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Aneros Blogs > My Continuing Aneros Adventures (by Love_is)

Finally another mini-O!

So finally I achieved another non-ejaculatory orgasm via Aneros prostate massage today. Yes! I believe it was a mini-O, as the duration didn't seem that long. But the sensation? Oh wow... almost speechless it was so good feeling! This certainly helps me believe all that more that I'm capable of eventually achieving super-O's. Even if I am a long term grinder at this.

So this is probably I think my third mini-O and the only type of non-ejaculatory orgasm I've gotten through this Aneros practice so far. And it's been years since the last one happened. Patience is a virtue, eh? There was absolutely no penile stimulation. I was lying on my back with knees up and using the Progasm Classic while rubbing my nipples.

The last couple of days I've been super horny, and the Aneros sessions have been down right fantastic even before this latest mini-O. So I shouldn't be totally surprised this happened. Basically what I've been trying to work on lately in my sessions is to learn to relax even more when the pleasure gets intense and the involuntary anal contractions really start kicking in. And this has worked big time! Because it seems prior to this that my instinct was to clench and voluntarily contract when the pleasure gets intense. Which goes contradictory to making this happen. What I found was that once I take enough deep breathes, it causes my anus to relax even more, and the involuntary anal contractions really start up consistently and strong, in a way that is very uniquely noticeable such that I have an idea that I'm on the right track. So as this started happening and it was getting intense, I just relaxed more into it, and did not interfere with the contractions.

So for me the involuntary anal contractions feel like a constant pulsing. And then I can feel that pulsing rhythm against my prostate as the Aneros moves against it. My prostate then swells in arousal. And as I continued to relax and allow it to happen the pulsing sensation started to climb into the shaft of my penis, and then as the pulsing sensation got close to the tip of my penis, it got stronger and peaked into an orgasm. It felt mildly like I was ejaculating, but there was nothing there except for a sizable string of pre-cum. And as I went over the top, there was this sensation of deep relaxation mixed with pleasure that seemed to burst out of my crotch area. All the while this pulsing sensation continued through it all. So pleasurable! It really was an amazing sensation but couldn't have been more than a couple minutes. After the orgasm died down, I tried reproducing it. And no such luck. But still, I'm blown away by how good it felt. It was mostly different feeling than an ejaculatory orgasm, but some similarities. And just amazing that this can be done from prostate massage and not the rubbing or stroking of my penis like I've been used to all these years.

The sad thing is, if I tried to explain how to do this to myself many years ago when I first started, it probably would not have helped. I think because it is such a different paradigm in terms of how to orgasm differently than what we men are used to with stimulating our penis. So unfortunately I'm not terribly hopeful that this information will help other new Aneros users. You just have to put the time into practicing regularly with it and keep an open mind in believing it is possible. As much as possible, try to relax your anal muscles, don't interfere with what is going on down there, pay attention to the subtle sensations and let it build as keep your arousal high.

I'll cross my fingers that I can reproduce this again regularly. But you'll have to excuse me if I'm reluctant to say I've finally crossed into multiple non-ejaculatory orgasm land with all you other advanced users. I'll wait to say that until I can do this pretty regularly.

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Progasm is great!

So last night was my second Aneros session after taking some time off from it due to some health problems. So I've been probably close to a month or more away from any play with these toys.

But last night was amazing! Still no super-O, but wow! The pleasure is really something else. And several times I felt something building, my arousal increasing, and my prostate swelling. I just relaxed into it and it felt great! No orgasmic sensations as far as I could tell. But it was still amazing! The involuntary anal contractions were quite strong and regular and it just felt so good in my anus and on my prostate.

It's interesting that besides the further relaxing into it that has been helpful for me. What I've also found interesting is how much focus and concentration on the sensations and general area seems to be necessary and helps with increasing the sensations and arousal. But it's tiring. Several times my mind would wander. And I'd have to reel it in and start the process over. But what fun!

In addition, I had this sensation that I've had before a few times of my anus, prostate and the Aneros being like the center of my being. Like my consciousness and all physical sensation is in that general area. It's really wild feeling, and oddly somehow very arousing and sexually freeing. Good stuff!

