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Just another day at the office

Sometimes, long after all the sessions are complete, when I go to bed I just lay there and start the coaxing of the p-waves. First, I make sure I’m uncovered – no extraneous sensations. Then I find the right gentle contraction – all I know is its not the pc or bc muscle – I think it’s the cremaster muscle or something (Darwin would know) – it’s an outward inward pull push. Then it starts – the nice pressure, the creeping tingling. I don’t get them all over my body, I only get them were it counts, around the crotch. Then my peter starts to cycle up and down. Not throbbing. Pulsating. Just shy of twitching. It can cycle up and down like that for an hour and half – you just kind of have to throw common sense about sleep schedule out the window.

Makes me wish I knew more tricks. Like how to move the tingling around my body – maybe I should try to draw it up. I would not call these “immense pleasure waves”. They are immensely sensational – I don’t know, ‘cause I’ve never felt anything like it before. They are just my poor mans super-o. It is, after all, results. It’s just not orgasmic. It seems like I used to get involuntaries, but not so much anymore – just the good pressure and the p-waves. It’s like when its filling up with blood and the pulse beat follows from your pelvis up your peter (combined with p-wavyeous tingling) – but then it takes on a life of its own, asynchronous to your pulse beat.

In general, I just wait for it to crest over into something spectacular (or at least dry and o’ish). Alas, it never does.

The other day, when I was combining KSMO with the aneros with unabashed nipplage, I crossed over into a completely hands free wet one. To me, this signifies my body (and my methods) is/are totally lost. Don’t get me wrong – it felt great. But now my body is just learning another trick that keeps me from separating orgasm and ejaculation – that’s frustrating. It’s the wrong damn trick!

The nice thing about the nighttime ‘no KSMO, no Aneros’ sessions is that gas is never a problem. Neither is alcohol. Half a bottle of wine turns the Progasm into the Nogasm. The nighttime after effects, however, don’t care how much I’ve had to drink.

Sweet dreams,


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Coming clean

From 5/6/09

Ok, this blog entry is based on some personal feedback I exchanged with one of my PM buddies who noticed that my writing style had changed and that I was conspicuously absent from forum, PM and blog discussions. As it is, I am suffering through my moments of Aneros doubt. I did not want to write about it because I pride myself on being an optimistic lighthearted Aneros grinder – willing to joyfully plod through the long Aneros plateaus of non pleasure and no progress just to enjoy the sensations, not loose focus and in the prevail. This is the blog entry I should have written instead of that lame last blog post.

So, in response to a PM about “what’s wrong with you, you don’t seem the same lately, what’s going on are you frustrated” I wrote the following:

Alright you got me pegged. I got nothing else to write. I’ve been writing my “riding off into the Super O sunset” swan song for the forum (in my head) for awhile now. I wrote two or three blog posts before scratching them all in favor of my latest lame blog entry.

I’m just logging the hours before I can tell people to “keep trying for years, look at me, I did, and it’s just so darn worth it”. Blah, blah, blah. I completely understand your previous frustration, and maybe my blog is really just a chronicle of all my futility and blunders. I, however, am more than willing to write the longest blog ever to have never reached a super o!

I’m just getting tired of endless sessions with no different feelings. I’m telling ya, one of the biggest obstacles to the grinder success path is boredom. And I try different stuff. I move around. I take weeks off from use (at least around Christmas and family vacations). And all I really wanna know is where do you go from here? Where do you go when you’re soul is leaching out into the universe through wave after wave of never ending pleasure? But I’m stuck here, in the beginner’s class, still trying to learn my ABC’s. Still trying to make the “dancing girl” turn left.

A couple of you guys are about all that keep me logging into this place – that’s why when I got your PM about KSMO, which I debated to myself internally before going public with the fish oil test, that I logged out of here and got my Visa card out. A lot of guys have gotten to this point and quit – and for almost all of them there is Darwin and Buster and Artform and Rumel and Mayfield and Mog and Pan telling them to go and give KSMO a try. And the poor bastards never do. Not me. I’m going down with my wallet open.

Thanks for letting me vent.

