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Aneros Blogs > My Journey (by BigOluver)

The Urge

So I am on this journey of no ejaculation or cumming for 21 days. I am on day 9 and I really want to cum. They say your not suppose to touch your self but I have been cheating. Yes teacher he's been grabbed. lol I love to edge. I have actually become a master of the technique and not cumming. I love that I can get my self all the way to the edge of the cliff and then change my mind and not cum. But after 9 damn days I'm ready to explode. I have been edging all 9 days and it has been a task to not cum. I can fill my balls tighten up and the heat climat change in my room as I really get in the groove of things.

I have so many super o's and full body orgasms as I do this but no white creamy goodness comes down. I love the teasing I do to my self like only satifying and caressing one nipple at a time. Or I just learned this new technique called "wet hands" with actually no touching. You simply just shake your hands over your groin or nipples and just shake them like you just got down washing your hands previous and feel the energy being thrown at you. It feels amazing. One night I was shaking my hands oover my face and its like little balls of energy was falling from my finger tips on to my face and it felt amazing and i had so many full body orgasms that night. But I really want to cum.

I'm trying to stay calm and cool but the hard on's from when i see a hot guy or just my nasty mind alone can get me started. Also whie on this break my a-ess sessions just start when ever they want too. I mean wheather im eating with family or at the movies they just arrive and i just let them have there way until there done. Its fun and amazing but the urges are coming to quickly and i just want to bust.

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Til The SUn Cums Out

Happy Sunday everyone. Hope everyone is having a blessed and good day. So I decided to ride my Progasm Ice to sleep. I have been having back troubles and thought it would calm me and give me nice p waves that will subtle my back and make me feel all better. So I prepped for my ride and slide him in an went off to la la land.

As I'm laying on my left side with one leg bent and one extended I begin to feel p waves going up and down my spine which is making me hard but also making my back feel so good. Not to disrupt the feeling I just continue to control my breathing and drift off to sleep. There was many times through out the night that I awoke to hard on's and wetness from the pouring of pre cum and then drifted back to sleep.

So I begin to feel these waves rolling all around my groin and down my legs. I slightly open my eyes and its the sun. Oh it must be morning already. As soon as I shift my body get hit with a huge bbomb of passion from Mr. ice that is still deep in my ass. Clearly he was just waking up to. Him and my dick. I had one of the hardest hard ons I have ever experienced. I didn't know if it was cause i needed to pee or what but it was up and leaving a major tent in my underwear. So I ripped them off and he stood at attention waiting for instructions.

Mind you the Progasm Ice is slightly auto fucking me so slow and gentle giving my boy pussy the time of its life. Light moans begin to escape my mouth but I know I have to be quiet with my parents right down the hall. I grab my lube from up under my bed and begin to stroke my ranging hard dick. Each thrust was so loving and so passionate like my hand was a nice wet ass begging for my dick to penetrate it. Then the fantasy was created.

Two guys ust appeared and one to the place of my progasm ice and my hand became a big hairy ass bouncing on top of me making me approach the best orgasm that I have ever reached. As one of the guys covers my mouth because my moans are getting to loud he thrust hard inside my wet gapping hole. My eyes bulge out my head as i feel my prostate being touched and message by this nice huge dick sliding inside me. Then my eyes focuses on the guy on top of me. His ass is a vessel that i just have to plow. So with one guy in me and the othe ron top i knew i was gonna have a nice ending to this beautiful ride.

With a few more thrust and moans I came so hard. So hard that my progasm ice shot right out my ass. I couldn't anything but collaps and try to catch my breathe. I love full night rides and ending them with a nice cum explosion. To end my back feels great and i feel energized.

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Happy Anniversary

First I would like to thank all my brothers who wished me a happy anniversary. I felt all the love and waves that were sent my way. When I tell you that the last three days were the most beautiful orgasmic days of my life. I'm still buzzing from all the anal play that went on.

It all started on Friday evening after my parents went on a mini vacation to visit family. As i saw them pull out of the drive way I began to prep for my own weekend utopia trip that was going to be taken in my mind from all the orgasmic pleasure that was going to be going on. I lit scented candles, I shaved my whoe body clean, and i showered and hot my ass ready for the time of its life. I entered my room with slow jazz music playing setting the tone and mood. I didn't want to to cum yet since the real big day was on saturday so I thought a nice long edging session would be just good enough to give me that plasure but nover board to the point of explosion. Mind you its been 5 days since i had a wet orgasm.