And this session came from a pre-Aneros session warm up that was very mild in terms of arousal level and sensation. And I was quite skeptical that I'd even get anything out of my Aneros session once I started. Boy, was I ever wrong! I usually listen to my body in terms of whether I feel aroused enough to even have an Aneros session. But sometimes apparently one can be surprised by the outcome.

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The beauty of large and relaxing into it.

So last night I made more progress in my Aneros sessions, and had what I believe to be the most intense pleasurable sensations so far. Wow! The Progasm seems to be the model that my body likes and responds to the most right now. Even though I briefly switched out to the Eupho during the session, it didn't really do much this time. So the Progasm went back in for more fun times! :D

I find that there is something really important that the larger models teach me, which likely includes the Maximus and Vice, even though I don't own those models. The thing about it, is that the larger size of the Progasm really teaches me to relax my anal, PC, and rectal muscles that much more due to its size. The smaller models can't do this. And the thing is, that the more I relax, the more stronger and more consistent the involuntary anal contractions occur, and they become more pleasurable, and the more my prostate swells in arousal and becomes quite sensitive and pleasurable feeling from the massage my contractions are causing, and the swelling of my prostate makes everything that much more tighter/snug back there, which causes me to try and relax even more, and the result of all this is that my pleasurable sensations increase significantly with all this. And I have to say I just love the “hugging” feeling the Progasm gives me around my prostate when it swells in arousal. It provides an amazing amount of stimulation in that area.

This whole concept and the positive and pleasurable results from it is not something I could understand or experience early on in my Aneros journey. )I'm talking about the “relax, and do nothing” approach( This took a really long time for me to get to this point. I'm at about six years and four months into it total. And I didn't begin to get this concept until approximately five and half years in. Yeah, I'm the one that is taking a long time to make progress towards achieving super-O's. But the progress sure is so sweet!

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Trying different Aneros during one session

So during last night's Aneros session, I was feeling experimental. I started with the Progasm, and found that even though I could get slow and gentle involuntary contractions with it. But I had to relax much more than the smaller models to get this going. It was nice feeling, but nothing special. Then switched to the Eupho after a while. I was also able to get slow and gentle involuntaries from this one to. And I could really feel the difference in how much it moves, felt better than the Progasm, but still nothing incredibly special. Then I switched for the MGX which has been my current favorite for a while now. And this model gives me the strongest involuntary contractions and most pleasurable for that matter.

It doesn't mean that one model is particularly better than another, as I've had extremely pleasurable sensations from the Progasm and Eupho. It's just that the MGX is what is working best for me right now. I never would have guessed this to be the case. The MGX is the second Aneros I ever bought. And prior to these last few months of it working amazingly well for me, it was the seconded least used model next to the Peridise, which were the least used because they just didn't seem to generate any pleasure compared to my Progasm and Helix. I imagine someday the Peridise will work nicely, but until then they mostly sit in their package.

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Back in Black Progasm

I realize I've been long overdue posting anything here as it's been over as year. To summarize, I'm just about a month into my fifth year of Aneros use and still no Super-O's. But I do get very pleasurable sessions when I practice regularly. Which for me means daily. So I just keep at it and enjoy what I get out of it. Anyways, onto the meat of the subject...

I just had the best Aneros session in quite some time.

Let me back up some. I've mostly been on hiatus from Aneros sessions for the last six months or so while I was having a relationship. During that time I hardly touched the Aneros. Prior to that I was having pretty consistent pleasurable sessions with my Helix. No super-O's mind you, but quite pleasurable all the same. But since I started back up again the Helix did next to nothing for me in terms of pleasure. Although I will say that it took quite a number of sessions before I got past dud and mild sessions. So I could be wrong. But for the time being the Progasm is once again my ass and prostate pleaser of choice! And boy does it work well.

