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Euphos back! Just like that!

Ok so if you have been following my blog lately you would know My helix has been working well but the eupho has been almost doing nothing for me.
Last night I decided to sleep with miss eupho all night.
Now I cant remember how good a session I had before I went to sleep but I suspect it was below average because I cant remember.Asleep by 1:30am ish.
Woke at 3am. I was not feeling sleepy either?
The eupho was feeling numb. Not a good start but I must of awoken for some reason...
The eupho was twitching only slightly but I did not feel much because I was numb down there.
I touched my cock and soon I could not resist touching and caressing it.
I almost brought myself to the brink a few times but did not go past the point of return.
Then I noticed that the aneros was twitch a lot more because of the penis stimulation.
I let go of my shaft and let things settle.
It went all quiet for a minute and then things picked up. The aneros started floating in my anal canal and slip sliding around and the pleasure was great.
It kept going and increasing and I could feel myself going higher and higher. Closer and closer to dry Os.
I got there and had numerous dry Os then everything would go quite and then start again.
I lost count but the last three sets of these waves of dry Os went beyond dry Os.
I mean the dry Os would stop but the build up kept going higher and when I though it would not go higher it still did.
I noticed that my I was on my side but my legs were ina position like I would be if sitting in a chair.
The strange thing that I felt was that my hips and thighs felt numb and as if they where locked in place.
The aneros just slammed away past dry Os and up to a pinnacle.
The problem was when I got to the pinnacle of these build ups there was no release or orgasm it was just the same feeling of getting up there but in reverse back down past dry Os to nothing and then It would start again.
Anyway I rode these orgasms until 5:30am at which time I removed the eupho and went to sleep straight away until 8:30am.
I woke feeling ok not very tired.
On reflecting what a beautiful early morning session and I learned a new way to wake things up with cock play.
I used nipple stimulation all the way through and could feel the sensations on my nipples doing the same thing to my balls. Its magical.
Glad Miss eupho is not broken coz she really is special when she works.

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Increasing sensations

Since my last blog on the 17 I have had a number of sessions with the eupho. The little bugger has got better but still wont blow me away like it did back when I first got it.
I did sleep with it once and had a dream of being in a classroom at high school naked with the aneros in me on a table and the whole class studying the effects of it on me! They started asking question but all that came out of my mouth when answering was moans and screams. )end of dream(

Anyway I was getting Hungry for a good session with the aneros so the last two sessions have been using the helix again.
Much better.

yesterday I tried an experiment with the post about male squirting. I failed badly I am too sensitive after wet ejaculation. )see the forum for more detail(
I rested over night and today lying in bed ethe anerosless sessions just kept going on all morning.
I am in bed 24/7 at the moment because of a foot injury.
At 12 pm the hunger just got too much and I inserted the helix. I did not clean out like normal first as I knew I was empty.
This was good because my rear was as relaxed as possible.

The result was awesome. My session was the best I have had although I did not have as many dro Os as in other session the ones I did have were strong and the aneros movement feelings were much more intense than before.

I think )hope( my body has made a break through.
If it remembers.

My muscles worked out not just to twitch the aneros but to twitch and roll at the same time.
The twitch became more of a circular motion than a twitch even though it was a bit jointed at times.

This intensified the feelings and together with nipple stimulation had me writhing in the bed and moaning for at least an hour and a bit.
It was so intense that it wore me out and I went to sleep for about a hour in the middle of the day.
Not bad for someone that cant sleep during the day.

I had writhing and hip thrusting and the aneros would occasional slam in real hard which would send pleasure straight into my prostate. The moaning turned me on more too.
These are great new developments for me and hope they continue.
I feel the helix is larger and gives my anal canal more stimulation at the moment and I just cant wait till I can buy a progasm. I think this will intensify things more but will have to wait until the ICE comes on sale again. Meanwhile the helix is advancing me slowly and I intend to sleep with eupho sometimes because I like having the dreams even if they are weird.
I used to have a vivid imagination uptil about 4 years ago when I started taking anti depression drugs. I have been off them for just over a year now but dreams and my imagination are very rare now days.
This does not help with arousal in aneros sessions as I can not picture anything in my head to help the session, all I see is static.

