up in bed and decided to just have a quick and not terribly focused no-Aneros session in bed. The difference was, for some reason I got the idea to imagine something rubbing against my prostate. A ghost Aneros so to speak. And I was very surprised by how much pleasurable sensations started being generated there! Later in the day in both my no-Aneros arousal builder looking at porn, and also after during my Aneros session, I used this technique very successfully! I even got to the point where I was imagining rubbing my prostate with my fingers, and more towards the top of it, as that seemed to be more sensitive. Now I didn't have any mini or dry-O's from this. But I felt like I moved a step closer in the amount of pleasure I was receiving. It was very nice. And I know it worked as I could feel my body responding. My nipples got quite erect, my prostate swelled and got very sensitive several times, and I poured out quite a bit more pre-cum than I have in a while. At a few points I felt I was so close to having some sort of orgasm but never went over. Although my prostate was so sensitive, that if I completely relaxed, I could feel these minuscule involuntary anal contractions occurring which caused a very pleasurable sensation from my Helix ever so gently rubbing against my prostate. I loved it! As I progress, I'm learning that there is indeed merit to the “do nothing” approach. And I as a long time user of a bit over 3.5 years without having achieved super-O's yet, the do nothing approach in Aneros sessions doesn't make itself obvious or known to you until you get to a certain point(milestone?) in your Aneros journey. It's only in the last two or three months that I've started getting some pleasurable sensations from doing nothing and just relaxing in an Aneros session. But it's certainly not everything. As I was also able to get some really nice and intense pleasure from holding very slight to moderate PC contractions. So I experiment and go with what seems to work.

When I felt I could not get any more pleasure from the Helix, I removed it and inserted the largest of the Peridise advanced set. This was quite interesting. In the past I've only had a handful of times where I got pleasure from these anal toys. But that was more from doing hard voluntary anal contractions. Where as they otherwise were mostly duds for me, so I almost never used them. After I put it in I felt it squirming around in my anus. And giving me more of a teasing pleasure. Like it was creating this sort of sexually pleasurable itch that couldn't be scratched. But I missed the prostate massaging that the Helix was doing even though I was still imagining rubbing my prostate. I think I can see where this device has merit, and will start using it more often after my Helix sessions. It will be neat to see where this goes. Besides, since I have been recently diagnosed with some small internal hemorrhoids, I'm hoping Peridise use will help them heal and go away as that is what they are sold for on High Island Health's web site. It's amazing that I can get pleasure from the healing practice of the Peridise! LOL

What I find even more interesting is that I had such a good Aneros session the day after having ejaculated from a two week wait! I still practice ejaculation abstinence, but have found that there is often a use for ejaculating now and then. As sometimes if I go too long without ejaculating, my body seems to get less aroused from Aneros sessions, there is less prostate sensations and pleasure, and my penis tends to get more erect during Aneros sessions, thus putting the focus on it and having a mild to dud session. And then I'll find that finally ejaculating kick starts my body into higher arousal, prostate sensations that return and therefore better Aneros sessions. So it's almost like my body is trying to tell me when it is time to ejaculate. But I try to keep it at no more than once a week. And without having a girlfriend at the moment, it's not an issue at all. This last two weeks flew by for me and I hardly noticed it. What a change from the way I used to be of masturbating to ejacugasm almost daily! LOL

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I dream of incredible progress.

About three days back if I remember correctly, I was napping on the couch. And I started having a dream that there was some sort of dildo shaped vibrator pushed in my ass with just the end sticking out. And then within the dream I started massaging my perineum with my fingers. And as I laid there I felt this slowly and gradually building pleasure just like in an Aneros session. And it started to get really pleasurable. And I thought, “Oh my God”, this is going to be really good! And then I woke up!!! GaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Fast forward a few days and sessions...