So yes, tomorrow I will have fun. I will do my 20 minutes of deeply resonating KSMO work, most likely feeling nothing at the time, and then stay awake all night in a state of acute prostatic stimulosis.

Another phallic icon to western mans hubris for gratification! (That about covers it for tonight!)


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Moving on down the road

After scrapping my two previous blog journal attempts, I think I’ll settle on this one. Here I am, closing in on my 10th month of Aneros use. Pressing on regardless, I seem to have crept up on to another plateau – so here it is…

It’s all about the p-waves! Didn’t know I was having them, but now it’s what I seek. Finally, after months of sessions, I am getting back to the point of being able to produce pleasurable anerosless moments utilizing simple small scale contractions and light Male Deer massages. I can have a session during the day with my favorite model de jour, and then again at night – all with p-waves rolling up and down my nether parts.

Putting the wraps on fish oil: It may or may not help – It’s just pretty expensive to keep up, and I have too many ramp up/ramp down periods with vacations and such. In the long run, I just don’t see myself quaffing down 10 fish oil pills a day for the rest of my life. In addition to the fish oil, I gave up cigars and drinking during that time. While I may have had an increase in spontaneous p-wave generation outside of sessions, I couldn’t see continuing to spend the money when I have a series of vacations coming up that will most likely bump me off the path.

So it’s KSMO time, baby! Yeah, I sold out again – the $70 is about 8 weeks worth of fish oil or one new Aneros model that may or may not come out this year. Utilizing the KSMO protocol fits almost any schedule. I’ve only had one KSMO session at the time of the this entry.

I have had only two new sensations since Christmas – P-waves and a sort of cycling up and down of my Peter, which I think might be a sort of pre-cursor to dry-o’s.

I get an occasional large muscle twitch but nothing close to shaking or quaking. I’m still waiting for that spontaneous wave of pleasure …


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Oily Fish Moon

Maxed on fish oil (now push the pedal down!)

I completed my 15 day ramp up from 0 to 6250 mg of fish oil per my original plan just in time for the Full Moon Club lollapalooza. I’ll let you be the judge, since success can only be based on results…

First of all, I was able to get my wife in on the action! We have a weekly Sunday night meeting to discuss the week ahead and the FMC made the agenda for Wednesday at 9. On Wednesday, after getting the house all settled down, I lubed up, chose the Helix, and got into bed naked. “Oh right”, she says “It’s the Full Moon”, and she waved her fingers in the air and made a scary Halloween sound.

Now this is the first time I’ve just laid next to her and had a session – we’ve enjoyed the Aneros during couple play on numerous occasions, but this time I wasn’t expecting anything I just needed my space in the bed (especially since this full moon thing is timed perfectly for her cycle). Regardless, she started right in on me; touching, sucking, licking and stroking. 45 minutes. I finally got my “large muscle quaking” groove going – despite telling her distinctly “I bet you can’t make me jerk like that again”. Near 10:00, she launched me. The wonderful thing about it is that for those first 45 minutes, before she changed her focus, in spite of all her efforts, she did not trigger the traditional orgasm reflex. In the final five minutes, that was a different story.

So the next day, Thursday, I am completely charged up. Little flutters everywhere. It’s like I’m having after shocks from really incredible sex (which in general, drains the prostate energy with the onset of refraction, etc.), instead of a ground breaking Aneros session. The prostate is still all revved even after a mind blowing traditional orgasm. Now today, Friday, I am able to achieve a new kind of involuntary with the Progasm. I only hope the curve keeps going up.

Full Moon? Breakthrough? Fish Oil? I dunno. I tell you what though; the Full Moon Club thing builds anticipation (not expectation). While getting in touch with Coherent Orgasmic Waves kind of went out the window shortly after she made the scary Halloween sound, I certainly did my share of generating them! Getting the wife involved in regular sessions is the real breakthrough. Maybe the fish oil is heightening everything?

Whatever the reasons, I am again pushing against the envelope, instead of sliding sideways or down. And I like it. For a grinder like me it’s impossible to keep building arousal for months on end. I’ll keep with the fish oil, I’ve got at least another 3 week supply. If the end results for the first two week trial are 1) a fully charged prostate and 2) a new way to produce involuntaries, then by golly, I’m off to have some more fun.


