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My first time with the progasm

I searched high and low for some specific information (see “virgin anus vs. progasm: the duel”) on this but was unable to find exactly what I was looking for so here it is: My first encounter with the Progasm.

As an almost 6 month user and the owner of a Peridise beginners set and a Helix I was looking for a new toy. Being a rectal novice prior to my Aneros experience I was a little intimidated by the size of the Progasm – but I needed to expand my horizons so I took the chance. However, I was really looking for a detailed description of a first time successful Progasm insertion.

Mentally, I had to overcome my fear of tearing the soft tissues. After six months, am I qualified as an “Advanced User”? Or will it victimize me?

Don’t worry, everything’s OK. Here’s what I did – maybe it can help someone else down the road.

I had everything I needed and a three hour window so I began the session with the Helix. The Helix is easy stuff for me, lube the hole with Shea Butter, insert two small balls of Shea Butter and it slides right in. Great, 45 minutes of relaxed breathing.

Then it’s time. I get out the Progasm. It’s simple, right? Relax, relub and slowly scoop it in, right? I take out the Helix and put another ball of Shea Butter in. Next I squirted in 5ml. of Sliquid Silk Hybrid Formula. Then I slather the Prograsm in Shea Butter. For good measure I squirt more Sliquid on the Prograsm. Things are VERY lubricated. But now I’m standing there, all lubed up and kind of holding the Progasm sideways – I couldn’t even look the thing in the eye. I started to sweat! I stand with one leg on the bathtub and one foot on the floor and I reach around and nudge the big girl towards her new home. This isn’t working – to awkward. I go into the shower stall and bend all the way forward try that angle. No way. Hmm. I go to the bed and kind of lying on my back I reach around. Nope. Reach forward. Nope.

Ok, so the winning inserting position is lying on my bed, left side, left leg straight, right leg bent with the right hand reach around. This is the position I can relax in and breath and figure out how to “scoop”. Yep, angle the big head in (tip first, P-Tab closer to your balls relax, breath, nudge. Gotta stop clenching up. Relax, breath nudge. Repeat until I feel the head slip in. That alone took about three minutes. Relax, breath, hold – still gotta get that big second hump in. Relax, breath, nudge – yes! It’s sliding in. Scoop! If I wasn’t already lying down I would have collapsed.

I laid there in my side for about 5 minutes making sure everything felt OK. Everything did. Then I did a slide onto my back. Everything’s OK. I probably lay on my back for about a ½ hour. I tried to do nothing, but that’s easier said than done – the small contractions come and go on there own. I try my side. Nothing. I lay on stomach. Not much. Over to the back again – try nipple stim. Now that’s the ticket. I wish there was another way of saying that Progasm is more “intense” than the Helix. Maybe “insistent” is the better word.

The nipple stim and 10 minutes of constant involutaries really loosen things up. The whole canal is relaxed and enjoying things – just the way it’s supposed to be in Aneros Land. No soft tissue tears, not even sore. I had a self imposed hour limit for my first time Progasm use – I only went over by 15 minutes!

I feel like I went into the bedroom and boy and came out a man. Well, maybe I’m not “Advanced” yet, maybe “Intermediate”.

The adventure continues,


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Two weeks without the Aneros

For the first time since buying the Aneros 5 ½ months ago I have gone for two weeks without using it. That’s what visiting the in-laws over the holidays can do to a person. I did use the Peridise once, but it was not a solo session and it will have to be a separate entry!

The fun thing was that I got to do a lot of Anerosless exercises – something I haven’t gotten a chance to do before. Kind of Male Deer external massaging, contractions and deep rhythmic breathing. Chasing pleasure echo’s as it were.

It’s funny, because you can wake the little walnut up in the morning and he wants to play all day. I can make it feel really good but I can only produce very intermittent involuntaries. Still, it gives you something to do between holiday meals while you’re watching football and making pleasant conversation with Aunt so and so.

Ordered myself a Progasm. I’ll bet that’ll be worth a blog entry by the end of next week. I had to make a decision between that and the MGX. I like the description of mobility and aggressive P-Tab for the MGX (I don’t consider the Helix tab to be all that aggressive). I had to go with the K-Tab and the ball style P-Tab in the end. I’m just not quite sure I will appreciate the size of the Progasm. Ah, the sweet sensation of fear and anticipation. We will have to see if I am qualified as an “Advanced User” yet or not. You can only read so much before you have to take action one way or the other.


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First Mini-O

Just a quick update as this is the middle of the holiday season. Everything is very busy and there just isn’t time for quality sessions. To make a long story short, I got some time and decided on the Peridise, beginners edition. The first half hour passed without so much as a twitch. Time for a cigar. No bannana’s! Oh well, might as well hit the showers. But I saw the exercise ball and thought, what the heck, why not watch an old episode of “Three’s Company” and bounce around on the exercise ball! Now that got some pleasurable feelings going and definitely lifted the session above a dud – not the best, not the worst.