So last night I was scheduled to have my Aneros session. I started with my standard no-Aneros session to hop up my arousal sitting at the computer looking at porn while rubbing my nipples. I got some really good prostate sensations from this. But I had some other things to do. So I had to come back to this later in the evening. Thankfully I was able to recreate the pleasurable prostate sensations in the no-Aneros warmup. One thing I did notice was that on this particular day was that the faster I rubbed my nipples, the more aroused and thus more pleasurable sensations occurred.

Then when I got to the Aneros session in bed laying on my back with knees up using my tailess Helix. I'd say within the first fifteen to twenty minutes just like within that dream I felt that slow and gradual build up of pleasure. And I did my best not to interfere with any intentional contractions. Just notice it and let it do it's thing. And I just gradually increased the speed I was rubbing my nipples. Now I know I've said this before, but I think I honest to god finally had a real prostate mini-O! This is an entirely new pleasurable event that I have never felt before. The prostate pleasure built higher than at any other time within any of my Aneros sessions ever before. And then for two or three seconds it peaked much like a traditional ejaculatory orgasm. Boy did that ever feel good!!! :D :D :D And there was absolutely no penile stimulation of any sort going on, and no ejaculate came out. Just loads of stringy pre-cum. Unfortunately, I was not able to recreate the experience within the same session. :( But that's what future Aneros sessions will be for! :D

A few things I noticed. Lately, my best pleasure within an Aneros session is within the first fifteen to thirty minutes. I think I'm much more likely to just relax and let it do it's thing without interfering in that time frame. And then after that, I'm often doing some sort of contractions to try and squeeze some sort of pleasure out of the session.

The state of mind I was in when this mini-O gradually built and occurred was a really detached but focused on the area where the pleasure was happening. I was trying to recreate the state of mind that The_Bishop talks about when he vaporizes and inhales some weed before an Aneros session. A sort of detached and dreamy not in this world, not in that world kind of thing.

What I found really interesting, was that once the pleasure increased to a certain point before, during, and after the orgasmic peak, all sensations in my penis just disappeared and it stayed flaccid! It was no longer the center of where sexual pleasure originates in my body! That really blew my mind! But it felt so good I didn't care. :D I'm definitely on the right track now. And this good progress just adds even more to my motivation to keep at this and realize this really is for real and I can experience these wonderful pleasures. Even as I type this now I'm feeling these wonderful sensation in my body and prostate. So I may just go and have another session shortly. :D

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The beginnings of bliss?

So last night I had another Aneros session. And several times I reached these peaks of pleasure where my anus would start involuntarily spasming, which would induce the MGX to auto-fuck my ass. Wow! This has happened before in the last two sessions. And when that happens, the ridges on the MGX stem really add some nice vibrations like stimulation to my anus kicking up the pleasure even more.

But what I'm really posting about is I had one experience in this session where I was just holding a medium contractions or so. And I felt this warm energy like sensation blossom from my pelvis outwards a bit. It didn't last that long, there was no involuntary contractions, and it wasn't the most pleasurable sensation I've had within a session. But it had a sort of calming/relaxing sensation that went with it. It was most curious, I liked what I felt and wondered if this could perhaps be the beginnings of super-O experiences. A mini-O? I have no idea. I've sort of learned over time not to put a name to things prematurely, as this is such new territory, and I've misinterpreted results many times before. I'll keep grinding away though. Although I have to say, that lately this has been the most delightful and fun grinding I've ever done! :D

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MGX rides again

So I've been almost exclusively using the Helix since the beginning of November 2009. This started because the Progasm which was my almost exclusively used Aneros for almost a year stopped giving me pleasure. I've since then only had one good Progasm session in the handful of times I've tried it again. But a few days back it occurred to me that if the Helix suddenly works well for me as one of the smaller Aneros models, I should try out my MGX again to see how it feels. And boy am I ever glad I did!!! I had a pretty amazingly pleasurable Aneros session with the MGX last night.