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Fish oil fancies

While (probably) nothing to do with fish oil, one side note from my recent Progasm session, was that the big girl went in the easiest she's ever gone - only took about 5 minutes! In addition, my second anal (inner) ring is the one that gets sore from Progasm use - this time, I had no complaints after two hours.

So last night, after I went to bed, I gave the Male Deer a whirl to check on my Progasm 'After-Shock' theory and Vwalah! Aneros-less involuntaries again! Not as strong as the early January session, but I may be climbing back up the plateau instead of sliding off it.

Without the Aneros, there is a nice feeling sensation that is very consistant (not waves) that the Male Deer massage brings out centered over the prostate or the pelvic ridge as it were. Yet, seemingly very elusive. But when I get it, I push down on the prostate with the pelvic floor muscles (like doing a stomach crunch). Then I usually abandon the Male Deer (why bother with success, right?) and grab/pinch (comfortably) the skin over the pelvic bone just north of the penis base and well south of the belly button. This exerts the kind of gentle external pressure on the little walnut that it tells me it really craves. Thus locked into place by muscle and thumbs I start a couple of little contractions until the involuntaries echo back at me. Then I try to build them... after 20 minutes, they fizzled out.

Back in January, this cycled up and down for 1 1/2 hours without the Aneros and after my first Progasm session. I honestly thought at that point that it would be a short sprint to Dry-O's and that it would be race whether I did it with Aneros or Without.

One of the problems with the Progasm is that after two hours of arousal building it’s the toughest model for me to not give in to a manual send off. That's were us grinders get into big trouble (my opinion) because the more established your pleasure feedback circuitry is the tougher it is to separate orgasm and ejaculation - We are mixing solo sessions with couple sessions with regular sex. No wonder my little walnut doesn't know which way to spit.

So all this led me to thinking that there out to be a “Grinder Profile” for those of us that are dedicated voyagers whose journey looks like the way the stock market graph used to look: A bunch of incremental up and down zigs and zags that generally trends up.

These are my thoughts on additions to the milestone:

Right after the first Milestone, “First Insertion”, it should say:

• OK, no super-O. Recalibrated expectations and started the real journey.

It also seems to me, that Aneros use has a couple of multifaceted integration points into ones life. At what point do you think the milestone for:
• I told my significant other about my Aneros use.
• Successful integration of Aneros use into sexual encounters with my partner.
• Extraordinary results combining Aneros use during couple play.
Or simply:
• I have accepted the role the Aneros can play in my relationships.
Should be?

What about grinder milestones for:

• Have a routine for lube, hygiene, lube insertion and feel comfortable with the whole session process.
• Have the ability to block out 2 or 3 (or more) one to two hour blocks (or more) to have sessions on a weekly basis.
• The Aneros really has my interest – Joined the forum as an active member.
• Been around long enough to purchase a second Aneros because one just doesn’t fit all my needs.
• Been around long enough to purchase a Progasm because it just sounds to cool not to try.
• I had my first embarrassing “walking around naked in the high school gym locker room with my Aneros hanging out” dream. (Honest, knocked that one off after only a couple months!)

Oh well, Slipperybugger got me thinking,

Good Sessions to All!


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The Great Fish Oil Experiment Update

Today is the halfway point of the Fish Oil trip. Nothing noteworthy except that the GNC triple strength pills are indeed much less fishy than the Nature Made pills. Current level of 2241 EPA, 1509 DHA.

I still haven’t surpassed my sessions of the first week of January. I was having some nice progress there jumping up to the next plateau. I thought I’d discovered an automatic on switch with the Male Deer Massage technique – but it’s now very difficult for me to get a pleasurable feeling or involuntary without the Aneros inserted. The day after effects has also dropped off considerably – and that power cord below my belly button seems to have come unplugged.

