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Just when you thought.......

I am just amazed how different each session can be. Today I was just taken to places that were wonderful. The deeper I go the more relaxed I seem to become. Some of these super O experiences can last 10 or 15 minutes and then bam! another round begins. What an amazing experience feeling my prostate firm up and become engorged only to give me a wild ride where I can just hold on!! Thanks again Aneros!

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Alive and living

I have read over and over about using plenty of lube. My lube of choice is called Probe. I have developed a pretty good routine which works well for me. I first clean out my anus using about 4 to 6 oz of warm water. I use a small bulb similar with something you would clean wax from your ears with. I relax and release this water sitting on a toilet. ( Ya I know sounds gross but it works ) Next I use a little dropper tube I got a Walgreens free from the Pharmacy. I insert with about 3 to 4 oz of probe. Last comes the aneros of my choice. I have found getting ready greatly enhances my results. Lube is the key. I generally start off with Eupho and finish with Progasm. Each time I switch toys I add a little lube. My results have been amazing since I have started this routine. More lube = more sensitivity. Also, I can't say this enough..........guys if you have BPH symptoms then using these devices can really reduce most all symptoms. 2 Years ago I was told I had an enlarged prostate and I was having many issues. I just had my yearly checkup and I am now being told every thing feels normal. Lucky me!

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Random thoughts

I find it interesting at how my body reacts. Each session with these products produces different results. I have had days that I have really looked forward to using my Anero products but with less than spectacular results. My body just wasn't into it or maybe my mind wasn't. Well last night I didn't feel that excited and I had a somewhat stressful day but I decided to go for it. All I can say was it was the most intense session I have ever had. Go figure!! Each model sent me through the roof with almost nonstop orgasms. What wonderful products you have created!! I highly recommend using several different models during each session as each one hits different spots. I have also found that taking a break between switching models helps too. Is one model better than the other??? It depends on the session.

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Which one is best

Well I have been traveling the last 4 days and with some company. I am finally home and I was looking forward to scratching this itch I have. Tonight I started with the Helix and I did reach some good orgasmic levels but not what I had hoped for after 4 days off. I took a break for about 2 hours and decided to play with Eupho. WOW, did this one hit the spot!!! So for 1 half hour it was intense. I didn't expect this from Eupho. Being short of time as it was getting late I moved on to Progasm after a 1 half hour rest. I have found this resting period the way to go for me. It seems that I am more sensitive after my rest and I usually pick up quickly where I left off. This was also the case tonight. Progasm with it's size just overwhelmed me with the sensitive condition Eupho had left me in. I had full body orgasms and Progesm stroked my prostate top to bottom. What a wonderful workout. Now instead of the pain and discomfort associated with BPH all I get is a warm fuzzy feeling throughout the day. I'll take that any day. So which one is better of these three models I use? I thought Helix but tonight Progasm was my weapon of choice though Eupho got me all hot and bothered. Progasm is huge compared to Helix. I do love the size and get very excited just inserting this thing. I used to think it was to big but my body has become used to how it feels and I have learned to relax and enjoy the total ride begining to end.

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Session log

Well it's Sunday and I am pretty relaxed and I have been patient waiting for evening. I have decided to use all my versions and keep a log for each experience. Today I started with my usual Eupho experience. Today was different. I lubed up with thick and rich. As I inserted the Eupho I realized how sensitive I have become. Now it's not a bad sensitive, it’s more like I was already there. That place I get carried to after 20 minutes or so. I lay there and felt that slight tug as the Eupho was dragged deeper across my prostate. Damn it felt good. I have learned just to let this happen and it did. I began sporadic involuntary contractions and Eupho dug in deeper my body jerking as it dragged across more sensitive areas. Within minutes a rhythmic pulsing began and I could feel my anal muscles flexing in and out on their own. This intensified the prostate massage and my perineum began to bulge and swell. The feeling was awesome. The involuntaries became deep and powerful and everything became explosive sensitive. My back arched, my feet lifted my buttocks slightly and my stomach tightened. I was completely immersed in and just centered on this feeling as it just plainly overwhelmed me but still I have learned to let it happen. Like being on a roller coaster....just hold on. 45 minutes later, here I am. I will report back when I finish with Helix.

Welcome back.......Helix mmmm what to say. I am very sensitive today. I noticed it this morning as I was having slight spasms and I was feeling like aneros time. Well after Eupho the Helix has been another experience. There was no waiting as my prostate went immediately into spasms. I am learning to control my muscles and relax. Just let this happen..........WOW......extremely deep involuntary thrusts stroking my prostate and it was hitting "that" spot dead on. Relaxing I am enjoying the ride and how intense! My perineum feels extremely hard and ready to burst. So much pleasure and so intense and all I want is more. This level lasted for 20 minutes or so but it's quite hard to tell as I get so zoned in on the moment just enjoying. I am taking a break. I think I'll go a round with the Helix again. What's great about this is a super-o doesn't sap your desire. Oh too much!

Helix is just awesome. I just love the way it digs in deeper right when it's supposed to. There's nothing so awesome as relaxing and letting this thing take you over. Many little o's and one tremendous super O which lasted 10 minutes or so. I cried out a little bit with pleasure this time, a first for me. I hope it's not the last. It's like it becomes familiar territory, a place you become familiar with. That in turn allows you to go with it and embrace it. Ok so next up.................PROGASM........Hope I make it back here. I may just get to spent.