So the last two weeks or so I've been having almost daily Aneros sessions with my Progasm. Minus any ejaculation. And all this week the pleasure and my arousal have all been steadily increasing until tonight. I'd say the last five sessions or so I've been practicing with the relax and do nothing approach. But there is really more to it than that. What I concentrated on is completely relaxing my anal and rectal muscles. Once I do this I seem to get in a certain state and involuntary anal contractions start to happen and the pleasure starts to happen. Until tonight they were quite slow, and I really had to concentrate on the sensations. But tonight as soon as I was able to let go of my muscle control, the involuntary contractions kicked in quite rapidly. They were pulsing strongly and oh so pleasurably! And as I just relaxed and allowed it to happen, the pleasure built and built. And I had several times were I thought, “Oh my God! This is it, I'm going over into orgasm!” Of course it didn't happen. But the closest I had to it was at one point feeling my prostate swell and then this wave of energy rush up my torso to the crown of my head. The wave wasn't terribly pleasurable. But it wasn't bad feeling either. I was pretty proud of myself that I could allow myself to relax enough to let this experience happen. Very cool! I hope this continues to build in future sessions.

On a side note, I know my body is quite well primed and ready when during my pre-Aneros arousal building of looking at porn. I find that if doing more nipple stimulation gets me more aroused, that is a good sign that my body is in a good state! This came in very handy during the Aneros session tonight where I experimented with different nipple stimulation techniques. Both fast and slow, and soft and hard. Wow! That really added a lot to the session. It's nice that my nipples have woken up again! :D

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Energetic movement & pleasure

So tonight I experienced more progress in my journey and new sensations. I had a feeling my Aneros session was going to be good, as my warm up arousal building no-Aneros session looking at porn while rubbing my nipples generated some mighty nice pleasure sensations.

But here's what was different. As I started my Aneros session after inserting my Helix, I just relaxed and breathed the first few minutes. Then I started rubbing my nipples and working with sexual fantasies. And the other thing I've been experimenting with is Neil Slade's clicking it forward thing. And I think this has had a positive effect with my Aneros sessions. When I focus on tickling my amygdala while rubbing my nipples, it takes my attention off of the Aneros. And then pleasure seems to grow in my prostate without my focus being there waiting and trying to make it happen. Sort of a detachment thing. Anyways, pleasure in my prostate seemed to grow and pulse much more strongly than it has before. And while I experience energy movements in my body at times. (P-waves I believe) This session I felt some different things. The first one was as my prostate pleasure got stronger, I felt a wave of energy go up my torso in a warbling/wavy sort of way that felt deep. Like my body depth had increased at the same time. Where as normally it just feels like one wave that goes up me. That was wild.

I also had some really nice prostate pleasure during this session. Nothing that I could say was orgasmic, but some of this is new experiences. So I may not be sure what I've felt and experienced. But during some of the more intense prostate pleasure, a number of times I felt waves of energy push up my torso and shoot into the top of my head. Wow! I've never felt anything like that before. It was neat feeling. I hope this wonderful progress and pleasure continues. What a wonderful journey of self discovery and pleasure this has been with these Aneros prostate massager's. :D I only wish I had discovered this earlier in my life.

I also have to say that I feel very much unchained from my penis. I know that probably reads odd. But really, once I started practicing ejaculation abstinence successfully, I rarely have this crazy desire to masturbate to ejaculation. Particularly because the ejaculatory orgasms are nowhere near as pleasurable as what I get out of Aneros sessions. And I haven't even achieved super-O's yet!

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Taking a break gives new focus

So I took a short break from my Aneros since last Thursday when I ejaculated. And decided that I would wait until my body lets me know when it is ready to continue again. So last night while sitting at the computer, I notice that I was doing some anal and PC muscle flexes and they were feeling really good! So that was my cue to start my no-Aneros warm up while looking at porn. And I specifically made it a point not to take too long with this. The reason being I've been wondering lately if the reason my Aneros sessions seem to die out well under an hours time is because I expend a lot of my arousal in the no-Aneros session. (If that's even possible???) So I ended up having the best Aneros session in a while! No orgasmic events. But lot's of really nice pleasure. And my penis hardly even intruded. It's like it thankfully went to sleep and my anus and prostate were the ones awake. I'm not sure if my chosen technique did this, or it was a freak occurrence. But it makes the world of difference in my own experience. What I chose to do was to concentrate on relaxing and breathing. And the interesting thing is that I notice so much more subtle sensations going this route. I even got that almost painful ache in my prostate. Which as I recall occurred just before I had my one and only mini-O so far. So perhaps I was close to having a dry orgasmic event again.