So I layed on my bed and just began to rub my whole body but not touching my dick. Oh that made him a little angry so he sprung up very quicking ooking for his sweet touch of my wet slick hand. But tended to my hard screaming nippples instead. That made him furious so he began to throw up this clear substance that poured down the shaft of my hard throbbing cock down to my balls and rested right at my enviting hole. So to tease him even more I got up reached in my dresser draw and pulled out Mr. Helix Syn. I dove hi right in with that clear juice that was waiting at my hole and he slide right in. I laid back down and waves and waves of orgasmic pleasure moved through inside my body. I moaned and yelled as my throbbing dicked begged to be touched. i ignored his begging and continued to massage my nipples and inne r thighs and belly which has become a hot spot for me. Since i shaved my silky skinf just felt so great.

Then my prostate wanted to take over the show. He started to autofuck me so hard and deep and I lost control and almost lost my mind. But my ranging hard on was bring me back from the screams of aggony. Also forgot to mention I had a new cock ring onthat kept my balls so tight and kept the cum under control. So I'm trying to keep my breathing under control and having the ride of my life. I feel my body begin to jerk around. Not a shake, not a rumble but i felt like my prostate and Mr. Helix was trying to flip me over. So I did just that and flipped on ym stomach. Why did i do that. As soon as my hard dick hit the soft comfy sheets i began to hear like a evil laughter. I knew were it was coming from and I knew there was no turning back now. I was getting pounded by my Helix Syn and with ever thrust my dick was getting stimulated between my stomach and the bed. I was screaming into a pillow and my ass was arched so high then I howled like a wolf in the night and exploded right into the bed.I felt the ropes of cum just shoot out of me with out and control. My dick won the battle at the end and it felt amazing. That was only day one.

Saturday came and I was still on my stomach in that same position. I fucked myslef to sleep. lol So I got up at 11:30 am. I liked the smell that i was carring so I didn't want to shower just yet. I went to the kitchen to make brunch. I eventually showered and had some fun there but nothing big. But that afternoon around 5 pm. I got ready for my next big session. Mr. Progasm Ice informed me that he was a little jealous of my ride the night before. So I'm always up for a challenge. I cleaned out and popped him in. Oh how I missed him. He always shows me the best times. He gave me so many full body orgasms I lost count. I actually ended that session with two wet orgasms back to back. I was drained. But so satisfed. I actually was a little aneros drunk so drunk I kept my Progasm Ice in me the rest of the night. Dick stayed hard through ever wet dream I had. Waking up to sticky underwear is always nice. That was day 2.

Sunday. So I pulled Mr. ice out of me and ran to the bathroom to go relieve my self. I made me a good breakfast and then showered and was able to walk around in my new thongs that I just purchased. I love walking around in my underwear when I can. So I just lounged in the living room in my undies watching tv til the tv was watching me. I sort of dozed off. But I awoke to a buzzing ass. I mean my ass was on fire. Not in a bad way but a really good way. I ran up stairs cause I knew what I needed. I cleaned out again and decided it was time to pull out my new firned that I really don't play with that often. Mr. Device was going to be making a apperance.

I loe doggy style so tolossen up i started that way first. Oh he is so perfect. The buzz is a little loud to me but the way he stimulates my hole insides is just amazing. 15 into the session I had a wet orgasm by accident. But the was my whole body just jerked when the cum shot out of my dick head was just unbelievable. As I'm riding I'm a emotional wreck cause all these feelings are pouring out of me and I feel so fucking good. I turn around on my back with my legs lifted and but elevated from a pillow and then the device just begins to pound me like the Helix was doing. I mean from the toes curing to my legs shaking to my dick throbbing I really thought I was going to explode. Instead I just grabbed a hold of my dick and jerked him off an with only a few strokes I had another wet orgasm. After that all i could do was just lay there as my mind tried to clam down from all the love maing i just had with my self this whole damn weekend. I mean everyone at work today was complimenting me about ym smile. But If they only knew.

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So Fulfilled

Hey guys I know it's been a while since I have wrote a blog but with work and riding my time is really consumed. But I'm back. Here to tell my new knowedge of what I have learned and the new things I do in my sessions to get me t the high peak of orgasm.