The more aggresive P-tab really works for me. As I find that focusing on the sensation of the P-tab touching me tends to amplify and progress further pleasurable sensations. The Helix with it's smaller and less aggressive P-tab tends to not always give any, or enough touching pressure on my perineum depending on what my anal muscles are doing. I'm feeling like this is an important part of progressing my Aneros journey. Plus I like the difference in how the MGX massages my prostate over the Helix. The Helix gives me a sort of finger tip poking into my prostate feeling. Where as the MGX has more of a underside of a finger length pushing up and lifting against my prostate. The beautiful thing is that it used to be that the MGX was internally painful on hard anal contractions both before and after I removed the handle/tail. Now there is no discomfort at all in it's use. I don't know what has changed in me, but it is the same case for the Progasm also.

So my thought is...
For those of you that have cushioned your P-tab with something. I'd remove it and start getting used to and focusing on the sensation the P-tab gives you as it presses into you. I used to get sore from the P-tabs on any of my Aneros models, including the Progasm. This is no longer the case. There is something really important about feeling the direct pressure of the P-tab against your perineum.

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New toys

So I just placed an order for the Feeldoe more double dildo, and the Spareparts Joque dildo harness.

I can't wait to practice on my own with the Feeldoe. But more importantly (no pun intended), to find a pretty lady that is willing and excited to peg me. :D I'd advertise here... But's it's probably like 99% men here. LOL Wish me luck! :D

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Strange Energetic Sensations

Now here's something interesting... a couple days back I hadn't had an Aneros session in a few days and it was late at night. So I figured I would just have a no-Aneros session looking at porn online before I went to bed. Wow! That was some session! I started getting some of the same pleasurable prostate sensations that I've got in Aneros sessions, which was surprising. Very, very pleasurable overall the session was. The only problem was, afterwards I couldn't get to sleep until 4am!!!! Gaaaaaaaaahhh!! So I ate a meal and watched TV until I tired.

Now here's the good part... The next day, I could totally tell that my prostate was very much awake and activated from that no-Aneros session. Later in the day I was watching the somewhat recent “Pearl Harbor” movie on TV. And as the action would get intense in the movie I could feel hot energy coursing upwards in my torso to the top of my head in waves several times throughout the day while watching this movie. It wasn't a pleasurable feeling, but neither was it painful or uncomfortable, except that it made me hot temperature wise. It was very unusual, as I don't think that I've felt that experience before. There definitely is much more to this Aneros experience and journey than just pleasure.

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A change

So I've been in somewhat of an Aneros lull lately, likely due to events going on in my life right now that are stressful. So I've hardly had any Aneros sessions all month long. And likewise have not masturbated very much at all either. So today I felt aroused enough to try an Aneros session after looking at some porn on the computer. My Progasm strangely hasn't been doing much of anything for me lately. So I experimented by starting with my Helix in hopes that a different model would produce some pleasurable sensations. And boy was I right!

Something has changed during this lull that I don't think I noticed until today. I basically haven't been having any tingling in my perineum or butt buzz like I've normally been having both within and without a session for many, many months now. But today I noticed when I started looking at the porn and getting aroused. I felt this new energetic sensation in my prostate that was different than what I've felt before. And when I started my Aneros session with the Helix, I found by just relaxing and doing absolutely nothing, this pleasurable energetic sensation would grow and gently radiate through me. It was a very nice feeling and had none of that sense of urgency to make it "over the top" in terms of orgasm/pleasure. I just relaxed, enjoyed it, and eventually dozed off, and felt very rested when I woke up. I found myself surprised that there really was something to the relax and do nothing approach! LOL

After the nap, I thought I would try the Progasm to see if it would spark some new pleasurable sensations. And here's where I noticed the change not long after insertion. It felt to me like the Progasm was far too blunt of an instrument on my prostate. And it didn't generate any pleasurable sensations. Where as the Helix just subtly and gently tickled, and stimulated my prostate. So after almost a year of the Progasm being my favorite because it generated pleasurable sensations every time, the Helix now seems to be the one that does that. Funny being that this was the first Aneros model I ever bought. I'm somewhat surprised that my body has changed in the journey to like one Aneros model over another. The Progasm worked well for so long, that I though it always would.