The internet helps a little but I guess I have seen so much porn in my life that it is hard to get excited about it now days.
I find it more arousing to see women in bikinis rather than nude or sex pictures.
Oh well cant decide weather to sleep with eupho tonight or not. Maybe I should have a rest. Problem is my rear is telling me different.......

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Revisiting the Eupho

I have had a number of sessions lately using my helix.
Dry Os are reached mostly but as I have been coming off my pain tablets the pleasure has been waning a little.
I have made the decision to give the eupho a go again. It had stopped working for me but it is time to mix things up again.
First session not much happening.
Second one which was last night I had a hour of wonderful feelings that reminded me why I love the eupho so much.
It gives different exquisite feelings and make me get a rock hard erection within 10 minutes of use.
Although it is not working the best yet It is getting better I think.
I love sleeping with it as the feelings of being gently made love to until I go off to sleep are bliss. I say "made love to" because it is not the same as the helix feelings which are much more abrupt.
In the morning when I wake more often than not it is gently massaging my prostate or if lucky it is actually making love to me. A great way to wake!
Most mornings waking with eupho in I wake with a rock hard erection which is always good.
Because it is so thin it does not make me sore over night like the helix. I almost feel bruised by the helix if I sleep with it now days. The last time I did this I did not want a session for 4 days due to being sore. I dont run out of lube its just the action itself.
The eupho has changed my internal anal aneros rhythm compared to the helix.
I always have my muscles twitching away when I dont have a aneros in now days but the eupho twitches faster so it is a strange unsettling feeling when both speed twitches are fighting for dominance.
The twitching I talk about send P-wave through my anal area constantly.
Think the eupho is winning as I am sitting here have great feelings in my chair as I type.
I am glad that I am able to revisit the eupho.
P.s. I love watching movies while riding the eupho too, it keeps twitch and when you get to a sexy bit it gets all excited. :)

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Back to back dry Os and then beyond!

This morning I got to dry Os back to back again but had only two or three in a row and then something much bigger.
Just before the end of the build up of orgasm my whole body tensed up real tight. I felt like I was going to pop big time! and then I had a almighty dry ejaculation feeling.
I have had this once before but not as powerful.
My poor dick was swollen purple and the force of the ejaculation feeling made my dick eye hurt.
I felt a release and then the aneros slowed down a bit but it felt like it was swimming in soup.
It was a murky dowwie type feeling almost like the aneros was melting into me.
Really weird feeling but great.
After about 3 minutes it started to move faster again but it only lead to just below dry O feelings so I called it a day.
I dont know if you call it a super O, although it was way more powerful than my normal dry Os.
Everyone has different ideas on what a super O feels like so I never really get a answer if I ask what it is like. I have not experienced the body thrashing around yet at all but then again some people dont get that either.
Maybe there is no more and because people can't tell you what it feels like others are just drawing their own conclusions of what a super O is and putting 1+1 together and coming up with 3?
I am sure the sensations will increase in magnitude so maybe the result just makes it super.
who knows.
Can anyone identify my huge orgasm feeling? I would love to hear about it.

I have also felt something that I have never felt before whilst anerosing.
I have always wanted more. Not wanted to stop.
This time I wanted to stop the session, I only continued to see it the large orgasm would happen again. I have not wanted to have a session for almost 1.5 days now. but the anerosless action kicks in every now and then and says bring it on.
Upset stomach tonight 12/12/12 so I will leave it another night.

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Back to back Dry Os

Last nights session was really good!
New sensations.
I listened to Llewellyn - Reiki Gold massage / meditation while having my session.
This is for relaxation and it worked.
I felt like I was floating at one point and then the dry O zone came.

I managed to have multiple back to back dry Os
I only started counting part way through but from when I started counting I had 7 sets of 10 back to back dry Os.
The ones before I started where smaller sets but got longer as I went.

When I relaxed after the dry ejaculation feeling a second or two after I would start another dry O ejaculation feeling.
Very exhausting although I was not putting in any effort it was just happening.
I think the exhaustion came from the dry ejaculation its self because I feel like I am going to pop as it happens.
Got so tired I finished with a super T and removed it and went to sleep.