Firstly I now only ride on the weekends. That came about because I am always taking long persion breaks fro riding or cumming or doing anything sexual because of my work obligations. Yes I'm just a daycare teacher but I feel like my job consist of scopping the minds of our new children little minds that ae here with us and I try to make that exciting for them. So after work I like to relax and be so tired that I dont have the energy for nothing but a shower and a gass of wine and a deep sleep. I also found out that when I stretch out my sessions when I eventually ride there that more intense. So my negative became a plus.

So when I ride on the weekends I have way more free time to spend with all of my toys including my aneros and other products like dildo's. I'm single so they keep me company. lol So as I ride I just ride my desired toy at the time with no touching. I leave my nipples and dick alone. I also found out that when i breathe deeply in while doing kegels and exhaling very slowing great p waves and sensations run all over my body. By doing this i have HFWO'ed an just got extremely hard and ready to jerk and finish it off with a T orgasm. Mentioning kegels they have really helped a lot as well. It keeps me tighter down there and just makes me feel great inside. Also when I just do kegels on the fly i can conjure up a a-less ride really quickly.

A-less rides have gotten intenser. With kegels they just appear and I don't stop them til they are ready to leave. Since I know that kegels are like my jump start to them now I try not to do them everywhere. Did kegels at work one day and i squirted out pre cum into my underwear. I now wear thick cotton briefs to solve that problem. Also the porn is so not a factor. I was spening a lot f money n porn sites that updated there sites daily. But now since I can conjure up my own fantasies and men with long huge dicks who only want to do me and do me well I have no need for porn. Now i still do watch it sometimes but they dont fuel my sessions at all.

Also the urge to jerk off is gone. I mean i love my dick and I love being a man with a nice tool and nice ong balls. But my ass and prostate and have stolen the show. I just now have to play with my hole. I just have to play with it. I stay sticking a finger up there and since the weight is slowing sliding off and my eating habits are changing the bowel moments are different so the clean up is quick and to the point. At night i can just rub it and get crazy waves and my nips get hard and just tap my prostate and just orgasm the night away.

I am coming up on my first year with Aneros at the end of March and I know that I am a different person. my faily and friends see it and I love it. My cum is thicker and my orgasms are greater. I am so glade to be a member and apart of this brother hood.

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Pleasure & Pain

Hi guys. SO I decided to sleep with my Progasm Ice last night. Even though I had some great orgasms im paying for it now. So I was in chat last night with my bro's and we were decussing building up pleasure and pressure in the body. I stated that I just let it happen and and orgasm when the body wants too. But my buddy here who has years of experience notified us that he lets the pleasure build and build and build to get a strong and satisfying orgasm.

Even though Im coming up on a year of Aneros experience I still not as advanced as other gus here. So I wante to try that. So i cleaned out and got in bed and slide hm in. I havent rode in a day so i knew i was extra tight back there. But he still went in nicely with no trouble. So I began to deeply breathe in and exhale very slowly. After a few times of this i began to feel the pressure build up inside me.

My legs became numb almost and my dick began to move on its own. It was feeling so good and I already had a semi erection. But I wanted to see how much i could take. So I continued to build and build. I had to grab ahold of my bed so I wouldn't shae to much and mess up my concentration. I felt like my body was about to shoot through the ceiling cause of all the bottled up pleasure that was going on inside of me.

I began to feel pre um on my stomach so i knew my dick was ready but i really wanted to push my limits. (bad idea on my part) As soon as my last exhale it got really quiet then BOOM! My whole body just began to convulse in pure pleasure. I mean my legs, my dick, my arms. I thought my head was about to explode. I had the pleasure in my mouth i began to chatter my teeth. it felt so damn good. As I'm trying to catch my breathe im still trying to continue the breathing training. But its feeling way to good to do anything.