So now the Progasm. Wow was this super tight tonight. But once in it fits like a glove. I had been having problems with this one popping out at exactly the wrong moment. So tonight I have found that the slightest amount of holding force with my anal muscles holds this in place and actually intesifies the involentary contractions. So as my prostate swells I just grip and don't release. I like the Progasm a lot but I think the toy of choice is going to be the Helix, though I will continue using all three. Tonight the Progasm felt very tight for some reason. I tried a new position for me which was in the fetal position. I placed a rolled up towel between my knees to keep my legs apart about 6 inches and rolled on my side. It was easy to keep the Progasm in place in this position and the contractions were awesome. There are points during use that your in your own little orgasmic world.......just plain overwhelmed. The deeper contractions with this device cause me to spasm with pleasure when just the right spot is stroked and the progasm seems to know where that spot is. It's crazy how once this gets going there is no effort on my part. There are times this thing will stroke me 100 times in a minute with involentaries. I just relax and enjoy the ride. Well I am beat! A very good beat though. I did have to shower because I was dripping in sweat. I drank 2 glasses of water tonight just trying to stay hydrated. I think I'll buy some Gator Aid. Hope you enjoyed reading my blog. I enjoyed writing it.

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This thing is so addictive. I have actually had to force myself not to use it every day. The problem is that when used correctly and you are able to sustain a level where you reach super-os, you want to go on and on which just zaps your energy level the entire next day. I just love this thing! On the positive side (if the above could be considered a negative), the endless anal involuntary contractions I have been getting for hours on end have given my prostate the best prostate massage I could ever have imagined. Most all of my BPH symptoms have just disappeared. I sleep through the night without having to get up to pee. WOW, what a blessing to not have to medicate myself with chemicals.

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Well I don't know about anyone else but after my intense session last night I am just drag my ass exhausted. I so much look forward to using my aneros toys since I have reached the super-o level. Each experience has been different. Last night I again used each of my 3 toys. Each one gives you a different ride. I have found that my Progasm which gives me a really full effect has a tendency to pop out during intense orgasms. Has anyone had this experience? My Helix does just the opposite and dives deeper and holds tighter during a super-o. Last night I broke my session up into 3 parts. I started with the Eupho for about 1 hour then to the Helix and on to the Progasm. Between each session I took a 20 minute break. I find that by taking a break you somehow get recharged and more sensitive. I reached a level last night that no matter what toy I used I would almost immediately begin involuntary contractions which lasted over 1 hour. I was also able to relax more which lessened the shaking and spasms I have been getting. Within this 1 hour period I had many, many super-o orgasms. It was sooooo intense and quite frankly I didn't want to stop. I just let it happen over and over again on the floor in absolute bliss. Oh and another thing. I read a post a few days ago here about a product you can get at Walgreens on-line called Probe Thick and Rich . I ordered some and I have to say it is the best lubricant I have ever purchased. It just lasts forever. Also, Walgreens will give you medicine droppers if you ask at the pharmacy. They are great for adding 3 or 4 cc of fluid anally. Yes, they are free!! I think it certainly added to my experience. Well it is now morning and I slept like a rock but as the title says, I am totally exhausted.

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Can this get better?

Well about 2 weeks ago I experienced what I thought was a Super-O. Maybe it was or maybe it was just a minor part of the awakening stage. What I thought was awesome 2 weeks ago is nothing compared to what I experienced last night. I have learned to let my body and aneros do what it wants to do. As I look back at the last 17 months and aneros use, I now see all the mistakes I have made in this journey. You just can't force this thing to work. I guess we all develop our own techniques. Now it's funny but after all this time becoming "rewired" I now get involuntary contractions within minutes of insertion just by letting aneros rest in just the right spot. I used to work at it, get very sensitive but would rarely even get involuntary responses. For those of you that haven't reached the super-o level, what worked for me was to get myself worked up and sensitive by doing my routine voluntary contractions. I would then find the most sensitive spot inside and just gently rest the aneros there. I wasn't using any pressure but just contracting my anus and letting it rest there. Before I knew it the aneros was being slightly tugged deeper on its own. I would just concentrate on that spot and do nothing. Absolutely do not bear down, just relax and let it happen. Now as incredible as it may seem over the last 2 weeks my super-o experiences have just become more and more intense. Can this really get better?? Inside I absolutely know it can. My body tells me so. The wonderful thing is that I now have now reached a point that I know each time I go to use aneros I am going to be able to reach this super-o bliss. It now happens quickly by just letting it happen. I do not try to make it happen, I am 100% just enjoying the ride at each level and the ride is getting more and more enjoyable. PS. Just a footnote, what finally pushed me over the top was the fact I started using all three of my toys. I started with the Eupho and worked up to the Progasm. Up until last night the Progasm gave my the best results but last night the Helix swept me away to places I would never thought possible.

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After 17 months finally

Well I have to say after 17 months of owning my Helix and Progasm I have finally experienced the Super-O! Not once but in the last 3 sessions 5 total. It is so weird that after all this time it's like it's happening with every session. I just don't think I knew what to expect. This is just so pleasurable and so intense. Ok tonight I started with my newest toy the Eupho. I really didn't like the Eupho when I bought it. But it's the smallest of my 3 so I figured I'll ease into it. Well within 15 minutes I had the most intense prostate orgasm I have experienced. I took a 15 minute break and tried the Helix. 20 minutes later I am bathing in waves of pleasure. Full body orgasms and then off to the largest of my toys the Progasm. This one took me a little longer but another intense deep orgasm with full body shakes. OMG I feel so good and I haven't even ejaculated. Hey folks..........if you haven't experienced this then don't give up. Just call me addicted.

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