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New sensation that one never expected

Ok so since my last blog I had one session with both helix and eupho which was very average but I did still have the new nipple stimulation feeling happening.

Last night I gave it a rest.
Foot note:I went to the toilet twice and was empty.

The body had other ideas and it was bloody 2:30am before I managed to get to sleep.
dry O after dry O it was great, I loved it but at the same time getting on my nerves.

Just no pleasing some people or their prostates!


I woke up at 7:30am after a nightmare and was very alert but very relaxed still.
Dont ask me! relaxed and alert after a nightmare does not sound right but that is how it was.

Correct me if I am wrong but the rewiring process is the brain being rewired to eknowledge the feelings coming from the prostate and anal area as pleasure. Correct?

Well I lay there and was relaxed, felt empty and there was no anerosless affect at play. )Rare now days(

All of a sudden I could feel, like a flame travelling along a fuse wire to a bomb but the fuse was the end on my intestine to my rectum.
I get this feeling sometimes in a session too as things are heating up.
Anyway following this I could feel a mass, move millimeter by millimeter into my colon area and crash into my sphincter.
As this was happening all my aneros twitching started up.
I lay there thinking what just happened even though I am sure you have guessed by now what had.
The anerosless session kept increasing and got under full way with a couple of dry Os.
I thought this is a bit wrong but I can understand it.
Well to put it bluntly my questions were answered by a burp from below and not long after my scrotum shrivelled up, and the stubble hair stood up.
This from experience means, loaded and ready captain time to go to the toilet.
So Of I went and there was the proof.
Now I was empty again and Off went my anus on another hour of anerosless session until breakfast time.

I never thought in my wildest dreams that my anus would become so sensitive as to feel the chamber being loaded.
Squeegee aneros session maybe but not actually being loaded.

Hope this one did not gross you out. I was Going to post it in the discussions page but thought better of it.

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Drugs and a great session

Well before I start I will say I dont condone the use of any drug for pleasure as it maybe great but the side affects could mean your life.
I have never smoked, taken drugs of any type but have had my teenage years blurred a little by alcohol on occasion.
So I am not a expert and I suppose a bit of a square

I had a accident over twelve month ago and ended up in casualty.
I had surgery and plates and screws where put in and now over 14 months later have had them removed which ment more surgery.
I hope that no one on this forum ever has to go through the pain that I have had to endure.
I am sure there are even worse injuries that can happen to people and I really feel for them.

I have had to put aside my aneros use for a week. I was going to put it aside for longer but The prostate wants what it wants.
I have no doubt you know what I mean

They have given me Endone for the pain. For those of you that dont know it is apparently a replacement tablet form of morphine.
Good powerful stuff !

Last nights session
I gave in from abstaing from aneros use last night.
I started my session at about 12:30am last night.
These drugs have a four hour window and while I admit I was not in that window the drug is definitely still in my system causing effects.

I think I had the best session I ever had last night! But be buggered if I actually got the enjoyment that I believe I deserved.

I was inspired by the post that has resurfaced lately with the extracts from a aneros chat coaching session.
I was determined to just let the aneros just do its thing and not intervene.

Well to cut a really long story sort)er(
I managed to let it do its thing and not intervene. The thing went crazy and I know there was gobs and gobs of pleasure but as so many others have said You feel detached, you feel it but it is dulled by the drugs.

The sad thing is I am sure that the drugs helped the session! They stopped me from intervening so the session went to new heights but I could not appreciate them as much
I know it was a good session because today I am gauging for it! Me and my rear want it so bad but I have held off as I am feeling sickly.
I feel asleep after two hours and woke a hour later 3:30am when I decided to remove because my body needs the sleep to recover from my injuries.
I may have a ride on miss eupho later if I feel better but will do my best just to sleep tonight so I am rested.
The more tired I am the more difficult it is to deal with pain.

The most significant thing I took away from this session and I hope it was not just the drugs tricking my mind is nipple rewiring!
when I was in my second half of my session it came to my attention that my nipple stimulation was at a huge high!
If I circled my nipples I could feel a line directly to my scrotum. Each nipple was connected to the corresponding side of my scrotum.

