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Aneros Blogs > Nothings Journey (by nothing1234567)

I treated myself to the beginner Peredise set... amazing!

I ordered myself a Peridise set about a month ago. I've only had chance to properly use it twice due to work commitments but both times I've used the set it has felt AMAZING.

I read that some people weren't stimulated by the Peridise at first, and that it took a little bit of getting used to so I wasn't expecting anything the first time I tried it out.

I pre-lubed and relaxed myself, lubed up the larger of the four models and popped it in. Just the tip. I followed the instructions and contracted to pull the Peridise in to myself. I was greeted by a lovely feeling in my anal canal. I continued these contractions maybe ten or so times until I was sure the device was properly inserted.

I relaxed myself and started deep breathing. I was greeted by more of these pleasurable feelings in my anus. It was working for me! It made me really happy. I relaxed myself further and enjoyed these feelings. Pretty soon my legs started to vibrate, and my anus started to twitch. It felt so so good. My PC muscle was contracting all by itself and I kept having short subtle bursts of pleasure in my anal canal. The peridise was also 'tickling' the outside of my anus and this felt great too. I ran out of time so I had to stop the session, but I'm pretty sure I found my new favourite toy... I didn't even have chance to switch to one of the smaller models I was enjoying it so much.

Looking forward to spending some quality alone time with these beauties.

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A Boxing Day treat

I decided to take a break from Anerosing a few weeks ago, due to the fact that I didn't really feel like using the Aneros and mainly due to the fact there'd be no time for any sessions in the run up to Christmas. Over the past week or so I've been getting little feelings and twitches in my perineum but I've tried my best to ignore them as I'd only be torturing myself! On Christmas Eve I was laying down on a hard wood floor when my perineum started to flutter, I involuntarily bucked my hips and brought on some pleasurable sensations. Uh oh. Suddenly very horny but absolutely no chance of a session! I managed to get through Christmas day without too many feelings and THANKFULLY found myself in a completely empty house on Boxing Day morning )bliss(

I woke up extremely hungry for a session. Knowing I had four or five hours to myself I took my time in getting myself ready for a session. Since it had been a while I was just savouring the old familiar feeling of arousal in my pelvic region and taking pleasure in the feelings and excitement of knowing I was finally going to be able to slide my Helix in and enjoy myself.

The session started great, I read a tip on the forums that helps with deep valley breathing. Join your thumbs and fingers around the belly button and breathe in with those muscles. I started to get pleasure right away, especially in my legs and groin. My PC muscle started to flutter, which was really nice and it's not something thats really happened before. The feelings were so nice I found myself moaning a little. I was enjoying this soo much.

Things calmed down a bit so I decided to try a new position by lying in my left side with my legs pulled up slightly. Didn't do much for a while but then my PC muscle started to flutter/contract again which caused some feeling in my Penis. I wasn't sure if I should stop this as I have had unwanted HFWO's in quite a few of my sessions. I just let go and decided to go with it. It felt so good and my prostate swelled, I could feel it grow. My cock started to feel really good, definite orgasmic feelings in the lower part of my shaft. Things were heating up. I was loving it. Then I heard a key in the front door.... noooo! Session ended. I was so gutted!

Ah well at least it )kind of( satisfied my urges for a little while.

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New feelings without Aneros

During last nights session I had very obvious p-waves for the first time along with some other new sensations, particularly in the lower part of my stomach.
Throughout today I've frequently felt similar sensations, but without the aneros. They're a lot more subtle but they're still bringing me some pleasure! My toes have curled a few times.
I also have that butterfly feeling in the pit of my stomach, and it occasionally works its way up my body, or appears in other places. Just now I felt a warm tingly feeling in my hands. I was doing some work earlier and I had to stop for a few seconds because of the pleasurable sensations coming from my anus and lower abdomen. This is great! feel like I finally understand what everyone else is talking about on the forums. It seems as though everything is dropping in to place. All it took was a bit of work on my breathing and relaxation!

I really feel like I'm making progress here. My body is buzzing with sexual energy. I'm so desperate for a session but I'm going to have to wait til tomorrow. I have a feeling my prostate will be waking me up a few times tonight...

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Finally some progress!

