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Ah, and just to add...

Have been making good progress regardless, as the posts from before point out. Actually, a session two weeks back was great - I tried listening to 'Hypnaerosession' and on top of erotic imagery, waves of adrenaline tingled my abdomen non stop. There came a point where I clamped down intensely, and my dick was having dry ejaculations. On top of this, on occasion I moan almost involuntarily now and that really helps things - along with heavy breathing.

I discovered that my abdomen plays a big part in the experience, but also I have to allow feelings to shock me with this rush of 'adrenaline', else the whole session numbs out. I believe the numbness comes from both anticipation and expectation.

Really do want continue using the Aneros, it's just a bummer my ass is having pains and itches right now

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No more Aneros for now!

This entry won't be about the session of either recently or previous.

Instead, it's more of an update - and something I feel would help to get out of my mind. Over the past months, starting around early November, I've been getting non-stop itches around my ass. I shrugged it off as a phase, but they wouldn't stop over the following weeks. To make matters worse, rashes built up from continuously scrubbing the itches with toilet paper - to a point where I'd see blood on it. Adding to problems in late December was a sharp soreness on the ridge between my ass cheeks. )Where the 'K-Spot' is( On top of that, my sphincter would emit sores and burning pain when excreting - so Aneros usage was off the hook.

Things settled in January however, and I was relieved that the itching was starting to disappear. Turns out that's not the case as they came back in full-circle. Initially I believed it was a case of thrush, but creams and pills did nothing. Trip to the local GP gave me a special ointment - daktacort - to combat whatever infection it could be. Itching and soreness died down again after a week or two, for sure this time.

Nope. Still came back. But after snooping on Google for possible symptoms, a more definitive answer sprung up - haemorrhoids. Or more specifically, swollen blood vessels around the anus. There are two variants of haemorrhoids - external and internal. I believe mine to be internal. The only particular reason I think this might be the case is the painless bleeding apparent )external is painful( and more notably, the sphincter itself feeling swollen on occasions where I pushed my finger into it. Another trip to the GP was in place, but the doctor this time around claimed there to be no cases of haemorrhoids after having to check my ass. The thing is, he says this on account of not actually seeing it - despite the fact that I kept telling him it may be [i]internal[/i].

Regardless, he did say the anus itself had a pretty bad rash and advised Aqueous Cream as a means to soften and sooth it.

The visit was roughly two weeks ago, and as of recent things aren't improving. In fact, now my balls are getting rashes. They have been, in fact, since December but it wasn't frequent - itching was also evident between my leg and balls. They both now have developed into rashes and today my balls bled from so much skin peeling off. It's peculiar because I do shower/bath each day and keep my clothes clean. Oh well, better make further use of that cream.

The point of this post is that I can't use the Aneros now - although I did use the Helix fine late in February last month. Now my anus screams in agony when using it yet again, so no more development. :)

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Now I understand it

* Tingling around the abdomen
* Constant, quick involuntary contractions
* Rock solid erections
* Breathing kept things going
* Dry-O

My last proper session was a dud, but that's likely due to either anxiety or lack of arousal )or both(. Few days later I tried the Progasm, to see if a change in model would spur anything new. It did, in fact, and the results were quick - but due to supposed internal haemorrhoids, the session was aborted quickly. Bummer.

But regardless - the session last night was pretty great. I felt horny, and looked forward to a session, albeit I figured the anticipation would kill it. Not at all. About half an hour into it, the sensations would build primarily from my breathing. It helped a lot to focus on the inner-feelings of the anus with the Aneros. I think I even felt the prostate being touched.

At one point, when trying different positions, my erection grew to a point where it felt like it was ejaculating. Maybe this was the Dry-O? Nontheless there was a constant, warm and sweet feeling from the PC muscles and anus. I felt this before in my previous entry and I did not expect to have it occur again.

What a great session. Even afterwards I feel the results of the Aneros, although that may just be the effect of abstaining more than anything. Will try another session tonight, but I won't be surprised if it's a dud.

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We don't have to try - it's always a good time

* Stare into space + do nothing = p-waves.
* But I may be completely wrong, as usual
* Looking at pictures/nipple stimulation is a no go
* Pleasures would build when simply enjoying what's there
* Shaking doesn't completely stop things, nor does damping
* Erections, however, do )Stops the contractions(
* Different positions kept things going - simply laying down worked best.
* Heavy breathing, paced, often gets things going
* That was much longer than I anticipated
* PC Muscles/Prostate ached a fair bit

Before this session, my previous one a few days back was a dud. Per usual, I take it too seriously and freak out over making no progress.