That orgasm last for about 20 mintues straight, full body and MMO so many times. as I calmed down i still felt it moving inside me slowly auto fucking me. Mind you my dick is still hard and i can feel the turst getting harder and powerful. Like a strong constructer working plowing away at my hole after ahard days works. I tried to muffle my moans but this clear toy was bringing me so much pleasure. So much pleasure that i ended up slamming my foot heel on the floor hard. I continued to orgasm til i grabbed my throbbing dick and jerk out my delicous white cream. After I came i was fine. I kept the progasm in me still the rest of the night with little invouluntaries and mini o's. I woke up to a wet bed I had another wet dream which made me happy. But i also woke up to a sore foot. I guess i hit my heel a little harder then i thought. I had to take off of work cause of it. But it was so worht it cuase it was one of the best riding nights I ever had.

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Full of love & cum

Hello all. I wish everyone ha a great Valetines day cause I know i did. I have been holding out for 6 days with out triding or cumming or doing anything stimulating to my body. It was hard turst me i was hard but i stuck through it. But here is how i ended that beautiful blissful wait with a orgasmic heartfelt night.

Well my parents did go out to eat but they didnt stay gone that long for me to do anything which was a bummer. So i knew I had to wait til they went to bed. The life of living with your parents. So as they said there goodights i rushed to the shower to clean up the body and just soak and prepare by body for this beautiful sensatinal ride that I was going to have. I got back to my room. I lite some cookie flavired candles and turned on some nice slow R&B music and pulled out my delicious toy.

He looked so beuatiful shining on the dim lit room. Side ote i was waiting for the ful moon but it was snowing all day so it was hidden so maybe i'll try that tonight. I got in my bed and lube up my hole. At first i just layed there with y toy beside and just soaked in the beautiiul feeling that was already happening. I was having a thrashig a less ride and it felt so good and my eyes were already rolling in the back of my head. I had to cover my mouth a few times cause the pelasure was just that damn good that I wanted to scream it to the world.

So I eventually stuck him in an my hole just ate it right up with one full push. That first direct touch back to my prostate was undescribable. A single tear fell from my right eye which i knew mean i was on my way to a blissful place that i have been away from for to long.

As the candles lite and the music danced all over the walls and into my ears to my prostate I began to shake and rattle and thrust as the progasm began to auto fuck me so damn good. I had to grip the sheets so much the ripped them off and was just bound on the bare bed. Ohhhhh the feeling of my heart racing and my balls were tingling and my dick was throbbing spewing out gallons of pre cum all over the place. I lifted my legs up which made my loving toy go diper and dipper and dipper til i wasnt able to hold back my moans any more. I had to let my pheonix loose and out to sprea its wings. I was trying to control my breathing but so much was happening i thought my head was going to explode. Then it did. My dick stood striagth up with out me touching it and it shot out the most cum i have every seen. It got on the floor, on the bed and from me shattering ad shaking some got on my bottom lip. It tasted so good.

The room was burning hot but y body wated more. It needed more. I haven't cum in six days and my phoenix craved more. So i began to edge my already still hard dick. As more music flowed through the room my nipples began to tingle. I jerked off with my right hand and twisted my nipples with my left. Of the action that was going on inside my body was like different little men was working me over inside of me hiting all my pleasure spots and it felt so good. Pre cum was still flowing and the room felt like a disco inferno. Then i lifted my legs again and started to jerk faster and faster then i heard a voice say to me, "CUM NOW!!!!!". The voice was so stern and manly. I guess it was the Aneros god but I listened and i shot aother huge load all over myself. I ended up passing out from that one.

I didn't wake up this morning til 11:30am. to the smell of bacon cooked by my mom. I can't believe that i fucked myself to sleep. Mind you when i awoke i still had the progasm in me sleeping inside of me all cozy. So yeah thats how I spen my night.

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No Sleep

Hi guys. Here again to tell one of my crazy nights on this aneros journey. This one will be all over the place so bare with me. lol Ok I was in the chat a couple of days and were decussing our emotions as we ride and afterwards and how different we all are as men since using this great product. We were all imputing and talking about how now a few of use my shed a few tears as we let go and let that passion control our emotions and movements. I have once burst into tears as i rode cuase the pleasure was so unbarrable that i didnt want it to stop.

It varies with everyone. but since I'm rewired so much has happened to me emotionly that I was not ready for. But I am up for this challenge and journey and here to show my real true self. Also yesterday Rumel mentioned to us that Aneros is just helping us express our selves better. It was all hidden away. It's like Aneros is a key that in due time unlocks these treasures inside us that feel so great.