There are new sensations. The first is the worms crawling or tissue bubbling sensation that exists in the prostate area during peak session times. Another is the “energy bloom” where after a couple of deep pulse beats an echo blossoms out in the midsection. Lastly is the “ball crawl” where the ball skin totally does this rolling contraction from the butt side up and over to the belly side. I feel like I want to connect all three of these sensations at the same time. The other thing I’ve noticed is that I am holding my breath and bearing down on my midsection ALL THE TIME. I am constantly having to remind myself to breath. My prostate is a demanding little walnut.

I also found a couple of links that I buried at the bottom of the 44th reply on a recent post for “Getting the Word Out”. I’m going to post them here so I can find it later – but they are interesting reflections on the internet Aneros phenomena:

The website: has a recent glowing review of the Helix. Freddy and Eddy’s is actually the website that got me searching google for “prostate massagers” last year and hence led me to Aneros.

On the other hand, when searching on google for “Aneros Company” I got the following hit: While this kind of publicity falls under the “any kind is a good kind”, it would seem to indicate that the product – and its users - are popular enough to lampoon.


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The Great Fish Oil Experiment

The last couple of weeks have been spent on the same plateau and with even a little retrenchment thrown in for good measure. During this time, there also seems to have been an explosion of new and talented forum players who walked right into their super-o’s with no regard to milestones. Congratulations fellas! Am I envious? You bet. But us grinders have got other things to appreciate that only taking our time can bring.

How different my experience would be if I’d gotten whole body orgasms right out of the chute. If I had been one of the lucky ones who didn’t even have time to finish the wiki before they moved on, I certainly wouldn’t have gotten the breadth of pleasurable and spiritual knowledge that there is on this board. I’d a been out of here.

On the other hand, if I’m actually that guy on the poster who’s “life is just to serve as warning to others”, then I’d better get on with chronicling it!

So, I’m off to try the next thing. I went down to GNC and bought me a bucket of fish oil. I got their triple strength formula and then I had to go and get some stand alone DHA pills to swing the EPA to DHA ratio to a robust 1.485. Another $50 toll on the Aneros Super Highway. I’m already two days in. My ramp up plan calls for increasing the dosage to my recommended level of 3735 of EPA and 2515 of DHA over the next two weeks. This will bring everything to a frothing peak right at the next Full Moon Club meeting on March 11th. I’m on my annual alcohol and nicotine purge for the next 7 weeks, so we’ll see if that helps too. Got some high quality dark chocolate just in case!


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8 Month Anniversary

It is my 8 month anniversary. Since I’m always making progress but not reaching the Super-O I guess I’ll just have to keep writing entries to my blog until I graduate and get my diplOma from Aneros U.

Eight months – and I’m a guy with a lot of time, 4 different Aneros models, healthy, a good attitude and a supportive wife.

So I thought it was about time I chose my forum avatar. I picked a picture from the Large Hadron Collider. Lines of force converging on an ‘O’. Circling super charged waves of particles – and then BANG.

Started up the Full Moon Club last week. That was fun. I personally had a wonderful session, chock full of involutaries.

No physical breakthrough though. Mentally, I had a great time listening to the sky and feeling gravity wash over me. It was an exceptionally warm evening for this time of year and the rain held off. I was able to sit outside for about an hour and a half with my Peridise. Lots of cars, dogs and geese. Due to haze there was a full halo surrounding the full moon.

I appreciate all the positive encouragement and my resulting refocus of mental energy. Co-ordination of the Global O! I don’t think we’ll get on CNN anytime soon, but I’m already looking forward to next month’s event (Thursday, March 11th). Til then I’ll keep working on more techniques to get my mind in synch. I’m certainly all charged up this morning.

I hope the Super-O FMC group keeps going and growing. We have to approach some sort of Orgasmic Critical Mass.


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Revolution Now

Haven’t had time for many sessions lately, but I snuck in a 2 hour Peridise session. Not much to write home about, so I opened up an old thread of mine I never posted. I figure I’ll put it in my blog first before I go mainstream with it on the forum incase I have any second thoughts (can you have second thoughts after you post a blog on the internet?).