Day after I went back to basics and again, just focused on what felt good. Since it's typically the PC muscles, I focused on them and remained frozen solid. Not sure what, exactly, but something sparked and felt great. Visual imagery helped )and probably did most of the work(.

Last night was fantastic nonetheless. My main goal was to just drop expectations and not care at all for trying to achieve anything from it. If it's a dud, it's a dud. No loss. In any case, I started off with the MGX on a whim. Since the P-Tab was causing my prostate to ache a fair bit, I dropped it off half an hour in and switched to the Helix Syn.

My memory is vague, but for the most part the trick was just blanking my mind and not focusing on anything. Staring at something boring like the wall, or listening to the sounds around is often a good way to unhinge the brain. When 'blanking' at the right moments, p-wavs surge briefly. I now see what users mean why they mention such-and-such being distracting from the subtle sensations.

Into the session, when feeling something - I'd ditch my phone/book and stare into space. Bam - p-waves fire up and steady, heavy breathing racks up the pleasure. The PC muscles and prostate were still aching from the Aneros but ignoring them wasn't too hard. I tried various positions and allow my pelvic region to semi-conciously shake and twitch. In a first for my sessions, the shaking actually kept the pleasure going. It wasn't stopping. )Typically it masks the sensations and things die down( The ball only stops rolling when the dick erects, as it sucks the Aneros in and the contractions stop there. That, and when the sensations just burn out, albeit briefly.

Was surprised at how simply looking into space got things going - though this isn't the first time, in retrospect. Last summer, the trick that is 'do nothing' clicked when I laid there limp. It stopped working after a few nights, however, and often I have to switch up techniques - typically finding new ones.

Back to that night, when sensations would build up without control, I went to empty the bladder since it was quite full. Back to the bedroom, as I hunched, things slowed down. The full bladder may have been giving the prostate an extra push, hence the heightened p-waves but I'm not sure.

But it was crazy, and new. This is the first session where I didn't WANT to take the Aneros out. Typically I'll get bored and fed up, and just take it out after an hour or two - but not here. Every 5-10 minute interval, pleasures came creeping back up providing my mind was in exact stance. )Blanking doesn't always do it.(

However, after all this, I'm not convincing myself that this is real progression despite the events. All this could easily have been a fluke - as is often the case with my sessions before where I jump for joy and then promptly bum out over things returning to square one. I'll try again but I'm expecting a boring dud.

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* Same feelings as outside of session
* Aneros amplified it
* Solid erections and need to breathe more
* 'Ring of fire' indeed

Last night was one of the few instances where the Aneros worked in tandem with the growing sensations. Typically what I experience with the Aneros -- and the sensations I discover without it, work in different ways; when I think I'm starting to 'get it', Aneros sessions turn out to be a dud.

But my recent session just seemed to work with the pleasures that I've built as of recent, and it felt great. It wasn't anything new or dramatic, but still. My abdomen toughens up, and my penis cycles on and off with rock-solid boners. There's a constant urge to moan, too. Most of the session worked it itself from doing nothing, though I have tried incorporating contractions into the mix. )Will do for next time, I think( Of the positions I've switched from, spreading the legs apart seemed to swing the arousal up, if briefly.

Saying that, being back onto the Aneros is nice - my anus has had some pretty irritating cases of thrush or whatever, over the past months. It's settled down almost completely after visiting the GP. The spincter is still inflamed, though, making insertion of the Aneros initially a painful process. Taking it out, and excreting for that manner, is also pretty nasty.

Today outside of the session, things felt similar to my previous blog post on awakening the prostate, albeit I don't have the fluttering, tickling feeling in the gland itself. Still, arousal does swell up simply from breathing which is very similar to before. Maybe I won't be far off a Super-O?

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Aneros...does nothing??

* No feeling or sensation whatsoever.
* Mass shaking of the abdomen and other parts.
* Serious P-Tab discomfort due to larger prostate swelling.
* Super T

My arousal perked back up over the last few days. Something I noticed was that my prostate would be distinctly swelling up. Never felt it grow so large before! Maybe that's due in part to being able to sense it now.

Due to the bevy of warm, fluttering sensations that happen frequently, I decided to see how things would develop when having some time with the Aneros. After all, if I'm feeling so aroused, one can only imagine how it'd feel using the device!

As it turns out, it had the opposite effect. The warm sensations vanish, no erections, no good vibes from breathing...everything just goes numb in terms of pleasure. Contractions move on their own, but was just a background event. It seems that whatever joy I developed outside of session, the Aneros clearly didn't gel with it.

Of the occurrences worth pointing out my body, particularly the abdomen kept going nuts, causing my body to shake. Again, it was merely shaking - nothing came of it apart from irritating distraction. It's not the shaking that is a pre-cursor to the Super O.