Then, “Three’s Company” is over, time for a shower – this is were things get interesting. The water felt fantastic when it was pounding the area right below my navel. My water pressure is weak and I do not have a flexible hose, but the hot water immediately got some p-waves going and involuntaries working. It must have lasted 10 minutes. Pleasure and contractions. Self-perpetuating (as long as the water was on the spot). Almost a textbook definition of a mini-o. I didn’t hurry it along or finish it off. Just something to build on in a couple of days.

The Peridise made it exquisite. As I am learning, slow is better. Let it build up. If this had been the Helix, I probably would have ended up with a hands free wet one. But the Peridise makes you work it.

Still, I’m calling it a mini-o. My first one. 5 months and counting (or, 5 months and who’s counting?).


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I think I had my 1st Dry-O!!!

I’m pretty sure I had my first Dry O today! OK, all you newbies and veterans alike, here it is. After about an hour of relaxing, I got on the exercise ball. I had noticed good feelings before with this technique (As it turns out, lying on the body ball is a great way to use the computer without having to sit down. Search ‘Body Ball’ in the forum and there are extensive threads and even a Wiki entry!).

I noticed that positive prostate feeling that signifies either a hands free wet one (achieved on fourth session and never again - made it by rocking on the couch.) or a Dry One coming. This time, 4 and half months later, I had an intense orgasm. I was smart enough not to stop and look. Afterwards, when I looked, there was a little puddle, but I didn’t feel done. I had some things to do and an hour later I still was feeling little twitches. Applying a quick manual penis rub revealed that I was definitely ready to orgasm again the traditional way!

The problem I have with doing something the first time is I really don’t know what I did! I was working an exercise ball and there was all sorts of indirect penile stimulation. There was a definitely expulsion of some type/amount of fluid, just not much. It was equal in feeling/intensity in every way to a traditional orgasm, probably a little longer and very intense. But I am 100% ready to go again! This had no p-waves and seemed to be a direct result of working the body ball versus doing contractions (though I have no doubt I was doing them!) It had a definite build up and release. It did not start right over again, but rather it just subsided and came back rather quickly. I did not have time to keep going.

So folks, it was either 1) a dry-o or 2) a hands free little wet one or 3) a traditional little wet one with no refractory period! Since it’s my first one, I’m going to mark it on the calendar as my first Dry-O.

For you newbies, it’s interesting – This process is not cut and dried like you can point to it in the milestones and say “Ah Hah, I just had milestone 55 out of 80”. Instead of following a set routine, I decided to do something I thought might feel good and it led to a huge reward. Maybe this time I can duplicate the success faster than 4 ½ months between orgasms!


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Tried Shea Butter!

Keep trying new things, right? After a wonderful Vegas vacation and 5 aneros free days, I thought I’d give one of the forum suggestions a try. Thanks to Love_is’s fine description of Shea Butter usage I went out and bought some. Found some 100% pure Shea Butter at the local Whole Foods. I dug out about a teaspoon full and shaped two little balls about the size of raisons and stuffed them in manually. I then spread a thin coating over the Helix and it slid in easily. I even tasted a little Butter first – if you can’t eat it, you shouldn’t insert it. I don’t think it would be very appetizing on toast but it didn’t gag me either.

I had been using Maximus lube for the last couple of months with fine results, but let me tell ya, the Shea Butter is the schnizzel.

Some comparisons:
- Maximus is liquid, Shea Butter is solid at room temp – like cold butter in the refrigerator.
- Maximus disappears after two hours, Shea Butter (just a small amount) lasted the entire 2.5 hours session and was still going strong!
- Maximus is better right off the get go, I gave Shea Butter an extra ten minutes to soften.
- I usually get involuntaries quickly with Maximus, took much longer with the Butter.
- Though one times usage is not enough to form a qualitative session sample, I got no gas with the Butter. Maximus, maybe because I’m injecting 4 ml. of the stuff, can bring on a reaction. The Butter never mad my stomach flutter. It was a very gastric event free session. This, and the long lasting lube overcome the slower start in my mind.

Using the Butter was like having a new aneros. The Helix sat much firmer in my innards. While still maintaining a very silky slick non irritating contact, I could notice a difference in the extra gripping power, like I was closing in around it rather than floating in it. I also feel like it was not as wearing of a session, like I could have gone on for a long time without getting my insides worn out. This effect was producing different sensations that are definitely worth pursuing. A very nice change of pace without having to purchase a new aneros.

Shea Butter, it’s like, well, Butter! Two thumbs up. Can’t wait to try it with my Peridise tomorrow!