One other change I've noticed recently is that often times when I experience fear, I feel it as an unpleasant and mildly painful energetic sensation in my prostate. It's pretty bizarre. Has anyone else experienced this? And if so, what is your understanding of this phenomenon? It sure is an interesting development. Although it has been useful for me to identify created mental false fear when I don't mentally recognize it. As I notice it physically, which I immediately observe what I am then thinking and realize I'm just needlessly scaring myself over nothing.

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Another step

So it seems that I've moved on from what I was doing with rubbing my penis lightly during my Aneros sessions to achieve dry-O's. It was a useful experience. But now I find that it is too much of a distraction from the prostate sensations. And in my more current sessions seemed to become too much like edging.

So my last session I did not do any penis stimulation, and just concentrated on the prostate and energy sensations while deep breathing and relaxing as much as possible. I would hold that slight voluntary PC contraction that hits the sweet spot of pleasure on the prostate, and concentrate on growing that sensation through putting my attention on it, and also thinking really exciting fantasies.

I had enough moderate success with it to think it is a good path to follow for a while. No orgasms. But really nice pleasure that I liked. And there was very little distraction from sensations in my penis as it hardly even got erect at all. Which thankfully did not give me any desire to stimulate it. I felt my prostate swell with arousal quite a bit. And it was a much more calm session. Less movement, more concentration on relaxing. Very meditative like. Even though I still had smaller involuntary anal contractions occurring. I can now understand what other users have mentioned about interfering with the process by contracting to hard. As I noticed that as I held that slight PC contraction, as the pleasure increased, it was far to easy to unknowingly contract harder, which seemed to have the effect of making the pleasure disappear. That was difficult to be aware of and not do. It will take some practice.

Every step is worthwhile and a learning experience on this path. I know that a few times I have felt that I have taken a wrong turn. Only to find out later on that it was a necessary step in my understanding and development on this journey. So I embrace all these good experiences. :D

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The right fantasy counts the most! ;)

Ok people...
I just had the most amazing Aneros session. :D

But let me step back a moment in time today. When I woke up this morning I was feeling kind of frisky from a dream. So I figured I might try an Aneros session. Helix first, which never felt comfortable. (I'm starting to think that maybe I've gotten used to how a particular Aneros model feels in me.) So after a bit I removed that, and inserted the Progasm. I just didn't have much results at all. And noticed that I wasn't having a lot of success with the sexual fantasy thing. So it was probably a pretty short session.

Fast forward to later in the day...
I decided to look at some porn for the heck of it on the Internet. I read some erotic stories first, and then looked at some pictures. But it was the stories that really got my imagination going, and my prostate was feeling really, really excited. So this one story really effected me, I read it three times and it excited the hell out of me each time. So I quickly shut off my computer and went to my bed to have an Aneros session with my Progasm. My GOD!!! Many wonderful dry-O's were to be had! Both from rubbing my penis, and some from not. Although the ones without penis rubbing were still low in pleasurable sensations, but still good to experience. Anyways, after many dry-O and probably mini-O's, I edged just a bit too much rubbing my penis, and ejaculated a little bit. So I figured, what the hell, I haven't ejaculated since last Sunday. So it's been about four days. Well let me tell you that was the most amazing super-T and ejaculate spawned orgasm I can ever remember having. The intensity was really, really high! But what really got my attention was the duration felt like a long time! I remember thinking maybe about halfway through it, I can't believe I'm still orgasming! LOL :D And then I looked down and saw the biggest pool of cum on my belly I think I've ever seen! Good God! I feel very relaxed, calm, and happy at the moment. What an experience!

The point of this post, is that in my experience I really need a good sexual fantasy to bring with me to the Aneros session to really get highly aroused. In this case it was the story. In others it has been my own made up fantasies. When I am unable to envision something that makes me really aroused, I don't have much success. Something to consider for those of you that are still working your way towards pleasurable sensations and super-O's with Aneros use.

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