I think what is really interesting for me is the change in mentality and approach from taking a short break. Prior to this, I felt like I was trying too hard to get pleasure from the Aneros. And it obviously was not working and only making me frustrated. So it was a healthy thing to step away from it for a few days and give me a new perspective, more patience, and less expectation.

I find it odd though, that my sessions really do seem to have an end where my arousal dies out. And if I'm in the state like last night where I'm all relaxed, I'm satisfied and content. Where otherwise if not, I likely am sexually frustrated and have to practice some control not to masturbate. Sometimes I can bring back the arousal. But it seems to take a lot of effort, and most of the time it's nothing amazing. Once I got to this point last night, I took out my Helix and inserted the larger of the two advance Peridise set, and realized pretty quickly that nothing pleasurable was going to happen. If the arousal isn't there, pleasure doesn't seem to happen on it's own from just having a toy up your ass. LOL So that ended the session.

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Learning to enjoy the Feeldoe More

Hello People,

This is a duplicate of what I posted in the pegging thread (post #62) here.

But I wanted it documented in my blog for easy referencing. And also in case the pegging thread ever disappears because it is too old.


Hello Folks,

So just recently I started experimenting with using and practicing with my Feeldoe More again after a long hiatus. And I am happy to say that so far, I have had two very pleasurable sessions with it, and I'm no longer unhappy with this purchase. It very much appears that there is a practice to being penetrated with a dildo just as there is with using Aneros prostate massager's in terms of getting used to it, being comfortable with it, and finding pleasure in the practice.

Both times I started with an Aneros session using my Helix. And initially the first time was craving something larger in me anally. What I did differently, was to gently take my time slowly working just the head of the Feeldoe More barely in and out of me. As the issue for me was comfortably getting it past the inner anal sphincter muscle. So rather than just try and slowly push it in all in one go, I would push it in up to the inner anal sphincter muscle and gently press and/or rub the head all around inside by rocking the pony end all around, pull out and try again. Just this act alone was quite pleasurable after just a few tries. Something happened where it went from, “Eh, it doesn't do much for me.” To “Oh my god! This feels amazingly good!” And from there I would just keep repeating this and pressing just a little harder against my inner anal sphincter muscle each time while trying to understand what I needed to do to consciously relax that muscle. When I would experience discomfort as it would stretch open. I would pull it completely out and slowly try again. It took me quite some time to actually get the More completely in me. But it was like foreplay. Very pleasurable, and very teasing at the same time. So that by the time the head finally slipped past my inner anal sphincter muscle, it was an extremely pleasurable sensation with no pain when it did! Weeeeeeeee!!!

There seems to be a similar observation of all the subtle internal sensations that being penetrated creates much like having an Aneros session. And as I practiced I realized that using the bullet vibrator in the More interfered with feeling those sensations. There are so many different points of pleasure I found. From the sensations on my inner anal sphincter muscle, to the pressure against my prostate, to the movement of the head going going back and forth within me. And today I also discovered that twisting the More within me creates a very pleasurable and teasing/itch like sensation on my inner anal sphincter muscles. I enjoyed that very much. And it reminded me of two different threads here that I can't find to reference. One was a recent one where a man who it turns out is not an Aneros user, described the pleasurable sensations and I think dry orgasms he gets from being penetrated with a dildo. The other is an older one where a user talked about something similar, except he used a crystal wand toy to explore all the different pleasurable areas in his anus and rectum.

On top of all this is the wonderful prostate sensations created from a number of techniques. One is pulling the pony end back a bit to put pressure on my prostate. Another is gently shaking the More in and out in very small amounts quite quickly. Kind of like manual vibration. And the other is, for a lack of a better word, fucking myself with it. And the wonderful sensations both prostate and anal that come from having to completely relax all those anal and rectal muscles to allow it to move freely in and out of me. Wow!!! This is going to be a lot of fun to continue to explore. And I'm glad I tried it again and have the sense to practice and get comfortable with this toy before actually using it in a pegging session. Which I totally can't wait to do at this point!