Anyways, there was a post circulating this forum a while back that has the phrase the “planets must be aligned” in reference to several members who had great sessions on the same night. That night, in late November, I was gazing out at the twilight sky as Jupiter and Venus made a smiley face with the moon – and that got me thinking… What if we here at the forum formed a Full Moon Club? There are more than 6000 registered users now. What if we all plan a session on days/nights during the full moon? Kind of a cosmic wave. Here are a few thoughts as to why this intrigues me:

1) The internet, cell phones, GPS, computers and all the rest of industrialized society is stripping away innate abilities are brains have to utilize their surroundings (i.e. search this forum for Polynesians). We are technologically dependant on things are ancestors had none of. I’m not going all anti-industrialist here, I’m just pointing out that the Super Orgasm is not about technology.

2) Before written language, we used to use astrological indicators to keep time like the solstice or high noon. Standardized time, for instance, in the United States was not even needed until the railway system was built. Until then, every town kept their own time. Utilizing a Full Moon to signal the start of a global session requires no technology.

3) Pleasure is one of the ultimate human non-verbal experiences. Why do you think so much space in this forum is dedicated to describing it? It cannot be measured. Words don’t exist to capture its nuance. Get in touch with your amygdala. It doesn’t need words. Get in touch with your neocortex. It knows things beyond words.

4) We need things in this forum to think about to perpetuate/stimulate the needs of intermediate to advanced users – like Artforms’ Spiritual Orgasm. I can barely crank out a mini P-wave much less a Spiritual Orgasm but I like to think about the good things to come.

Have you ever been to a stadium event were the crowd does “The Wave”? First one section tries to start it, but it fizzles. After several attempts, more and more sections get into the act. After a couple of near misses, the entire stadium starts to act in concert and the wave starts circling the stadium. It’s mesmerizing.

As scatter shot as this post may seem, I’m trying to go after an idea here. Something along the lines of Coherent Orgasmic Synchronized Energy Release – COSER – an orgasmic pleasure laser if you will – circling the planet like protons around a particle accelerator. If you’ve progressed beyond wondering if the Aneros hits your prostate or not, maybe this thought process appeals to you. If you think that consciousness is just a little bit bigger than evolution or if you think that the quest for the Super-O is not just about pleasure … welcome to the Full Moon Club.

During the next full moon, on Monday, February 9th, I will be having a session. No porn. No music. No words. No technology. Just laying there feeling the pulse beat below my navel.


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Serious Aftershocks

This is a follow up to my first Progasm session. That night, as I lay in bed, I started doing little contractions. Soon I was playing “Chase the Pleasure Echo” like I learned over the Christmas holidays when I was Anerosless. This involves doing some External Male Deer rubbing and then contracting for awhile. Boy did things take off. For the next hour and a half the contractions and spasms rose and fell and rose and fell. I didn’t know if the little walnut was going to let me sleep at all. These pleasant flutters were fun to chase – I’m sure by some definitions I was having waves of mini-o’s.

This was definitely rewiring – it felt like my prostate was plugged in. I now consciously recognize that when the prostate is calling for blood that your heart rate changes to that deep intestinal thumping that you can just ride up and down. Veins throb in my eardrums. There was a pulsing taught power cord reaching from the topside base of my penis to just below my belly button. All sorts of different muscle groups in my pelvis were spasming in different directions.

All these things are new: conscious recognition of pulse/heart rate change, plugged in and fluttering prostate, belly power cord. And the ‘on switch’ is the Male Deer. My brain is responding. The Progasm really stirred things up down there.

When it was all said and done I even had a smallish wet spot to show for it. That’s another Milestone by Wiki Standards. As a matter fact, by Wiki Standards, I’m closer to the end than the beginning! The next Milestone is ‘Dry-O’! Unless the Aneros Gods make me go back and finish the ones I skipped, like “Large Muscle Quaking”.

Then, next morning I even had a p-wave while making coffee standing over the sink.

So intrepidly I had another session today, similar to yesterdays. Almost exactly the same results. At the peak of the session I felt a strange urge – like hunger, very primal. I decided I was going to have release some of this tension, so I have reluctantly entered a period of refraction.

A lot happening lately.


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