If I circled the nipple I could feel the same sensation circling my ball.
I could do one side then the other or both at the same time or one clockwise and the other anticlockwise.
If I started tapping on the top of the nipple the feeling of tapping on my balls would happen, same if I flicked them.
I wish I could have licked them, that would have been fun.
If I pulled the nipple out or up or down the same thing was felt in my balls.
It felt so sensual and exciting all at the same time.
I dont know what a super O feels like but I may of had one.
I have been getting the dry O ejaculating feelings in my session lately but I remember noticing that after a massive build up feeling that I had what I thought was a dry O but the ejaculation feeling was real intense and made my pelvis surge forward as if I was ramming my cock in a hole as hard as I could.
Now what you have to remember is all the feeling were detached so any feelings need to be amplified by a 100 to equal normal feelings.
My dry Os in this session felt like little wiggles of my penis ever so softly but normally they would be much much stronger.

So there you go the drugs seemed to help, I have never had a super O before but maybe I have now and my nipples have never been that sensitive before or were they.
The problem is I dont know the drugs helped but maybe they are just fU#king with my head.
Either way it was a awesome ride with feeling I have never felt before and will never forget.
How can we possibly explain to other non aneros users the intimacy of the feeling you get from these devices. It can not be put into words that do it justice.
I wish I could tell all my friends about it but seeing as they are straight typical Austalian men with slight homophobic thoughts like most Australian men would just laugh and call me names.
Guess I will just have to be happy knowing that I am superman, super MMO man and they are just weak minded fools.

It will be good when I am off these drugs so I can feel the full pleasure being created.

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last nights session was a disapointment but this morning.

After my chairgasm last night I was eger to get to bed early.
I tried helix.... no good so in with eupho. way better but not mind blowing and after 1 AM in the morning went to sleep with her still in.
didnt get a good sleep as things must have been happening all night.
I dreamed at one stage that I was walking through a house full of naked women that were in a aneros cult.
"Prostate massage for females" what the F*#k!
I joined the cult of course.
At one stage though I actually ate my helix!
I bit pieces off one by one and I could smell that slight scent that is on the aneros every now and then when you pull it out.
Very weird dream indeed.
I took the eupho out at about 7 in the morning for a rest as it was feeling numb.
After a hour during which I had kept having anerosless feelings I inserted helix.
Things got way better from thereand I had a goodish session until there was a knock on the door.
I got dressed )helix still in place and atendent to the interuption. While standing and while walking I notice that something was different than when I had done this before.
Normally the aneros will sit there and wobble about wich is great but nothing mind blowing but this time it was not sitting there it was working hard.
It was pumping as I walked and while I was standing still.
It even jamed itself in hard and I orgasmed while talking to this person that had come to the door.
I gasped and my legs were shaking and I grabed onto a desk I was in front of.
He asked me if I was ok and I said " I am ok it is just a dizzy spell I get them sometimes"
HAHA if he only knew.
I went back to bed and have been pleasured buy helix for hours. It is 1:0 in the afternoon.
I need to stop and give my body a rest and do some chores. I may not be able to use the aneros for many days from tonight as I am going in for surgery. I am so reluctant to pull her out but must...

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Chair orgasms

While I am sitting in my recliner chair typing on the forum and writting these blogs, I suddenly realized that I am quivering all over. I am shaking like as if I just got out of cold water into a cold windy day.

I am having ongoing orgasms and I am leaking precum and my groin is all warm like it is in warm water.
WOW! It has never been this good!
I got up and took a pee. As I peed my dick was twitching like I was still orgasming and did not stop.
I am back in my chair and it is getting more intense as I go on. I am feeling so sexually excited just like this morning session.
Cant wait until I goto bed and I insert.
Only question is which one eupho or helix.
Oh shit that thought just made it way more intense!

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Aneros normally fucks me, this morning aneros made love to me

I had a early morning session today started at 5:30am.

It was a combination of my last two session in this blog.

The eupho very slowly caressed me over and over and moved all over the place in my rectum.
It caused dry O after dry O then the aneros began to jam itself in hard when I was having the dry Os and would wiggle so it felt so good as if It was making love to me. It was so so sensual. These feeling would end with my body tensing up completely and the releasing.
Needless to say this was my best session ever.

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