As far as positions go. What worked best for me was laying on my left side with both legs equally pulled up like in a sitting position. This position seemed to allow me to relax the most, but also allowed easier access to somewhat comfortably reach the pony end of the Feeldoe More to manipulate it. Ideally in a pegging session I'd like to be on my back so the woman and I can be face to face. But I'm not sure how feasible and practical this will be. But it may be entirely different circumstances when I'm not the one that has to manipulate the More. It was harder to both relax and comfortably grasp the pony end in this position and when on hands and knees. Hopefully I can practice being comfortable in other positions so as to allow some flexibility in positions so to speak. It's interesting that even though there is prostate massage happening from being penetrated, the pleasure sensations feel different than what the Aneros does. So it's a real nice change of pace to feel something different.

At this point I highly recommend that Aneros users practice penetrating themselves anally with a dildo of some sort as an additional different practice. Although I don't think you necessarily need as large a model as the Feeldoe More. Particularly since Aneros sessions strengthen the anal muscles. So a slimmer model may work just as well, but I can't confirm that not having a slimmer dildo at this point.

That's all I can think of for now. Feel free launch any questions if you have any.


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Prostate excitement!

So yesterday I had some very amazing developments. I was kind of rushed and not entirely relaxed as it had been a busy day and was also under time constraints with my Aneros session. So I wasn't terribly optimistic of my session having much going on. So I started with my standard arousal builder no-Aneros session sitting in front of my computer looking at porn while rubbing my nipples. And it took a while longer than usual to build strong prostate sensations. But it was quite nice.

On a side note I'm finding lately that my voluntary PC muscle contractions seems to be different when I am very aroused and my prostate is swollen. This contraction almost feels like the pushing out of a rectal contraction, but I'm pretty sure it is not.

Anyways, back to the story...
Coming out of my no-Aneros session I was highly aroused. And found my prostate very sensitive and producing quite the pleasure sensations. As I was prepping my bed for my Aneros session, I was so excited and anticipating the session that something happened in my prostate. Some extremely pleasurable spikes or pulses started happening such that I fell forward on my bed for a few seconds as I could not stand when it started happening. Wow! I'm not sure what I experienced here. But it was really good! :D

Unfortunately the Aneros session was nice, but nothing special. I don't think I was relaxed enough to generate the kind of pleasure I experienced in my recent prior sessions. As I found myself unintentionally clenching fairly hard on the Helix. No worries though, I was happy with the new event. It was a cool experience. Here's to hoping I can repeat it!

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Oh My!

So yesterday I had quite an Aneros session. And what's worth talking about here without repeating myself, is that as I practiced the imaginary prostate rubbing that I mentioned in my previous blog entry. What I found is that just by noticing the sensations, they would increase in strength. I think it was one of Darwin's posts from a while back that talked about this. Well by golly it worked! Wow I had some pretty intense and pleasurable sensations. Although it didn't feel orgasmic in the sense of going over the top, it was really nice pleasure. And I could feel my prostate involuntarily thumping against my Helix. In addition, with this method, there was mentally no room for thinking about arousing thoughts. Doing that just got in the way of noticing the prostate sensations and ended up decreasing the pleasure. It made me chuckle to think that I could be aroused and feel pleasure without thinking of something horny! LOL

As the pleasure lessened and became more difficult to initiate, I switched over to the smaller of the two advanced Peridise. This was nice, but not anywhere near as nice as the previous days session with the larger Peridise. I found that my anus seemed to have a difficult time gripping it. Which implies to me that I need to continue to practice with the larger Peridise until my anal muscles are stronger. Now the interesting thing is that after the session ended, I noticed a definite change in my sense of well being. I felt lighter, happier, and more relaxed. I remember thinking how this Aneros practice of noticing subtle sensations could be applied to many thing in life and alter our experience for the better. What a nice side benefit! :D

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