I've not had chance to have a session recently, and this has given me a bit of time to think about my previous sessions. I've come to the conclusion that I'm not relaxed enough during sessions, and that there's too much going on inside my head.
I've been reading the forums a lot lately, especially some of the older posts. I saw one thread in which a poster was talking about using Kelly Howell's 'Ecstasy' recording during their session and they spoke of how it helped them relax and focus, producing amazing results. Lately I've been thinking about using the Hypnaerosession recording again to see if it helped me, but I opted for this new recording during my session this evening. Definitely a good move! It was such a good session. So many new feelings and sensations. I was able to relax very quickly, and I was able to concentrate on my breathing much more, whilst being able to concentrate on the feelings being brought on by the Helix.

I cleaned up, read some erotic stories and watched a bit of porn which got me aroused and in the mood, though it didn't take much since my prostate has been itching for a session for the past three days. I lubed myself up and inserted my helix. I just laid there for a few minutes breathing deeply getting nice and comfortable.
I put on the Ecstasy recording and continued breathing. I found the aneros twitching almost right away and when I exhaled I got a rushing feeling in my body and the aneros twitched faster. Inhaling stopped the aneros moving as much but brought on some nice feelings. I managed to get myself in a very relaxed state through this deep breathing.
Around 15 minutes into the recording I started to feel tickly feelings in different parts of my body. Mainly my arms, legs and back but also in my neck and parts of my face. The most noticeable one, and the last one that I felt, was on my back, near my shoulder blade. It came on very suddenly and strongly and it felt pretty nice. As soon as the tickly feeling stopped it felt like I was falling backwards slowly, my eyes involuntarily rolled to the back of my head and I was overcome with this pleasurable rushing feeling, spreading up my body through my stomach, to my chest and then out to my arms. It was awesome. I'm going to go ahead and say that this was a p-wave! I've never felt anything like this. Very pleasurable and it made me feel very nice, an almost teasing feeling. Towards the end of this feeling my eyelids started to flutter. Weird. Afterwards my stomach tensed up and I felt pleasure in my stomach. Yummy. This was followed by a similar p-wave feeling a few minutes later but it was much milder than the first and it was much shorter. I think the first one kind of surprised me and brought me out of my relaxed state into a more conscious state of mind. I tried relaxing again but it wasn't really happening.
I ended up having to go to the bathroom, which put an end to the session but I am so so pleased that I finally felt something like that. I can't wait for my next session to see what that brings.

Listening to this recording definitely helped me focus. Hopefully I can find some other recordings that have a similar effect.

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Im getting there. Wherever THERE is

I've had three sessions in three days this week. Mondays session was delightful, and made me start this blog. Tuesdays was a dud and I had to stop due to discomfort, I still had pleasure though so it was still nice. I haven't ejaculated for 4 days and I think this is improving my sessions. New things are happening!

Todays session was pretty intense. I keep getting these surges of mild pleasure, which made me tense up my entire body. I can't help but feel that the feelings would be amplified if I relaxed through them but the tensing is involuntary and very hard to stop. I think I was able to relax through them a lot more than usual and it was nice. I felt the pleasure go from my anus/prostate area and go through to my arms/hands. Every time I relax I can feel something really nice, but this makes me tense up again. Hmm.

I started out by getting myself aroused. This is something that I previously haven't done well enough, as I found it hard to arouse myself without getting my penis excited, which draws away from the feelings in my prostate. I started reading some stories on the Aneros forums and blogs, just reading about other mens experiences with their Aneros devices is enough to get me excited. I went to bed, pre-lubed, and laid down. I started thinking about sexy things, attractive women playing with me, gliding their soft hands down my body and kissing me with their hungry mouths, teasing me with their wet pussies and luscious tits. Then I did something new. I picked up my Helix and started running it all over my body! I'm not sure what made me do it but I'm so glad I did. I started out softly running the tip over my nipples til they were perky and erect, I moved softly down my stomach, making the hairs stand on end. I gently worked my way back up to my erect nipples, teasing pleasure from my swelling prostate. I worked the helix softly down the sides of my now excited, shaking torso. I felt so sexy. I caressed my inner thighs and groin with the Helix, becoming ever more aroused. I moved over to my balls and felt that exciting tingle in them. This was amazing. The Helix was already pleasuring me and I hadn't even inserted it yet! After teasing my balls I moved slowly towards my anus. My ass was so hungry for it but I teased myself some more, brushing my perineum and my butt cheeks. It felt so good just to tease myself. I moved gently over to my anus and gently brushed it with the tip of the Helix. It contracted with pleasure, trying to pull it in. I felt this beautiful feeling in my prostate, and my anal canal. This was incredible. I gave in and lubed up the Helix and inserted. I immediately moaned. Inserting has never been this good before. The feeling I got when my Helix penetrated me and slid in to place over my throbbing prostate was just lovely. Satisfying.