I tried to persevere, and did breathing + contraction exercises along with nipple stimulation. There was some pleasure - albeit VAUGE at that. But when erotic imagery and my mind got the ball rolling the prostate gland swelled up to large proportions again. Now I see why people mention P-tab discomfort. This was literally crushing my PC muscle like a vice so I had to quickly apply some loo paper underneath to soften it. Mass aching!

Towards the end, I was getting frustrated as to why my penis was completely flat during the whole thing. I know vets will say that the dick should be left out of the party, but for me it provides a lot of the p-waves. I tried stimulating it, but still it was numb in terms of sensations. After finally building an erection, I finally let rip and did a slight Super-T. I did this to see what the sensation should be like for next time.

But whoops. I blew 25% of my arousal load during that period. Oh well. It'll recharge within a few days anyway.

Still, bummer of the session. I notice the Aneros does this often: if I anticipate a great time with it (usually due to developments/discoveries outside of it) it often sucks. Then when I use it on a whim...amazing things happen. Reverse psychology, the nerve! In all seriousness though, the p-waves and sensations I learnt without the device are probably a red herring. Feels nice, but nothing to do per se with the subtle feelings it produces.

When I get back to my home, I'll try the Progasm and see if that changes anything - also the Helix Syn arrives on Monday and will give that a shot. Not placing my bets though.

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Arousal isn\'t limitless

This isn't an entry regarding a session - but more one towards something new I've cottoned onto.

My Aneros usage is typically an unstable relationship. After things don't work out with it, I break up. I flake off back to masturbation. "This is pointless, I'll never make progress towards Super-O anyway." Things just peter out with it.

But then after a few months apart, masturbating gets tiresome and depressing. Usually, when abstaining for a few days mixed with a burst of confidence (from achieving, like surviving a rough deadline) - arousal swells and Aneros perks up and into gear. The few days of arousal high feels really great, and I tend to make good progress from the last few months back. I learn something new with the Aneros.

But there's something I learnt today that, surprisingly, hasn't clicked until now.

As the title says, arousal is a currency that can clearly be spent down to nill. My fall-outs with Aneros were, in fact, when I blew my orgasmic vibes in quick doses to the models (and outside of sessions). It also gets me down and I feel like I wasted my time but nay. Maybe now it's simply a matter of managing my arousal more carefully. Masturbating a bit here and there, after all, couldn't hurt - but keep the amount down to once a week.

My real discovery is: the Aneros doesn't provide arousal and sensation; it's the RESULT of the two. It amplifies them. The best times to use it, I guess, are when I feel aroused too.

Arousal is back to the top - more or less, after two days.
Still haven't had a the same great surprise as before but that's why it's called a surprise.

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Nice improvements!

* Warmth/tingling in abdomen. )Including outside of sessions(
* Waves of pleasure breezing over.
* Short on breath - quick, aroused breathing.
* Didn't need nipple stimulation.

My previous posts were overly negative, but as the title suggests - something has changed, and for the better.

I had a session last week, feeling aroused after abstaining from masturbation. To my dismay, nothing really happened. Maybe just bad luck or did I forget something?

Couple of days back, I tried again, this time really working on the basics of contracting + inhaling. Things clicked again when I focused on where the Aneros was, and what it was doing. Arousal crept back and I was relieved!

I guess the device really is a method of focusing your mind on the right places, since I tried stroking various areas around my body and the sensations really can grow from this; never realised what a tantric experience it is.

Probably the best thing to happen ever was outside the session )big developments usually are(. Last night whilst in bed I decided to try something different - where I look at erotic imagery or think it in my mind, I speak out in a soft mumble what the key features are.

Dick became rock-solid, and p-waves were flourishing. It was so surprising! Never felt so orgasmic before. Decided to then try narrating what was happening with myself - it got me so aroused, I crunched as my abdomen tensed like never before. Huge pleasure wave washed me over and left bewildered.

It was after this that something changed my abdomen area, even as I write this. There's this pleasure constantly tickling that part of the body, particularly as I breath normally. It's feels so weird, but no doubt great. Doing relaxed, deep breathing sends my dick into an immediate boner.

Because of so much text, here's the run-down of why it happened:
* Use of voice effected the diaphragm, and thus the abdomen.
* Focused on imagination of being fingered.
* Kept the breathing semi-consistent.
* Jumped between different fantasies in my mind.

These four things kept the arousal )and p-waves( going and building. Concentration and focus really is a key factor and that night got it into my head very well. Logically, I guess the voice kept the abdomen at bay )It stiffens when aroused, thus stagnating the flow of pleasure(. Vocalising things really changed a lot.