In saying that I had the time of my life yesterday. I had the chance to ride most of the day with my progasm ice. My parents were out visiting friends so i had the whole crib to myself. I was so excited. I got freakier and did things very risky but i was so horny and turned on that I really didn't care.

I lubed up and took me and my toy to the living room. There was a roaring fire going and that just gave me this very erotic feeling to just get butt naked and play right there in the open space. Not caring if I got caught or anything. I had my ipod playing very erotic sounds in my ear as I rode in ure extasy. I moaned and just felt so awesome. I had one hands free orgasm and then jerked off the other one. I was so spent but wanted more. I cleaned up my mess and headed back upstairs. Walking around naked is so freeing. Balls and dick swinging fro left to right oh such a great feeling.

So I hoped in the shower to clean off the smut & sweat & cum off of me. As I'm cleaning I decided to start fingering my hole. Oh It felt so good as if the session I just had wasn't enough. I said I wanted more so I reached for my progasm ice off the sink and stuck him back in. Riding in the shower with a toy was a first for me. I almost fell a few times cause of the shaking knee's from all the dry orgasms i was having. I let out some of the most sexiest moans and crys out of passion. I was weak. I some how had enough energy to turn the shower off and and slowly walk back to my bed room with the progasm still in me.

As I'm standing there rying off i get hit with this huge energy ball of passion up my spine. It's likegetting shot but no bullet wound or blood. I held on to a close by chair til the passion cascaded out of me. But it wasn't going anywhere soon. I just stood there perched as I got auto fucked standing up. The tears rolled down my right cheek as my body continued to have orgasm after orgasm. I finally just took it out I couldn't take any more.

So fast forward to 12 at night. Bedtime. Since its been snowing every other day and the weather continue to drop i sleep in pj's, brief underwear & a tank top. Well as soon as I got comfy more energy began to sun through my body. I was really tired but my prostate wanted to play. I was to tired to reach for a toy so i just had a less. But you couldn't even tell the differnce. After the first orgasm I ended up butt ass naked in my bed with the covers thrown on the floor. Mind you it was 12 degree's here in my city last night. But I didn't care. I eventually got to sleep but ever so couple of minutes i would get woke up with a hard throbbing pre cumming dick ready to dry orgasm again and again. I finally got to sleep at 6 this morning. I'm so drianed but it felt so good. So yeah. I think I need another break. I came 6 times yesterday and i cant count how many dry ones i had.

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Back again and now finally able to write this calmly. The afterglow and effects from a session seem to stay with me longer now. So I just drained the hose. Meaning i just emptyed my ball sack from 8 days of edging while riding my vibrating Device. Oh it felt so amazing.

Being off from work and having the house to my self was the perfect time to release those juices and have all the fun I wanted. I lubed up and stuck it right in listening to a hot audio. Instantly i began to feel the thrashing waves move inside me. My dick began rock hard which usually doesn't happen right away.

With my breathing becomeing shallow & the room getting hot I thought it was time to start jerking off but I was shaking and girating so much i could get a hold of my dick. I was zoning out of reality and my prostate was taking me down a tunnel that scared & excited me all at the same time. I felt like Alice in Wonderland. Where was Mr. Vice taking me and how will I get back but who cares. Pre cum was being thrown everywhere and my mouth were spewing out some of the nastyiest things I have ever heard. My legs were raising all on there own with out a care as if some one was there with me. My body became wet with sweat & my moans were geting louder.

Finally i grabbed a hold of my throbbign dick and began to jerk off which only made the pleasure thripple inside my body. With only a few strokes my body, bed and sheets were covered in my own juices. As I cought my breathe aftershocks started to enter my body as my Device was still going strong like the energizer bunny. I moaned and moaned and ended up having a HFWO. That has never happen to me before. Once I cum once it takes me a minute before I can recharge and start again. But I guess those 8 days of unused cum was begging to get one way or another.

I finally just took the toy out to come back to real life cause I was forgeting where I was and what was happening. It was the best time ever. I sobbed after as more after shocks shook my gentle fragile orgasmic body. Why me, why am I able to feel this way. I wish others can feel this so it wont feel like its lies. Hell I dont even really believe it and its happening to me. I'm just so grateful that it is. So yeah that was my ride this morning. Still getting little joltz of energy from earlier. All smiles today.