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Oct 9 - Nov 12

Still averaging 3 to 4 times a week, still averaging 2 hours a session.

Past months highlights. At the end of one session when I decided to ‘finish off’, I came twice in quick succession – maybe 3 or 4 minutes apart. I didn’t ever do that even as teenager. Had one more mini p-wave this week. Surprised the heck out of me and then it went away.

Past months lowlights. Not enough time? Had some gas a couple times? Lost weight because I don’t each lunch, pizza or spicy food and I drink less?

Observations: Don’ts - Watch what you eat! As you get older, darn near anything can give you gas. Avoid spicy food the night before a big planned session. Aneros and drinking doesn’t work either. Don’t eat half a pizza and then think you can have a great session. All in all, this thing is less tolerant than sex with the missus but a lot more available.

Do’s: Use it with the missus any chance you get! Try things you read about in the forum.

Thoughts while using: Is anybody writing a book on this thing? How many aneros units have been sold? I wonder what it would be like to go on a rollercoaster with this thing in me? What about standing in front of some speakers at a concert? I was thinking of suggesting in the forum that we, as a group, start a ‘Full Moon Club’ where all the forum members around the world have sessions on days and nights with a full moon. That way, collectively, we generate Coherent Orgasmic Energy Waves that circle the earth. Still trying to think of a schnazzy anacronym for it though.


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I love progress - first mini P-Wave?

I don't know if this is catagorized as an official day-after effect, but the thing that's most noticable for me is that I seem to be attuned to a different frequency in my body. It's like that roller coaster feeling in your stomach, except sometimes its in your teeth or a foot or an arm. Mostly in the stomach though. Oh, and that guy that says 'don't forget your nipples'? He's so right. They are waking up.

Today the frequency seemed to intensify throughout my session - at one point culminating in an intense abominal twitch. There and gone. A mini build up that my body remembers and wants to repeat.

Going on five months, and maybe my first little mini p-wave!


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Measuring Aneros Time

October 4th – 8th
Decided this week that I needed to stop having sessions every day and hold off to every other day. On 10/4 I took a nice long hot bath. If you have never done this, it should be on your “to do” list. Only then will you ponder the thermal transference properties for this particular kind of plastic.

On 10/8 I engaged in one of favorite pastimes – Using the Peridise while I sit in the garage and smoke an hour and a half stogie and stare out at Suburbia. Reclining on a camping chair I can either read or just pretend to read a book while doing my rear end calisthenics.

Measuring Aneros Time. How do you measure Aneros time? I finished my first bottle of lube today. It was 250 ml. One full bottle of lube down the path. Do you measure time on the road from the start of use date? How many sessions you’ve had? How many total hours of Aneros ‘in’ time? Since haven’t been keeping a log, I figure its about 5 ml. per session so that makes about 50 sessions, 2 hours per session, started in August, so comes to about 4 times a week. Far less time then I could have put into internet poker.


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Registration Day

October 2008 - October 3rd – Registered for the forum.

Where I am today. Isn’t that just the question everyday? What is it that compels a man, in mid-life, to start making internet adult toy purchases? Compels a man to experiment with anal devices, become an expert on lubes, fish oil and various mid-extremity muscle groups? Comb a single forum, dedicated to men’s pleasure, for advice on orgasm, diet, binaural input, dopamine, spiritual guidance and addiction?

What compels me to risk my internet anonymity, to actually blog about experiences so intimate I am barely able to communicate this to my life partner without a liter or two of red wine in me?

Is it just the search for the super-o? Not really. The journey has already taken me to a new level of intimacy with Mrs. J4. Some of you are way over my head with your chakra’s and kundalini’s. Then again, two months ago I didn’t know I had a perineum. So, where am I on the path? It doesn’t matter. “As we rewire we are all reconnected”, says one of the forum experts with his signature. There are places beyond orgasm that I want to experience. This, apparently, is the journey I seek.

Thank you to the regulars here who have made it worth my while to come out “in public”. You people have a lot to share and I appreciate it enough to register so I can say it out loud.

Here’s to being seduced by pleasure to get a taste of eternity.


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4th Month

September 2008 – I purchase a 5 cc. lube applicator over the internet. The blunt end is perfect for anal use. I also purchase Maximus lube. The old lube I had contained glycerin – not pleasant.

Got the go-ahead to purchase the Peredise Starter Set. Received and tried it right away – nice, but so far my preference and results are with the Helix. Mrs. J4 tried the Peredise when I was out of town with no results at all. We have not had a session with both of us using Aneros.

Mrs. J4 and I have, however, had several sessions together when I have been using the helix. Each one is better than the last. I get more results with her input than anything I can achieve alone.


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