It feels awesome, like I've gotten rid of this stiff, iron wall that blockades the free-flow of sensation. However, given my past instances of discovering something - it typically only lasts a week before going back to square one. I don't hold much hope that this 'de-armoring' of sorts with my abdomen will be long lasting but I'll see.

The session this morning ran off my already perked arousal from before. ...or since last night, actually. I just kept getting stiff boners and p-waves, so I got little sleep.

It was a nice session, some parts are already skipped - but it was more or less the discoveries I learnt with use of the voice and adapting it to the MGX. It wasn't better or worse than last night, but it did pump the arousal a bit better. I still feel I'm missing the point with prostate/anal stimulation but I tried. It just didn't lend anything better than breathing and moaning. Saying that, frequent use should bolster things and keep the ball rolling.

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Not quite getting it...

* Bland session.
* Some P-Waves here and there.
* 40 minutes of no nipple stimulation, didn't change much.
* Still no sensations from anus/prostate.
* Possible p-tab problems.
* Shaking is nice but doesn't add to anything.
* P-Waves when staying completely static.
* Need to concentrate the mind on more specific feelings for longer.

Yesterday I finally moved into my new place for my final year of University.
Before venturing off to do so, I decided to give another session a go in the morning. Switched from MGX over to Progasm like before but didn't get the same surprise as before. Mild and weak session as a whole.

Recently I feel I haven't been understanding the core of Aneros use - stemming from the sensations of anal and prostate. No noticeably nice feelings come from either, which to me is a little jarring since I'm certain most users with good sessions and usage report such a case happening. So I want to work a little on this field and see where things can improve.

With that said, this morning I gave the MGX a go! This time I wanted to go for roughly 40 minutes of 'doing nothing' - particularly no nipple stimulation. I recently felt that nipple stimulation has become too distracting due to the overpowering vibes, almost on par with penile counterpart. I wanted to see if anal and prostate pleasures could emerge and be sensed without such.

And wouldn't you know it; nothing has changed. For the most part, the session didn't provide anything great. I had surges of p-waves when staying still, but I could get those outside of Aneros time anyway. (Albeit at lesser magnitudes) When the MGX is in, there is generally a sense of anticipation around the pelvic and lower abdomen area but not much else arises from the massager - involuntary or not. I still can't sense anything great from contracting the anus and I feel no tingling from the prostate.

Shaking and quivering of the pelvis and abdomen still occurs on a somewhat involuntary basis and its nice, but p-waves occur when holding them back.

In all, it's not a bad session. There were some surges of P-waves here and there, and I had a rock solid hard-on when introducing nipple stimulation 40 minutes. Still a bit of a let down as far as pleasure goes.

One thing to note is that the arousal was building up after about an hour and 20 minutes in, and the Aneros felt more 'accustomed' to put it one way. I'll try lengthening sessions to two, maybe three hours and see what this brings. Also I feel the p-tab on the MGX might be getting in the way, and it might be in the wrong area for the sweet spot.

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Do I really know what I'm doing...?

I've used the Aneros for what seems like just over a year now. Often using it would be in spurts, then I'd go off it for a month or two.

Recently, I've abstained from masturbation and sex for over two weeks. My sexual senses are at a refreshing high - feelin' pretty good, particularly for pleasurable anticipation.

Naturally I decided to dive into the Aneros because of the sexual drive pumping around. Found that in the morning, usually before 11:00am, morning glory kicks in. Of course I decided to see if this could amplify a session with the Aneros.

And the result: no, not much. Maybe the time spent pre-lubing and slipping in the MGX killed off some of the drive? Still, the session didn't hit me with any groundbreaking sensations. Most sensations still come primarily from PC and abdominal muscles, and just doesn't feel like the Aneros itself is bringing any positive and necessary pleasures from the sphincter, prostate and rectus.

Just under an hour in, I was a little dissatisfied and slightly impatient. So, in a rare occasion, in went the mighty Progasm. Oh man.

Early on into it, I was getting a weird but really nice looping feedback of the chakra from pelvic to chest, and back. The result was causing my dick to swell completely involuntarily, and this also furthered the pleasures - increasing up and up in my pelvic and chest. It got to a point where my Progasm would sink in and press against the prostate, causing a noticeable tingling like one gets when they're about to ejaculate. All of this disappeared as quickly as it came, however.
The rest of the session didn't lead to much.

This was a good surprise though! The trick seemed to be running purely on the what the Aneros was giving, and also focusing on erotic material to supplement the excitement. I hope something similar can happen again soon.

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