I relaxed and started some anal contractions and followed them up by contracting my PC muscle, again, something I don't usually do. After doing this for five minutes or so a few new things happened to me. About half an hour in my body started shaking violently. Usually the shaking is centred around my pelvis and my legs. Often leading to a wet orgasm and killing the session. This time I started shaking and my legs came up to my chest so that I was almost in a ball. I felt a rush of pleasure in my thighs and my arms, trying my best to relax through it. I had a couple more of these - maybe three to four where I would feel this pleasure and tense up. My breathing becomes very erratic and on the third or fourth surge it felt like I was going to pass out so I calmed myself down.

After that I felt extremely relaxed and satisfied. There were no feelings coming from my prostate but I felt so good. So relaxed and happy. I just laid there for a few minutes enjoying what had just happened. I started deep valley breathing and felt those delicate feelings return to my prostate. ANOTHER new feeling. This time it was psychological. I just laid there watching my stomach move up and down and watching those rolling contractions move down my stomach, whilst enjoying the pleasure that was inside me. Watching my body made me realise that it knows what it wants. I couldn't take my eyes off my body. It's like my mind wanted me to see everything. 'Look what I can do'
My eyes ran over all areas of my body. My legs, my beautiful cock, my stomach, my stiff nipples. It felt odd to me but at that moment I thought that I was so beautiful and sexy. Just watching myself made me really aroused. Maybe I need to have a mirror in my next session...

This has been a good week in terms of Aneros. I feel like I'm getting somewhere. New feelings and experiences. It's all very positive and exciting. I'm going to try and abstain from ejaculating before my next sessions, whenever they may be.

Wow how long have I been writing?! A little on the long side...

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First post

Had a quick unexpected session today. Started to get 'that urge' whilst at home and I had all day to myself so I lubed up and off I went.

The nice feelings were there straight away. Pleasure was coming from my anus/prostate, my legs {the thigh area as in every session} and the lower part of my stomach, which is now becoming ever more common in my sessions {mm}. I had my eyes closed and kept them that way from the very start, which I don't usually do. I was extremely relaxed today and about half an hour into the session I started to feel like I was far away from my body and felt a bit disconnected from myself, almost like I was floating/dizzy {in a good, relaxed way}. This has happened a couple of times before but it seemed nicer this time. I started to feel chills up both sides of my upper body/chest area, and I felt that tingling in and around my nipples, which is something else that is happening more frequently and it seems like it's becoming more pleasurable for me as well. Then I could feel more pleasurable feelings appearing in my anal area. I just relaxed and laid there feeling that delicious ache from my prostate and feeling the ticklish pleasure in my stomach and occasionally my thighs. It was beautiful. This is all I was thinking about and I found myself gently moaning and sighing, which increased my arousal. Everything was very gentle and lovely. My anus was contracting gently, as well as my stomach muscles tensing rhythmically and this was also very gentle. It was blissful and I really enjoyed it. So beautiful and erotic. This must have gone on for a good 15 minutes or so before the violent shaking started, I was tensing up really hard and there was a lot of pleasure coming from my penis and I started to become erect. This was definitely signalling the start of a HFWO and I wanted to avoid this so I ended the session there after an hour or so.

I noticed the shaking started after I became very excited. I start breathing heavily and my heart rate increased so much it feels like it'll burst out of my chest. Not sure what this is, I've tried going with it but it always leads to shaking/HFWO. Maybe I should relax through it?

This was one of my shorter sessions but one of my most enjoyable so far. I really enjoy the calmer sessions. This one was very sensual and slow, it's making me smile just thinking about it. It must have been good because it made me start this blog! I think the reason this was so good is because I was horny for it. I wanted it, hell I NEEDED it. I had erotic images in my mind through most of the session. Beautiful girls playing with me, sucking on my nipples and teasing my body. Then as things got a little more enjoyable I imagined being fucked by a guy. I'm straight but the thought of being penetrated by a nice, thick penis really spurred me on and fuelled the fire somewhat.

This is the first blog post I've done. I just wanted somewhere to record my journey since things seem to be picking up. I've been using my aneros models for about a year and a half without any intense orgasmic feelings. I feel like I'm definitely getting somewhere though, so I want to record how this plays out! Just discovering that writing this is extremely erotic for me... getting that urge and I'm becoming really aroused! Got a tingling/tickling feeling in my feet and my hands are shaking. Gonna have to wait til the morning... yummy. Can't wait.

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