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Two is better then 1

So the weather is getting pretty bad here in the midwest. So that mean off days and a crowded house wiith no fun time to myself. But today was a lucky day. My patrents wen out to dinner which left me hours of free time. So to treat myself I decided to ride two toys today. The Progasm Ice & the Device. Oh how I misse them so much inside me. The way they move and hit my sweet spot so good.

Instead of starting on my back I start with my progasm ice in the doggy style position. For the first 40 minutes i just rode the waves and MMO'ed til i couldn't take anymore. My dick was growing and throbbing for my touch. I began to edge my long throbbing dick as I ack up on my progasm ice. Edging while riding can reall send you on a trip to blissvile. I am still on a no cumming strike but so many times i wanted to just explode all my juices to the floor and let them flow. As I'm bucking back moaning and grabbing my hard dick i can feel the pre cum just ooze out of me.

Stage two. Mr. Vice. I still haven't really rode him that much to give him a yay or nay yet. But today i gave him a good go. He showed me he wants to be my firend to the end and gave me the ride of my life. With my legs shaking and trimbling I ended up in my bed in the fital position. (on my right side with my right leg out and my left leg bent. This rising energy just filled me and i just became this emotional orgasming fool. I began to cry out in pure bliss and started to grope myself while still trying to edge and then my ass was getting wet from all the lube and natural juces that was being mixed together.

I was in such a zoned out state that the only way i could stop my session was if someone intervened. I got so carried away that i ended up shooting the vice out of me. It went clear across muy room. It took me a mintue to catch my breathe after that. Today was a good day.

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Take Me Higher

Hey guys. Back again with another crazy ride. I wasn one of my crazy breaks from riding and cumming again. 8 long nasty horny days of not cumming. But I did play around in my ass a lot. Like for me after a hard days work I just like to take a nice hot shower and just dig up there and play around. I was in the chat a few days ago and we were conversing about finsting. I brought up that I had tried it once with a past lover and loved it. So this past week I was able to stick there fingers up there and with all three massaging my prostate I was really able to have a nice happy ending dry orgasm. It really calms me down.

But yesterday was my due date to releae the juices. The parents were gone so you no i went and got cleaned up and ready. Even though I havent played with my vice very long it still is a nice buy but i wanted to spend some quality time with Mr. Ice. (he actually is named after a aneros user but i don't want to put him out there)

I had on my favorite cum stained jock strap that i keep hidden and lubed up my ass and just layed there as a rouch london voice barked orders at me from my ipod. (its a tumblr blog called Britishfilth and he has audios of himself cumming and having sex and they really turn me on) Before I inserted I was already having a less. The waves just ran through me and it felt oh so good. I finally stuck him in and fireworks shot through my eyes. My back arched and a single tear escaped my right eye. It was beautiful that we were connecting again.

As my legs are lifted from the pillow up under me i just thrust my hips as if a hot man is digging deep inside my boyhole. Moans escape mymouth as i pull my legs back further. Its dancing inside me just sending gentle touches to my prostate that has me in a zoned out state. I can't hear anything but his voice and the room and me are both sweating in this 9 degrees room that now feels like a sauna. My dick is begging to break free but its not time fore him yet. But the pouring of pre cum is saying other wise.

I dont even take it off i just slip my dick out from the side and let my big cum filled balls hang. My hard erect dick is now flapping around from the third full body orgasm that I am having. I feel like i have to cum but just more pre cum is splashing out all over my already wet and dirty jock strap. I love that i can be this nasty and fithy. More moaning, more of rubbing my perinium and then my nipps want some action. Oh I don't think I can take much more & i haven't even touched my dick yet. Then I hear the lonaon man to tell me to touch my self. I obey his orders.

I begin to rub my aready hard wet dick. With just a few strokes I begin to fill my juices build up. But I dont want to cum yet. I wanted it to last. I love to edge before a long awaited cum shot. But I made my body wait for to long. 3 more long hard stroes on my hard stiff erect 7 inch black dick and my juices escaped my body and landed all over me. On my chest, my arms, legs and lastly my already cum filled jock strap. I loved it. I scooped up some just to get a nice taste and then rubbing the rest back into my skin. I'm such a horn dog but Aneros has brought that out of me. I love taking these breaks. it cleanes me but also teaches me indurance.

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